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    Secrets FAQ by squire636

    Version: 1.52 | Updated: 09/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           &&&&&&&  &&&&&&&  &&&&&&      &&&&&&   &&&&&&&    &&&    &&&&&&
           &&   &&  &&       &&   &&  $  &&   &&  &&        && &&   &&   &&
           &&&&&&&  &&&&&&&  &&   && $$$ &&   &&  &&&&&&&  &&&&&&&  &&   &&
           &&  &&   &&       &&   &&  $  &&   &&  &&       &&   &&  &&   &&
           &&   &&  &&&&&&&  &&&&&&      &&&&&&   &&&&&&&  &&   &&  &&&&&&
         RR   RR  EE       VV   VV  OO   OO  LL     VV   VV  EE       RR   RR
         RR  RR   EE        VV VV   OO   OO  LL      VV VV   EE       RR  RR
    ASCII Art Copyright 2006 SuperMutant873
    Red Dead Revolver:
    Secrets Guide
    Copyright 2006, SuperMutant873                 Email: SuperMutant873@gmail.com
    All Rights Reserved                            Version: 1.51
    Table of Contents
    Obtaining Cheats----------------------------------------------------------II
    Uses of Cheats------------------------------------------------------------III
    Obtaining Health Increases------------------------------------------------IV
    Obtaining Deadeye Increases-----------------------------------------------V
    Difficulty Levels---------------------------------------------------------VI
    Manny Quinn---------------------------------------------------------------VII
    Disclaimer/Legal Stuff----------------------------------------------------VIII
    Version History-----------------------------------------------------------X
    I. Intro
    Hey! This is my first guide ever, so it might not be too great, but I’m trying 
    to make it useful to everyone.  Also, in the beginning of each section, there 
    are a few lines that do not need to be read.  They are helpful if you are 
    looking just for some overall information about that section, but will 
    not actually go into detail for that section.  If there is anyway that this 
    guide could be better, please email me at SuperMutant837@aol.com [don’t worry, 
    I will give you credit for what you add].  Now, email limitations.  Do NOT 
    email me anything other then suggestions to improve this guide.  Any emails 
    concerning something other then this guide, or another guide I have written, 
    will be deleted.  If I receive another email from the same person, you will be 
    permanently blocked.  Thank you, and enjoy the guide!
    II. Obtaining Cheats
    |Cheats can become available after completing certain levels in the game.  
    |These levels must be completed on Bounty Hunter mode, which is described in 
    |the Difficulty Levels section.  Acquisition of each cheat will be explained 
    |in this section of the guide.
    Sad Stars: Complete Chapter 17, The Mine, on bounty hunter. You must complete 
    the entire level [its just the boss fight] in 3 minutes. 
    No HUD:  Complete Chapter 18, Stagecoach, on bounty hunter. You must kill at 
    least 40 enemies.  It seems easy, but it’s only on the first section with 
    guys on horses, not the part with the bow and arrow guys.
    Bite the Bullet:  Complete Chapter 20, Fort Diego, on bounty hunter. You must 
    get a combo for $300 or more in this level.
    No Distortion:  Complete Chapter 21, End of the Line, on bounty hunter. You 
    must get a combo of over $200.
    Infinite Deadeye: Complete Chapter 24, Battle Finale, on bounty hunter. You 
    must kill all the pedestrians [yes, pedestrians] in 1 minute.  It’s kind of 
    hard because they run around randomly.
    Golden Gun:  Complete Chapter 25, The Siege, on bounty hunter. You must 
    complete the level with Jack’s health at 50% or higher.  Very hard to do.
    Invincibility:  Complete Chapter 27, Fall From Grace, on bounty hunter. You 
    must complete the level, duel and all, in 1 minute.
    III. Uses of Cheats
    Sad Stars: When shooting/killing someone, instead of blood coming out, little 
    stars fly out instead.  It’s a useless cheat, but it makes the game a little 
    more interesting.
    No HUD:  The HUD is the “Heads Up Display,” or all of the stuff that appears 
    on the screen that you wouldn’t see in real life [health bar, deadeye bar, 
    ammo, arrows to show where you are being shot from, etc.]  This cheat makes it 
    so you cannot see that.
    Bite the Bullet: When this cheat is activated, every shot that hits you is a 
    head shot, so you will die in about 1 or 2 shots.  This is one of those cheats 
    that is used if you want a challenge or think the game is too easy.
    No Distortion:  You know how when you look at stuff that’s far away, it is a 
    little bit blurry in this game? Well, this cheat makes it so it is clear, no 
    matter how far away the location is.  Good for taking out snipers.
    Infinite Deadeye:  I think it explains itself.  You can use your deadeye as 
    many times as you want.  None of the bars have to be full, but if they are, 
    they wont go down after using the deadeye.
    Golden Gun: Just like in the old James Bond games, it’s a one-shot-kill kinda 
    thing.  Just shoot an enemy one time anywhere on their body, and they will 
    die.  It’s pretty useful, I think.
    Invincibility:  This one explains itself too.  While this cheat is activated, 
    you cannot die, or even get hurt!  The exception is in duels, where you can 
    still get shot and die.  Personally, I believe if you use this cheat, it 
    ruins the purpose of the game, but that’s just my opinion.
    IV. Obtaining Health Increases
    |Throughout the game, you can buy or win items that increase your maximum 
    |health.  Some are purchased in various stores, and others are obtained after 
    |beating a certain level.  This section explains how to get these increases.
    Chapter 7, Freak Show:  Get a good on this level.  I’m pretty sure you just 
    have to complete it, because I’ve never seen anything lower then a good.  
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Brimstone 2nd visit, Jack Swift’s Shop: Talk to Jack four times in a row, and 
    he should sell a Lucky Flask to you for $1500, buy it.
    Chapter 8, Rogue Valley: About halfway through this level [after the part 
    where you duel 2 people], you will see a wall of rocks.  A man should crawl 
    through one of the holes, and you can buy a Snake Bite Kit from him, which 
    increases your max health.  Sometimes, the man doesn’t appear.  In order to 
    make him appear, you must NOT go through the hole in the wall and through the 
    tunnel.  If you do this, he will NOT APPEAR!! Make sure you don’t do this 
    until you have found the mystery man and purchased his snakebite kit.  After 
    talking to him, he will run down a tunnel and you must protect him from a few 
    enemies.  At the end of the tunnel someone on a cliff far away to the left 
    will usually shoot him.  If you keep him alive long enough, the man will drop 
    a bag with $1500 in it.  Several people emailed me about how to make this man 
    appear and I’ll list them in the credits section.
    Chapter 12, Saloon Fight:  Run upstairs and go through the first open door.  
    Talk to the two girls in the bathtub, and they should offer to let you take a 
    bath with them for $1500. It’s a dream come true, a bath with 2 naked ladies, 
    and a much-desired health increase!
    Chapter 13, The Traitor: You must get an excellent on this level, which means 
    you have to fight very well.  Its hard to do, and will take a while, but when 
    you get it, the health increase will be yours.
    Chapter 16, Jail Break:  At a point in this level, you will free a lady from 
    jail.  Talk to her after the door is opened, and you can buy a kiss from her 
    for $1.  Too bad you can’t do that with all pretty ladies...
    Chapter 20, Fort Diego:  Complete this level, and get a good to unlock it.
    V. Obtaining Deadeye Increases
    |These upgrades increase the amount of deadeye bars you have, so you can 
    |store up more deadeyes and use them when needed.
    Chapter 6, Carnival Life:  Get a good on this level.  As I said earlier, I 
    think you just have to complete the level, but correct me if I am wrong.
    Chapter 14, Sunset Canyon:  Get an excellent on this level.
    Brimstone, right before chapter 10:  Buy a pocket watch from the boy selling 
    newspapers for $1500.
    Chapter 24, Battle Finale:  Get a good on this level.
    Brimstone, between chapters 7,8,10,22: Buy a strong drink from the man behind 
    the bar at the Saloon for $1500. 
    VI. Difficulty Levels
    |There are many difficulty levels that you can play through this game on.  As 
    |most people know the difficulty levels change how hard the enemies are. On 
    |harder difficulties, the enemies damage you more, and you damage then less, 
    |while on easier difficulty levels, you do much more damage to the enemies. 
    |This section covers each of the difficulty levels, and how they are obtained.
    Normal:  This is the easiest of difficulty levels.  When you first start the 
    game, this is the difficulty level you will be playing on.  It is the only 
    option at this point in the game.
    Hard:  Once you complete the game on Normal difficulty, this option will now 
    be available.  While playing on this difficulty, the game will be harder to 
    complete, and enemies will damage you more easily.  It shouldn’t be too hard, 
    because you have already completed the game on Normal.
    Very Hard:  This is an incredibly hard difficulty, good luck to you if you 
    choose to play it.  It is unlocked after beating the game on Hard.
    Red Wood Revolver:  This is also unlocked after defeating Griffon on Hard. In 
    this difficulty, you are a Mannequin named Manny Quinn.  He dances around and 
    does weird stuff, it’s the most messed up thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s cool 
    VII. Manny Quinn
    Manny Quinn can also be used as a showdown character.  In order to obtain him, 
    you must light yourself on fire for about six minutes while in showdown mode.  
    You can do this by throwing Molotov’s and then running into them.  You don’t 
    have to be lit on fire for 6 minutes straight; it is cumulative.  Meaning if 
    you light yourself on fire for 10 seconds one time, and 15 another, they will 
    add together and both count towards your total time on fire.
    Cuchamp gives great tips and says, “Start a fight with 4 Sheriff O'Gradys. He 
    has fire bottles. Use that and no other weapons for a few battles. It works 
    best at the Ranch, where you can set the barn on fire permanently and anyone 
    who touches it lights up. Just repeat this matchup for a few games and he 
    should magically appear.”
    VIII. Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
    This guide may not be reproduced for any reason, except for personal and 
    private use.  No Website can copy this guide and place it on their Website or 
    otherwise distribute it publicly without written permission from me.  
    Displaying this publicly any place other then the listed sites without written 
    permission from me is prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2006, SuperMutant873
    IX. FAQ’s
    Q: How do you turn the cheats on or off?
    A: During game play, pause the game.  In the menu you should see an option 
    that says “Cheats”.  Select it and you will see all of the cheats you have 
    unlocked.  Move up or down onto a cheat and then you can turn it on or off.
    Q: I have the invincibility cheat on, but I keep dying in the duels!
    A: This isn’t a question...But seriously now, ill answer.  The problem is that 
    invincibility doesn’t work in duels.  I guess then the game would be too easy.  
    You just gotta keep trying until you get it.
    Q: Is there any way to change the controls?
    A: Not that I know of.  All you can change is the sensitivity and inverse the 
    aiming.  You cannot change the button configuration.  Sorry left-handed 
    gamers, its easier for righties.
    Q: I’m in Rouge Valley, but they guy that is supposed to give me the snakebite 
    kit won’t appear!  Did I do something wrong?
    A: In order for him to appear, you must NOT have entered the hole in the wall 
    and have gone through the tunnel.  If you have done this, he will NOT appear, 
    otherwise he’ll be there.
    Q: I just got this game, and I heard about the deadeye and that you can peek 
    around corners, but I don’t know how to do it.  Can you explain it to me?
    A: The first 2 or 3 levels are tutorials and explain everything you need to 
    know in this game.
    Q: How do I go back and replay earlier levels?
    A: Well, you can’t.  The only way to replay levels is after you beat the game.  
    Then you have the option to start a new game on the same file.  The items you 
    buy and the stuff you unlock will add up from game to game.  The exception to 
    this is if you want to replay a level right after you beat it.  Then you will 
    be given the option to retry it.  If you don’t retry, you’ll have to wait 
    until you beat the game, as I explained above.
    Q: How’s it going?
    A: Not too bad.
    Q: On the bounty hunter levels, it says I am supposed to get combo.  How do I 
    get a combo?
    A: In order to get a combo, you have to shoot lots of stuff fast.  Each bullet 
    that hits something will give you a certain amount of money (it is different 
    for each part of the body that you hit, but I am not sure of the exact amount 
    for each body part).  Each kill that you get will multiply the amount of 
    money.  Keep in mind that you must kill each person really close together (if 
    the amount of money you are receiving, shown on the bottom right of the 
    screen, disappears then your combo is over).  So lets say you kill 3 people. 
    The first one you kill got you $20, the second one was $16, and the third was 
    $22. The amount of money for just killing these people would give you $58. 
    But since you killed three people in a row to get a combo, your total amount 
    of money gained is actually 58 x 3 = $174.
    Q: Is there any penalties for using cheats?
    No, no there is not.  You can use them all without being penalized at all.  
    Since you had to beat the game to get all the cheats, there would be no point 
    for it to penalize you, right?
    Q: I’ve seen this guy Squire636 posting on the Red Dead Revolver message board 
    saying that he wrote this guide.  What’s up with that?
    A: Yeah, that’s me too.
    X. Version History
    7/17/04: Started Guide.  Disclaimer completed.  Difficulty Levels section 
    started, completed Easy and Hard.  Health Increase section started.
    7/18/04: Completed Health Increase section.  Obtaining Cheats section started.  
    Uses of Cheats section started.
    7/20/04: Uses of Cheats section finished.  Deadeye increases section finished.
    Completed Obtaining Cheats section.  Completed Uses of Cheats section.  Guide 
    completed and Submitted to GameFAQ’s
    7/21/04: Added some to No HUD cheat in the Uses of Cheats section.
    7/22/04: Added ASCII art at beginning of guide.  
    7/24/04: Added the Credits section.  Improved separation of sections.
    8/6/04:  Fixed and altered ASCII art.
    8/7/04:  Added FAQ’s section
    6/26/05:  A long overdue update...with barely any new material.  Added Manny 
    Quinn Section.  Added details on how to make the Rouge Valley Mystery Man 
    appear and sell you the snakebite kit.
    10/03/05: Added info on getting $1500 from the mystery man. Also added 
    Arbuckle’s information on Manny Quinn.
    2/4/2006: Useless updates but I also added Cuchamp’s tips on acquiring Manny 
    Quinn as a showdown character.
    9/25/2006: Updated the legal stuff and added supercheats and neoseeker as 
    sites that can host this guide.
    XI. Credits
    Kenb215 for suggestions to improve separation of sections
    GameFAQ’s Message Board for giving some general information and input on the 
    quality of this guide
    Multiple people for emailing me the answer to the snakebite kit mystery man 
    question.  The first person that told me about it signed their email as 
    Pshmit, so much thanks to him.  The other people didn’t leave me a name to 
    credit, and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to post their email 
    address here without their permission...Email me back if you gave me the 
    answer and tell me what name you want me to give credit too.  Thanks!
    Arbuckle for giving me more info on Manny Quinn being an actual mannequin.  I 
    never thought it was important enough to add, but after receiving an email 
    from him, I decided to add it.
    Cuchamp for tips on how to get Manny Quinn as a showdown character.  Great 
    tips dude.
    Thanks everyone for your contributions, they are always welcome.

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