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"Meh. Pretty Good."

Red Dead Revolver is a third-person shooter set in the Wild West with all sorts of quirks. You'll take on as many as six different characters, ride horses, bulls and trains, converse with a wily bunch of Western varmints, and learn the greatest tradition in the West, the quick draw. As far as Westerns go, Red Dead Revolver offers, style, color, depth and humor. It's a unique take that fulfills one's needs to become a dirty western cowboy bad-ass, a Clint Eastwood-like bounty hunter with a grudge against corruption, greed, and power. It's also far from a perfect game, delivering awkward mechanics, rough visuals, and some very unpolished moments. But it's certainly worth your while.

While rather open-ended, Red Dead Revolver is still built around a pretty captivating story line that has you hunting for your family's killers. In true Eastwood style, you play a cowboy as quick with his fists as he is with his gun. The levels are played as chapters in this story. In between the chapters you return to town to roam, purchase equipment and unlock characters for the game's other modes of play. Unfortunately the levels themselves are pretty small, instead you spend your time attacking or defending an area trying to wipe out all of the bad guys and the boss bad guy. There are some neat play mechanics though. My favorite is the ability to hop onto a horse or bull and ride it around as you shoot at people. It's a ton of fun.

You start out with just a pistol but eventually can enter levels with a rifle, pistol, knife and even dynamite. Rockstar did a good job of mixing things up a bit to keep the feel of the levels very different. For instance there are levels where you have to direct cannon fire, or have to take out a stagecoach, there' s even a level loaded with evil circus midgets.

Throughout the game you will take on the roll of a variety of characters from Red, the main cowboy, to a female farmer to a general in the Mexican army. The variety is nice, but it does take away from your ability to really relate to Red as the central character – especially since some of these characters are actually Red's enemies. Some of the best parts of the game involve one on one duels built around an interesting game mechanic that slows down time for a few seconds to allow you to draw, aim and fire. If you miss, you'll likely die.

After you complete a level you get bounty, which can be used to repair and upgrade weapons or buy new ones as you wander the town. The single player experience is a fun and solid game; unfortunately the same can't be said for multiplayer. There's a way to take on other players on the same console in a sort of death match, but the modes could be so much more fun if online or system link was supported. Also it would have been nice to see more multiplayer variety. The three modes included basically two deathmatches and a one on one match called High Noon.

Red Dead Revolver is a fantastic game in a genre that is, sadly, rarely tapped. Its single player mode is more than worth the money, unfortunately the multiplayer modes do little to add to the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/16/06

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