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""Every gun makes its own tune.""

Red Dead Revolver

Introduction: Cheers for a great western game that would have probably made Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone smile. Not many western games have been made, if any, very, very few are seen, and some are good. Long ago, this game, Red Dead Revolver was made and since then, a long list of fans have waiting for a sequal. Yeah, it's that good, and deserves to be noticed. Like any other western game, it comes jam packed with a brutal story taking place in the wild, wild west. Get your six shooters ready and some dynamite, this game is a blast!

Gameplay [8/10]: Third Person western game. I don't think a game like this would do well in 1st person. A game like this deserves third person to see the gritty, and wildness the west really was. First off, it plays like a typical run and gun shooter, but running out in the open you see will get you killed in just a matter of shots. A useful feature is able to press a button and take cover behind just about anything that's as tall as you when standing or crouching down. You'll be able to pop out of hiding and sqeeuze off a few shots at your enemy, and then hide back to reload. Your enemies do that too, theri not that dumb.

The game is certianly fun, but surprisingly frustrating at times. If your a big fan of westerns, you'll really love the "dead eye" feature in the game. The feature able to slow down time, aiming at your enemies and then pressing a button to get out of it, and watch your character sqeeuze off about 6 shots in under two seconds. Yeah, it's really cool, and helps to get your way out of those frustrating situations. At times, you'll be finding yourself up agistn three guys ontop of a cliff with rifles pointed at you, and about seven guys with pistols hiding behind rocks and bolders. And you on the other hand, armed with a pistol, and a rifle, using your skill to take them out. The features in the game, such as Dead Eye and being able to hide behind cover allow you to use some tactics in defeating your enemies.

With just about every level, the difficulty in them raises just a little bit when a new problems comes up. It ends up with you shooting your way out of it, or protecting a character in the game whose your friend. Other times, when in a abandoned ghost town, you might come upon a man with a six shooter in his holster, and you and him duke it out in a showdown. Yes, you can actually do a quick draw in the game, like they do in all the classic westerns. In the beginning of the game, their quite easy, but later on, they become increasingly hard and difficult to master. Be quick like Clint Eastwood and you'll be able to defeat your foe in under a second. Be slow like some amatuer gunslinger, then you'll end up dead. All these new features play like their counterparts in the movies.

Of course, this offers many characters to play from. You won't be playing the same, Clint Eastwood like character the entire game. No, not at all, you'll play as a ranch hand, a soldier, a awesome British Gunslinger, and a crazy Mexican General. Their stories and paths cross with each other, ending up in a big, nice package for you to untie and play.

The controls, well some of them are customizable, and are relatively easy to learn. You can crouch, roll, jump, climb, shoot, punch, throw, kick, just about everything they do in western filsm, well, sort of. Just as you learn the ropes, the game has many twists and turns yet to accomplish. You can hope aboard a train and battle the Mexican army, or stealth your way in one mission which is not even fun. The stealth in the game is in only one mission, and doesn't really do good, much to say, it's not really fun. Other times, you might need to use your head to get your way out of situations. And some times you might need a gatling gun to kill a few baddies armed to the teeth.

The enemy AI might have alot of problems, such as shooting a guy in the head 6 times just to kill him, or shooting one guy in the chest 12 times to kill aren't always fun. But they atleast show some intelligence to prove a threat to you. Hey, their not that dumb, they fit right in the middle. Sometimes, you'll find your sefl overwelhmed with enemies you won't know what to do. But calm down, reload, get your pistols out and fire. Horses? Oh yeah, well...just two missions really. The control for them are kinda screwy, but you don't really take notice to them after a while when riding them.

There is a jounral at the main menu to view some very creative and original stuff the creators put in the game. In the journal, you'll be able to view your stats and every shot your fired in the game. Also, a very nice feature in the game, I'm sure everyone will love is the multiplayer. You can play agianst, or with 3 computer controlled characters. You can choose their characters, and yours as well, a level, and which mode. You can do a shoot out, teams, or a showdown. All of which are fun to play with, and add up to the replay value.

You'll have fun shooting your way out of levels and fighting all sorts of chalanging bosses.

Story[9/10]: Clint East Wood and Sergio Leone would atleast have some thoughts to making a film out of this game. It's a revenge story, I mean come on, who can't like a revenge story. if it takes place in the west, has some revenge, greed, and a little bit of violence, then yes, it's very good. The game follows a bounty hunter, a man whose family was killed and now he wants revenge. He asks questions, and gets some answears with a gun pointed. He's cool, Clint Eastwood like, and perfect gunslinger for this game. The other characters in this game are unqiue and offer their own stories to in this game to cross path's with the main character. You either love it or you hate it.

Graphics/Sound[8/10]: Although the graphics aren't as up to date, they still give the gritty, greedy, violent atmosphere of the wild west. The blood splatters of shooting someone are nice but a little to exagerrated. Hearing enemies curse at you as they die get a tad annoying, but add a nice feature to the game. Sun sets and sun rises don't happen in the game, but stay in levels add a nice view. Charatcer models are unique and are different at times, sometimes you might see a few character models in the past. But over all they look pretty good. Theres bullet holes, and gun smoke, dynamite add alot of realistic smoke, but unfortunatly, pistols and rifles look about the same.

The sound, oh wow. And I mean that in a good way. The music is awesome! Out of this western. Like out of a classic western movie. The music defiantly gets you into the western feel. Battling foes feel very intense as the music takes a bigger beat with acoustic guitars playing in the background. The voice acting is very good, and dialogue well thought out. This is what makes the game really shine.

Last Words: The game is good, no dought about it. You either love it or you hate it. Been looking for a good western game? Then this is the one to get. You shoot it out with your best friend on multiplayer, or go on the single player and battle alot bad guys. All in all, it's a very lengthy game, alot to accomplish and some nice featuters that will make you beg for some more.

Bang bang, and happy gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/14/08

Game Release: Red Dead Revolver (US, 05/03/04)

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