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"Red Dead Revolver: an overall decent game."

A few years ago, there were a frenzy of games realeased stylized after western movies. Most of these games flat out sucked. But, like in most categories, there was an exception. Here, I will review Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver.

The story of the game is a generic tale of revenge, where you take control of the main character, Red Harlow, who goes on a quest to avenge the murder of his family. At some points in the game, you are presented with side stories where you play as characters other than Red. Most of the time, the side stories don't really add anything to the main storyline. Another thing that bugs me about the side stories is that Red's statistics (i.e. maximum health, deadeye meter) don't carry over to the other characters.

The gameplay is that of your basic run and gun shoot 'em up titles. For all the different weapons and enemies iun the game, this style of gameplay fits. Aside from the running and gunning, you will be presented occasionally with a dueling side game where you have to pull the right stick down, then forward to draw your six shooter and then move the left stick to acquire locks on your adversary/adversaries before they can draw their weapons and paint the wall with your brains. You encounter progressively harder duels as the game goes on. The game has a multiplayer mode, but no online multiplayer, which means you'll have to dust off the old multi-tap to play with up to 3 other people, and the multiplayer is so glitchy, it's not even worth it.

In the main story, the player will encounter boss fights. Some of the bosses were clearly the invention of wild and brilliant creativity, but that doesn't make their AI any better. At one point in the game, a boss I was fighting got trapped behind an obstacle while I just shot at him, and he didn't bother to untrap himself by going right or left until his health was almost completely depleted.

Another thing that the game does absolutely horrendously is autosaving. Sometimes, it's unclear whether or not the game is saving, which means you'll corrupt your data pretty often. Before you create your save file on your memory card the game will warn you once not to reset/ turn off system/ remove memory card while the save animation is going. It would have been much simpler just to show a warning message while the game is autosaving, which is what I've seen for most games for the Playstation 2.

Well this concludes my review of Red Dead Revolver for the Playstation 2. The gameplay is solid, dynamic, and fun with a few flaws. The story is pretty good, but nothing special. For fans of Spaghetti westerns, this is a must-play. I'm giving this one a 7 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/23/09

Game Release: Red Dead Revolver (US, 05/03/04)

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