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"GTA Western Style? I don't think so!"


After the opening video Hooks you in it throws you a series of tutorials to get used to the controls and mask it well into the storyline. Your Father Comes home to your Mother and yourself and tells you that he finds gold and their troubles would be over. However in the next few minutes you'll realize he was wrong when renagades attack. From their on it shows Red (The main character and son of the Father) as a bounty hunter.


Bang! Bang! cowboy style! After looking at the instruction manual you'll probably be a little hesitant but once you start playing you won't even notice what your pressing because its all so natural. On the PS2 The L1 button is to draw while R1 shoots, default you have to hold L1 but theres an option to toggle if its easier for you. You can hide behind stuff and pop out to kill a few baddies with your trusty Repeater Rifle Or you can run gung-ho with your dual revolvers and use Dead-eye mode to kill multiple enemies in mere seconds. Dead-eye mode is initiated by pressing R2 if you have enough Bars at the bottom. Dead-eye mode slows everything down similar to bullettime and you target enemies in slow motion and press R1 and fire instantly. Theres also a few levels that you get to ride a horse or buffalo.


The story flows over very smoothly, from start to finish You won't be lost once. While The Story isn't deep enough to dive into you won't feel like your in a baby pool either. For the Majority Of the game you'll be playing as Red but you also play brief stints as an english man Jack Swift, Shadow Wolf, General Diego, Annie and a Buffalo Soldier who each have their own special moves that replace Dead-eye. Jack Swift Carries two Revolvers and his move is similar to dead eye while Shadow Wolf Carries a Bow and Arrow and his special move is a flaming Arrow. General Diego carries a rifle that can shoot flares to signal where Artillery should fire and Annie Carries a Rifle that has a powerful shot as a special and the Buffalo Soldier carries a rifle that shoots some kind of artillery as his special.

Graphics & Sound

While the graphics aren't impressive they aren't bad either. Animations seem smooth and theres a lot of nice effects such as a blur caused by sun and wind. the slow-mo effect looks very nice and the "Old film" effect used in all the short video clips look great. One of the best things I think about this game is the Sound. The Music is real traditional Cowboy music and the sound is great. from the bullets firing to the thud of someone falling to the ground it all sounds great.

Play Time & Replayability

I think this game is a good game to rent because most likely you'll finish it but if you like it you can always go out and buy it to play again and again. I finished the game in about 6 hours or so but I only have 62% of the journal completed so i'll definitely go back through to unlock more of the journal. Also by completing the game you unlock Bounty Hunter Mode which will keep you busy. Theres Multiplayer for you and your friends and also a option to play the multiplayer style deathmatch with the Computer.

Final Recommendation

Definitely rent it and most likely buy it. The game is so addictive and I didn't stop playing from the 1st minute i put it in to the 6th hour and 17th minute of it and i enjoyed every second of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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