Review by Shansy 75

Reviewed: 05/09/04

What do you get when you cross Max Payne and a western? Red Dead Revolver!

Let me start off by explaining a little bit about the history of this game. It first started off as a Capcom game but was eventually canceled. Or so we thought. Rockstar purchased the rights and finished the game. Well, they sure did a good job. It plays quite a bit like Max Payne but has a hint of Capcom. Too great publishers, one great game. Anyway on to the review itself.

Now the graphics are nothing special, but they aren't horrible. They are a little choppy at times but you can always tell whats going on and who's who.

I wish I could give it an 11 or 12. Every sound is perfect in this game. From the old western music to the sound of the bullet piercing the bandits skin.

Another revenge story. It starts off with Red's parents getting killed by a bunch of bandits. Red grows up to be a bounty hunter. While collecting bounty's Red is trying to find out who murdered his parents. It's nothing to be amazed by.

Rather good controls. It's pretty much like any other Rockstar shooter. But one thing that does piss me off is the holding of some buttons. Even though I'll be holding down the button I'll loose my shot. I didn't like it when I had button toggle on either. It just got to be annoying. The quickdraw button setup is pretty interesting too.

From quickdraws to horse back riding. This game has everything in the old western movies. If you enjoy huge shootouts then this is your game. And there are tons of weapons to do your slaughtering with. Now for the quickdraw. It's been said before. It's a love it or hate it thing. I for one love it. It might be the fact that it gets you pretty pumped. Especially when you put 6 bullets in the unlucky bastards head.

The single player itself is pretty short. But of course there is a lot to unlock. Plus multiplayer is a blast. Quickdraws, big ol' shootouts and bots. What more could someone ask for?

If your a fan of Rockstar's shooters then buy. If not then rent first, especially since you could beat this game within 3 days. I bought it and this one is staying for awhile. I haven't had this many sleepless nights with multiplayer in a long time. Hell, I made 50 bucks off the multiplayer quickdraw.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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