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"The Best Game I've Played In A While"


It's about time that someone made a good Western game.After this game was delayed multiple times,Capcom finally canceled it.Rockstar bought the rights and completed,it,and what a fine job they did.


Excellent.I'm not sure why everyone is calling the graphics "average" or "should be better for a 2004 game" as they are superb.The landscapes and levels are great with awesome water,rain,and fire effects.The characters are highly detailed,especially when compared to other Rockstar games,most notably GTA:Vice City and the terrible,early PS1-ish Max Payne 2(PS2 Version).Also great are the explosions and the clouds of smoke that each gun produces.


The sound is great,from the character's voices to the sounds of each gun being fired to the sound of a bullet flying past.Also,when a bullet hits wood,it sounds like it's hitting wood.The music is excellent and very reminiscent of Ennio Morricone's "The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly" score.


If you like gun battles and duel's/showdown's then this game is for you,'cause it's got tons of 'em.From having huge shootouts with enemies and jumping back and forth from horse to train with Red,to fighting circus freaks with Jack Swift,to fighting Americans and ordering cannons where to attack with the (Mexican) General Diego,to fighting off attacking soldiers(on horses) while standing in the back of a stagecoach full of TNT with the Buffalo Soldier,this game has it all.The Duel's/Showdown's/Draw's(whichever you prefer) are great,even taking on multiple enemies at once.Also is a feature called Dead-Eye;you simply press R2 and the game freezes bullet-time like allowing you to target enemies and take tem down in a short burst of fire.It's limited though,of course,and different characters have different "Specials" that are also performed by pressing R2.The only thing that really annoys me is how far-fetched it is at times.It starts out realistic enough,and mostly is;until people start throwing giant boulders and barrels and stuff.Also in one "boss" match you must fight a Grizzly bear that throws knives.But the non-realistic-ness isn't around in all the levels;most are pretty normal.


I can't imagine a better control setup.It may be a bit confusing while starting out,but you'll quickly get used to it.


Your standard revenge story;you won;t get caught up in it,but it's good enough that you'll want to watch all the cutscenes and stuff.

Length and Replay Value:9/10

Story Mode can be beaten in a rental,as it's only about 5-8 hours long.But you also get the interesting "Bounty Hunter" mode upon beating it,which is a lot of fun.Multiplayer is pretty damn good though;even with only four players maximum(Counting Bots).There are three different Mulitplayer game modes,though two are kind of the same(Deathmatch-like),they are helped out by the powerups which I'm not going to explain right now.The other mode;which names escapes me,is a series of duels,and is very fun especially with a couple friends.


If you're not a fan of Western's,you might want to rent it first.But still,this game is a good buy even if you're not a fan.It's just about the best game I've played so far this year.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/11/04

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