Review by Vladmir Lenin

"Original, beautiful, boring."

Going into this game I had high expectations. I mean this is Rockstar Games the people who brought us such games as Grand Theft Auto 3 & Vice City. Unfortunately this turned out more like State of Emergency.

Story: 9
The premise is simple. You are a bad-ass Clint Eastwood kind of guy, a bounty hunter. Your parents die, and then you become hard, standard western story. Maybe not original in the movie or novel world, but in the video game world this has never been attempted.

Graphics: 8
Some of the graphics look a bit dated, but not to the point that they detract from game play. A good touch is that they have a grainy filter applied to look like a '60s western movie. But one thing that really ticked me off was that most guns looked the same. Like when you got a Pacificador it looked exactly like a Six-shooter. Or when you got a Widowmaker it looked exactly like a Revolver.

Sound: 7
The sound in this game is average. Standard gunshots, standard enemy grunts.

Music: 8
The music sounds if it was ripped straight from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." It is wonderful for about 3 hours then the high pitched whistling tones will start to grate on your nerves.

Vocals: 9
The vocals were great and didn't sound fake, or forced like most games. Red sounded like the bad-ass he portrayed. Annie Stokes had a slight twang like a stereotypical ranch girl would. Jack Swift had a quirky British accent. Diego had the bad guy Spanish accent. And Shadow Wolf had the Indian "how white man" accent. The only actor that didn't distinguish himself much was the one that played the Buffalo Soldier, even minor NPC characters had vocals more memorable.

Gameplay: 8
Red Dead Revolver is a fun and easy game to play most of the time. But I noticed once in a while the camera wondered where you didn't want it. And at times the controls were counter-intuitive. And one particular area was lacking in good control, and that was the animal riding. It was ridiculously frustrating trying to make your horse (or bull) stop and having it go backwards.

Replay: 5
This is where the game really lost points. I beat this game in about seven hours, and after that I beat all the bounties in about four hours. By then I had completed the journal and unlocked all characters and levels for multiplayer. Unless you love this game you will have no reason to play on hard or very hard mode, because nothing is gained by beating them, unless of course you are hunting for self-satisfaction.

Overall: 7
I liked this game, but it is very short and the low replay value kills it.

Rent or Buy:
Defiantly rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/26/04

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