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Reviewed: 05/26/04

If you like westerns you will like this game. Hell even if you dont, you should play this game.

Okay, this is my first review, and its on a game I really like. Red Dead Revolver. (Like you didnt already know that.) Anyways, for those of you newbies who DONT know, RDR was orignally being made by Capcom (the people behind such games as Viewitful Joe and Resident Evil) but they dropped the project. Step in Rockstar games. (Famous for the Grand Theft Auto series and Manhunt) And now you have a western game, that kicks alot of ass. Okay, enough talk lets get to the skinny.

Graphics: 8/10

The Graphics make you feel like your in a desert, with sand blowing about making vision dimmer. The character models, buildings, locals, even the dirt looks good. The guns you will carry also look great, and the characters you play as move flawlessly across the screen as you shoot at people. The townsfolk and various other objects around you feel very real, and will make you feel like your smack dab in the middle of a western movie with John Wayne.

Sound 10/10

The sound is flawless. Guns sound like guns, bows sound like bows, and dynamite sounds like dynamite. Thats not all, the music that plays within the game does not billow out and overtake you, rather it adds to the place. More tingling on the edges of your mind instead of flooding you with it. The music and speech, as well as gunshots go right with each other, and blend perfectly. Instead of having the music blare at you, making you cringe, the music just fits right in, and makes you feel comfortable. Which is how music in a game should be.

Story 7/10

If you've ever seen a western, you've prolly seen this storyline, a man seeking revenge. You will fill the shoes of Red Harlow, a bounty hunter searching for his parents killer. Along the way you will play as others, such as a brash british gunslinger, a female ranch owner and a hostile mexican general, and even a Indian. Each character has there own way of fighting, be it rifle, pistol or bow and arrow. Each also has a special, 'dead eye' move which can do various effects depending on the character. Red is the main character, with the others filling in when Reds story would become boring, keeping the story fresh.

Gameplay 9/10

Now let me start this off by saying, RDR is HARD as hell. At first, the controls will seem cumbersome, but after about ten minutes, you will feel right at home. The challenge the people you face becomes harder as you progress, and you will even have to duel characters to progress either out of the chapater, or onward to the next part of the level. These duels are tricky to get at first, but with practice, you will be a gunslinger in no time.

Replayabilty 9/10

With the option of Multiplayer modes, as well as a single, challange type mode and the Story mode also comes an unlockable Bounty Hunter mode. This allows you to unlock cheats, and test your skills as a Bounty Hunter. As well, you can unlock Journal Pages, and Showdown Characters, (thats the single player dueling thing I was talking about a minute ago.) by buying seemingly useless objects. As well you can full upgrade guns and see how far they can carry you. In short, this is a great game.

Final Thoughts.

If you've never seen a western, or dont really like the idea, I suggest a rental. If your sure you'll like it, I say buy it. Without a doubt its a great game, and while its made by the same company who brought the world Manhunt and GTA it is nothing like either, it is indeed a good game.

Final Score. 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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