Review by gbone

Reviewed: 06/13/04

The Best Western game since sunset riders

Introduction: Rockstar has taking a big chance and brought back what seemed to be a dead breed of gaming. Western games where a little more popular during the snes era but now they just seem to be dead with the wild arms series holding the whole load. That is until now.

Graphics: The graphics in Rockstar games has never really impressed me, granted GTA3/Vice City had the huge interactive city so the graphics were tolerated but with Max Payne and now Red Dead Revolver it’s just seems sloppy. With square like hands and flat looking faces the graphics look more like sharper PSX then PS2. The environment graphics were ok though nothing special but they were better then the character models.

Graphics: 6/10

Game play: Your basic western third person shoot em up with a Rockstar twist. The controls are pretty easy even for a lefty like me but there are variations. To draw your gun the default is HOLD onto L1 a crosshair will show up. You then can shoot with R1 while aiming with the right control stick. You can however switch it to Toggle which means once you hit L1 you are in aim mode and to get out you have to hit it again. I prefer the toggle to hold because I find it easier. The game is stage based, in each stage there’s bad guys, you shoot em, boss at the end, kill him. It’s simple enough but amazingly addictive and tons of fun. Also there’s this Deadeye meter which basically translates to bullet time in the old west. Sometimes you will have a duel which is hard at times but is unique and its fun trying to shoot the guy before he shoots you. Really gives you the feel of a western. That’s story mode which is single player, as for Multiplayer there are three modes you can choose from. There’s Bounty hunter, sundown and duel. Bounty hunter mode you have to get the most money first and in order to do that you kill each other. Sundown there’s a timer and the one with the most money at the end wins. In duel it’s the same as in story mode only with 2-4 people and the one left standing wins. Needless to say this is tons of fun with a bunch a friends but it still can be quite fun alone because you can put AI controlled characters in.

Game Play: 9/10

Story: You are Red a quite stranger out for revenge on the man the killed your parents. You become a bounty hunter in your quest revenge, bringing down ever out law in the county. Shortly after the beginning you enter the town of brimstone. Once there you can walk around the town, greet the people and do some shopping. Once you’re ready to continue the game you go to the sheriff where you get your next Bounty. It’s pretty simple but storyline is not what you would be picking this game up for.

Story: 6.5/10

Sound: The sound is well done with every sound of the west brought straight to your ears. The gunshot sound effects are well done as are all the other effects in the game such as a horse’s nay.
The music was good for most of the parts but in some areas it seemed too modern. Nevertheless the music fit the situation, if you’re in a bar you have a piano and if your out on a bounty hunt then there’s heroic music.

Sound: 7/10

Replay Value: With tons of showdown characters and areas to unlock this game has an average amount of replay. Besides its really fun to play so you might want to just do the whole thing over again.

Replay: 7/10

Conclusion: If you’re a fan of westerns or third person shooters then this is a definite buy but only to those hardcore fans. For the rest of you gamers I recommend a rent first, if you’re the type that plays a rental basically non stop (2-3 hours a day) then you can beat this in a rental.

Overall: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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