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"Basically a western themed Max Payne copy and in no way a 10/10 game."

Red Dead Revolver is one of the few western-themed games out there. Sadly its not all it could be by a long shot. as you can see I'm reviewing the PS2 version.

Graphics: The graphics are okay, nothing special but they won't burn your eyes out or anything. The sun is used frequently to glare out your vision which some might find annoying but I think it neat. The only town you wisit is nicely done, but lacks substance.

Gameplay: Basically it plays like a typical next gen third person shooter. Use a shoulder button the switch weapons and a headshot will bring the bad guys down quicker. The gimmick of course, is the "dead eye" system in which a little bar fills up in the corner of the screen and when its full and you click the trigger button you go into "Dead Eye" (its bullet time, lets not kid ourselves) in which time slows down and you can blast away. Aside from it being Max Payne with boots and a hat, you are able to duck behind many objects with the square button and take time to reload and pop up and fire. Pretty cool. Oh and in some stages you can ride a horse and shoot at people which is a welcome change.

Also let me mention that there is a short minigame in which you dual enemies by going into bullet time and trying to hit them in critical spots. You only do it about 8 times throughout the game but its worth a mention.

To finish, there's a flawed multiplayer mode included within, but its nothing special.

Story: Its ok, you are a lone gunslinger named Red whos family is slaughtered by a gang of outlaws and you are seeking delicious revenge like in Max Payne. Along the way the story will switch up and you can play as a bunch of other people like a rifle chick name Annie something that can ride bulls, a crazed Southern Captain, and lastly Jack Swift and random Buffalo Soldier who are both without a doubt cooler than that idiot Red. That said theres really nothing special about the story, I doubt many people care what happens to any one of them by the end.

Fun factor: Again its just ok. Its fun shooting at people. Thats about all the fun I think thsi game can give you., seeing as its just one big shootout. You'll beat it in one night and almost assuredly never want to bother with it again.\ on a regulara basis. I know I didn't.

Overall: Rockstar has created what looks to be a rushed game, with small attention to detail and without an attempt to create an experience that sticks with you for a long time. Worth a rental but its definately not worth full price.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/02/04

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