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"Splendid western fun with Red and his Revolver."

Damn, when was the last time I played a western game?, I can barely remember, it was a first person shooter from Lucas Arts if I am not wrong, with odd graphics that seemed like cell shaded and lots of monotony like every good Doom and its clones had some time ago, it was a pretty terrible game as far as I can remember. Red Dead Revolver anyway, is a third person action/shooter, and it is actually good, very good (mmm what an stupid comparison...)

The first level, where you are introduced to the main character and his family, is very funny, now if you have already seen this intro stage you will know that Red, the hero, looses his family (an American cowboy married with an Indian lady, no less, this only happens in movies and now video games) in the hands of a group of moronic bandits, and that is not exactly funny, it is horrible, and if someone laughs at that that person is a filthy bastard, well, I know, but I couldn`t help it, the way Red screams when ``pa pa`` desperately is done in such a cheesy way that I couldn`t help it.

You got the typical revenge plot, not very well developed, but as it has a big amount of characters, which adds variety and depth, everything gets better than expected.

Graphics 8,5/10:
Is in its backgrounds where Red Dead Revolver scores, they are magnificently made, specially rural areas, the cities look a lot worse. But the characters are the worst part, they look great, and some of them are great, but they look so good mostly because you can hardly see them while running and shooting, later when there is more time to look around and visit places such as cities or during the cut scenes you will see that they are pretty terrible and sometimes very stupid looking. Very good graphics anyway.

Music 5/10:
Not bad, but there is not enough, and when there it is, it is so soft that to hear something you have to stop playing. The little intro has the coolest musical track, but that is all.

The voice acting is slightly average, but for me it was a funny because of that magnificent Texas accent that makes you think you are hearing a Bush speech, with the exception that Bush`s speeches are funnier (hilarious mostly) and you can`t (what a pity) shot him in the head. But aside from that the rest of it goes from mediocre to mildly ok, for example that part in the train where a woman shouts is embarrassing, and when you talk to people in the cities or wherever their voices sound too goofy.

Gameplay 8/10:
We have missions where we have to beat enemies, save people, and a lot more things alike, sometimes we can also buy objects or items in stores, as well as upgrades or new weapons, but everything in a very simplistic way, in short the thing here is to beat the crap out of everything we have at sight being cautious only when there is someone to protect, nothing more nothing less. Something great here though is that we are not only going to control Red, we have to play with other characters with their weapons and stuff as well.

The controls seem complicated at first, but it is easy to get used to them, at first playing is as tough as in a fist person shooter, where playing with a console pad is a nightmare, but soon you will see that although similar, the controls here are a lot easier to master, or at least for me, because now that I think I can`t see why they should be easier, mmmm, I am messing everything, the thing is that the controls work very good.

And of course, we have that Max Pain-ish slow motion movement most action games use to have nowadays, but I didn`t find it to be too useful. The duels are also in slow motion, but even with the slow motion feature they are not as you are probably thinking, they are odd, and a more standard duel option should have been better, here we have to aim at the different parts or our enemy`s body and try to hit the button in those areas where we inflict more damage.

The rest of the controls are not all that nice, but they work as good as it is possible probably, because while we move with the left stick we have to move the camera with the right one, we even have to move it up and down, so the mess sometimes is big, then the jumping option is pretty badly done.

The are also fun two player options, LOTS of characters to unlock, special missions where we have to complete specific objectives in scenarios that have been previously beaten, and a few more things.

My opinion:
Red Dead Revolver is far from being perfect, but it is a bloody fun game, simple but tremendously fast and furious, and that is the point, whether if you play alone or with friends, you will have good fun shooting at everything you have at sight no matter if it is alive or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/16/04

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