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"One of the best games I've played in a while"

Gameplay: 9
Music: 10
Story: 7
Overall: 9

I think the gameplay for Red Dead Revolver is extremely good. I love all of the things that you can do in battle like the dead-eye, duels, ride horses, get on stationary guns, or just run into an area with your guns blazing.

The deadeye is a form of attack first introduced in this game. To use it, you must have your weapons out [hold the L1 button] and then tap R2. Each character has a different deadeye attack, but I will just explain the main characters, Reds. When you begin the deadeye, everything will go into slow motion. Then, you must drag the aimer over a person [without hitting fire yet...]. Little red circles will appear on the body as the aimer goes over them. After there are 6 circles, hit R1, and all of the shots will fire at the same time! This is useful when fighting powerful and/or fast enemies.

The duels in this game are awesome. It is just like an old fashioned western movie. 2 people line up, the man with the fastest draw wins. To draw, you first must push down on the left analog stick to grab your gun. Then, tap forward to bring it up and start aiming. This is when the slow motion begins. Do the same thing as when you are using deadeye to place 6 shots on the body [but this time you DO have to hit R1 to place them, headshots do more damage]. You exit the slow motion mode after 6 shots are placed, or you hit the R2 button.

Next, riding horses. In some levels there are animals that you can get onto. You do this by running up to them and hitting the square button. Then, while on them, you can ride them around and shoot at people. You can also run them over if you really want to. In one level, you jump from the horse onto a train, and can go back and forth as much as you want.

The stationary guns are also a good part of this game. When there are a lot of people that you need to take out really fast, stationary guns are your friends. Press square to get onto one, and then hold down R1 to shoot. It is pretty hard to aim with them, but if there are a lot of people, you shouldnt really have to aim!

Next, my personal favorite, running in with your guns blazing. To shoot, hold down the L1 button [this draws your weapons] and then press the R1 button repeatedly. So basically, keep moving [this is essential for you not to be killed] and fire as many accurate shots as you can. Headshots do the most damage, they kill in one hit!

I personally love this music, because it is just like a western movie. If you have ever seen the movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly, you will immediately notice the similarities with the music. It is like any western movie, which is a good thing, because that is what the game looks like also. The backgrounds are incredible. You can tell that a lot of work was put into making this game look and sound great. The way the foreground looks is also incredible, because it looks so real. The visuals are also very western-like.

The story for Red Dead Revolver isnt really that great. Its a story of a boy whose parents were killed when he was very young, and becomes a bounty hunter to get revenge. It is also a little bit weird how you keep changing characters throughout the game. It never really explains the background information with them, so it gets a little bit confusing. It is still a very good game, and the story should make that much of a difference.

This is a great game. It is very good if you want to replay it a few times. The multiplayer is great, and is fun to play with bots or other people. The graphics are pretty good, but it is very short. I beat it within 2 days of getting it, but like I said, it is very replay-able. I highly recommend getting, or at least renting this game.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/25/04

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