Review by SINZAR

Reviewed: 09/04/04

Short and sweet

Read just the quick summary for a brief overall impression of the game if you're one of the types who doesn't like to read a whole lot.

Quick Summary - Overall, Red Dead Revolver is a fun game. The graphics aren't all that stellar, some of the levels are too small or just plain boring and some of the fighting can get tedious and frustrating. The game is really short and can be finished in a weekend so it's a rental at best. The multi-player is fun as well, but not fun enough to make it a worth while purchase, unless you can get it cheap.

Story - The story isn't original, ground shattering, or important, but it gets the job done. Red Dead Revolver follows a gunfighter named Red out for revenge against the men who killed his father, which Red witnessed and tried to prevent, as a child. Over the course of the game you'll meet up with, and play as, other characters and their lives become intertwined with Red. The characters range from a ninja like native to a civil war soldier to a Mexican general, just to name a few. Like I said, it's an unoriginal revenge story, but its a good enough reason to go on a wild west adventure.

Presentation - The sound was well done. The voice overs aren't anything to rave about, but they certainly did a good enough job with them. I personally wasn't a fan of the washed out, dusty graphics. It's one thing to make it feel like an old western movie in the cut scenes, but during game play I found the style to be distracting and unnecessary. Aside from that, the character models and set models really aren't anything spectacular. The whole graphics department is pretty average overall.

Controls/Game Play - The controls are great, didn't have a single problem with them. I do advise everybody to change the option so that pressing R2 to draw your gun is on toggle rather then hold. Holding the button to keep your gun out can take its toll on your hand after awhile.

The game play is great. There's lots of variety between each of the story characters you play as well as the scenario's you're involved in. The game offers everything from horseback riding to quick draw contests (which I really enjoyed) to riding on one of those old tyme things that go on the train tracks and you have to pump the handle in the middle of it up and down to make it go. They were always on Bugs Bunny cartoons, those things always bothered me for some reason, but I digress.

The game is pretty short and not that difficult. Like I mentioned earlier, it can be "finished" in a mere weekend. If you're the type that likes to completely milk a game and get every drop of sweet sweet nectar out of it that you can, then you could probably manage another day or two out of it. The multi-player is fun for a short while, but its pretty uninspired and not much fun playing on a split screen. You can play with computer AI bots as well, but even when I was playing them 3 on 1 I could defeat them pretty easily.

Bottom line: game play is the most important element of any game, and Red Dead Revolver shines in this area. One thing I really would of liked to see included in the game is see more grizzled 19th century prospectors wearing their one piece under ware dealies with the button up emergency escape hatch in the rear... but thats just me. Hopefully they'll make a sequel, and hopefully I'll get my wish.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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