Review by PinkNinja

Reviewed: 09/11/04

Best, western, ever!

Red Dead Revolver is the best Western game done so far produced by Rockstar Games. The game follows the journey of a gun slingin' bounty hunter called Red, who becomes a a fearsome assassin after his parents are murdered by a group of bandits, but don't worry, Red picks up his father's brand new pistol out of a bed of embers and blows the leader's arm clean off in a cool little cut scene, but he of course burns his hand badly and is scarred for life (hence the name Red) leaving the imprint of a scorpion from the handle of the gun burnt into his flesh. Next thing you know Red is all grown up and bringing swift, trigger happy justice to all wrong-doers. Red goes from town to town and is not trusted at first but your good deeds soon get the locals to trust you, though some people will only help you if "persuaded". Along with allies like Annie Stoakes, Jack Swift and Shadow Wolf (who are all playable characters at certain stages of the game), Red takes on the evil men and women of the Wild West in one huge battle royale aginst enemies like Ugly Chris, Bad Bessie, Pig Josh and General Diego. The names may sound corny but this game is so much fun you won't care about it. Get ready to go to war with all the vermin of the Wild West and it's gonna be a bumpy ride! YYYYEEEHHHAAAHHH!!!

Graphics: 8

The graphics in the game are nothing revolutionary but are smooth and functional and the game is so addictive you won't even notice the flaws. The grass blows in the wind, dust gets kicked up and blood pumps out of wounds, it's beautiful to witness. Also, the slo-mo cut scenes after you kill a boss are always enjoyable

Sound: 8

Gunshots, yells and bloody hells can be heard as if you're in the game. Enemies insults will be ringing in your ears and a gun fight will cause your neighbours to phone the police.

Controls: 9

Sensible, easy to use controls will get you killing vermin in no time, but the gun duel slo-mo can take awhile to get used to.

Gameplay: 8

More than just running and shooting, there is an amount of thinking that needs to be done to do things right, especially in a duel with multiple enemies and boss fights.

Story: 9

A good plot that goes along the lines of your classic vendetta story and will keep you playing the game to the very end.

Lifespan: 8

This game will take a good hunk of time to finish, but many would argue, and with good reason, that the game is a little to easy and doesn't live up to it's full potential in that repect but there is also multi-player games you can play with a mate and items you can buy that will give you weapon upgrades, health increases, more multi-player characters, etc, so it will be in your PS2 for a while regardless. First you're shooting bottles and pans of the fence on the ol' property, then you're at war with Wild West criminal gangs and collecting a heap of gold, the fun is almost endless!

Overall: 8

A brilliant wetern that beats the hell out of The Revenge of Jessie James or anything of the like, you will love this game for it's addictive story line and gameplay. Another crowd-pleasing classic from Rockstar.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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