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"The west is back greater than ever."

The last time I played a western game was on Sega. This time, Rockstar gave a new meaning to western games. They used a unique way in developing and introducing this game. Personally, I would not have bought this game if it was not Rockstar that produced it. It does not matter whether you are a fan of western games or not because this game is completely different.

Story 7/10

Basically, the story talks about a boy called Red. He witnessed his father's death. His father is killed by bad guys that go around stealing stuff. And killing people. While he is training, he hears a gunshot. So he goes and defends his father. After killing some of them, they run away. And his only aim becomes revenge. And killing bad guys in his town. That is the whole story. It seems boring. But once you play it, you will get a pretty good idea about what I am talking about.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics in the game are amazing. And not as any one had expected for a western kind. The company successfully managed to mix both the old, and the new. And produce a modern picture of an old game. The graphics may seem dull, blurry or even unattractive for some people. Well, this is a western game. It should look old. Many people are complaining about the game for that reason. But for me, it is great. The affects are fantastic. You get a clear view of the houses, bars. And it is realistic to a western kind. That is what makes it important for the game. The company really focused on highly detailed characters. But this does not mean that the background or the area in which you play is not clear. For goodness sake this is a big company. And it will notice this tiny problem if it really existed in the first place. My only concern in this section is a clear, well-developed game. Which surely was reached by Rockstar.

Sound Affects 9/10

The sound is perfectly chosen for this game. The type of music used suits the game accurately. And this gives you the feeling as you are in the game. The sounds are very deep, and thoughtful as in horses. And shotguns. And the wind, or any other surrounding feature. The sound is really affective, and well used in the game. There is nothing else to say. So we will hop to the next section.

Control 8/10

The control is great, but a bit confusing at the beginning. But later on, you will get used to it. There are honestly few features for the controls this game. Other than rolling around, kicking. And punching. There are other features such as the shoot um. And in this you get to challenge a person in front of you. It aims at speed. And the faster one pulling his gun out will shoot first. You will use the R3 button to do that. But you have to aim at the part you want to shoot. So this is a challenging part of the game. There is also the dead eye metre. Which basically slows time, as you want to shoot some one. And this enables you to have a better accuracy. These are two features that stick out in this game. Although the dead eye part is used in many games. This game still produces a high quality type, compared with other western games.

Game Action and Features 9/10

You will realize the amount of details being used in the game. Rockstar was concerned in involving every small detail as possible. Well, they did a great job. Now, the characters along with houses, bars. And towns. And nevertheless, the most noticeable feature is the types of weapons used. It perfectly suited the game. This game is not a free run around game. It is not like the grand theft auto game. But it is a stage-by-stage game. You get a report about your accuracy, time used. And other stuff like that.


Honestly, no one thought that Rockstar would go that far. And take the risk of producing such a game. It was a very brave attempt. But it surely paid off. This is because Rockstar knew exactly what to do. Rockstar showed that it is a capable company, that has all what it needs to produce any game. The game is not a long one. And you could finish it in a day or two. I advise you to go ahead and buy it. The reason is that this company's productions are hard to reject.

Overall Rating 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/03/05

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