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    Walkthrough by megaman623

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    Batman: Dark Tomorrow
        FAQ / Walkthrough
        Console: Nintendo GameCube (GCN)
        Version 1.00
    Offensive Mode: 20 Batarangs  5 Smoke Capsules 200 Medi Kit
    Defensive Mode: 10 Batarangs  5 Smoke Capsules 400 Medi Kit
     Stealth  Mode: 10 Batarangs 10 Smoke Capsules 200 Medi Kit
    I reccomend choosing Defensive Mode for the Medi Kit.  10 Batarangs 
    is more than enough.  I never used the Smoke Capsules.  
    | Gotham City Rooftops |
    Two mysterious people discuss an evil plan in a room with several
    scientists.  The "Master" commands to go to phase two.  A satellite
    is pointed straight at the earth.  Down in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne
    gazes at his portrait of his parents.  His nightmare fills his mind.
    A dark alley, a thief, and two gunshots are all it took to ruin
    young Bruce's life.  Bruce sets his clock ahead a few hours which 
    opens a secret cave.  He suits up and becomes the Batman, the Dark
    Knight.  Rushing out in the Batmobile, his new adventure begins!
    Batman, on nightwatch, hears a bank alarm and rushes into the action.
    Three thugs rob a store and rush off to count their money.  However,
    they are discovered by Batman, who immediately jumps to stop them.
    After the two prologue cutscenes, you will find yourself in an alley
    with three thugs brandishing knives.  Knock them out (by holding down
    the L Button and pressing the A or Y Buttons) and Batcuff them.  You
    can cuff them with the R Button.
    Oracle calls Batman and tells him of a satellite of unknown origin. 
    While Batman tells her to discover the source, he notices the 
    Batsignal in the sky.  
    You will start on a roof facing another roof.  Your radar will show
    you which building you should get to (it blinks red).  Pull out your
    Batcable, with the D-Pad, and throw it with the X Button.  While 
    swinging you will see small controls in the bottom right corner.  Two
    buttons to Jump off the rope (A and B Button).  The A Button will 
    make Batman jump upwards and forward, allowing him to get higher.  
    The B Button will make Batman jump off the rope with all the momentum
    he currently has.  The Control Stick will turn Batman.  The C Stick
    will make Batman swing even if you stop.  Finally, the X Button will
    cause Batman to drop.
    Swing to the roof it directs you to, and climb to the higher part of
    the roof.  Swing to the next roof from here.  On the next roof, you
    will want to climb the water tower and point Batman at the next roof.
    Once you make it, the game will fade to black before quickly loading
    the next area.  This marks a checkpoint.  Anytime you see this, you 
    can die and reappear there.  
       >> A little in front of you, on the ground, is a paper you can 
          pick up.  REPORT: GC - DEPT. of HUD will be there for you to
    Climb the ladder, or jump, to the taller part.  You can swing to the 
    next roof, or jump the gap.  Climb the ladder and position Batman
    inbetween the sign and tall portion of the roof.  Jump the gap, and
    head towards the next roof.  You can jump this gap also.  
       >> On this roof is a wooden crate.  Kick it to reveal a MUSIC CD.
    This may seem tricky, but it's not.  Jump onto the glass slope, which
    you can stand on without falling.  Jump to the heliport.  Hey, the 
    rain let up!  Anyway, jump to the lower building and stand near the
    door with the exit sign over it.  Don't try to swing from the higher
    ground or you will hit something and fall.  
       >> Throw a Batarang at the gas barrels at the back of this roof.
          Inside is a SKETCHBOOK.
    Jump as high as you can on the same roof to clear the bridge.  You
    can try to land onto the bridge and jump, but I find it easier to 
    jump the whole gap.  Upon landing, the camera will quickly change.
    Swing to the next roof, or jump it which is a little harder.  Jump
    to the roof with two vents and make one final jump to the next roof.
    Batman is briefed by Commissioner Gordon of the gang war between 
    Black Mask and Scarface.  Their meeting is interrupted by a large 
    explosion from Gazette Square.  Batman, on the way there, fills 
    Oracle in.  Oracle warns him of structural damage.  
    | Gotham City Alleyway |
    Immediately after the loading, three armed goons attack you.  Take 
    them down.  
       >> In the second alley you can go in, behind some construction 
          signs is a MUSIC CD.
    Follow the alley the thugs were coming from and into the larger area.
    Once out in the open, a man (who you can see on your radar) will 
    shoot a rocket at you.  Rush closer towards him to avoid it.  Don't
    let a man shoot a rocket at you and get away with it!  Jump up the 
    rubble into the window.  Two men are in the room, yet only one 
    attacks you.  Once you knock him down the other flees.  Cuff the one
    and chase him.  
       >> Before leaving the first room in the apartment, check by the TV
    Rush through the rooms and out the door with the exit sign.  In the 
    next area, stay away from the thug.  He is actually leading you to
    your next area you need to go to.  Stay back and quiet.  Jump to the
    right rafter and follow the pathway.  Watch out for the car as it 
    will explode.  Follow the thug through the alley to the right.  
    DON'T GO TO THE LEFT!!!  If you do, you will be killed!!!  Trust me, 
    there isn't anything over there!!!
    Go around back of the area.  The thug initially won't move but will 
    eventually.  Continue to follow him from a distance so backup won't
    arrive.  Follow him around the corner and you will see a vehicle on
    fire.  The thug will go inbetween the vehicle and building.  
    Black Mask, in the middle of fighting Scarface's gang, is interrupted
    by Batman.  Even though he asks questions, Batman gets no answers.
    Black Mask throws a grenade to cover his escape.
    | Gazette Square |
    Two thugs will immediately attack you, with guns.  After taking them
    down, head down the street.  Two thugs jump from cover and attack you
    also.  Around the corner are two more people you should take down.  
    Try using your Batarangs to take them out with minimal damage.  Turn
    the corner and follow the path to find two more thugs.  Rush them
    and cuff them.  Continue down the path.
       >> Near a store titled "YON", on the ground is a NEWSTIME MAGAZINE
          for you.  Use the Nightvision to find it easier.  
    Dodge the potholes as they will explode.  A thug will rush into a
    building.  Two thugs will attack you where you're at, with two that
    attack you if you head back.  If you follow the path, three thugs
    will attack you.  
       >> In the far left corner is a MUSIC CD.
    Enter the door one of the thugs left to find three more inside the
       >> There's a table near the entrance.  On it is INSIDE GOTHAM 
    Only one way out, leave the minimart out the back.
    | Warehouse District |
    There are about five people around the corner, so you should follow 
    the sneaky path to get around back.  Jump the two chainlink fences,
    and take as many thugs out before they all notice you.  It is very
    hard to be stealthy, so have your Medi Kit handy.  
    Ah, the infamous chainlink fence.  Jump on the car to the right, and
    run and jump to the top of the fence to the left.  Not THAT hard. 
       >> If you use your Universal Tool on the door to the left after
          jumping the fence.  Inside are two thugs that can be taken out
          stealthfully.  Throw a Batarang at the Northwest corner's 
          barrels to uncover a SKETCHBOOK.  
       >> If you hug the right wall after jumping the fence, there is 
          another door you can use your Universal Tool.  Punch the wooden
          crate to get MUSIC CD after punching a thugs lights out.  
       >> If you check the orange thing near a computer, in the same room
          as above, to find an AMMUNITION CRATE.
    Follow around the corner, being sneaky or KO'ing everyone.  
       >> Use the Universal Tool on a door opposite the next area, you
          will find two thugs which you can take out at once by punching
          in the middle of them.  In the Northwest corner near a PC is
          GOTHAM GAZETTE - LATE CITY EDITION (a different copy).
    When you are trying to go to your new area, try to go behind the box
    or they will start shooting at you.  Try to take some down, then rush
    the rest.  There are five thugs, one is on a box who you should try
    to take down first.  One thug is at the end of the alley you should
    go down.  There is also one person much higher, but you don't need to
    worry about him.
       >> Throw a Batarang at the barrels in the corner behind the 
          stairs.  Inside is a MUSIC CD. 
    If you hug the wall from the stairs there is a switch.  Flip it then
    climb the stairs.  At the top is a place where a fan would be moving,
    but when you flip the switch, it will stop.  This allows you to 
    continue towards Black Mask.
    | Warehouse Interior |
    This is a short area.  Inside the warehouse are several thugs.  Take
    some down using stealth, but the rest in whatever way you can.  Once
    all of them are down, Black Mask will walk out, ready to fight.
    ========================== ============= ============================
    | BOSS BATTLE: Black Mask | Health: 360 | Difficulty: Medium        |
    ========================== ============= ============================
    |                                                                   |
    | Your first boss holds a strategy that you will use for most of    |
    | the bosses.  Rush in, deliver a combo, then dodge the sweep they  |
    | will try.  If you dodge it, perform another combo.  If he sweeps  |
    | you, you might be cheated out of victory.  Black Mask might start |
    | shooting at you, without giving you a second to fight back.       |
    |                                                                   |
    | Alternatively, you can have a much slower battle.  Batgrapple you |
    | way to the rafters.  Up there are several boxes that, when        |
    | punched off onto Black Mask, will explode causing 90 health       |
    | points of damage!  Don't worry, there are enough for you to       |
    | defeat him.                                                       |
    |                                                                   |
    | Gotham Docks |
    Batman interrogates Black Mask, but still doesn't get info.  A member
    of Scarfaces gang offers information, but still proves useless.  He
    tells Oracle to let the police know where he is to arrest Black Mask.
    Somehow Batman knows where Scarface is before Oracle: the Docks.
    After Batman lands, the game will tell you to use the Nightvision to
    see laser trip wires.  If you flip them on, you can see some straight
    up ahead near some crates.
       >> Directly to the left from the starting point, there is a door
          that you can open using the Universal Tool.  Go to the right
          from the doorway using the radar to help.  Jump onto the crate
          to find AMMUNITION CRATE #2 laying there.
       >> Throw a Batarang at the group of barrels to find a SKETCHBOOK.
       >> Still in the same room, check the floor behind some crates to
          the left from the doorway to get INSIDE GOTHAM MAGAZINE.
    Three thugs are patrolling the area.  If you trip any of the lasers
    or let someone see you, backup will arrive.  Not too hard to deal 
    with, but is still a little annoying.  In the more open area, head
    left and down the alley.  Sneak around the crates, or use a Batarang
    to take out the thug.  Once he's down head through the open door, and
    down the corridor.
       >> Blow up the gas barrel to reveal a MUSIC CD.
    Head left to sneak up on a thug.
       >> By the first thug is a wooden box, kick it to get a SKETCHBOOK.
    Take out the other guy, and one more thug without being detected.  
    Further ahead are two thugs guarding the gate that you should go to.
    It's hard to get past them without fists ablaze, so don't be upset
    if you are caught.  Head through the gate. 
    A large crate is dropped onto Batman.  He quickly dodges the crate
    and comes face-to-face with Scarface and the Ventriloquist.  Scarface
    orders some of his gang to operate a crane to defeat Batman.
    In front of you is a tower that you can climb.  The whole area knows 
    where you are, so keep your Medi Kit out.  After taking out the thug
    on top of the tower, three are down the road who will shoot at you.
    On your radar, the red dots covered with a box are ones on a tower
    operating a crane.  You must take them down first.  When approaching
    the next crane, rush to the ladder.  If you are able to make it, he
    won't be able to hit you with the crane.  After cuffing the crane 
    guy, run down the hall you haven't been to.  There's only one thug
    on this side and one around the corner.  On top of a roof is Scarface
    who you can swing to, using the Batcable.  Get close to able to jump
    up towards him to finish the area.  
    Batman decapitates Scarface (not graphic), getting him out of the 
    way.  Robin (Tim Drake) and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) rush to Batman's
    aid.  He orders them to stay until the police get there, and check 
    the area for remaining thugs.  Batman is called by Oracle who tells
    him that her father (Commissioner Gordon) has gone missing.  Batman,
    who sees the Batsignal in the sky, rushes to find him.
    | GCPD Rooftop |
    Lt. Montoya and Lt. Bullock greet Batman when he arrives.  They fill
    him in on their troubles.  The city is still scared from the gang
    war, plus the Commissioner is gone.  He assures them, he will find
    There's five floors you can search, four of which have nothing.  Drop
    down to the fourth floor and head farther back to see an open window.
    If you go down to the fifth floor, you will have to kill yourself to
    start over.  Head into the open window. 
    Batman searches Gordon's office.  He finds one piece of evidence, and
    calls Oracle.  It's "A deck of cards, with no jokers..." which points
    a finger at the Joker.  He heads for Arkham Asylum.  Since Arkham is
    locked down, he will have to go underground.  He goes to the Talbot
    | Talbot Factory |
    Thugs greet Batman as soon as he arrives, telling him he will be
    Four thugs attack you.  You might think that since they don't have
    guns, it will be easier.  You would be wrong.  There attacks will
    cause massive damage, and they only take a few seconds to get back 
    up.  Take them down as best as possible.  Surprisingly, the two thugs
    just watch you beat their friends up.  
       >> If you go backwards and behind the walkway to the right to find
          the MUSIC CD.
    Beat the two thugs up and head through the door they were guarding.  
    In the next area, the room's lights are out.  This turns the tables.
    They can attack from anywhere.  One attacks from the barrels straight
    ahead.  Climb the ladder and KO the two thugs.  One is near a barrel
    that you can throw a Batarang to take down.  After dropping down, two
    guys jump out of an office.  KO them and one will run from behind
    some machines.  
       >> After KO'ing the thug from behind the machines, climb onto the
          gray pipe to get the SKETCHBOOK behind the machine.
       >> Inside the office the two thugs jump out of, pick up the GOTHAM
          CITY: WORK RELEASE FORM 2A on the table.
    There's a strange ventilation machine right from the office.  Jump
    into the shaft opening.  Two thugs will attack you immediately, so
    take them down.  Use the Universal Tool on the door to leave the area
    you are in.  
       >> By the door you come in from is a gas barrel, that has a 
          SKETCHBOOK under it.  
       >> Before heading to the ladder in the corner, go around back to
          find a wooden crate that has a MUSIC CD.
    Head to the ladder to go to the sewers.
    | Underground Sewers |
    Batman enters the sewers, and recieves a call from Oracle.  She tells
    him that one of his radars are offline.  She then sends him all she
    can to help him.  
    She sends you a map of the sewers, that I find rather hard to use.  I
    never figured it out though.  This is going to be hard to explain how
    to get around.  So, bear with me.  
    | Arkham Asylum |
    | Ra's Al Ghul's Castle |

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