How can i win Formula Gt world Championship?

  1. Iam having difficulties in wining from all of those f1 cars, with toyota minolta. What is the specific car for wining this event?

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    danicivic - 7 years ago
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    Winning from those f1 cars is very difficult. Please tell me about the specific car needed to win this event.

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    danicivic - 7 years ago

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  1. I am at 99.7% completion and I don't think the Minolta can pull it off. The Minolta is great but in the wrong class for the Formula racing. Get the Formula Gran Turismo 04 - first and practice - practice , learn and practice some more. The Polyphony Digital Formula Gran Turismo 04 is the Prize Car from the 24 Hour race at Nurburgring Endurance. Kick butt here with your Minolta until you tire out and then let your B-Spec Driver finish the win for the car-prize. Or you can finish it yourself - either way the Minolta here (Nurburgring 24 Hr) is overkill.
    Here is a tip get your B-Spec Driver's ratings up first, then race B-Spec at the Track you want to win in the car you want to race with FIRST at the Practice area of that race- eg Nurburgring Endurance 24 Hour race go to World Circuts Nurburgring Nordschleife. Note the B-Spec Skill level in the Status section in the garage if the numbers are low don't expect much from the B-Spec driver. Increase the B-Spec Skills.
    I only use B-Spec on a few of the Longer races and Even though my B-Spec is low I can win the race by racing it myself and getting ahead - way ahead of the pack - and change to B-Spec at the Pit stop when needed, this way the B-Spec driver does not have to play catch up first - and don't forget to leave the OVERTAKE on.

    Racing is a song with the road and car - if the settings are wrong - the song is horrible.
    A good point was given when one said " Use a stopwatch on the lead car of a race, follow that car for 1 lap - note the time (in preview race) this gives you a guide - a target to shoot for - for both A-Spec and B-Spec drivers.

    Formula racing is a blast and Quick - Quickblast both ways - several different racing concepts are out there. But here I have found since you can not change any parts on the F1 cars it is only settings and all cars are equal. Time matters most with staying on the tracks - in other words blast into first place 7 to 9 laps and pit - over and over. I found this works for me, by increasing the time between 1st and 2nd with good tires and pitting you can regain 1st place when they pit, and increase the span between 1st and 2nd each time. Only on the 127 laps at Motegi and the 77 laps at HighSpeed do I run the tires orange-red 12 to 15 laps.
    In all I have 14 golds and (1) 6th place and of course it is Nurburgring - love that Nurburgring.

    AND GT4 well it is the "MONA LISA" - bar none.
    There is no other game out there with so much in it. And even after you won the Mercedes Sauber C9 at the Formula GT Championship, if you have been maxing out all your cars to win - the game just begun - the what if - what can this do - comes into play - it is more FUN to clobber a New Nissan GTR or the likes with a USED car with the stock oil and car condition by only using SPORTS parts and Car SETTINGS. And from time to time due to the Lop sided reality of being 120 150 BHP lower than the rest of the field, use a spoiler and weight reduction AND STILL KICK BUTT ! This is RACING AT IT'S BEST. Then the only thing that can be said is "WOW" If you are a real car / racer fan your appreciation of the cars jumps to new heights of respect.
    Thank You GT4 - by the way I am still waiting to see "IF" it is possible to again outdo - make a better game. I didn't find it in the GT5 which was very disappointing for the wait and GT4 Career viewpoint

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  1. Have U tried going to They have tune-ups for these types of problems. Look for you car and please look for my friend BTWhite. Foe Nurburing, You'll need to pole position if you want to win

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  2. This is what u should do.... firstly get the formula gt from winning Nurburgring 24 hour race.(TIP: do this race with a Nissan moutal pitwork ) once u get the FGT go to the fgt championship and practice to get pole position having trouble tune it , practice.once u have pole postion ,start the race on b-spec and the pace on three and fast forward.once at the first pit stop do every thing normal except refuel option. don't refuel until three more pit for the easy bit when refueling there's a refuel bar at the top of the screen.when the no. of litres says 35 press the x button and then ur pit stops will be shorter and ur car will be faster. for more info go to: /gt4/setup-view/s_sid::7851/Formula-Gran-Turismo-StigsTibecuadorianco/

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  3. u have to complete the event Gran Turismo World Championship cmplete all the races & you will unlock a f1 car

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  4. State the obvious.

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  5. The minolta CAN win every event at the Formula 1 races, it takes a skilled driver and a good tune setup. and so can a few other non-F1 cars. but its 'easiest'(i use the term lightly, as even with a specially tunes FGT, its quite difficult) to go take any real racecar to nurburgring 24HR, have b-spec through it, win the FGT, and then you can Aspec the formula 1 races(you need to tune it for a b spec driver to do it, and there is a whole guide and tune for EVERY race on, as people have pointed out.)
    If you A spec all of the races, i recommend constant breaks, and doing it over the course of several days to keep you and your hands 'fresh'

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