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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kyriian

    Version: 1.0C | Updated: 05/09/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Un-Official Game Guide/FAQ
    Author: kyriian 
    E-Mail: long_live_flyers@hotmail.com
    Started: December 9, 03
    Copyright 2003 kyriian, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
    If you intend to use this FAQ in other websites, please email me and I 
    will consider the purposal.  Any part of this FAQ, if found on other 
    gameguides, websites, or any other media that does not bear reference 
    the source (mine). I will pursue the issue! 
    -The Following Users/Websites has been preapproved to post this 
    -Paul Gannon's GT Site
    Version 1.0C
    -Minor Update
    Version 1.0B
    -Tests Done! (Finally)
    -Apologies for the delay, it hasn't been a nice few months for me in 
    terms of school and stuff
    Version 1.0A
    -Tests done up to Coffee Brake 4, made some minor corrections, started 
    Driving Techniques section+updated to condense them into one single 
    -Tracks Completed
    Version 1.0
    -Menu, cars (All but one car), Tests(Green and Yellow), Tracks (All but 
    Fuji and Cita d' Aria)
    Section     Description                         FIND CODE
    A		Introduction				A0001			    
    B		Driving Techniques(To be Updated)	B0001
    C		Tracks					C0001
    D		Cars						D0001	
    E		Licence Descriptions			E0001
    F		Game Setup					F0001
    G		FAQ						G0001
    H		Credits					H0001
    Section: A0001
    Gran Turismo is back!  In japan this prelaunch title gives gamers a 
    chance to test out the highly hyped Gran Turismo's fourth installment.  
    Gran Turismo redefined the racing genre, namely the similation genre by 
    introducing a gear-head's dream, of the ability to tune your own car in 
    performance categories in the similation mode, with mind boggling speed 
    in arcade.  It simply is the best racer around on PS2, and have yet been 
    SECTION B: Driving Techniques 
    This section is for those new to the game.
    Automatic vs. Manual: The long standing fight.  In reality MOST 
    automatics takes performance away from the driver but most people drive 
    them because they are alot easier to handle in traffic.  I did say most 
    because paddle shifters such as Audi's DSG, Ferrari's F1 Style, and 
    BMW's SMG are impressive and sometimes can shift faster than a human 
    hand can, but are generally VERY expensive.  Manual is a direct way of 
    shifting gears by hand thru the use of a clutch.  I am not here to 
    explain the difference and the mechanics of it here.  
    In the game, the difference between automatic and manual is slim.  
    Because automatic basically is the computer doing the shifting for you.  
    It's all well and good for most people because they always get the right 
    gear.  However more advance drivers might find that a tad too easy, also 
    is the odd instance when you want to downshift beyond computer's shift 
    point.  There are these instances, most often occuring with tight 
    corners, where the computer seems to take longer to realize it and 
    downshift.  Using manual have you changing gears manually using L1 and 
    R1.  The hard thing is launching a car actually.  A manual w/o TCS can 
    be nightmarish launching a car esp. for cars like the Viper.  Throttle 
    technique needs to be mastered
    Throttle Technique: Taking full advantage of the equipment you have is a 
    very important aspect of racing in GT 4.  I believe other than die-hard 
    racing fans would not own a wheel, because it's generally too expensive.  
    Your's truly does not own a wheel.  Using the d-pad is very much like 
    any other game with the exception of the throttle (X) button.  Basically 
    braking requires max ALMOST all the time.  Rarely will there be a need 
    to use less braking force than max.  Throttle is another matter.  
    Drivetrain plays a role; which I will cover next.  Dependant on which 
    drivetrain, throttle should be applied as necessary when going for a 
    quick exit.  Some cars can go for full throttle if the spot selected to 
    do so is perfect for that, however most cars will understeer, this is 
    especially true with some 4WD and FFs.  Lowering throttle mid-corner can 
    correct it somewhat, also is modulating throttle, by using half 
    throttle, you can do well in most corner exit while getting at least a 
    little boost to get ready for the straight ahead.  
    Throttle technique is not only used for correcting understeer, it is 
    also useful to learn how to properly launch a car w/o resorting to using 
    second gear launches.  I suggest practice on a very powerful car to best 
    understand burnouts.  With an automatic the car and TCS will work 
    together to almost elimate burnouts and produce perfect acceleration.  
    People using manual can learn by limiting full throttle, rather hold the 
    accelerator at a certain rpm.  Once the car is on it's way, it will 
    slip, so keep the throttle at the level before the launch until you can 
    start hearing the rpm needle slowing down, at which point full throttle!  
    It's a technique I find quite useful, but hard to pull off consistently.
    Rallying Technique:  To generalize, dirt is just asphault without the 
    grip.  To take the corners, putting the cars sideways is the only way.  
    With a 4WD rally car, it is very easy to do so.  All you got to do is to 
    turn, and wait until the car is drifting.  You can tell when it is, 
    because you will see the car's front facing the barriers.  This moment 
    is when you modulate throttle to control the drift.  NEVER ever go full 
    throttle, if you do you will most likely spin.  Using handbrake requires 
    a little more attention.  Use handbrake only in hairpins.  Slow down to 
    a trickle, and turn, then pull the handbrake, just for a sec, or as long 
    as needed.  On gravel this typically means just half a second to throw 
    the rear out.  If pulled off correctly, get on the throttle and you 
    should get right back on track.  Consequently, Handbrake can be used on 
    asphault on FF cars to throw out the rear intentionally.  It is usually 
    the only way to do a real drift in a FF.  The time to do so is mid-turn.  
    Tap the handbrake as needed to drift.  By rapidly locking the rear 
    wheels, you can turn very quickily.  It has more effect than left foot 
    braking(throttle while braking).  However alot more diffcult to control 
    correctly.  And it is usually better to just use brake-throttle for 
    turning for FF cars.
    Overall, rallying in real life and in the game world is worlds apart.  
    There are not as much factors as in real life.  The Scandinavian drifts 
    involve multiple left foot brakes, multiple countersteer and various 
    throttle techniques that the layman will not need to know to go fast.
    SECTION C: Tracks
    The tracks availiable on GT4 prologue are future tracks availiable in 
    the full version soon to be available.  The five tracks are as follows
    Circuit Tsukuba
    New York Circuit
    Grand Canyon
    Fuji Circuit
    Cita d' Aria
    * After A LOT of testing I am almost sure that the secret Hong Kong 
    track, shown in the ending movie is NOT in the game.  I have recived 
    emails about it; mostly trying to get that track just like me but I am 
    almost sure that it doesn't exist.*
    * Important Turns
    @ Take Late Apex
    # Take Early Apex
    ^ Dangerous section
    $ Passing Spot
    & Drag on straight to pass
    Track 1) Curcuit Tsukuba
    Length: Short
    Designed for: Street cars
    Location: Japan
    Turns: 9
    Tsukuba is one of Japan's most famous circuits, featured in countless 
    'OUT MOTORING' CDs, it's typically a street car race course.  Distance 
    wise it's relatively short and it has a good combination of different 
    types of corners, that can challenge beginners, and advance users alike.
    Turn 1$: Typically computer cars will turn in quite early, but you 
    shouldn't take it like any other corner, go in wide and exit close to 
    the apex, try to aim for a slightly late apex to take advantage of both 
    the start straight, and the following cichane
    Turn 2+3@: A very small cicane that sets up the fourth corner.  This can 
    be taken at full speed, cut into the white section on the exit to set up 
    for a wide entry into the fourth corner. 
    Turn 4$, @: CPU's will once again dive in hard for an early apex, since 
    you are taking the late apex be aware and not to let the computer taking 
    the corner on the inside, otherwise that might screw up your exit.
    Turn 5: A slightly deceptive corner, if in doubt give it some brake 
    before turning on full throttle, even just lift off throttle to enter 
    the corner then apply the gas on exit is fine.  This sets up the sixth 
    and seventh corners, the length of the following straight isn't long, so 
    advantage of going fast in turn 5 isn't significant
    Turn 6+7: A 2 turn section, most cars can take them on full throttle, 
    but the very high hp cars such as the McLaren F1 might not take it as 
    easily, the exit of corner five can affect the exit of corner six, and 
    subsequently the entry of seven and the setup of eight.  Give faint 
    motion entering corner six and full throttle should be no problem for 
    most cars
    Turn 8*, $, @: A very important turn, as it sets up the backstraight, it 
    can determine win or loss with this turn.  Usually a normal setup should 
    be okay, but since the turn goes hard, then goes a little more before 
    the straight, it's important to aim for the late apex and bolt down the 
    straight.  CPUs will take the normal apex so you can pass them on the 
    straight quite easily after you set up the late apex here
    Turn 9^, &:  A very wide corner that goes to back to the start.  Slow 
    down a little and apply mid corner throttle technique by tapping the gas 
    every now and then, as you see the exit, give it full throttle and aim 
    for the curb.  Easy to pull off, but understeer can cause bad results in 
    this corner
    * Important Turns
    @ Take Late Apex
    # Take Early Apex
    ^ Dangerous section
    $ Passing Spot
    & Drag on straight to pass
    Track 2) New York Street Circuit
    Length: Long
    Designed for: All cars
    Location: U.S.A.
    Turns: 12
    Look, it's NYC!!  The place is recognizable, even TGI Friday is here.  
    Don't stop too long though.  In this version, New York should be the 
    fastest course in the game, the back straight and the pit straight is 
    extremely long.
    Turn 1+2 ^, $, &: The first and second corner can be taken in unison, 
    you'd be going very fast here so brake early.  This is an excellent 
    place to pass by pulling off drag down the straight.  Try not to aim 
    toward the curb here on the exit of the second curve, many cars will 
    slide if you go on the throttle and get onto the curb here, scraping off 
    precious speed for the straight, accelerate later, just so you don't 
    lose speed on the second corner exit.
    Turn 3 $, &: Once again, very long straight before the turn but not as 
    long as the start straight.  Drag off others to gain position entering 
    this corner, try and aim for a late apex to make best use of the wide 
    Turn 4+5: These two corners are hard to master, like the second corner, 
    the fourth corner has those pesky high curb so avoid.  The street widens 
    on the exit of four so you can go a little higher speed than normally 
    possible.  Set up for the fifth corner by light tapping brake, then free 
    wheel and step on it just before the apex of the corner.  The exit is 
    very wide so take advantage of it.  
    Turn 6#+7@+8#+9@: These four corners are low speed 90 degree turns that 
    require a little more skill to pull off quickily.  Turn 6 and 7 is easy.  
    Dive in hard for a early apex and brake hard to the outside and set up 
    for a late exit on 7.  That way you set up wide entering 8, aim for a 
    late apex again to set up for full throttle exit on 9.  Get it?
    Of course I'm generalizing, there are changing situations that might 
    warrant a different stragey.
    Turn 10+11+12* So many combination corners here, right?  Right.  Turn 10 
    sets up 11, and 11 inturn sets up 12.  Go full throttle and only brake 
    hard as you enter turn 11, the wide circle isn't going to kill you, but 
    some FF might not be able to pull off the full throttle then full slow 
    down method here.  Going wide mid corner and dive hard for the outside 
    to set up for 12.  Typically people can generally go full throttle on 
    12, driving a manual car make sure you shift, otherwise you might get 
    caught slowing down, and elimate the need to set up wide.  This corner 
    very important!
    * Important Turns
    @ Take Late Apex
    # Take Early Apex
    ^ Dangerous section
    $ Passing Spot
    & Drag on straight to pass
    Track 3) Grand Canyon Rally Track
    Length: Long
    Designed for: Rally Cars
    Location: U.S.A.
    Turns: Too many to count (TO BE UPDATED)
    I'm sure everyone has seen this circuit one time or another in action 
    when GT4 was first shown.  The track is a real eye-candy, but a real 
    nightmare.. it's super hard, with hairpins up the yin-yang.
    I'm not going to invest my time in helping you how to defeat this track, 
    instead, like all rally tracks, rely on hand braking, drifting on 
    wide... you are not going to be in fourth long.  I'll generalize the 
    sections as follows
    Starting to Canyon view section: This section makes up mostly of mid 
    speed long sweepers.  Slowing down early is the key to making it quick 
    here.  Cutting corners often work here too
    Canyon Section to Grassfield: The tight section makes up of mostly 
    straights follow by low speed corners, use the handbrake up the hill, 
    down the hill make sure you slow down early to go back to the grassfield 
    Grassfield to Start^: Keeping the car straight and you can go really 
    fast here down the grassfield.  Once past it drift wide to in, and drift 
    back in the next cichane.  The final section are hairpins and should be 
    taken with the handbrake pulled.  Hard to master and it's easy to mess 
    up and spin. 
    * Important Turns
    @ Take Late Apex
    # Take Early Apex
    ^ Dangerous section
    $ Passing Spot
    & Drag on straight to pass
    Track 4) Fuji Circuit
    Length: Long
    Designed for: Race Cars
    Location: Japan
    Turns: 11
    Fuji is a world famous race course in Japan, a regular venue in the 
    famous JGTC series.  A long race course that includes one of the longest 
    back straights in the game, a mix of cichanes, and one single hairpin, 
    makes this track a true racer paradise
    Turn 1*,#,&+2 : The first two turns are very important to passing.  You 
    are likely going very quickily into this low speed turn, so brake early 
    and brake hard!  Approach the corner and go for an early apex, be aware 
    while going for an early apex not to run into the gravel trap.  Going 
    for a early apex; if pulled off correctly, will set you up for a fast 
    exit to the straight after corner 2.  
    Turn 3^+4: Turn 3 can be tricky, mainly because it's diffcult to judge 
    the distance to the apex itself.  The saving grace is the dirt trap at 
    the inside of corner 4 that extends to the area straight past turn 3.  
    Using turn 3 sets up turn 4, cut a little and get on the throttle early 
    on turn 3, because of the dirt lot even getting a wheel or two into the 
    dirt won't hurt your laptime.
    Turn 5: The deceptive mid speed sweeper should be taken by hugging the 
    inside curb.  Use throttle technique rather than constant braking and 
    full throttle can shave some time here too.
    Turn 6*: Turn 6 can be taken alot of ways, since it sets up for a 
    slightly long straight, there are several ways you can take this.
    Generally using a late apex gets you faster on the straight, but can be 
    dangerous as the corner entry can be obstructed by the little crest that 
    happens to be before turn 6.  Use a normal apex and aim for the ouside 
    curb.  You should be able to get the best time.
    Turn 7: Nothing special.  Go full throttle and sweep to the outside when 
    you can see the cichane ahead
    Turn 8@+9@+10@ *, ^, $: A very important series of turns.  These series 
    sets you up for the straight so its imperitive that you get these right.  
    You should aim for a late apex on all corners.  The reason for corner 8 
    is because you can almost scrape by 9 without losing speed and therefore 
    gets you full throttle long before you normally can.  Early apex is also 
    useful for 8 if you intend to pass  Corner 10 can be taken at full 
    throttle and aim for the outside for the last corner
    Turn 11: Don't slow down for this one.  Simply go full throttle to pass 
    this high speed sweeper.
    * Important Turns
    @ Take Late Apex
    # Take Early Apex
    ^ Dangerous section
    $ Passing Spot
    & Drag on straight to pass
    Track 5) Cita d' Aria
    Length: Long
    Designed for: Road Cars, Small Cars
    Location: n/a (Italy?)
    Cita d' Aria is the most beautiful track in GT4 Prologue.  It makes New 
    York look like Courtney Love on dope!  Yet deep down beneath this silken 
    track is a complete nightmare.  Some examples would be, nightmarishly 
    narrow, huge elevation changes, long straights follow by low speed 
    hairpins.  It takes alot of skills to pull it off correctly.
    Start to Cichane: The gentle uphill section isn't diffcult.  The hard 
    thing is overcoming the cichane.  Turn early and aim for the straight-
    est line possible.  Otherwise watch the walls.
    Cichane to First City Gate: The section is home to the first hairpin.  
    Go full throttle down the hill and go for a early apex down to the 
    hairpin.  Try and aim for a late apex, and even if you miss cutting 
    corner completely don't worry too much.  The next corner, after the 
    hairpin watchout to those FFs.  Most cars will probably only make it if 
    you hold throttle.  Gun it for the gate
    First Gate to Uphill Cichane:  This is the narrowest section in the 
    track.  Brake early and avoid those walls.  Imediately once you entered 
    the town, be careful for the viewers section jutting out.  Use low speed 
    and once again either hold throttle at a certain degree, while 
    negociating the section before the long straight, or just tap it every 
    time you get the chance to.  Tapping works better here.  Careful for the 
    crest just before the straight.
    Uphill Cichane+Hairpin:  These two corners require some special 
    attention so I devote a section to it
    1)Uphill cichane: Scrape by the right wall as you cut into the side walk 
    for the fastest time.  Try to brake on the straight to set you up and 
    avoid braking as you go uphill for the hairpin.
    2)Hairpin:  This is the hardest corner in the track, and possibly the 
    game.  There's a mild uphill degree here.  The key is to try and aim for 
    the late apex, which can set you up faster uphill.  Brake early, if you 
    dived hard at the uphill cichane then just brake as you see the corner.  
    You are likely completely off the line, but going slow and in first gear 
    you should be able to pull it off altogether.
    Past the gate is a little section that juts out.  Those taking a more 
    normal line might want to be very careful.
    Hairpin to Finish: This section is mostly uphill and it remains a very 
    narrow section.  MT drivers would want to redline the engine before 
    upshifting as you can lose alot of speed here, this is especially true 
    if you are driving a low horsepower car.  Avoid those walls!  The only 
    hard corner is a very steep incline section, almost just before the 
    finish line.  Downshift and keep the engine revving high so you can 
    still pull up the very steep section after the corner
    Good Luck!
    SECTION D: Cars 
    Nissan Fairlady 240ZG '71
    Honda Odessy L Type '03
    Nissan Silvia K's Aero (S14) '96
    Nissan Skyline Coupe 350GT (V35)/Infiniti G35 Coupe '03
    Honda Integra Type R 98 Spec (Japan Spec) '98
    Subaru Legacy Touring 2.0 GT Spec B '03
    Toyota MR2 GTS (SW20) '98
    Nissan Skyline GTR VSPECII Nur (R34) '02
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII GSR '03
    Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX Sti VER. VI (GC) '99
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV Rally Car '97
    Toyota Celica GT4 Rally Car '95
    Mazda Demio SP '03 (School Mode Lesson 1)
    Honda Fit W '01 (School Mode Lesson 2)
    Nissan March 12C 5DR (K12) (School Mode Lesson 3)
    Toyota ist 1.5S 2WD '02/Scion xA (School Mode Lesson 4)
    Mazda Roadster 1.6 NA '89/Mazda Miata (NA6C) (School Mode Lesson 5)
    ALTO Works Suzuki Sport Ltd. '97 (School Mode Lesson 6)
    Toyota bB Z 1.5X Version 2WD/Scion xB (School Mode Lesson 7)
    Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 Sport X Ver. 02 (School Mode Lesson 8)
    Daihatsu Copen Active Top 02' (School Mode Lesson 9)
    Subaru Legacy B4 2.0 GT Spec B '03 (School Mode Lesson 10)
    Daihatsu Mira TRXX AVANZATO R '97 (Coffee Break Lesson 1)
    Mercedes SL55 AMG '02 (School Mode Lesson 11)
    Volkswagen LUPO GTI Cup Car '03 (School Mode Lesson 12)
    Honda TAKATA DOME NSX (JGTC #18) '03 (School Mode Lesson 13)
    Subaru Legacy 3.0R '03 (School Mode Lesson 14)
    Spoon Honda Civic Type R (EK) '99 (School Mode Lesson 15)
    Nismo Fairlady Z Z tune (Z33) '03 (School Mode Lesson 16)
    Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon 3.0R '03 (Coffee Break Lesson 2)
    Ford Focus Rally Car '99 (School Mode Lesson 17)
    Honda Beat '91 (School Mode Lesson 18)
    Lotus Elise Sport 190 '00 (School Mode Lesson 19)
    Spoon Honda Fit Race Car '03 (School Mode Lesson 20)
    Honda Civic Type R (EK) '98 (School Mode Lesson 21)
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GD Type II) '02 (School Mode Lesson 22)
    Dodge Viper GTS '98 (School Mode Lesson 23)
    Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02 (Coffee Break Lesson 3)
    Subaru Impreza Rally Car (GC) '99 (School Mode Lesson 24)
    Honda NSX Type S Zero '97 (School Mode Lesson 25)
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5 GSR '98 (School Mode Lesson 26)
    Nissan Skyline GTR Vspec II (R32) '94 (School Mode Lesson 27)
    Mazda RX8 Type S'03 (School Mode Lesson 28)
    Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster '03 (School Mode Lesson 29)
    Suzuki Cappuchino '92 (Coffee Break Lesson 4)
    Toyota Celica SS-II Tuning Car '03 (ZZT231) (School Mode Lesson 30)
    Spoon Honda S2000 Race Car '03 (School Mode Lesson 31)
    Toyota Vitz 1.5RS '00 (School Mode Lesson 32)
    Nissan XANAVI NISMO GTR (JGTC #23) '03 (School Mode Lesson 33)
    CUSCO SUBARU ADVAN IMPREZA (JGTC #77) '03 (School Mode Lesson 34)
    McLaren F1 GTR FINA (Long Version) '97 (School Mode Lesson 35)
    Toyota Prius G Touring Selection '03 (School Mode Lesson 36)
    Honda S2000 '03 (Coffee Break Lesson 5)
    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII MR '03 (School Mode Lesson 37)
    Toyota WOODONE TOM's Supra (JGTC #36) '03 (School Mode Lesson 38)
    Ford GT '02 (School Mode Lesson 39)
    Subaru Impreza Rally Car (GD Type II) '03 (School Mode Lesson 40)
    Lancia Delta HF Integrale Rally Car '92 (School Mode Lesson 41)
    *Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car 03' (ALL GOLD IN GREEN ZONE)
    Mitsubishi i '03 (ALL GOLD IN BLUE ZONE)
    Suzuki Concept S2 '03 (ALL GOLD IN RED)
    Honda HSC '03 (ALL GOLD IN PURPLE)**
    *Franck Santos told me this one, a credit goes to him for this, although 
    I noticed it too, I just forgotten to put it in.  Thanks anyways!
    **I believe this is what it would be, I just saw a picture of it on 
    SECTION E: School Mode lesson FAQ
    Section E0001
    For Quick links, type in these phrases into the Find dialogue box
    E0002: Green Level
    E0003: Yellow Level
    E0004: Blue Level 
    E0005: Red Level 
    E0006: Purple Level
    School Mode in GT4 Prologue is much like any other GT game's licence 
    game.  You complete certain objectives and unlock cars and secrets.  
    Don't fret if you don't get all gold.  You win cars as long as you pass.  
    There are five stages, four of which are visible to you from the 
    beginning.  They are separated by color and there are coffee cup symbols 
    that designate break time missions, that are usually more fun, but can 
    be very frustrating for some of them.  Here's the rundown
    Green: Beginner stuff, easy stuff for any driver
    Yellow: Intermediate stuff, a decent challenge, but nothing too hard
    Blue: Advance Stuff, lessons gets progressively diffcult.
    Red: Hard stuff, diffcult lessons that hone your skills as a GT driver
    Purple (Secret): Racing Stuff: Teaches you everything about racing!
    The Lesson Mode can get frustrating, there are some basic rules they all 
    1) NO HITTING CPU CARS: As what it says, however gentle touching is 
    allowed, because even the best driver can't avoid the sudden braking of 
    some CPU opponents.  Remember this only applies pretty much only your 
    car's front end and the opponent's rear end.  Once you are mid way passs 
    the computer, ramming them doesn't have any effect.
    area.  Sometimes it doesn't even register if you ram a little hard.  But 
    for example if you ram the wall sideways at 150km, of course they'd 
    disqualify you.
    3) NO HITTING CONES: This is no brainer. Touching the cones counts as 
    disqualification, so maximize the limit by just slipping by them.
    4) NO CUTTING THE GRASS: There is some exception to this, but more often 
    than not, the game won't allow you to have all four wheels in the 
    gravel/grass.  Usually they reduce speed in any case, so why go into 
    GREEN LEVEL ***********************************************************
    Quick Link: E0002
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Mazda Demio Sp '03
    Time: Gold:1.47.600/Silver:1.48.000/Bronze: -.--.---
    Track: Driving Park: Beginner's Course
    The first lesson requires very little skills.  Simply launch the Demio 
    to 50km and take two laps at Driving Park Beginner's Course.  Follow the 
    Blue line for the best results.  Getting Silver and above though 
    requires some skill.  Cutting corner will reduce your laptimes, going 
    inside exiting corners also save some time over two laps.  So in 
    otherwords try to go for the shortest distance around the track instead 
    of the most efficient one.  Gold shouldn't be too diffcult.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Honda Fit W '01
    Time: Gold:0.12.180/Silver:0.12.200/Bronze:0.13.000
    Track: Circuit Fuji (PIT STRAIGHT)
    The second misson is easier than the first.  Your goal is basically 
    powering through the course WITHOUT touching the cones.  The key is to 
    cut as close as possible to the cones, using faint motion.  Gold once 
    again requires a little luck, but this isn't overly diffcult to get a 
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Nissan March 12C 5dr (K12)' 03
    Time: Gold: 0.36.600/Silver: 0.36.800/Bronze: 0.37.500
    Track: Circuit Fuji (FINAL CORNER+PIT STRAIGHT)
    The setup of this mission is to practice your timing with the brakes.  
    The guidelines on the ground is the best aid to you.  Hammer the 
    throttle on the straight until the front-end of the March hits the red 
    section.  IMEDIATELY let go of the throttle and press brake HARD.  DO 
    NOT USE HANDBRAKE in thinking that it aids stopping: IT DOESN'T.  Your 
    car should stop in the blue and white checkered area for the goal.  The 
    most efficient time is to make it so that the rear wheels just touches 
    the section of the stopping area.  Time the braking correctly with the 
    ground markings, and it's relatively easy to attain a gold.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Toyota ist 1.5S 2WD '02
    Time: Gold: 0.21.200/Silver:0.21.400/Bronze:0.22.000
    Track: Circuit Tsukuba (FINAL SECTION)
    The lesson forces you to attempt going as quickily as you can after a 
    long straight to a gentle mid-speed sweeper.  The car's ability doesn't 
    impress at all, going into the corner using faint motion and only step 
    on the gas gently until you see the exit.  You can try accelerating out 
    the moment you are in the middle of the curb on your right side.  
    Braking while using the throttle (Left/Right foot braking) can help if 
    you find yourself darting toward the grass instead of the goal.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Mazda Roadster 1.6 NA '89
    Time: Gold:1.03.300/Silver" 1.04.200/Bronze:1.10.000
    Track: Driving Park: Beginner's Course
    This isn't diffcult, partly because of the excellent handling of the 
    Roadster.  Following the line and listening to the gear-flashing gizmo 
    can help you well.  However, some advance driver might find a better 
    line through the wide corner.  I find that to efficiently finish this 
    course following the line you'd have to run pretty darn close to the 
    limit to get it.  Otherwise, times are relatively lax so it's possible 
    to pass with a few mistakes.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: ALTO WORKS Suzuki Sport Ltd. '97
    Time: Gold:2.28.000/Silver:2.29.500/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Grand Canyon (Secluded section)
    The ALTO Works is an excellent track weapon, you won't need to go under 
    second gear for most corners.  Infact, most corners require no braking.  
    Rely on letting go on the throttle and use throttle technique to pull 
    off a power slide on dirt.  Once again, going fast requires some skills.  
    The first corner and the last corner can make or break you.  I usually 
    go full throttle on both and typically it yields good results.  Try and 
    becareful not to hit the barriers though
    This is the intermediate stuff.  Things become slightly more diffcult 
    than the first level, however not much more.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Toyota bB Z 1.5 X Version 2WD '00
    Time: Gold: 2.52.000/Silver: 2.55.000/Bronze: -.--.---
    Track: Circuit Tsukuba
    The objective is to go around circuit Tsukuba twice, using the first lap 
    as a warm up to the second one to set your time up.  The times aren't 
    too bad and it seems the bB handles quite well.  Attaining a gold here 
    is not going to kill you.
    Diffculty: Easy-Medium
    Car: Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 Sport X Version '02
    Time: Gold:0.19.800/Silver:0.20.000/Bronze:0.22.500
    Track: Circuit Tsukuba
    The diffculty of this lies in the exit.  Pulling off a 19.800 time is 
    not easy, especially with the bad abilities of the Colt.  Use full 
    throttle until you hit the hairpin.  Whether you aim for a late apex or 
    not it matters little.  It is usually where you decide to exit that's 
    going to be the deciding key.  
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Daihatsu Copen Active Top '02
    Time: Gold:0.16.500/Silver:0.17.000/Bronze:0.18.000
    Track: Cita d' Aria
    This isn't as bad as it looks.  This involves you to turn one gentle 
    high speed bend then aim for a quick line through the uphill cichane.  
    The Copen handles like a dream so it isn't as diffcult as it would seem 
    to attain a gold.  The diffculty lies in the uphill part where you steer 
    to the exit.  Due to it's uphill, you will understeer.  Try not to tempt 
    fate and go into the corner slower, try to exit quicker.  That way you 
    don't waste time trying to correct your line
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Subaru Legacy B4 2.0 GT Spec B '03
    Time: Gold: 0.12.000/Silver:0.12.500/Bronze: 0.13.500
    Track: Grand Canyon
    Cut as close as possible in rally track is the key to sucess here.  Try 
    not to aim far and aim for a late apex.  I always go in as tight as 
    possible to take advantage of short distance.  Aim close to the outside, 
    but not slam onto the rocks that awaits you.  Going fast here takes some 
    practice.  Feather the throttle on entry and aim hard and put pedal to 
    the metal for the exit.  I generally slip by the exit and get the gold.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG '02
    Time: Gold: 0.31.000/Silver:0.31.250/Bronze:0.32.500
    Track: Fuji Circuit
    This is an extension to the first Braking test.  Diffculty has been 
    risen considering you are handling the 490 horsepower SL55.  The test 
    is, however easier by the excellent brakes of the SL.  Simply put pedal 
    to the metal from the start, and dart till you see the red zone, where 
    you should slam hard on the brakes till you finish inside the goal area.  
    Gold isn't diffcult to attain.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Daihatsu Mira TRXX AVANZATO R '97
    Time: Gold:0.24.000/Silver:0.27.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: ?
    The first coffee break marks the beginning of a terrible nightmare.  The 
    goal is to push down all the cones laid in a 8 shape.  The diffcult 
    thing is not getting the bronze, it's watching your speed during 
    turning.  The key is to utilize the car's width (in the case of the 
    mira, the lack of it) to turn as quickily as possible while staying 
    close to the cone so you can actually shove it down.  My recommendation 
    is to restart if you miss one, chances are you probably screwed it up 
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car '03
    Time:Gold:0.19.800/Silver: 0.20.000/Bronze:0.21.000
    Track: Fuji Raceway
    The final test for Yellow zone isn't diffcult.  The lupo handles like a 
    dream so you can go quite quickily through the cichane.  The key is to 
    go for a late apex in the first corner and try to accelerate as early as 
    possible for the exit of the third corner in this test.  DON't cut wide 
    for the exit, chances are you can shave a few hundredth of a second by 
    cutting close to the right to shorten distance.
    E0004: BLUE LEVEL
    Things gets a little more diffcult at this stage
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Honda TAKATA DOME NSX (JGTC #18) '03
    Time: Gold: 3.13.000/Silver:3.18.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: New York
    The goal here is to go for two laps in New York.  The lap times aren't 
    too bad, and as a JGTC car the Honda is as good as any.  Achieving a 
    gold isn't hard here.  The diffculty is avoid those walls and avoid 
    braking late.  Hitting a wall too hard is instant disqualification.  
    Avoid those walls is the main objective here
    Diffculty: Medium
    Car: Subaru Legacy 3.0R '03 
    Time: Gold:0.25.700/Silver:0.26.000/Bronze:0.27.000
    Track: New York
    This is slightly more diffcult to pull off for a gold, partly because 
    the Legacy has alot of body roll and it bounces quite badly if you cut 
    into the inside curb.  To go fast is to just shave the curb rather than 
    cutting onto it.  The goal is to aim for a late exit here, and brake as 
    late as possible, once the car is straightened out after the corner 
    entry, go full throttle for the exit shaving the inside curb for fast 
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Spoon Honda Civic Type R (EK) '99 
    Time: Gold:0.24.750/Silver:0.25.250/Bronze:0.26.750
    Track: New York
    Got sick of New York yet?  This time you are taking the Spoon Type R 
    through the hard section of New York.  The series of 90 degree bends can 
    be taken mostly at second gear since the Type R has a suprisingly huge 
    power band.  NEVER let the rpm drop below 8k otherwise pulling out of 
    corners can be a hassle.  To go quick here hit the throttle early on 
    turn 1, and same goes for turn 2, turn 3 cut as close to the wall as 
    possible while going pretty much full throttle.  If pulled off 
    correctly, you should just slide by the outside wall.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Nismo Fairlady Z Z tune (Z33) '03 
    Time: Gold:0.48.000/Silver:0.48.500/Bronze:0.50.000
    Track: Fuji
    The Z is a great car, too bad to execute a 48 second here takes more 
    stragey than pure skills.  Going down the back straight, just put pedal 
    to the metal till you hit the braking zone.  At which point slow down 
    and turn in when you can.  The two corners can be taken alot of ways but 
    I find the best way to go for the quickest exit is if you turn the first 
    one slightly slower than necessary and aim full throttle for exit.  
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon 3.0R '03
    Time: Gold:0.52.000/Silver:1.00.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Trackk: Driving Park; Gymnastics Course
    Where do I begin.  This is probably the worst nightmare that can come 
    from the creators.  Your goal is to push down all the cones scattered 
    around the course.  The Legacy suffers like all Legacies; alot of body 
    motion and understeer.  Several things can make this slightly easier
    1)Plan the route!  I suggest hitting the first cone on the bottom of the 
    screen closest to the start first, and go till the end, do a u-turn and 
    come back hit the cones again.  Basically going row by row will save 
    some time
    2)Use the handbrake when you are at the end of the row.
    Although there is no clear-cut line per-se.  However, looking at the map 
    before you start and draw out a clean line will help you.  Also use the 
    map to aid you if you ever feel the last cone is missing.
    Franck Santos sent this tip in:  In Coffee Break Mission 2 (where you 
    use the Legacy Wagon), notice that despite the messy arrangement of the 
    20 cones, you can still make out two vaguely oblong circuits. Try to 
    follow this course as closely as possible. Watch out as the Legacy tends 
    to miss some cones by inches if you take the sharper turns too widely.
    Diffculty: Intermediate
    Car: Ford Focus Rally Car '99
    Time: Gold: 0.16.000/Silver:0.16.750/Bronze:0.18.000
    Track: Grand Canyon
    The hard thing is to contain the Focus while braking uphill for the 
    first bend.  You are likely going quite fast after the last jump.  DO 
    NOT listen to the line, rather cut as close to the inside as possible 
    for the second corner can save you quite a bit of time.  Overall it 
    isn't too bad.  The times can be quite annoying though.  Also beware of 
    disqualification by hitting walls too hard.  It happens if you drive too 
    fast into the second bend, which can happen.
    Diffculty: Intermediate
    Car: Honda Beat '91
    Time: Gold:0.16.000/Silver:0.16.500/Bronze:0.17.400
    Track: Cita d'Aria
    The Beat handles like a dream, too bad this is a very hard series of 
    corners.  The first corner is a push over, the second one sets up for 
    the third one and the subsequent fourth one for the exit.  The best line 
    is go for an early apex in the second corner, go super wide as you 
    brake, down as slow as possible and aim for a late apex in the third 
    corner, which should get you set up for the fourth one.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Lotus Elise Sport 190 '00
    Time: Gold:1.02.000/Silver:1.03.000/Bronze:1.09.000
    Track: Driving Park: Beginner Course
    If the Beat handles well, then this is going to be even better!  The 
    Elise is an absolute monster, too bad you don't really get to show off 
    its full potential.  Be aware that it is a lot more tail happy than the 
    Beat.  The Elise can take most of this course in second and third gear.  
    The danger is the wide corner before the finish, which the car has the 
    potential to drift it's rear out too much.  Try not to slow down instead 
    by using countersteering to correct the line.  Otherwise, clocking 1.02 
    here isn't too bad
    Congratulations!  All Blue Passed!!
    E0005: Red Level
    This is when stuff starts becoming diffcult.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Spoon Fit Race Car '03
    Time: Gold:4.04.000/Silver:4.06.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Cita d' Aria
    The hardest thing of this is avoiding the walls on the two laps.  
    Remember slamming into them yields disqualifications.  Getting the time 
    isn't too bad.  Keep in mind in the uphill section before the finish try 
    and redline the engine before upshifting otherwise you might lose too 
    much speed.  The Fit handles fine so it isn't too diffcult.
    Diffculty: Intermediate
    Car: Honda Civic Type R (EK)'98
    Time: Gold:0.45.500/Silver:0.46.500/Bronze:0.51.000
    Track: New York
    This is an extension from Blue Zone's Lesson 15.  The extention goes to 
    the back section before the big roundabout.  The Type R handles ok but 
    suffers from quite a bit of understeer.  Use the Type R's ability to 
    attack corners to your advantage and use late apex for almost all 
    corners should get you a gold.
    Diffculty: Diffcult
    Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GD Type II) '02
    Time: Gold:0.22.750/Silver:0.23.250/Bronze:0.25.000
    Track: Cita d'Aria
    The diffcult thing here is the series of corners.  The first cichane 
    make sure you brake early and cut in as early as possible, just scrape 
    by the big gate's side wall and get onto the sidewalk on the exit to 
    minimize speed loss.  The uphill section's hairpin is the real killer.  
    There seems to be no easy way or taking this corner, my best suggestion 
    is go slow on entry, which somehows lets the car straighten out on exit.  
    The last danger is after the gate and the hairpin.  There's a little 
    section on the right side that juts out of the screen.  Those who have 
    taken the hairpin's exit wide might want to be really careful, since the 
    Sti can get caught in that.
    Diffculty: Intermediate
    Car: Dodge Viper GTS '98
    Time: Gold:0.09.650/Silver:0.09.850/Bronze:0.10.000
    Track: Fuji Circuit
    The Viper does burnouts like no other car.  If you are a beginner then I 
    suggest using automatic.  Launching the Viper sucessfully takes alot of 
    throttle control.  Or the easiest way is to exploit second gear launch.  
    The power won't be as great as first gear but at least the tires will 
    grip onto the asphault.  9 seconds is easy to reach if second gear 
    launch is properly used.  Using first gear then it takes alot of 
    throttle control and I would not personally recommend this unless you 
    got your own set of pedals with your wheel.
    Diffculty: Intermediate
    Car: Mazda RX7 Spirit R Type A (FD) '02
    Time: Gold: 0.57.000/Silver:1.00.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Driving Park: Gymnastics Course
    The Spirit R is without TCS on this one so launching just do what you do 
    last time.  The RX7 is alot wider than the Mira TRXX you used in the 
    first Coffee Brake, but this is alot harder course.  Use the RX7's width 
    to go as quickily as possible down the corners.  The real danger is the 
    hairpins as judging how quick you can go without losing sight of a cone.  
    I suggest moving out to top view to give you a slightly better view 
    where each individual cone is laid as sometimes even if the cone is off 
    the screen you cannot tell whether you hit it or not.  
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Subaru Impreza Rally Car (GC) '99
    Time: Gold:0.17.600/Silver:0.18.750/Bronze:0.19.000
    Track: Grand Canyon
    As I've stated before in the Grand Canyon section, the rally system got 
    a complete makeover, and now reacts alot more realistic.  Keeping the GC 
    from losing it is a very important part in keeping your cool.  The two 
    hairpins handles the same.  Try to thread the throttle, and not mash it 
    after pulling the handbrake.  Remember not to hold down the handbrake 
    either, if you aren't feeling confident, just use handbrake, and let the 
    car coast.  Once the car's pointing in the right direction, cease all 
    steering and gun it.  I find that this is quite effective.
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Honda NSX Type S Zero '97
    Time: Gold:0.17.000/Silver:0.17.750/Bronze:0.20.000
    Track: Fuji
    Shrudders.... Recall the dreadful salom tests from Gran Turismo 2?  They 
    are back, but thankfully they replaced tire barriers with cones, yet 
    crashing into them yields disqualifications so they aint much better 
    either.  The NSX has a good powerband, leave the car in second and 
    redline it and you should be able to pull off a 17 second.  The key to 
    the salom is taking the late apex so you are already set up for the next 
    one, also is tap the throttle, instead of mashing and braking; thus you 
    maintain a steadier speed throughout the course.  The hidden danger is 
    the final finish area, where they limit you to a certain area within it.  
    Even if you fly through the course, you still need to aim for the finish 
    area and not to push down the cones beside it.
    Congratulations, you have unlocked the Purple Zone!
    E0006: PURPLE ZONE
    This stuff teaches you how to race against others.  This class is 
    perhaps the most annoying of all the tests
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5 GSR '98
    Time: Gold:0.16.400/Silver:0.17.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Tsukuba
    The objective here is to pass the other EVO 5 and aim for a good time.  
    If you can't pass the other car then even if you clock a 16 second time 
    you won't take it.  Go attack the hairpin for an early apex to pass the 
    other evo and don't worry too much about the exit.  This isn't too 
    diffcult to achieve. 
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Nissan Skyline GTR (R32) VSPEC II '94
    Time: Gold:0.23.400/Silver:0.24.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Tsukuba
    The objective is to use the RB26DETT's power on exit.  Follow the other 
    GTR until you get to the hairpin, aim for a late apex and pass the other 
    car on the inside as the CPU drifts outside, follow by mashing the 
    throttle down the straight.
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Mazda RX8 Type S '03
    Time: Gold:0.51.800/Silver:0.52.300/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Fuji
    The RX8 maybe a good handler but it requires some attention to achieve 
    max torque.  You pulled out of the last corner and catch the other RX8.  
    Don't worry too much about the corner, just put pedal to the metal and 
    try and listen to the wind noise.  If you are drafting off the CPU, then 
    you won't hear the wind noise.  Draft until you are almost at his 
    bumper, at which point, slip past him to the goal.  Gold is not diffcult 
    LESSOM 29: RACE 1
    Diffculty: Medium
    Car: Nissan Z Roadster '03
    Time: Gold:1.21.000/Silver:2.00.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Tsukuba
    You got 3 laps to catch the other Z.  The computer has a 10 second lead.  
    Passing him and you'd have to wait 10 seconds while you hold on to the 
    lead before the race will finish.  To get gold you MUST pass the 
    computer before the first corner on the second lap.  That's typically my 
    reference.  Being careful not to ram into him!
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Suzuki Cappuchino '92
    Time: Gold:0.41.000/Silver:0.45.000/Bronze: -.--.---
    Track: Driving Park:Beginner's Course
    I find this quite easy compared to the other coffee brakes.  The 
    Cappuchino handles like no other car.  It has perfect handling and can 
    take corners alot faster than you think.  However like the first coffee 
    brake, the car isn't too wide.  Being careful you are running the cones' 
    line is very important for a gold.
    LESSON 30: RACE 2
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Toyota Celica SS-II Tuning Car '03 (ZZT231)
    Time: Gold: 1.38.000/Silver:3.20.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: Fuji
    The goal here is to catch, and pass the other car.  The computer has a 
    10 second lead on ya.  The times aren't too bad.  Once again, like all 
    races, avoid hitting the other car.  The Celica handles very well, so 
    it's very easy to pass.  As a reference, you must pass the other car in 
    1.27.999 if you are to pass the test.  Like the Race 1; passing the 
    other car by the end of the first lap should be good reference.  You got 
    5 laps to do this
    LESSON 31: RACE 3
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: Spoon Honda S2000 Race Car '03 
    Time: Gold: 2.40.000/Silver:3.40.000/Bronze:-.--.---
    Track: New York
    This is easier than the last one.  Lap times are very lax, and the other 
    computer, despite having 10 seconds ahead.  You should have no trouble 
    passing the computer before the require time. My best time is 2.27, 
    meaning i passed the other guy in just 2 minutes and 17 seconds.. 
    showing how easy this really is
    LESSON 32: RACE 4
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Toyota Vitz 1.5RS '00 
    Time: Gold: 1st/Silver: 2nd/Bronze: 3rd
    Track: Tsukuba
    This involves you to race against 3 other CPU racers and beat them in 1 
    lap.  While the gap between third and second is very small.  Catching 
    the first place guy is HARD.  My best time involves me pushing the first 
    place guy out of the way gently just before the finish line to get me 
    the gold.  It's very easy to pass the third and second place cars even 
    before the cichane.
    LESSON 33: RACE 5
    Diffculty: Intermediate
    Car: Xanavi Nismo GTR (JGTC #23) '03
    Time: Gold: 1st/Silver: 2nd/Bronze: 3rd
    Track: Fuji
    Fuji has become quite an easy course, so winning this isn't as diffcult 
    as the previous one.  The key is to drag off CPU opponents as there are 
    alot of long straights follow by slow corners that can be taken 
    advantaged of.
    LESSON 34: RACE 6
    Diffculty: Easy
    Car: CUSCO Subaru Advan Impreza (JGTC #77) '03
    Time: Gold: 1st/Silver: 2nd/Bronze: 3rd
    Track: New York
    The CPU here is dismal at best.  The NY track is long, and have good 
    oppertunity for passing.  Getting any trophy here is not diffcult.  Make 
    sure you keep off the walls and you will do fine.
    LESSON 35: RACE 7
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Mclaren F1 GTR FINA(Long Version) '97
    Time: Gold: 1st/Silver: 2nd/Bronze: 3rd
    Track: Fuji
    10 laps, the CPU has around a 40 second lead over you.  Your job is to 
    catch the guys up front.  The cars CPU are driving are as follows
    5)Mazda RX8 touring car
    4)Honda NSX JGTC touring car
    3)Nissan Z JGTC touring car
    2)Nissan R390 GT1 Race car
    1)Toyota GT1 Race Car
    Catching up to the first place guy might seem very diffcult, but it 
    isn't.  The F1 is an excellent track weapon, and the only place you'll 
    have trouble against the first 2 place cars is down the pit straight.  
    My suggestion is use swiftness and turn in consistent lap times instead 
    of aiming for your best performance out of every lap.  Chances are you 
    won't get the perfect lap everytime and you are bound to mess up once or 
    twice.  Refer to the Fuji attack guide for more info about Fuji.  Corner 
    3 and 4, along with 5 will allow you to shorten your laptime rapidly.  
    I've seen the GTR going over 200km at corner 5.  
    LESSON 36: Fuel Economy Race
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Toyota Prius G Touring Selection '03
    Time: Gold: 1.30.000/Silver: 1.40.000/Bronze: 1.50.000
    Track: Tsukuba
    From the laptimes, they don't look bad at all.  However it is the 
    additional requirement that yields alot of diqualification.  I've 
    recived alot of E-mail about this, so here's the hidden trick:  You MUST 
    get 10 km/L OR OVER to get a pass with any time.  I found it best to 
    feather the throttle on straights.  Seeing the figures not dropping is a 
    good sign.  Use trail braking to gain more km/L, down the back straight 
    before the finish, try to accelerate harder on the last hairpin's exit 
    then just once again feather the throttle.  Use the brakes to control 
    the car on the last sweeper and you should get 10k/L.  If you don't.  
    Slow down and you should get it.  It's diffcult to tell you how to 
    achieve 10k/L.  I can only say that full throttle will never net you 
    that figure
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Honda S2000 '03
    Time: Gold: 0.40.000/Silver: 0.50.000/Bronze: -.--.---
    Track: Driving Park, Gymnastics Course
    Why o Why couldn't they have given me a better car for this.  Sure the 
    S2000 is a great car, but it's too big!  A Mira or a Cappuchino would've 
    been alot better.  Anyways, your goal is to stay WITHIN the cones line 
    and finish the course.  The most tricky part is the 90 degree bends.  As 
    well as the backup section.  For the 90 degree bends, go VERY slowly, 
    you should have no problems, shave as close as possible to the cones as 
    you can.  You must be at crawling speed if you don't want to hit a cone.  
    The Section after that, involves you to stop, turn on reverse and back 
    up till you can continue.  This is the only way you can do this 
    otherwise you will never make even silver if you intend to do it 
    forward.  Leave plenty of room to stop, and make sure the car's 
    straight; parallel to the cones, before going backwards.  When you see 
    the open path, hit the brakes, and keep going.  Finally stop within the 
    goal area!
    Finally, its all over!  The dreaded Coffee Brake missions are DONE!!  I 
    am not lying either
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION 8 MR '03
    Time: Gold: 1.06.700/Silver: 1.07.200/Bronze: 1.09.600
    Track: Tsukuba
    The finale lessons have you going around all the tracks in one lap 
    achieving the laptimes required.  You are given good cars to do this.  
    However, I felt the MR isn't as good as the normal Evo 8 because it 
    seems to REALLY LIKE TO UNDERSTEER especially if you are going full 
    throttle on exit.  To master this car you really need to master corner 
    entry and take advantage of the car's natural grip to attack corners.  
    The laptimes are VERY tight, I often find myself achieving under silver 
    before I get more consistent.  The reason is that Tsukuba isn't a long 
    track; there isn't much time to recover from mistakes if you make them.  
    Diffculty: Medium
    Car: Toyota WOODONE TOM's Supra (JGTC#36) '03
    Time: Gold: 1.23.500/Silver: 1.26.000/Bronze: 1.28.000
    Track: Fuji
    With the 10 lap race behind you, Fuji should be mastered at this stage.  
    The Supra handles like a God.  It literally can corner as if on rails.  
    It grabs the asphault like no other car either, so it is not so diffcult 
    to get a gold here.  Be aware of the deceptive corners, refer to the 
    Fuji attack guide for more information if you are having trouble keeping 
    the car on track.
    Diffculty: Medium
    Car: Ford GT '02
    Time: Gold: 1.30.700/Silver: 1.32.500/Bronze: 1.40.000
    Track: New York
    The GT40 is once again, like all the other cars in Time Trail the best 
    you can find.  However, New York's danger is cutting corners.  Avoid 
    using the sholders (cutting directly into them) to turn because that 
    could upset the suspension and cause the car to bounce.  Clocking 
    1.30.700 here is not hard, the danger is avoiding to risk everything by 
    taking corners too fast and cause a hard crash that yields a 
    Diffculty: Medium
    Car: Subaru Impreza Rally Car (GD II) '03
    Time: Gold: 2.28.500/Silver: 2.32.000/Bronze: 2.45.000
    Track: Grand Canyon
    It seems the last Rally test is alot easier than the others.  Partly 
    because you are given the Impreza to do this in.  Avoid those walls, and 
    cut in close to achieve good time.  The most dangerous spots are the 
    canyon hairpins, which many might oversteer a little and spin.  The 
    bigger danger is the 2 hairpins before the finish, which is also 
    dangerous if taken wrong.
    Diffculty: Hard
    Car: Lancia Delta HF Integrale Rally Car '92
    Time: Gold: 1.37.000/Silver: 1.39.000/Bronze: 1.50.000
    Track: Cita D'Aria
    The tight track combine with hard times make this very diffcult, 
    thankfully the car given to you isn't as bad as you think.  The Delta 
    can rip this course quickily if you know how to handle a car like this 
    on asphault.  Tuck the front in by using trail braking, and modulate the 
    throttle until the car can make a clean exit.  Follow the Cita d'Aria 
    track attack and you should have little problems.
    The game is pretty much Gran Turismo 4 lite.  Pretty much like the 
    series of motorshow lite GT games.  This is for some minor translations.
    SCHOOL MODE-To challenge pre-determined courses and unlock cars
    ARCADE MODE-To test out your mettle against CPU drivers
    SAVE-Save your game here
    LOAD-Load your game here
    REPLAY THEATHER-All your exploits on the track can be re-lived here
    SCHOOL MODE: As described above, pretty much used to unlock cars by 
    participating in rule-based lessons.  They maybe a waste of time for 
    most hardcore GT players, but gives new players something to try out, 
    and for advance users to unlock secrets.
    ARCADE MODE:  Once Arcade mode is selected, the following three options 
    presents itself
    BEGIN:Uh.... to begin?
    OPTIONS: Choose your race options here
    BACK: Go back to the main menu, can also be accomplished by using the 
    triangle button.
    OPTIONS:  Here you choose your options.  The prime two you want to look 
    is the bottom two.  The first allows you to turn on or off CPU 
    opponents, the other selects the diffculty.
    ADVANCE: Full Grid, easy
    PRO: Full Grid, hard
    Ok, so I lied.  GT4 Prologue's CPU is weak as hell.  I've never seen 
    such terrible computer drivers.  Even though Polyphony digital promised 
    a much better AI, with emotions.  I pass them and knock them off track, 
    yet they set up themselves next time I lap them, and yet they do the 
    same line, never changing, and absolutely slow as hell!
    This I just found, but unconfirmed.  If you choose any of the closed 
    circuits (NY, Cita d' Aria), for lower diffculties, crash detections 
    seems to take more to react.  Which means, the degree at which you crash 
    into the wall has correlations to whether you have to slow down.  The 
    higher the diffculty, the more strict the crash controls.
    Also, keep in mind that Grand Canyon, and Cita D'Aria never has any CPU 
    Followed by a Track and a Car selection screen.  Once a car is selected, 
    color options pop up.  Followed by three option bars, the first is 
    AT: Automatic transmission, unlike in real life, the difference between 
    automatic and manual is not great, so beginner drivers won't have to 
    adjust to playing manual.  Because it really doesn't take much away from 
    the performance of the car
    MT: Manual Transmission, uses the buttons L2 and R2 to upshift and 
    downshift.  There's no worry of overrevving the engine so no worries if 
    you accidentally went into first gear at speeds above 300km.  Some cars 
    do not offer this as an option (namely electric cars in the game)
    Next is TCS:  In layman's term.  It is anti-slip control, and applies 
    the brake, and decelerate the engine whenever wheelspin is detected.
    On: Leaving Traction Control on can help with launch, can help with 
    about every aspect of racing, however, some will find the system quite 
    limited, and serious drivers would probably want to keep this off.
    Off: Turning TCS off means putting pedal to the metal for launch is 
    going to produce huge amounts of burnout, leaving you with little speed 
    gains and therefore delay your start.  Also is that the computer wont 
    reduce speed even if wheelspin is already taking place.  Yet this offer 
    a much more direct feel and advance players will like this better.
    Finally is tire choice
    Street: My guess is that it's street performance tires, that provide 
    adequate traction for sport driving.  
    Sport: No idea, but it seems to provide the best grip and easier 
    handling.. even FF cars won't understeer unless you really mess up with 
    Normal: The worst tire, but also maybe the choice for top players.  The 
    road will feel more realistic than the other two.
    Racing: Only availiable on racing cars, basically rally tires or slicks 
    for racing.
    Then the race will begin, you can review your replay after the race is 
    over again if you pressed start during the replay after the race.  The 
    option to begin again will happen after the race.
    I'll update this section as soon as questions come up.
    Section G: FAQ
    Q: Why write a FAQ on GT4 Prologue?
    A: Simple, because I wanted to.
    Q: What's the secret Track?
    A: I have no idea, however, i think if one exists, it would be Hong 
    Kong, I've seen countless screens on that track so I think it would be 
    Q: What's your favourite car?
    A: My favourite car is the Mini Cooper S, but since I have to do it 
    without this car, my favourite are numerous.  The RX7 is super good in 
    handling, my other favourites include the Beat, the Cappuchino, the EVO 
    8 MR, the Ford GT, and that Motor Traithlon Car.  
    Q: What's the meaning of the -.--.--- times in the Lesson mode?
    A: My best guess is when one takes all day to complete they'd give it to 
    you anyways.  Basically by my best judgement one would guess that as 
    long as you finish, you get the car.
    *UPDATE: This is confirmed, that all courses with this as the bronze 
    time means you can take your sweet time, and as long as you don't leave 
    the track you will pass.
    Q: Why is the AI so stupid and weak?
    A: Your best bet is to ask the guys at Polyphony.  They made the AI.  
    Once again, they are no challenge to me, so I doubt anybody would have 
    much trouble winning.
    Q: How many points does a Gold/Silver/Bronze trophy net?  and what 
    relations does it have to the overall progress of the game.
    A: To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what relations they have.  
    Even after I completed all exercises in Lesson mode and redo them.  I 
    have to complete all gold in Green before the Motor Traithlon car would 
    unlock.  My guess is just a way of telling how well you are doing.
    Q: When is the full on version of GT4 coming?
    A: I am currently in Canada and I asked the clerk at a store once.  He 
    told me Mid-May.  My guess is that it would be around that time for 
    North American release.  Japan probably would get it first, and Europe 
    last.  Of course this is just what I think will happen.
    Q: Is the AI going to be fixed for the final version?
    A: God I would hope so.
    *This is from Michael Hirsch
    Q: Another option caught my interest on GT4 P. Have you noticed, that 
    when you select the  
    "Podium"-Icon to see the record times and press X highlighted on one of 
    your best times  
    another window opens showing a 4-number 8(?)-digits code . This reminds 
    me to the system  
    Codemaster Colin McRay for PSX was using. Always driving a record time, 
    the Game generates  
    a code which could be submitted via the internet to show the world your 
    A: That's my thought exactly, but I will have to find where to submit 
    these codes, thanks for the heads up!
    *his is a paraphrase from Sam Diep, he brought this to my attention
    Q: Is there two player mode, and does it do the same thing of de-specing 
    a car?
    A: I didn't even run into 2 player mode.   Anyone know how to access 
    this pls email me!!!  
    name and sender of a perticular question if you ask me to.  Otherwise I 
    respect your want for an anonymous name.
    Section H: 
    -Yours truly for writing this FAQ
    -Polyphony for making this lite GT4
    -Gamespot.com for providing the clue to the final car
    -Michael Hirsch for his question.  I didn't even catch it the first 
    -Forelli_Boy for various tips 
    -Sam Diep for his question

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