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    B-Spec Guide by mindlessoath

    Version: 0.03 | Updated: 05/30/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    B-spec mode racing in Gran Turismo 4 Version .03
    Written by: MindlessOath (mindlessoath (at) yahoo.com) © 2005
    Started on: 5/8/2005
    Updated on: 5/30/2005
    Version .01
    	Started typing out stuff, no where near finished, and need
     public input, so releasing to the public for that input (be nice
     and constructive criticism only please, anyone who wants to be
     rude can please leave me alone and not say anything).
    Version .02
    	Re-wrote and fixed alot, still no where near finshed, still need more
    input and corrections.
    Version .03
    	Added stuff that was originally from version .01 but lost (just found)
    Orian_SR pointed out alot of stuff that was left out as well as info that i
    needed to add that i had not done (Thanks, i still feel bad).  still looking
    for more info because i know alot of this is not correct but i belive it
    should help out alot of people anyways until i get the next version down.
    The Permanent home for this FAQ is on my own website
    Please dont plagiarize my work... I spent alot of time getting this
    together to help everyone.  As well as everyone that spent the time
    on the forums to help gather and test alot of this info aswell.
    This guide may not be reproduced or used in any way, shape, or form without
    my (mindlessoath) permission. All information containted herein is based
    solely on my and other players' experiences going through this game. This
    information is not considered 'official', so there may be some mistakes.
    If you wish to obtain permission to use this guide, then email me with a
    link to your site for review, and i will check it out and respond to you
    with a response.  Any reproduction will get a report to your ISP, webhost,
    or the legal athorities.
    This worked for myself... im not the best driver, but im not bad.
    Credit goes to the Community, i just put it in my own words and
    released this, but much of the info was brought into light by the
    people who play this wonderfull game, special props to Orion_SR
    which i have quoted from, Orion_SR I dont know your contact info
    and since this is version .01 please contact me if you would 
    like to add, reword or remove anything that has been typed here.
    Also credit goes to the Original Japanese crew who have figured out
    The car list and tuning classes which have been converted for us
    all by the bunch of guys on the GameFAQ's forums.
    for more details and refrence to some of the discussions, please
    visit this site for more info and greater details.
    I give credit to those guys and others not mentiond there too.
    Many thanks to the Guides and FAQ's on GameFAQs.com and the public forums
    ....Section 1
    	.What is bspec racing?
    	.How to play bspec racing?
    ....Section 2
    	.All about points
    ....Section 3
    	.Getting all the points maxed
    ....Wrap Up
    	Section 1
    What is B-spec racing?
    	It's all about managing an artificla intelligent driver.  Telling
    The driver to drive faster or slower and gainting skill points to improve
    those skills for faster turning, faster straits, better course recognition,
    better batteling skills against the competition in B-spec racing mode.
    How to play B-spec racing?
    	It's as easy as selecting the track you want to play and choosing
    B-spec racing instead of A-spec racing :P --- this cannot be done on rally
    courses' unless you choose to use photo mode from the practice icons (ie.
    the 4 green icons on the world map).
    	Well after you get past that its about managing your driver through
    the tracks... Its not exactly easy, or I should say there is a method and
    a lot of thinking behind B-spec racing.  It's not 1,2,3 simple.
    	First you have to know where you stand against the competition and
    know your B-spec points/skills. Secondly you have to choose the correct
    tires depending on the type of track and how many laps there are, not to
    mention the cars drive-train and tuning setup.
    More indepth analyist.
    	Their could be, but there isnt any guide for each track in bspec mode
    It would be alot of work, and pritty pointless in my opinion because its
    differnt for each skill level.  But we will keep it simple, EASY IN FAST
    OUT. Why? I thought its the AI that does all the work for me? HAHAHAHA,
    WRONG!  Your the manager telling the driver what to do and when to do it.
    For endurance races you dont want to sit their all the time so you tune
    your car for max settings choose right tires and choose the right car and
    leave it at a nice skill setting, then goto school or work, come back and
    you have won! Thats not the case every time, and also if your B-spec score
    is low you may need to raise it more in order to allow for that.
    	So how do you control the car better on turns? EASY IN FAST OUT.
    simple as that lower the number when comming up to a turn and put it faster
    after or mid turn.  Go "5" aka push on a straight and then lower it to 3 or
    2 (depending on your skills) right before a turn, then after or mid way
    through the turn put it back to 5. Its just like A-spec racing (for some)
    in theory anyways, Slow in fast out, its better than going off the road
    in those turns going at the fastest speeds.  Once your skills are higher
    this will likly change, my scores are 90,90,90 and i can do sharp turns at
    speed 4 and 5 where as if i had a lower score i wouldnt be able to do that
    at all (i would slide off the road).
    	You will have to choose the correct tires for each race. This depends
    on so many differnt things.  3 or 4 laps on short courses may use R4 or R5
    tires, remember tho this will reduce the ammount of points you recive tho
    we will touch on this later or in annother section. If its an endurance
    race with many laps you will have to know the drive-train and find out when
    you pit with differnt tires, for example rear wheel drive front engine (FR)
    The best choice may be Medium or hard racing tires on the front, and extra
    hard on the rear.  This depends on the car, and the ammount of laps, not to
    mention the track also, some are longer some shorter.  Also remember your
    competition pits too.  You may need to run the course a few times trying
    differnt settings to get it down right.  Try to pit alot later than the
    other cars, anyways theirs differnt methods i hope you get the point.
    	Thats not it, im not done yet.  I always proceed to tuning my cars.
    9 times outa 10 a tuned car will be better than a non tuned car, so go out
    and read and learn to tune a car... sometimes you can just swap a small 
    engine enhancement and win with simple tuning from an LSD and Suspention.
    This kind of adjustment will perform better on courses'.  The setup you use
    really depends on yet again alot of factors, like the track your racing for
    starters.  The B-Spec driver can only do so much with what you give it, 
    that includes the car and its tune, as well as your directions (and trying
    to increase your points - in the other section it will be discussed).
    I would now like to point to the page with all the FAQ's and tuning guides
    you will need for help... please read them all, some have better info some
    Again i suggest reading them all, ALOT of that information will make you a
    better A-spec driver as well as a B-spec driver/manager.
    	The Basic items to be changed are brakes (this depends on the track
    and car), LSD aka limited slip (depends on track and car), transmission 
    (yup depends on the track, and car again, do u wana accell faster or go
    for a max speed or mix it up), and last but greatest of importance, the
    suspention (also depends on track and car). Ohh ya plus if your doing
    endurance races do oil changes as often as possible, or your HP will drain
    and eventually not return to its max ever.
    	I usually adjust the brakes to 6/4 or 4/3 it really depends on the 
    car tho... most people set them to high and it gets to unstable, remember
    the drive-train of the car and theory of weight distrabution.  Also
    remember the LSD also affects the brakes settings (ie. the de-accel
    settings) but thats what those guides are for... to explain those things.
    	The transmission is the same as said above, but i will explain more.
    Tracks come in differnt shapes and sizes, some with more turns and winding
    roads, others with straits and large open turns... If you have a winding
    road course with many turns, your not going to reach your top speed so
    choose an auto setting for the transmission for better acceleration. this
    differns bettween cars each is differnt but keep in mind the closer the 
    bars are when tuning the faster the accel will be, farther apart will make
    for a faster top speed (bars going off the screen may result in the car not
    going into a certain gear, but each car is differnt and theirs alot of tune
    tricks to the tranny). So if you havent got the idea already... Tune for a
    faster top speed for courses with long straits. A good place for tune's on
    trannies (as well as everything else is www.gt4tuneshop.com - (goto the
    forums because its more of an active forum than anything else :READ THE
    RULES:) Most of the time auto settings will do just fine, but some cars
    are picky (for example the F1). Make sure to do your testing with each
    track and car to make sure. also remember a better bspec skill will alow
    your top speed to be faster so your true tune for the tranny may not be 
    realized until you have a higher skill - i have witnessed this myself.
    	The Suspension is a huge battle ground all in its own.  Each car 
    will have differnt suspension and its differnt for each track also. some
    tracks have huge dips, differnt turns, bumpy surfaces, and various other
    factors that a tuned suspension can deal with in differnt tunes. It depends
    on the car, the HP, the track and other stuff.  The FAQ and tuning guides
    should help, also the forum talked about above should help. I usually do 
    a few major changes for all cars and then test for final settings
    	.Spring Rate should be lowered abit (remember read the guides)
    	.Ride Height within 10 marks or so from the lowest settings
    	.Damper (bound and bounce) read the guides!
    	.camber usually between 2.5 and 4.0 front and 1.4 and 2.0 back
    	.Toe angle usually left alone but some use a negitave value 
    	   (depends on alot of factors like track and car - read guides)
    	.Stabilisers usually 5 to 7 usually even ammount on front and back
    	   (roll cage ie refresh will help too read guides for explination)
    	Section 2
    All About Points.
    	B-Spec racing points are divided up in a few ways.  The overall
    B-spec Points and 3 sub catigorys... Machine Skill, Course skill, and
    Battle skill.  We will call those three skills in general.  The max amount
    of points will look like this:
    10,000 bspec points overall, and 100 each for each skill type.
    	To gain overall B-spec points you will want to race using almost
    stock settings with some minor upgrades. remember its simular to aspec
    points where the less upgrades you have and the closer the car is in
    compairison to the competition, the higher your points will be when you
    win. i belive the max aspec points you can get is 200 for one race, so
    keep this in mind here.  So keep the HP simular, choose a car with a
    simular HP range and mabe use a few HP addons to win (also tune the car).
    using better tires will decrease your score so keep that in mind (also 
    adding other stuff too).  This isnt going to be easy.  also note that
    using special cars may unlock these points so it can be raised more.
    This is just my asumption sofar so mail me if you know otherwise.
    	A few races will be a 200 point race because the cars are better
    for one the opel speedster event... this will take wise decissions and 
    a higher bspec skill to race and win all of the tracks.
    	This is all based off my own assumpstions but these all need to
    be tested and verified, mabe im wrong, if so please correct me, this
    tutorial is work in progress.
    *NOTEWORHY INFO: their are 4 green icons in the world map of the GT mode.
    each of these 4 icons have differnt tracks in them, one for world, one
    original, one city courses, and the other driving park courses.  each one
    of these courses have a buncha tracks that correspond to it.  Each track
    containts a few choices for racing, practice and photo mode are in each one
    however track meet and family cup are provided for all except special
    tracks like rally tracks (ie special condition tracks) and a few other
    exceptions.  MOST practice icons allow for bspec racing excpet those
    exceptions noted. photo mode will allow for all tracks to be bspec'd.
    family cup will allow for you to change the difficult ratings good for 
    raising bspec battle skills noted below.
    	Machine skill points are made by racing differnt HP ranges of cars.
    It was once thought otherwise but we will just tell you that the old way
    is just not true at all. remember to run all special cars too, these may
    unlock points somewhere down the road.  all tracks give out machine skills
    because it depends on the car and HP range.  so lets say we use 3 diffent 
    cars all stock no upgrades one with ~100hp one with ~165hp and one with
    ~276hp, and run them in practice for a few laps... this should increase
    this skill.  To seperate machine skill from course and battle skills do a
    photo shoot race in bspec mode on any one of the rally tracks to see.
    *Section 3 will be all about maxing out your skills so im going to end this
    	Course skill points are determined by using all your differnt Power
    rating cars (catigories and subcatigories read section 3 for more info)
    on every single track. Remember running special cars may unlock points.
    Run these courses using photomode or practice mode. remember that the
    exceptions noted above (in the * part) wont get you any course skill
    points. Im not sure how many laps you will need, some just a lap or two, 
    again im not sure if distance matters, not enough testing has been done
    sofar.  Please someone test this and let us know, nothings official so
    its really unknown until someone tests it.
    	Battle Skills are the hardest part... well i think their pritty easy
    for some people.  This can be accomplished easily along with the other
    skills but we will leave that for section 3 of this tutorial. But on to how
    to increase your battle skills.  Battle skills are accumulated by battleing
    the other race cars, SO you either use family cup in the pracitice icons
    OR race the races presented to you in the arenas, ie pro, beginner, 
    endurance, etc. With family cup its easier to control you can just change
    the dificulty rating. ALSO note that winning a race is NOT needed to gain
    these battle points. you will not need to get first place, in fact its
    probably better you come in close secound than anything else, and you dont
    need to finish the entire race, just exit at a point you think is good
    enough batteling, probably not the best idea, and needs more testing IMO.
    You will want a car thats simular to the competition, mabe a bit more HP
    but not to much. turning up and down the dificulty skills in family cup
    is the easist way to control this and will need alot of testing, as each
    car and each track will be differnt... i had to change settings lower for
    some tracks and higher for some tracks with the same car go figure.
    	Section 3
    B-spec enthusiasts… maxing out the points!!!!
    	Whats the advantage of having all the points maxed out?  SIMPLE 
    better speed and control... going faster and without sliding on turns etc.
    less frustraition with always having to lower your bspec drivers speed
    down on turns (most turns anyways).
    So i just about maxed out my own bspec points thanks to the help of a few
    B-spec enthusiasts.  For more info go here 
    its kinda messy so thats why i have created this tutorial for bspecing.
    lets begin with classes.  their are at least 4 classes, i do belive this
    can extend to 6 at the very least, but we keep it simple here.  The most
    common cars for these 4 classes we are going to use are...
    1. VW LUPO
    2. Mazda Miata
    3. Toyota RSC Rally raid
    4. Nissan 350Z LM race car
    (other classes may include but not limited to Nissan skyline, Class C race
    cars, rare cars, F1, and others).
    BUT the main factor between these is the POWER CLASS. each one has a 
    distinct and differnt HP rating. This has nothing to do with drive-train
    like first thought, its all about the power ratings. I could better explain
    this by listing the cars as...
    Class 1 has low HP
    Class 2 has mid HP
    Class 3 is usually a lower hp race car or rally car.
    Class 4 is usually an LM race car or Class C race car.
    These classes have NO adjustments to them. THEY ARE STOCK! 
    Each class has a subclass. we will call this the accessory class. WHY?
    Because we add Accessories to gain the ponits. a wing and softer tires
    and weight adjustment(adding ballast).
    This subclass also goes further than that, but we want to make sure and do
    more testing but their should be a secound subclass.  I would like to call
    it the super tune class. This class should be the last class and include
    Horse power changer additions. This includes but not limited to changing
    the oil, adding turbo's, N/A upgrades, and super-chargers.
    I have made these classes up myself to be less confusing but i should point
    out they may not be 100% correct, they just helped me out, others may have
    a hard time, so please refrence the material at the links posted in the
    tutorial for further help.
    Ok So what do i do now that i know all this? how am i going to max out my
    points fast and efficiant? Well the good folks on the forums did alot of
    testing for you. Apparantly its pritty easy.
    Run each class on every track (thats about 58 or so tracks) in family cup
    using differnt dificulty ratings. this will increase battle skills, course
    skills, and machine skills. then do the same with each subclass, sometimes
    buying new cars will help keep orgainiezed.  run all special cars aswell,
    BUT these can only race in bspec photo-mode*, usually these unlock or give
    alot of machine points, some dont do much of anything at first glance (ie
    meaning they might unlock points for later on but your likly not to
    notice). Then proceed choosing differnt cars other than the 3 specified
    above to unlock the rest of the points, usually doing all the manufacture
    races will help alot because you have to use alot of differnt cars.
    ALOT of the machine points can just be unlocked by running those classes
    above on just the nurinburing course in practice mode (family cup may help
    battle points).
    It seems as tho your bspec points get used up, i might be mistaken or mis-
    quoting this info, but for races like the Opel Speedster event, you will
    need alot of points to beat it.
    About 12 or so races is enough for all the points on a particular tuning.
    Then its time to change the tuning, and then the car, this is regardless
    of the competition.
    Battle Skill is simulated in better words by trying to prevent passing.
    Use only the power you need or change difficulty settings.
    Special cars seem to unlock the points for their power classes, but they
    probably wont be needed to unlock all points, most likly just normal cars
    will NEED to be used to unlock all points, but its easier to use normal, 
    race and special cars IMO.
    	The Toga method describes collecting points by doing sweeps of Family
    Cup tracks.  Toga is method was named that because a guy named toga created
    this method.
    	The Itazura translations added a method for collecting floating
    points before track points on Nurburgring, Itazura has translated a guide
    that was written in japansese (correct me if im wrong) which had info for
    collecting all the points in the game.
    	Toga Rules describe more efficient methods of collecting points
    based on the translations.
    	DirtyBaz Photo method describes using Photo mode to allow the B-spec
    driver to practice on rally tracks that don't have course points,
    theoretically collecting machine points only. This method is mostly useful
    for testing.  It's called the DirtyBaz Photo method because DirtyBaz used
    and mentiond this method so for refrence we call it this.
    	When doing endurance races your driver will AUTO PIT ever time your
    tires wear down to orange. So thats why picking the right tires is a key
    choice in winning.  It will also re-fuel when it pits.  this is so you can
    leave and come back when its all done.  Im not sure if the driver will pit
    when the gas is getting empty, my tires usually go before the gas empties.
    	Remember that bspec allows for faster gameplay, speeding the game up
    by 3x. the manual says 5x but its a missprint, or just missquoted. To do
    this you must press R1 and it goes to a black screen with loads of info
    on the race. now you press L1 and HOLD then press the RIGHT D-PAD button
    3 times to increase it 3x in speed.  This speeds up the time by 3 fold.
    ALSO NOTE!!!! that after pitting this will go back to 1x speed and not
    be in the info screen anymore, so after every pit if you want it to goto
    3x you will have to manually do it!  its a pain in the butt, but thats what
    you have to do.
    	Does the Red Arrow mean Catching Up or Drafting? it means catching up 
    however this can also mean drafting obviously because they are catching up
    when drafting, it doesnt mean they are going to pass at all, but they can
    get an arrow by just catching up.  The cars cannot get an arrow if they are
    lapped, they seem to earn an arrow if their close enough, usually overtake
    turned off earns an arrow, but isnt 100% true, it just happens more often.
    	It seems like you can earn B-spec points for GT MODE in arcade mode,
    THO it hasnt been tested and verified enough. I tested myself once, and
    seemed to work fine, but never went back to verify.
    	To prevent the bspec driver from pitting (for whatever stratigec
    advantage or skill your using) dissable the P icon for that lap. this
    will usually just re enable after the pit is passed on the next lap.
    HOWEVER this will obviously make the tires more worn out and harder for the
    bspec driver to stay on the track, but can be helped if you lower his speed
    to 3 or lower preferably 2 or 1, but depends on the situation, car, track,
    and setup/tune.
    	Basically machine points can be earned on one track, with each class.
    Course points have to be earned by racing each track, with each tune.
    Battle Points obtained by simulating battles with the competition, by
    adjusting dificulties.  this can be maxed out while obtaining course
    MOST Common setups quoted on the forums publicly:
    First set of points racing these just on nurburing
    A-1: Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 '02, default; 
    A-2: Mazda Roadster 1800 RS (NB) '04, default
    B-1: Mazda Roadster 1800 RS (NB) '04, default + supercharger 
    B-2: Mazda Roadster 1800 RS (NB) '04, default + stage 3 turbo
    C-1: Toyota RSC Rally Raid '02, default
    C-2: Toyota RSC Rally Raid '02, default + medium racing tires
    D-1: Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02, default
    D-2: Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02, default + stage 3 turbo
    Secound set of points are obtained using these cars in family cups on each
    58 tracks with differnt difficulty settings.
    A: VW Lupo 1.4 '02, default + medium racing tires
    B: Mazda Roadster 1800 RS (NB) '04, default + supercharger + 
    	medium racing tires
    C: Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car '02, default + medium racing tires
    D: Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02, default
    I do belive these were from the Japanses creator...
    these are the sites found by toga
    you will need a translator to figure out what they say, ie bablefish from
    itazura_da (gs) has translated alot of it himself noted here:
    	 Wrap Up
    Please Send Info to correct any of my statements and or to add for B-spec
    racing tutorial, as it will help a whole lot.
    I have Quoted ALOT of public posts from the forums in the "other" section
    and section 3, without the help of them there would be no tutorial, very
    special thanks to Orion_SR because he has been a great help in pointing alot
    of information and help out, im sorry for any trouble i have caused him also.
    Spelling and grammer are not 100% please dont comment on these unless your
    trying to help, and please dont be rude about it if you have to help out.
    I dont take kindly to being rude, so please use constructive criticisum,
    and most of all be nice.
    the first few versions will be a lack luster but it will provide a lot of 
    help for those of you who don't know to much about it seeing that there
    are no public available tutorials.
    I usually dont have alot of time to do things, re-writing this again takes
    awhile because of my time restraints, i do miss alot of stuff from time to
    time, please keep this in mind.  i check my email mabe once a week if im
    lucky, so please take caution to this.
    IF i get enough emails for it i will open up a spacific forum for just
    this topic so everyone can talk about it there and make this something
    even larger and more correct, as well as an archive instead of like
    gamefaq's where each topic gets removed after so long.

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