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Reviewed: 01/31/03 | Updated: 01/31/03

Not great, but not that bad at all!

NCAA College Football 2K3 is Sega's college football game for The PS2. This game has a couple of good points, but it is not as good as NCAA Football 2003 (although it is much better than Gamebreaker). Like the title says, ''Not great, but not that bad at all!'' On to the rating:

Graphics 8/10
The graphics for this game are good. Very good. The players look real and there is a lot of realism. There are, however, a few flaws. First of all, when a player attempts to catch the ball, he either makes an over the back catch or a one-handed catch, more often the 1-handed. It has almost no easy catches. Even when the receiver is WIDE OPEN, he still makes the catch one-handed. Oh well.

Sound 5/10
There are authentic sounds for most the teams (but it's missing some teams) which is good. The commentary gets very annoying, though. Whenever a penalty is called, the commentators say: The ref is correct, what was that guy thinking. Even when the guy called wasn't near the play. I've heard a lot better commentary.

Gameplay 7
This is pretty good. The passing system is not the best, but the lateral is pretty good. The one thing this game is missing is more trick plays. They are also missing some teams and most would hope for a Division I-AA. The game feels realistic, but when you turn the vibration on, if the QB gets hit and you throw the ball before, you still feel the hit and it is tougher to catch the ball. Sure, this gameplay is not perfect, but.... it's better than some. :D

Re-Playability 6/10

I have fun even now (1/23/03) playing this game. The commentary is what makes me not play it as much as I would if it was not there. So, I turn off the sound and listen to music. That's fun to do. Anyways, but to the review. You can play this with 2 players, but it's not the best game for that.

Final Recomendation (No rating)
So, should you buy this game? I say maybe, but I wouldn't. If you have NFL 2k3 and like that, by all means get this game. Renting it out first would be recommended by me. In my opinion, the better game is made by EA Sports. I repeat the title... ''Not great, but not bad at all!!!'' Rent it.

Overall 6.3 (not an average)

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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