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"The absolute #1 Robot Video Game of all time!"

I'd like to say this is my first review, and I'm proud to have it on this wonderful game.

First off
Graphics 10/10
I give the graphics a full ten even with the characters not detailed as much. I give it ten due to how the Robots look, since they have the most detail, and there are so many, I understand why they had to limit themselves to the characters. The buildings are all nicely detailed enough, and the way things are destroyed, fired, or moved is all seamless and works together perfectly. I like how the buildings shatter, somewhat like a gigantic piece of glass, it shows just how powerful the Meganites and Volgara really are.
Next up
Sound 10/10
Now, I give the sound a perfect ten because of the great sounding destroying of buildings, the metal hitting eachother when the two Robots run into eachother, the punches smashing the other robot, the sound of fire going through the air, missles firing, electricity firing, Drills turning, missles spreading and dropping(Like in those movies where a missle is flying to the ground and makes that ''whoooooooooooooooo-BOOM'' sound. And also, the stomping of the Meganites and Volgara's feet.
Music 10/10
Now, this music isn't the best in the world, but over-all it's great. They even have songs for the situation you're in. Toxic Gas is everywhere, poisoning everyone, you hear a dreadful theme in the background, It almost looks certain you're going to lose, a tune of danger plays. Your victory is assured(Nearly)A melody plays in the background that sounds like a simple victory song. Also, everytime one of the Meganites is launched the first time, they have a short but noticeable First Launch theme. Also, there is a theme when the city is at peace, or when the military arrives, which are all well composed.
Voice Acting 10/10
Nearly everyone is saying how horrible the voice acting is, I find it good all the time. It reminds me of old Godzilla movies, And, the voice acting was bad(Not to me) on purpose, Enix wanted to create the feeling of old 70's robot animes. They succeded. But if you're picky about voice acting, then maybe you should mute the TV or not pay attention to it. You could simply skip their speech so only the words show up, so you don't miss the story.
Plot 10/10
This plot is VERY original and very well concieved. People say it isn't original due to ''Giant robot aliens come to earth, you're earth's only hope, blah blah blah'' I've played MANY mech games with alien robots, but that's where the similarity ENDS. Robot Alchemic Drive is a unique game with a story about the main hero(Or heroine) Who became Chairman of a secret orginization owning a gigantic over 130 foot tall robot known as a ''Meganite'' after the main character's father died. The ways everything can be affected by simply destroying a specific building may effect how your story progresses. There are many endings, at least four for each character. The dialouge or Missions interestingly called episodes might change, depending on what Meganite you choose of the three. The way the story can develop and the different opinions from each character for the robots will keep you entertained for a long time.
Gameplay 10/10
This is where the game REALLY shines. I wish I could give a score higher than ten for this. The control scheme is VERY unique and has a large learning curve, but once you get used to it, you'll become so addicted to this game in the fun, you'll most likely play for hours on end. The hero is actually the main character instead of the robot, and this is what differs it and makes it superior to all other mech games. You have a controller which has a exact resemblance to a Playstation 2 Dual Shock that controls the gigantic Meganite, which has all the buttons a Ps2 has, and the controller makes use of ALL these buttons, for example, the top four shoulder buttons control the legs. The L1 and L2 buttons control the left leg and the R1 and R2 control the right. the R1 and L1 move the individual leg forward, and the R2 and L2 buttons move the individual leg backwards. The Directional pad conrols the upper torso, in a MechWarrior sort of way, and the Analog Sticks control the Robot's arm. Each Meganite can transform by pressing the Square button, the Triangle and circle buttons fire projectile weapons, Start is for a map, and Select switches the control between the hero and the Meganite. You also need to effectively use the hero mode as well, which can be upgraded, along with your meganite. As soon as you recieve money, you'll be able to buy shield generators, Running boosters, gravity drives, and Anti-Volgara Grenades for your main character, as well as being able to upgrade the weapon capacity, armor, and weapons and attacks for your meganite. You must learn how to control your hero too, and to re-locate them as the battle progresses. Since the Robots are gigantic and send eachother flying, you might need to use your Gravity Drive to lift off and relocate yourself to another rooftop close by. In hero mode, the Triangle button throws a Anti-Volgara grenade which really effect the volgara alot once you fully upgrade it, Circle makes you jump, and if you hold it, you can fly up to extremely high heights, and even higher since the gauge gets increased, as you upgrade your gravity drive, and, at first, the character runs slow, but this can be fixed, by simply buying a Gravity booster, which increases your running speed, you go insanely fast when you fully upgrade it. Also, you can buy a personal shield which increases your health more as you upgrade the shield more. So you must effectively use both your hero and Meganite to get the job done. As I said, the controls are hard to learn, but once you are used to them, you'll have the most fun you ever had. The 2 player mode is also a blast, and you even get to use the Volgara for the 2 player mode. I only wish they include a 1p Vs. Com option
Over all I say this game is a DEFINITE MUST buy. Even for people who don't like robots will get hooked to this game immediately once they learn how to perform all the actions.
10/10 overall

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/04/03, Updated 01/04/03

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