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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MasterVG782

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                                  Ratchet & Clank FAQ/Walkthrough
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                                     Table of Contents
       I. Updates
      II. Introduction
     III. Controls
      IV. Weapons
       V. Gadgets
      VI. Walkthrough
     VII. Bosses
    VIII. Gold Bolts
      IX. Skill Points
       X. Goodies Menu
      XI. Acknowledgements
                                         I. Updates
    December 14, 2002 - Started FAQ
                                        II. Introduction
    Ratchet & Clank is a platformer developed by Insomniac, the makers of the Playstation's Spyro
    the Dragon games (Universal Interactive Studios made the PS2 Spyro).  It is definitely one of
    the best platformers for the PS2 (my personal favorite), and has a little more replay value than
    most others.
                                       III. Controls
    The right analog stick controls the camera.
    Left Analog Stick    - Run
    Jump                 - X Button
    Double Jump          - X Button twice
    Swing Wrench         - Square
    Multi-Strike         - Square x3
    Hyper-Strike         - While in air, Square
    Crouch               - R1 or R2
    Comet-Strike         - While crouching, Square
    Wall Jump            - Jump towards a wall, then X when contacting wall
    Flip left or right   - While crouching, left or right + X
    Flip backwards       - While crouching, down + X
    Weapon Quickselect   - Hold Triangle, then move with Left stick or digital pad
    Fire Weapon          - Circle
    First Person View    - L1 or L2 (hold)
    Quick Switch         - Triangle twice (switches between last two hand items)
        Boost Jump       - While crouching, X
        Stretch Jump     - Press R1 or R2 AND X (while running)
        Glide            - Hold X after jumping
        *Thruster-Pack* (same moves as Heli-Pack)
        Power Slam       - After jumping (while in air), press R1
        Hover            - Press R1 or R2 twice
        Strafe           - Hold R2 and move with left stick or pad
        Turbo Swim       - Hold R1 or R2 while swimming
        Swim             - Pad or Left Analog Stick
        Dive             - Square
        Resurface        - X
        *Jet Plane*
        Machine Guns     - Square
        Missiles         - Circle
        Turbo            - X
        Steer            - Pad or left stick
        Jump             - X
        Tricks           - Hold R1, R2, L1, or L2 and pad or left stick
        Boost            - Square (requires Zoomerator)
    Punch                - Square
    Jump                 - X
    Glide                - Hold X after jumping
        *Giant Clank*
        Rockets          - Circle
        Punch            - Square
        Jump             - X
        Energy Attack    - Triangle
                                         IV. Weapons
                                          V. Gadgets
                                         VI. Walkthrough
    ***Opening Mission***
    Very easy and simple. Just go straight along the path, killing the frog-like enemies as you
    confront them. When the path splits, the right one leads to boxes while the left continues the
    stage. Just make your way through the rest of this short stage to Clank's crash site.
    Tobruk Crater - Novalis
    There is a path behind your ship that leads to a series of caves. This path is not part of any
    mission and circles around, back to your ship.
    ***1st mission - Find a new ship***
    Take the elevator in front down to the area below. Dispatch the enemies and move forward.  As
    you do that, you will see steps on your left; go up those, through the little area and onto
    the bridge. Go past the bridge (make sure not to fall into the holes) and down the steps. Move
    forward into the wide, open area and you'll see a ship land (along with three enemies). Kill
    the enemies and you'll free the planetary chairman. He'll give you an Infobot (Planet Kerwan)
    and after, he'll give a new ship, too.
    ***2nd mission - Explore the waterworks***
    Take the path to the right of your ship and make your way across these platforms into the room
    above with two bee-dogs in it (if you fall into the water, you'll have to start over). Go up the
    and into a large room with spinning blades (they don't hurt you).  Get onto the piston opposite
    the entrance and go into the room beyond.  Go to the right side, go into the water and up the
    steps to the second platform. Do the same for the third (left side) and climb the pistons to the
    walkway above. You'll confront a mechanic and he has a Infobot for you, for a small price.
    ***3rd mission - Buy Infobot from mechanic***
    Pay 500 bolts for the Infobot, which contains coordinates for Aridia.  You can take the sewer
    pipe the mechanic went down to get back to your ship.
    Metropolis - Kerwan
    ***1st mission - Visit Al's Roboshack***
    Take the right path from the Gadgetron Vendor. Take the left, go down the short flight of stairs
    and into the open area.  Go across the bridge and go down the escalator to your right.  Go right
    across another bridge and the Roboshack should be right in front of you. Have a little chat with
    Al and he mentions he can equip Clank with a Heli-Pack, for a small fee.
    ***2nd mission - Buy Heli-Pack from Al***
    Pay Al 1,000 bolts and he'll equip the Heli-Pack on Clank.
    ***3rd mission - Explore the rest of the city*** ++++(REQUIREMENT - HELI-PACK)++++
    Go to the back of Al's Roboshack and do a Boost Jump to get on top of the crates. Do another
    Boost Jump and then a Stretch Jump to get to the elevator.  If you look down, you should see
    an area with some crates and an enemy.  Glide down and and take the elevator opposite your
    landing to more fun.  Go forward across the bridge and up the escalator to the train station.
    Do a Boost Jump over the crates to your right for some enemies and crates. Go to your left to
    continue and you'll find more crates to your left, opposite the train platform you can jump.
    To continue, jump on the second train platform to get the train to start.
    ***4th mission - Ride the Robot Train***
    Your object is to get to the front of the train, and you should see an Infobot at the front
    platform of the train but it takes off after the train stops. Go to your left for boxes and go
    to your right to find the Infobot (Planet Eudora).
    Take the elevator down (completes third mission) and this time, take the left path from the
    Gadgetron Vendor to meet with a Qwark robot.
    ***5th mission - Complete fitness course***
    Take the steps up to the platform you have to use the Wall Jump. Do that and continue on the
    left side. Wall Jump again, this time to the top of this section and use the zipline to get to
    the next part. Use the steps to get to the first platform that moves in and out. Jump on it
    when it's out and move on to the next part. Jump onto the lower moving platform when you see
    enough of it, then get on the second and move to the next part. Alternating moving platforms...
    Jump on the first one when it's out and wait for the second one to come out before moving on.
    Now, you'll see two walls that come out from the bigger wall. Get in between when they're in
    and when they come out, Wall Jump to get to the next set of alternating platforms. Once past
    that, you'll see another set of walls to Wall Jump. Do that and you'll be at the top. Use the
    zipline and at the end you'll see Qwark's fitness trainer. She says that your performance was
    very weak and doesn't want to give you the prize for completing the obstacle course, unless you
    pay her a small fee.
    ***6th mission - Buy Swingshot from trainer***
    Pay the trainer 1,000 bolts for the Swingshot. Use it to swing to the green marker, then
    swingshot the yellow one to make to the platform with a zipline, which will bring you to the
    beginning of the obstacle course.
    Outpost X11 - Aridia
    ***1st mission - Locate Skid McMarx***
    There is a path right behind your ship and to the right, at the beginning, is Skid. He needs
    help getting to his ship and wants you to take care of all the Sandsharks to help him.
    ***2nd mission - Help Skid get to his ship***
    You should see counters on the bottom-left and right of your screen. The left one shows how many
    sharks are left and the right one shows how many Sandshark Maker Machines are left. Your object
    is to get both of these numbers down to zero. Go straight ahead and you'll encounter your first
    group of sharks.  Off to the right is the first maker machine. Go across both bridges and you'll
    see more sharks and another machine; take care of them. Go back across one bridge and go right,
    which will lead to more sharks. As you go around, some sharks will fall from the platform above,
    so take care of them and then take the steps to that platform. You'll find two more machines and
    some more sharks. Jump back down and as you go towards the bridge which leads to the crashed
    ship, you'll see another machine and more sharks to the left before crossing the bridge.
    Go across the bridge and you'll find the last two machines and a good number of sharks. That
    should finish the job, but if you're missing any sharks, look around and try to find them. You
    get a brand new Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard for your troubles. Go through the ship and take the
    forklift down to your ship and take the other path now.
    When you reach the elevator, take it up and you're presented with two paths. The right one leads
    to Skid's agent, while the left one consists of using your Swingshot.
    ***3rd mission - Find Skid's agent***
    Take the right path and go along the first conveyor belt. Jump to the platform above and run
    along the second belt to reach an elevator. Once it reaches the bottom, go into the new area and
    go right, jumping over the little bit of mud. See the markers with the arrows with hands in the
    middle? It's telling you to jump, grab onto the ledge and jump up. Do this two times and you
    should be in front of two pipes. go through either one and come out the other side, then go
    right. Grab onto this ledge, but instead of jumping up, move to the right while hanging on.
    Once you see an open area to jump up to, do so and continue. Go up this ladder-like structure
    onto a platform above. Now, if you point your camera upward, you should see some land above you.
    Jump up there and go left to meet up with Skid's agent. He no longer is Skid's agent and becomes
    interested in you instead. He tells you he will become your agent if you bring back the
    Championship prize from the hoverboard races on Rilgar. Take the warp to the right of the agent,
    and you should end up near your ship.
    ***4th mission - Bring prize to agent***
    Once you win the Zoomerator from the hoverboard race on Rilgar, come back here and take the warp
    near your ship to get to Skid's agent quicker. He gives you a Sonic Summoner helmet, which is
    used to attract Sand Mice (those little atennae sticking out of the ground are their homes). They
    are very helpful if you find one of them, since their attacks are powerful.
    ***5th mission - Use your Swingshot*** ++++(REQUIREMENT - SWINGSHOT)++++
    Use your Swingshot and swing to the green marker. Then use the yellow one to get to the next
    platform. Go left and use the two green ones to move on. Two more green ones and you should be
    on a platform with Nanotech (blue sphere) on it. Go on the conveyor belt and use the yellow one
    to move on. Three more green ones and then you'll be in an open area with two yellow ones in
    front of you. Hook on the the first one (keep Circle held), then let go when you're in front and
    press Circle again to hook onto the second one. Two more green ones and then another pair of
    yellow ones. Go through the doorway and get the Trespasser in front of you, which lets you open
    locked doors by solving a laser puzzle. Equip it, stand on the green marker and press Circle
    to get your first puzzle. You have to make sure a laser is hitting every flashing, red light on
    outside edge. This puzzle is very, very easy. Take the elevator down and you should be at the
    beginning of the Swingshot course.
    Logging Site - Eudora
    ***1st mission - Confront robot lieutenant*** ++++(REQUIREMENT - TREPASSER)++++
    To the left of your ship, you should see a door with a Trepasser lock in fornt of it. Open the
    lock and continue forward. Glide down to the ledge below in front and then continue. Lock onto
    the bolt and run around it until you goes down, which lowers two yellow Swingshot targets.
    Swing across and another bolt-lock thing is there. This one lowers four floating platforms, which
    will continue this path to another bolt-lock thing. This one lowers two green Swingshot targets,
    one for the platform you're on now and the other for across the chasm. Swing across and you
    should see another Trespasser lock. Open it and you should confront the lieutenant. He becomes
    scared and while running away, drops an Infobot (Blarg Tactical Station). Continue and you should
    come out near your ship.
    ***2nd mission - Explore the mills***
    In front of you should be a bolt-lock thing which will raise a bridge when turned. Go across and
    behind a tree, you will see an area for you to Wall Jump. A bolt-lock is up there, which lowers
    a platform with some boxes and life on it. To the right of this is a path which leads to a lower
    area. Go down there and jump on the platform with the tree-chopping enemy. Another bolt-lock
    which raises another bridge. Go across, go forward (gun-wielding enemies have a good range, so
    watch out) and on your left should be some steps leading up. Go up and there should be a bridge
    off to your left. Go across and you should a split path. Left leads to boxes and health, while
    right continues the stage. Go up the steps and into an area with another bolt-lock. This one
    lowers a platform above and after you finish lowering it, Boost Jump to the area above and jump
    on the platform, which will then raise. Once it stops, Glide over to the area with a bigger
    axe-wielding enemy. The Wall Jump to your left leads to boxes and health and once you're done
    there, continue forward into the next room and outside the opposite side. Glide down to the area
    on your right and go through the door to confront three giant axe-wielding enemies. Once you
    finish them, you should see an item opposite the entrance, which is the Suck Cannon, a nice
    weapon for small enemies. Continue along the series of platforms outside to get back to the area
    with your ship.
    Blarg Station - Nebula G34
    If you look to the right of your ship, you'll see two openings. For now, let's take the left
    one. Hit the small rotating orb to open up the force field and go to the end of this path,
    avoiding the green gas. As you go along in the next room, green frog-like enemies will drop down.
    Dispatch them and continue along and more frogs will come. In the next room, there are two orbs
    you must destroy to open the force field. Go along, more frogs and you'll come to two doors.
    The Trespasser door leads to a lot of boxes (three boxes in the middle have enemies inside).
    Go through the left door and you'll be in a room with lots of green gas. The left path leads to
    the top of the room and lets you continue. Avoid the green gas as you climb to the top and you'll
    see a yellow Swingshot target at the top. Swing over to the opening and watch out for more
    enemies hidden inside the boxes. As you walk into the next room, you'll see two things inside
    tubes off to the right. One will spring out when you hit one of the orbs to open the force
    field. Take care of both and continue down the long corridor to cave-like room. Once past this,
    you'll end up in a circular room with frogs and alien creatures you saw before (has a Gadgetron
    Vendor in it). There's an orb on each side of the room that control the force field, so whack
    them and continue along into a circular room with force fields all around. Defeat the enemies on
    each platform, then look in the middle of the room for the orb to destroy the platform (use a
    weapon to destroy the orb). As you go into the next room, a giant Alien Queen drops from the
    ceiling. ****Look in the Bosses section to get tips on how to beat it.**** After you defeat it,
    go to the opening on the left side of the room. As you go into this room, you'll see a scientist
    on a pedestal being attacked by 4 frogs. Kill the frogs and he'll offer to sell you the
    Grindboots, which you need so buy them. After you buy the Grindboots, a door opens with access
    to a Grindrail. Just jump on it and it will lead you back into the area with your ship. You
    should land exactly on a Trepasser lock. Unlock it and you'll be given the option of exploring
    outside with just Clank.
    ***1st mission - Explore the space station***
    Doing missions 2 and 4, then going to the Blarg warship will complete this one.
    ***2nd mission - Buy Grindboots***
    Pay 2,000 bolts to buy these off of the Gadget Engineer.
    ***3rd mission - Explore the Blarg warship***
    This path is the right entrance you see on the right side of your ship. Press Triangle and you're
    transported to the warship. Go through the right doorway and dispatch the enemy. Both hallways
    lead to the same place, so it doesn't matter which one you take (since you'll be destroying this
    ship within a few minutes, it's a good idea to take care of the frogs in both hallways). Take
    care of the two enemies in the next room, and enter the last room with three aliens on the lower
    level. Take care of them and you should see a big, red button on the opposite end. "Press the
    big red shiny button" when prompted and you will have activated a self-destruct sequence. You
    have 45 seconds to escape. Just go back the way you came and fly back to the space station.
    ***4th mission - Destroy the warship***
    "Press the big red shiny button" when prompted and you will have activated a self-destruct
    sequence. You have 45 seconds to escape. Just go back the way you came and fly back to the
    space station. Watch out for aliens and when you get back to the station, you'll get an Infobot
    ***5th mission - Journey outside the airlock***
    Step on the glowing circle to activate an elevator. Once outside, go forward and jump on the
    platform on your left. Carefully navigate this winding path and go inside the next area. To your
    left are boxes and to the right is the next way to go. Jump from the top and Glide so you land
    on the metal boxes below, since Clank can't jump high enough to grab the top if he lands below
    them. Continue forward past the undaunting giant crates and you should see a ladder off to the
    right. Go up it and navigate this winding path to the end, then grab onto the ledge. Move to the
    right while hanging on, then jump up when you can. Go inside and you should see one of those
    alien creatures again. Instead of attacking it, go to the side opposite the entrance and you'll
    see four capsules with small robots in them. They are your own, personal little army. When you
    get near the alien creature, tell them to attack it (quickselect) and they should kill it.
       **NOTE** If these creatures ever die, go back to their original spots and hit 'Follow'
    from the quickselect menu.
       As you go forward, you should see a little door with a "4" above it. Tell your army to Enter,
    and they will enter the door and unlock the force field. Up ahead, you will find the
    Hydrodisplacer, a gadget that will come in handy later on. Cross the bridge that is made and make
    your way back to Ratchet.
    Blackwater City - Rilgar
    When you land on this planet, you'll see two paths. The right path leads to the racing square,
    while the left one leads to Captain Qwark. For now, take the right path. Jump up and hit the
    glowing button to open the door. Kill the enemy and tank and go out the other doorway. Stretch
    Jump to the girder and then jump to get to the other side. Hit the switch to open the door and
    kill the enemies. Go out the other side, hit the switch and a bridge will appear. Go across and
    take the elevator up. Kill the amoeboid creature, then step on the switch to open two doors with
    enemies behind. The door right in front you is the one you want to go in, and there is a taxi
    waiting for you to take you to downtown. As you enter this area, the amoebas and gun-toting
    enemies will be fighting each other, so take care of the survivors. Around the corner to the
    right is the R.Y.N.O. (Rip Ya a New One) salesman, and is pleased to let it go at the cheap
    price of 150,000 bolts. Take out the tank near the door, step on the switch and take the elevator
    up. You should be in a cave-like area, so go forward into the center room. On the bottom are
    three Amoeboid creatures and pressing the switch will release three doors with gun-toting enemies
    behind them. Take the Amoebas out first and then press the switch. Take care of the rest of the
    enemies and behind one of the doors is the path to an elevator. Take it up and you'll be in a
    maze-like structure now. Step on the switch, go right, switch, right, switch, up, switch, up,
    switch, left, switch, up, switch and up one last time. There are two tanks on the platform above
    (one's inside), so take care of them before using the manhole cover to get up there. Once up
    there, go left and take the elevator up to the racing square. Talk to the lady in the middle and
    eventually, you'll be given the option to race.
    ***1st mission - Win the hoverboard race***
    Here are some tips on how to win this race. First, make sure to avoid falling off of the track
    and running into the explosive crates. Second, hit as many boost pads as possible. In fact, try
    to hit them so to maintain a constant boost throughout the whole race. If you finish in first
    place, you get the Platinum Zoomerator, which serves two purposes. It's enough proof for Skid's
    agent and it allows you to gain a boost bar in the hoverboard races by doing tricks. Take the
    taxi nearby to get back to your ship.
    ***2nd mission - Locate Captain Qwark***
    This time, take the left path from your ship. Stretch Jump to get to the platform in the water,
    then use your Swingshot to get to the elevator on the other side. Take it down and use the
    Hydrodisplacer to suck up the pool of water. Boost Jump to get on the platforms so you can use
    your Hydro to fill this pool with water. Swim across the top and jump into the little hallway,
    destroying the barriers in your way. In the next room, suck up the water, go down and in the
    hallway to destroy the barrier, then go back to where you sucked it up to fill it again. Swim
    through the hole at the bottom, to the other side and quickly surface. Go through the waterslide
    on the one side of the room and now the fun will begin. Don't step on the switch until you think
    you're ready, because as soon as you do, water will begin filling this part up and you will have
    to make it through this next part real fast. It might take you a couple of tries, but you will
    eventually get past it. Step on the switch, go straight ahead, past the little platforms and go
    up the ramp. Navigate this walkway and jump across the platforms. Swim through this next
    passage and jump onto the ladder. Go to the top, continue along and Stretch Jump to the next
    platform. Jump to the other side, swim through the next part and hope you make it to the end
    before you drown. When you reach the end, you'll see an elevator, so take it up to the area with
    Qwark's trailer. Unfortunate for you, the bodyguard won't let you by without a bribe.
    ***3rd mission - Bribe the bodyguard***
    Pay the bodyguard 4,000 bolts so you can get him to move and talk with Captain Qwark. After
    Qwark talks a bit, he gives you an Infobot (Planet Umbris), his own headquarters. Take the taxi
    back to your ship.
    Qwark's HQ - Umbris
    ***1st mission - Survive Qwark's gauntlet***
    Use your Swingshot to go as far as you can, then Glide down the rest of the way. Watch out for
    these bomb machines; use your Blaster to destroy them. Cross the bridge and continue along the
    path, but watch out for the spiked mines. Go along the left side to avoid the gunfire (attacking
    only temporarily disables these turrets). Go up the steps and watch out for the mine-line as you
    cross the bridge. Go up the next set of steps and cross the bridge, while being careful of
    another mine-line. Step on all 3 green switches before the beeping stops to open the door. Go
    through this door, take care of the bomb machines and step on another set of green switches. Be
    careful on these next two bridges because the light-colored tiles fall if you step on them. The
    next part is a mini-maze, consisting of going from one end to the other while avoiding the
    turret's fire. Use your Swingshot to make it to the bridge with a locked door to your right. To
    open this door (which contains a lot of boxes), there are a series of platforms off to the right
    which hold three green switches. Now, go the other way and make your way around this area just
    locating the switches for now (watch out for those mines). When you have found all three, make a
    mad dash to hit all three to open the door at the beginning of this area. Go through this door
    and dispose of the mines. Start with the closest switch and hit all three to open the door. Go
    up this long ladder and into the next portion of the gauntlet, which is the Hydrodisplacer part.
    Drain the water, kill the fish if you want, and go through the pipe at the bottom. Climb the
    steps, go into the other pool and kill the fish before filling it. Go across the pool, drain the
    next one, go down and kill the fish, then go back to where you drained it to kill it up again.
    Swim under and resurface on the other side. Drain the water and Swingshot over to the other
    side. Before you fill this pool, go in and kill the fish. After doing that, fill the pool, swim
    to the center platform and press the switches to open the door at the opposite end. Drain the
    pool again and make your way to the door. Go through and you'll see Qwark at the end, so go meet
    ***2nd mission - Destroy the Snagglebeast***
    Refer to Bosses section on tips to defeat this boss.
    ***3rd mission - Find a new ship***
    After defeating the Snagglebeast, go through the newly opened door and you'll find an Infobot
    (Batalia). You automatically get a new ship and fly off automatically to Batalia as well.
    Fort Krontos - Batalia
    ***1st mission - Scout the area***
    Doing missions 2 and 3 fulfill this mission's objectives.
    ***2nd mission - Ride the Grind Rail***
    As soon as you land, go across the bridge in front of you and take the path leading to the
    right. At the top is the beginning of the Grind Rail, so jump on it. Make sure to jump over
    obstacles and gaps in the rails and to jump tracks, hold the direction it's in and jump. Once
    you make it to the end, you'll find a Deserter, who apparently has hold of an Infobot. Give him
    some bolts for bus fare so he can get home and he'll give it to you.
    ***3rd mission - Buy Deserter's Infobot***
    Pay him 2,000 bolts and you get another Infobot (Planet Gaspar). Take the warp back to your ship.
    **4th mission - Talk to the Commando***
    As soon as you land on the planet, you'll engage in a conversation with him and fulfill this
    ***5th mission - Meet the Commando at city***
    From the start, go straight along the path and to the bridge (Trespasser door leads to boxes).
    The bridge gets blown up thanks to some plane, but you can still walk on the pipes. Go to the
    next area and take the spiral path down below. Ah, a bolt-lock thing. Turning it will extend the
    bridge above to the other side. Once you finish down here, go back up and cross the bridge
    (watch out for the tank). Go left and jump into the water, and you will be carried down to the
    area below. Destroy the tank and use both bolt-locks to extend the bridge above that leads to
    the entrance to the city. Apparently, you can't get into the city as of this moment, because
    you need Magneboots to walk the ventilation shaft. For making it that far, you get an Infobot
    (Planet Orxon).
    ***6th mission - Explore the walled city*** ++++(REQUIRES MAGNEBOOTS)++++
    Once you get the Magneboots from Orxon, come back to this spot and go on the ventilation shaft.
    Carefully follow this path to a hole in the wall, which leads to the walled city. You'll come
    into a big open area. Go up the ramp to your right and at the top, you should see a bolt-lock.
    Turning it will extend a bridge to the area where you met the Commando. Now, go to the area
    opposite this part and you should see a door in front of you. As you approach it, two tanks
    will bust out and circle around the area. Destroy the tanks and go to where they first were to
    see a bolt-lock. Turning it will open the door in front of you and lead you to the turret,
    where you will meet an old face. He says he fixed the turret, but no one on the planet is man
    enough to man it to destroy the bombers so you volunteer.
    ***7th mission - Destroy the bombers***
    This is pretty easy, except that you have to watch out for incoming missiles. Your radar in the
    bottom-right is your best friend in this mission. The orange blips are the bombers you have to
    destroy. White blips are the missiles, and they turn red when they start to come towards you.
    Your health is at the bottom left, so shoot the missiles before they have a chance to hurt you.
    There is one big bomber that takes more time to kill than the other three (you can tell from
    the size alone). Four or five hits from the missiles will finish you off. Your reward for
    finishing this mission is Metal Detector, which allows you to pick up bolts that are
    underground by using the detector to pick them up.
    Blarg Depot - Gaspar
    ***Only mission - Find the Pilot's Helmet***
    You should start right in front of an elevator, so take it down. After taking out the enemies,
    jump on the turret and aim at the big metal door. Continue along this path until you come to
    the next metal door. The turret to break dow this door is along the path to the right of the
    door, so go there and break down the door. Go through this newly opened door and take the
    elevator up into a round room. Continue through the next doorway, into a room with tanks
    (not enemy ones) and be careful of the guys behind the tanks. Continue into the next room,
    which has a lot of the same guys from the tank room. Once you kill them all, man the turret
    and blow open the door. You should be in the test area you saw in the Infobot for this planet.
    To the right is the Pilot's Helmet, so grab it, take the elevator to the left back down and
    make your way back to your ship.
    Kogor Refinery - Orxon
    ***1st mission - Search the laboratories***
    Since Ratchet needs an O2 Helmet to explore this planet, you have to use Clank right now. Go
    forward with Clank into the big hallway and don't worry about the left room for now. Go
    straight and free the first two robots. Go into the little alcove with two frogs and free
    another robot. Go back to that room with the crab-like creature and use your 3 robots to kill
    it (use the Enter command to make them go onto the teleportation pods). Make them Enter the
    little door, which opens up a new path for you. Go forward, bypassing the crab-like enemy, and
    break out the first two robots. Go down the ramp on the right side of the room and free two
    more robots. The right and left corners of this little area house two more robots. Make them
    follow you to the left side of the room and make them enter the teleport pad and little door to
    open up the next area. There are two robots right away in this part, but you can't get to the
    other side because of a door. Climb over to the other side by yourself, stand on the pad on the
    ground, and make them Follow you through the opened door. There's another robot in this part
    and another door. Make the robots stay on the switch, so you can go through, stand on the other
    switch and make them follow you through. After calling them through, free the 4th robot and
    make them enter the teleporter. Go up to the platform and free the 5th one. Get on the little
    elevator, go into the next room, stand on the switch and call in your little army. Also, free
    the last robot for this part. Make them enter the teleporter and then, the little door to open
    the next area. Go through the right door and you will find the Magneboots and finish this
    ***2nd mission - Traverse the wilderness***
    Go right from where you were on last mission and free the first robot in front of you. Go
    forward and into the first alcove on the right to free two more robots. Follow the wall on the
    right and you can free the last three for this part. Make your way along the right wall some
    more and you will enter a maze-like structure with two energy things coursing throughout it.
    As you enter, take the first right and follow it up the ramp. Find the next ramp, wait until
    the energy thing passes and make a dash for it. Same for ramp #3 and #4, then exit the room and
    go into the one with a narrow walkway. Make them enter the little door at the end and go into
    the last room for this area. You get 3 robots on the left side and the other 7 on the right.
    Once you got all 10, make them enter the little white door. You'll see a cannon take out two
    planes and the door will open. Go pick up the Infobot (Pokitaru) and go down to your ship.
    ***3rd mission - Explore as Ratchet*** ++++(REQUIRES O2 HELMET)++++
    Once you have the O2 Helmet, come back here. Jump to the platform in front of you and Glide
    down to the area with the force field. Follow the path to another force field and smack both
    orbs to open it up. The path splits into two: the right path leads to the Infobot and the left
    path leads to Premium Nanotech (permanently increases health by one).
    ***4th mission - Catch the Infobot***
    Take the right path when the path splits at the second Gadgetron Vendor and make your way to
    the magnetic walkway. You should see the Infobot, but before you try and get it, it runs off.
    Navigate this walkway, timing it so you don't get toasted by the fire. At the end, use your
    Swingshot to pass over the top of the force field and the Infobot runs off again. Swingshot
    over to the next path and kill the enemies as you go along. The Infobot will run off again, so
    continue and smack the orbs to open up the next force field. Follow the path into a room with
    the Infobot, and it runs off yet again. The walls in this room are magnetic, so walk up the
    wall to the right of the entrance to a doorway above, finally catching the Infobot (Planet
    ***5th mission - Buy the Premium Nanotech***
    Take the left where the path splits at the second Gadgetron Vendor. Follow the path (watch out
    for the jet) and jump into the building on your right. Jump up into the right area, then make
    your way left twice and you'll be back outside. Make your way across the seven small platforms
    (another jet) and continue along the path until you reach the force field. Take it down and
    continue along this path until you reach an elevator. Take it up and you'll be at the vending
    machine which sells you the Nanotech. Buy it and your health will increase by one. Come back
    here later to buy the Ultra Nanotech, which gives you a total of 8 Nanotech Spheres.
    Jowai Resort - Pokitaru
    ***1st mission - Check out the resort***
    Do missions 2, 3 and 4 then go into the sewers and this mission is completed.
    ***2nd mission - Help the resort owner***
    Go and meet the man from the Infobot. To get the O2 Mask, you have to destroy the Blarg
    fighters, by using the jet fighter on the other side of the resort. You have to escort this guy
    to the other side as well (you don't have to protect him). Start by going down and following
    the path to the first boat. Jump on the boat and he'll start piloting it. While moving to the
    next part, you have to take care of mutant fish that jump on the boat. You'll pass by a small
    island with a Sand Mouse house on it, so you can use that to kill off the enemies if you went
    back and got it from Skid's agent on Aridia. Now, get on the boat and it will lift you to the
    next area. Continue along this path, across the water and down to some more baddies. Continue
    down and along the path to the next boat. By the way, the Suck Cannon is great for the fish
    enemies. Jump on the boat, take care of the fishies that jump on the boat and you'll be at the
    next area. Go up the steps, a bridge will appear and go up more steps. Press the glowing switch
    here to construct another unusual bridge and go across. Go to the area with the little pool in
    the middle, and once all the enemies are taken care of, you'll get a cutscene. Apparently, the
    owner doesn't know how to open the lock to the door holding the jet fighter and tells you to
    go visit Bob's Roboshack.
    ***3rd mission - Buy Thrusterpack from Bob***
    Pay 2,000 bolts to get the Thrusterpack and use the Power Slam move to open the lock outside
    (jump and press R1 in the air).
    ***4th mission - Destroy the Blarg ships***
    Your targets are those caterpillar-like flying ships. You have machine guns (Square, infinite)
    and missiles (Circle, limited number). You have to destroy each circle thing until the whole
    ship explodes. If you need more missiles, then shoot the small fighter jets flying around
    (they can hurt you with machine gun fire) and they should leave behind boxes for either health
    or missiles. It's a pretty easy mission. Your reward is the O2 Mask, which lets you breath
    infinitely under water and lets you explore Orxon as Ratchet.
    ***5th mission - Navigate the sewers***
    The little right path on the same level as your ship leads to a teleport pad which leads to the
    sewers. Go straight and you'll see a small pool. Go underwater, through the opening on the
    right and surface to find a Hydrodisplacer target. Drain the pool, go to the previous room and
    unlock the Trespasser lock. Go refill the pool, then swim through the door you just opened.
    Resurface in the next room only to find a bunch of Amoeboid creatures. You don't have to kill
    them, since you can just go up the steps to the top of the room. At the top, you find another
    Trespasser lock, so unlock it and go through the door. Swim through the opening on the left and
    follow the path into the next room, where you'll find more Amoeboid creatures. You can just go
    to the platform, where you'll find another Trespasser lock. Go through after unlocking it and
    you'll find a scientist who is looking for Raritanium, which can be found on Hoven (you find
    the Infobot for Hoven when you search Orxon with Ratchet).
    **6th mission - Bring Raritanium to Inventor***
    Once you get the Raritanium from Hoven, bring it back to this Inventor (can take warp as a
    shortcut) and he'll give you the Persuader, which allows you to get discounts from Gadgetron
    Vendors only on new weapons you haven't bought yet (NOT ON AMMO).
    Bomb Factory - Hoven
    ***1st mission - Destroy the Planetbuster***
    From your ship, you have two paths to choose from: Icy Wastes to the left and the right path
    leads to the Planetbuster, so take the right path. Continue along the path, past the trees
    (going upat this point leads to a Skill Point and Gold Bolt) and to a moving platform on your
    left. Take it (watch out for the mines and helicopter) and take the next moving platform to
    the area above. Watch out for another helicopter in the open area, then Wall Jump up to a cave
    above. Go onto the conveyor belt, watch the mines and Wall Jump up to another cave (watch out
    Anklebiters in this cave). Make your way, carefully, across the moving platforms to the other
    side. Go through the building on your right and go forward until you get a small cutscene.
    Destroy the helicopter in front of you and then man the turret. This is moderately difficult,
    only because of all the helicopters that appear to try and destroy you. There are four parts
    to the ship that you must destroy to destroy the Planetbuster (all signaled by turrets on top).
    All I can say is keep blasting, destroy the helicopters and watch your health in the lower left
    corner. You get an Infobot (Gemlik Base - Oltanis Orbit) for completing this mission.
    ***2nd mission - Explore the Icy Wastes***
    Take the left path near your ship and go through the building. Equip your Swingshot before
    attempting to push all 3 green switches. Once you have it on, hit the first one in front of
    you, then press the second one on the right side, then press Circle to shoot your Swingshot
    at the target on the hill and press the third switch to open the door. A Wall Jump area WITH
    green switches to press; more fun. Make sure you hit the middle of the first switch on the left
    wall before jumping off of it. If you do this, you should hit all three switches as you jump
    up to the top. Make your way across the small river (instant death if you fall in, by the way)
    and into a room with a Swingshot target across the way with lasers passing back and forth.
    Fire your Swingshot as soon they cross each other in the middle and you should be fine. Make
    your way to the next Swingshot part. When the lasers are going down is when you want to fire
    your Swingshot. Boost Jump to get to the next part and make your way to platform where
    Anklebiters and explosive crates. More green switches with a very tiny walkway to get to the
    next switch (it's ice, so it's slippery). Hit the first one, walk along the first walkway, then
    when you feel you can make it, jump and Glide to the next switch. Jump and Glide to get to the
    third one and the force field will be down. After Ratchet fixes this guy's drill, he gives you
    Raritanium, so now you can get go back to Pokitaru and give it to the Inventor in exchange
    for the Persuader. Still not done with this objective (I think), so let's go back to the path
    that led to the Planetbuster. Remember the part with the first moving platform that led you to
    the mines coming out from a chute? Well, instead of going left there, go right and you should
    see a platform going up and down. Go through the cave at the top and drop down into the water
    in the next area. Go through the opening and you'll be in a large area where you have to raise the
    water level high enough to get on top of the center structure. Get out your Hydrodisplacer and
    drain the water from the first tube and empty it at the other Hydro marker. Do this two more
    times and the water level will be high enough to jump on the central structure. Stretch Jump to
    the opening you see and go forward until you go back outside. Follow the path on the left down
    and move forward with caution, because Anklebiters will pop out as you go (the buildings to
    your right only contain crates and health should you need it). At the end, you'll find another
    Roboshack, where you'll find Ed(wina) and she'll offer to equip Clank with a Hydro-Pack.
    ***3rd mission - Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed***
    Pay 2,000 bolts to get the Hydro-Pack, which makes swimming underwater much faster (hold R1
    while underwater).
    Gemlik Base - Oltanis Orbit
    ***1st mission - Explore base*** ++++(NEED DEVASTATOR OR VISIBOMB)++++
    See those towers with a certain glowing something at the top? Those towers control the force
    fields, so destroy it with the Devastator or Visibomb. Go up the steps, past where the force
    field was and take out the next tower to drop the next field. Make sure you hug the right side
    of this area, because the machine gunner will beat the crap out of you (only vulnerable from
    the back). So, go along the right side, take care of him from the back and unlock the
    Trespasser lock. Go through this door and hurry up to get on the steps on the right side.
    Again, take out the machine gunner from behind and unlock the Trespasser lock. Quickly go into
    the recess on the left side to avoid the machine gunner. Continue along (those green
    canister-like objects can be destroyed, but have a blast radius so be careful) and position
    yourself to hit the next tower on the opposite side of where you are. Take care of the plane
    and continue forward. Take care of the two jets before continuing to the elevator in this next
    area. Take the elevator down and into some type of building. Be careful because green acid-like
    liquid rises and falls in the middle of the room. Go into the next room and you'll see this
    liquid again, only this time it covers platforms you have to jump on (there's one safe platform
    in the middle). Now, continue along when it's safe (stop at the middle until the liquid rises
    then falls again) and go into the next room. You'll see two Swingshot targets and you'll want
    to swing over to the other side when the green liquid is at its lowest. Continue along and
    you'll see a magnetic walkway. Navigate it and you'll eventually see two short dips that the
    lava will cover when it rises. Continue along when it's safe and go to the next liquid rising
    part. In the distance, you'll see a platform with those green canisters you've been seeing
    throughout this level. Use your Devastator to blast these and you'll have to Glide over to that
    platform, then Boost Jump to the above ledge. Take the elevator up and you'll see the force
    field in front of you. Unfortunately, you can't get a good angle at the tower at this vantage
    point. Go right and you'll find another set of steps which lead to a vendor. Position yourself
    near the vendor and aim through the hole in the wall opposite you to get a good shot at the
    tower. Go along and you'll notice three machine gunmen along the left side. Go to the
    Trespasser lock and open it to kill these three men easily. Go along and you'll be presented
    with a good number of enemies. As you approach the men with ground flamethrowers, the wall
    behind them retracts and reveals two jets. Take care of everything, but don't continue along.
    Instead, look on the right wall and you'll see little holes. Get close to them, look up and
    fire a long-range weapon to kill the machine gunners above (only way you can kill them).
    Continue and you'll run into an elevator with a magnetic floor which will put you on the
    ceiling of a battle arena, I guess I could call it that. Along the outer wall, there are
    machines that regenerate new, little monsters when they are defeated (I believe 4 or 5). There
    are also six ground-fire guys. Once all enemies are defeated, a door will open up, revealing
    an elevator. Take it up and go up the steps to your showdown with Qwark. Wow, that was long.
    ***2nd mission - Shoot down Captain Qwark***
    Refer to the Bosses section for tips on how to defeat Qwark. Once you defeat him, you get a
    new ship and another Infobot (Planet Oltanis).
    Gorda City Ruins - Oltanis
    You do not have the help of Clank during this stage, due to an electrical storm so no gliding
    or special jumps. Take the elevator down to the area below you and you should see three paths
    you can take right now. The right path (by help of taxi) takes you to the city. The straight
    path leads you on the path that will fulfill the first mission. The magnetic walkway will lead
    you to the wind and ice area of this world.
    ***1st mission - Find survivors of Blarg attack***
    For now, take the straight path. As you go along, you'll encounter a hatch with laser claw
    enemies (from the very first mission of the game), only with VERY LONG range. Try and take
    these enemies out as quickly as possible. Jump to the platform behind the hatch and take care
    of the plane in this area. Continue along the path, encountering more laser-claw enemies until
    you get to two hatches with the enemies. There is some debris around the area that you can use
    for cover while trying to get close enough to dispatch the foes. Continue along the path and
    you might see a Swingshot target on the top of the screen as you move forward. There's a Sand
    Mouse house up here that can help you eradicate enemies. Continue until you get to an area with
    three Grindrails and one hatch. Three enemies will come out when you get on a Grindrail and the
    first part requires you to avoid their lasers. For the second part, you have to maneuver back
    and forth between the rails to avoid the force fields and bombs. When you reach the end, you
    meet a scrap merchant. His hearing isn't so good and he offers to sell you an Infobot.
    ***2nd mission - Buy Infobot from scrap merchant***
    Pay 2,000 bolts to get the Infobot (Planet Quartu) and press the button afterwards to lower a
    ladder to the main area.
    ***3rd mission - Search the destroyed city***
    Take the taxi to the upper level of the city. Take out the turret in front of you and hug the
    left wall to get past the searchlight (they activate turrets if they spot you). go up and take
    out the two machines that spawn more enemies. Time your Swingshot so that you swing up when
    the two turrets are crossing each other going out. Climb the ladder and maneuver yourself past
    these spotlights and hug the right side of the walkway to get past the last one. Wait until the
    circling platform comes around to Swingshot to it and wait until you get a clear shot at the
    next Swingshot as well. Make your way past this circle of spotlights, jump across the leaning
    platforms, take out the turret and on to more Swingshooting. Stay on the third circling
    Swingshot platform and take out all of the enemies before jumping down. Climb the ladder and
    get the Morph-o-Ray. Take the Grindrail back down to your ship. Take the metal walkway and the
    elevator to wind and ice area. Jump up to the icy platform and make your way to the left side
    while still within the invisible rectangle of the lasers. The reason you're doing this is
    because a strong wind is blowing where the laser barriers aren't located right here, and you
    get blown to the right. So set yourself up on the left and hold forward so you end up right
    near the magnetic walkway. Navigate the walkway carefully and watch out for the circling mines.
    When you get to the end, take the icy path with barriers. Build up enough speed so you can
    jump over both barriers, then continue along the path until you reach another icy part with
    two more barriers. Jump over these and continue along until you reach another magnetic walkway.
    Don't get off of this at the little icy platform (throw your wrench to hit the boxes) because
    the wind is strong here. Navigate this walkway carefully, again watching for the circling
    mines. Just barely make yourself touch the icy area and take care of the plane from here (hatch
    with laser enemy here), then continue to the little ledge on the left. Jump up, grab the ledge,
    move to your right to the opening and jump up. The wind will move you forward and all you have
    to do is jump the barriers. At the end, you'll meet up with a familiar face and he will offer
    to sell you a PDA (Personal Delivery Assistance) for 1,000 bolts.
    ***4th mission - Purchase Gadgetron PDA from 'Steve'***
    Pay 1,000 bolts to buy the PDA, which will allow you to buy ammo for your weapons from
    anywhere (at an increased price of course).
    Once you do all 4 missions on this planet and when you're in the main area, a plane will come
    and destroy the statue in the middle, revealing a glowing button. Pressing this button will
    bring down a bunch of Swingshot targets, which lead to a Gold Bolt.
    Robot Planet - Quartu
    You have three paths to go to from the start. Immediately to the left of your ship is a ladder
    which leads to the coolant system. Go straight down the path and the path splits. The door in
    front of you leads to the secure area and requires the Robot Disguise, which you don't get
    on this planet. To your left is the path that leads to the pad that can turn Clank into a
    ***1st mission - Find out more about the Ultra-Mech***
    Take the bottom-left path and continue along until you get to the broken bridge. Swingshot to
    the other side and continue along, while watching out for the laser-claw enemies from Oltanis.
    Eventually you'll reach two doors, the one in front cannot be opened at this time so go into
    the building on your right and out the other doorway, meeting a scientist. He tells you that
    he created a machine that enlarged mechs to make them very powerful (source of Ultra-Mech). He
    wants to enlist the help of Clank, by super-sizing him, to help him destroy the mechs.
    ***2nd mission - Destroy the Ultra-Mechs***
    Get on the platform and transform into Giant Clank when prompted. Punching those barriers
    (Square) will break them down. Shoot missiles with Circle to destroy the helicopters. Continue
    along the path, destroying walls when you have to, and you'll eventually come onto an
    arena-like area. Go in and you will have to destroy a lot of enemies. There are three types:
    helicopters, Ultra-Mechs inside the arena and Ultra-Mechs on top of the arena wall. After
    finishing this part, Clank becomes normal-size again and you get an Infobot (Planet Kalebo III)
    for your troubles.
    ***3rd mission - Explore the coolant system***
    Take the path with the ladder and go up it. Swim through the three rings underwater and the
    door will open. Avoid the lasers and surface in the next room. Now the fun will begin.
    Pressing the button will begin a timer (also, it makes the water safe to go into for now), and
    you have to make it through the water before the timer runs out (water becomes electric again).
    Press the button when you feel you're ready. Swim past the lasers and through the three rings
    (counter-clockwise) to open the next door. More lasers and then you'll eventually come upon
    another room with three rings. Swim through these clockwise this time, go through the door
    and out of the water. You get the Bolt Grabber for doing this, which is able to grab bolts from
    further away (very helpful as you will see).
    ***4th mission - Infiltrate the secure area*** ++++(REQUIRES ROBOT DISGUISE)++++
    Once you get the Hologuise from the hoverboard race on Kalebo III, come back here and go to the
    lower path. Before you make the door open, disguise yourself. Go towards the door, it will
    open up and you'll see a forcefield up. Wave to the bot on the other side (Circle while
    disguised) and he'll open the field. Walk towards him, press Square to get rid of your
    disguise and vanquish him. Hang on the ledge nearby, wait until the robot is walking the other
    way, then do the same thing to this robot. The last thing you want is a robot activating the
    alarm in this area. Hang on the next ledge, wait until the robot is walking away and hurry to
    the middle platform and disguise. Hop over to him when he is walking away again. Go through the
    door on your right and hop down to the conveyor belt while disguised. This next part might be
    a bit difficult to get past at first. You can try taking out the robots with the Visibomb from
    near the door. When you finish this part, go up both ladders and hang onto this ledge and move
    left, timing your way past the barrels. Jump up, disguise and deactivate the forcefield. Hurry
    up and take out all 3 robots, then climb the ladder. Disguise yourself, go through the door and
    walk to the edge. When the robots go into the door on your left, Glide down and disguise
    quickly. Take out the robots when you can and go forward into the next room, while disguised.
    Take out this robot when his back is turned and hang onto the ledge above. When the backs are
    turned, get to the platform past the first conveyor and disguise. Then go over and take out
    the robots when they're walking away. Disguise yourself, walk through the next door and you'll
    see that two robots walk out of rooms to the sides. When they're inside, Swingshot up and take
    out the one robot. Then disguise and wait for the opportunity to take out the other two. Power
    Slam the switch and go forward. Deactivate this forcefield and take out the robot. In the next
    room, Clank will meet his 'mother' and gives you an Infobot (Drek's Fleet).
    Gadgetron Site - Kalebo III
    Follow the path until you get to the second Gadgetron Vendor. The path now splits into two:
    the left path takes you to the Grind Rail and the right path takes you to where you can
    participate in the second hoverboard race (the middle is where you exit when you take the left
    ***1st mission - Find new equipment***
    Once you win the hoverboard race, you get the Hologuise which completes this mission.
    ***2nd mission - Get past the Blarg***
    Take the right path and continue along until you get to a room that closes itself off. You have
    to destroy all the robots in this room (they have Bomb Glove) before you can move on. After the
    door opens, take the elevator up and take care of the eliter troops. Off to your right, you'll
    see the switch to open the next door, so hit it with your Blaster and hurry up and Glide down
    before the lasers come back. You'll come upon another room that closes off, this time with
    Walloper-using robots this time. Go forward until you see another vendor and you'll see a
    Swingshot target off to the left. Equip your Blaster, then equip your Swingshot. Blast the
    switch so the door opens, then hit Triangle twice to equip your Swingshot and pull yourself
    through the door. Ride this Grindrail and you'll come to another room that closes off, this
    time the robots have Pyrocitors. Carefully make your way past the onslaught of enemies and
    you'll come to another robot-with-powers-like-yours frenzy, only they're a mix of the previous
    three on this planet. Go forward, then right and you'll meet up with someone who offers you a
    ***3rd mission - Win the hoverboard race***
    This race is a lot tougher than the first one was. The robots are definitely faster than the
    Skid look-a-likes in the first one. You can do the race a few times and get the feel of the
    track, like where the boosts are. Doing tricks will fill up your boost bar (Square to boost)
    for times when you might miss a boost pad on the track. Missiles are laid around the track and
    can be used to try and blow up the racer in front of you (if there are any, they are homing).
    ***4th mission - Ride the Grind Rail***
    Take the left path and take the elevator up. Jump on the Grindrail and keep going while
    avoiding obstacles. Keep going and jump to the left when you see a train car coming. When you
    see two paths, keep on the left one since the right just goes in a circle. (Whenever you see
    a jump coming forth, be ready to jump since if you don't, you will die.). Keep going,
    avoiding cars and bombs and the path will split into two again. Jump on the left one and follow
    it to the end, where you'll find the Gadgetron Help Desk. The robot lady there gives you a
    Map-o-Matic gadget, which signals secret areas on your map by coloring them green.
    Drek's Fleet - Veldin Orbit
    One point of reference before I get to the missions. Before going into any door while in the
    first mission, always disguise yourself.
    ***1st mission - Find the coordinates for Drek's laser***
    Take the warp to the Missile Cruiser and disguise before opening the door. Take care of the
    robot when you have a chance and deactivate the forcefield by waving to the robot in the next
    room. Go into the next room (lasers can hurt you) and take out the dogs. Then proceed to the
    next room and take the warp to Dreadnought. Disguise, then walk through the door and you'll
    see 3 robots walk through doors. Jump over the laser, go into the first room and take out the
    robot when he's in there. Do the same for the second and third, then disguise before walking
    into the next room. Four robots and some dogs. Try to take out the dogs when the robots are in
    their little rooms, then do the same thing as the room before. Walk through the next door,
    deactivate the forcefield and step into the warp to get to the Light Cruiser. Try to take out
    some of the dogs from a distance, then Swingshot over the pit and continue forward. Your object
    here is to take out the guard before he can get to the alarm (and while the other two are in
    the rooms). After doing that, take out the other two guards as usual when they go into the
    rooms. Go forward and deactivate another forcefield by waving. Take the warp to Drek's
    Flagship. Go to the right and step onto the glowing button and you'll be transported onto the
    top of the ship. Go left along the path and take the left to another glowing button, which will
    take you to a hangar with a ship. Get into the ship and your object is to take out all the
    cannons you saw when you were outside on top of the ship. Two missiles will take out each
    turret, so do that. Take out the ships for health and more missiles. Take your time. Once you
    take out all of the turrets, you'll be back in the room with the ship you flew. Take the
    'elevator' back up to the top and continue left to another elevator. Take it down and you'll
    be on the ceiling of the next room. Take your time passing the lasers (you can see the marks on
    the ground) and go into the next room. Take the platform down and go into the room opposite
    the one with the dogs. You'll get the last Infobot (Planet Veldin).
    ***2nd mission - Swim through the water tanker***
    Go into the water by your ship and swim through the 3 rings to open the door. Surface in the
    next room and you'll see another swimming gauntlet. You have a minute and 20 seconds to get
    through it, so press the switch when you're ready. Three obstacles in this one: electric fans,
    mines and lasers. Continue along and you'll run into more rings you have to go through, so go
    right through the rings and surface in the room beyond the door that opens. You get a Code-Bot
    for your troubles, which opens an Invinco-Vault, of which there is only one in the game
    (Planet Quartu, leads to a Gold Bolt).
    Kyzil Plateau - Veldin
    You have reached the last stage of the game, which was also the first stage (much tougher this
    time around though). You only have one mission on this planet, which is to save it. So, here
    we go.
    Go forward from the start position, taking out the enemies as you go until you get to the crash
    site. Go across the bridge and unlock the Trespasser lock. Navigate the magnetic walkway until
    you end up in an area with water below you. Drain the water and then Power Slam the switch at
    the bottom. Take the ladder up and go into the small cave. Take care of every enemy you see
    from now on unless I say so. Continue along the path and jump along the five small, metal
    platforms. Go forward into the stage until you reach the Swingshot targets. Use your Trepasser
    to unlock the next forcefield and continue. Kill everything, then Swingshot to the green target
    and go up the ladder. WOW! A lot of enemies in this next area. Well, you don't have to waste
    a single ammo on this large group, so continue left for now. Use your Hydrodisplacer to fill
    the pool and swim through the opening. Surface, then exit and jump down to the area below.
    Step on the platform and transform into Giant Clank. Kill everything in your way and continue
    until you get to the arena-like structure, where you'll encounter Drek. Refer to the Bosses
    section for tips on how to defeat the last boss of this game.
                                        VII. Bosses
    Alien Queen
    This boss is very simple to beat. She has three parts where you fight her. She only has one
    attack, which is to try and bite you just like all of the other aliens. Once you hit her for
    enough damage, she will back off and send out a lot of mutant frogs to go after you. Take your
    time killing these mutant frogs, since they come from all directions and might get behind you.
    Put yourself near the edge so none can get behind you. After you make the Alien Queen retreat
    the second time, she sends two little alien creatures after you. You can blast them from where
    you start with the Blaster.
    As soon as you start, you can just use the Blaster on her until she retreats. You could also
    run around her, throwing bombs from your Bomb Glove occasionally, while trying to avoid her
    Another simple boss. This boss has three attacks. The first type of attack is the shockwave,
    which only has so much range. Another attack is what I will call the fireline. It sends a line
    on the ground and fire will spout up after the line ends. The third attack is if you get too
    close to the Snagglebeast. It will fire energy blasts from its hands if you get too close.
    Most of the damage done in this battle will be because of the Snagglebeast's stupidity after
    it puts up its forcefield. Oh, it has one more attack that it doesn't do too often. It has
    the ability to take all of your ammo and spread it across the battlefield randomly, leaving
    you with no way to attack it from a distance.
    What do you have to do to defeat this beast? Attack it from a distance with a weapon until it
    puts up a forcefield around its body. Now, you have to lure this beast onto one of the three
    bridges located around the battlefield. Once you lure it onto one of the bridges, it will
    collapse and the Snagglebeast will fall into lava and severely damage itself. Do this two more
    times and the battle will end (use the other two bridges).
    Captain Qwark
    You will fight Qwark using a jet fighter. He has three attacks in this fight: the first one is
    randomly shooting missiles towards you from the back of his ship. You can shoot them or attempt
    to move out of their way. Another attack is him dumping mines out the back of ship to get in
    your way. Again, either shoot them or move out of their way. The third attack involves him
    using some sort of magnetic ray to pull your ship towards him and fire missiles from two
    cannons at your ship. My suggestion is to shoot them, since you won't be able to avoid them.
    Your targets for the battle will be Qwark's thrusters, starting with the left one and
    alternating sides after the other falls off. Fire your machine guns, or missiles when you have
    a clear shot, at the turrets when you can. After three thrusters fall off, he'll put up a
    forcefield and send small fighters after you. Destroy these fighters to recover health or get
    back more missiles and when the last one is defeated, Qwark will rejoin the battle. After he
    rejoins, continue fire on him until he goes down.
    I suggest that you have the following three things before attempting this battle: the
    Devastator, the Gadgetron PDA and a good number of bolts to buy more Devastator ammo while
    in the battle. Put the PDA on your Quickselect, so you can select it whenever you run out of
    Devastator ammo.
    This boss has four parts. The first part you will fight with Giant Clank and is the easiest
    part of all four. His only attack in the first part is to fire missiles at Clank, which can do
    some damage if you don't finish him quickly. You can get up close to him and continually
    punch him to end this part. You could use also fire the energy attack (Triangle) at him at the
    start, then fire missiles until it is over. However you do it, he will run away after taking
    enough damage and go to the next area. For you to get to the next area, you have to use the
    platforms (they fall when you jump on them) and use your Swingshot on the targets when
    necessary. When you get to the next area, the battle continues.
    Drek will gain a new attack on the second part of this battle (you fight him with Ratchet for
    the rest of the battle now). He gains a shockwave attack, similar to the Snagglebeast's. You
    can double jump over these shockwaves. Also, you can easily avoid the missiles he fires since
    it shows where they will target on the ground. I suggest waiting until he fires the last
    shockwave to unleash as many Devastator missiles on him as you can fire. When he takes enough
    damage, he will fire a laser blast at the battleground and split it into four parts, with one
    of the four parts immediately falling. Quickly make your way to Swingshot/falling platform
    portion and continue onto the next part.
    Drek, yet again, gains a new attack on the third part of the battle. He shoots out mines (they
    move rather slow when trying to home in on you) from the front part of his battlesuit. He still
    has his other two moves and will cycle between all three randomly. Continue to fire your
    Devastator at Drek when you have a free chance to do so. Once again, when Drek takes enough
    damage he will run away to the last battleground, only after splitting the current one into
    four parts again. Again, quickly make your way to the falling platform/Swingshot portion and
    go to the final battleground.
    Drek gains two new moves in this part. The first is when he hovers a little higher than usual,
    and that's because he is releasing a legion of black dogs (similar to the ones you encountered
    on Kerwan) to attack you. His other move is when he moves to the outside of the battleground.
    He will then firing lasers just like the ones he used to break up the previous two
    battlefields. Run to the side to avoid each one. Now, when you first arrive on this
    battlefield, Drek will activate a timer that will count down. What you have to do is Power
    Slam the switch in the middle before the timer runs out, or else you will have to start over
    from the Ratchet portion of the battle. When you do deactivate the timer, Drek will surround
    the bottom of his battlesuit with a forcefield and make his way after you. Run towards the
    outside to avoid this and he'll eventually go back to his other attacks. After he takes some
    damage, he might activate another timer and you should repeat what you did before. He may do
    this a few times during the battle, so be on the lookout for the timer. Keep picking away at
    his health and he'll soon fall to your powers. It's not completely over after he goes away,
    since you have to Power Slam one last switch to blow up his planet. Good job on completing
    Ratchet & Clank. Now, sit back and enjoy the ending.
    When the credits stop rolling, you have the option of warping back to before you defeated
    Drek OR restarting the game with all of your weapons. If you restart the game, you'll notice
    a Goodies option when you pause the game. This section contains many things which will be
    outlined in its section.
                                       VIII. Gold Bolts
                                         IX. Skill Points
                                          X. Goodies Menu
                                         XI. Acknowledgements

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