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    Hoverboard FAQ by Bramsmell

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                                   Ratchet and Clank
                                   Hoverboard F.A.Q.
         By David Bramwell and Adam Sayers     contact: h.bramwell@ntlworld.com
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is for personal use only. It is illegal to take any part of this FAQ
    and claim it to be your own. It also can't be altered or placed on another
    website without our permission. If you do wish to put this FAQ on your website
    then ask by emailing us at the above email address, we will probably give
    permission. Anybody disobeying these rules will be delt with severly.
    Ratchet and Clank is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Inc.
    Created and Developed by Insomniac Games (C)2002 SCEA.
    This FAQ Copyright (C) 2003 by David Bramwell and Adam Sayers
    If you are using a PC, then press Control+F then type in the section code that
    you wish to go to, and the computer will take you straight there.
    Code     Section                What it includes
    1A-      History of the FAQ     When and what the changes have been to the FAQ
    1B-      Introduction           Who we are and why we decided to make this FAQ
    1C-      What is Hoverboarding  A brief guide to Hoverboarding 
    1D-      Controls               Which button does what
    1E-      How to get Hoverboard  Techniques of how to beat the sand sharks
    1F-      The Tricks             Which buttons to push to get the most points
    1G-      "Speedy"               How to do the "Speedy" skill point
    1H-      "Magician"             How to do the "Magician" skill point
    1I-      Glitch                 How to get loads of bolts on the Rilgar Track
    1J-      Shortcuts              How to activate the shortcuts
    1K-      Thankyou's             Us giving praise to the people who helped
    1A- History
    17.01.03 - We started writing this FAQ.
    19.01.03 - We got down all the Tricks.
    21.01.03 - Version 0.5 was submitted.
    1B- Introduction
    Hi! Our names are David Bramwell and Adam Sayers. We are writing this FAQ
    together as we think it will save time if we share the work between us. Also
    this is our first FAQ, so bear with us.
    We originally decided to write this FAQ when we had completed the game once,
    and were playing it again, getting all of the gold weapons and skill points.
    Three of the skill points were based on the hoverboard races, one of which
    is earned by doing a Twisty Mc'Marx on the hoverboard race in Blackwater
    city. We had each done a Twisty Mc'Marx while doing the race at the Gadgetron
    site, however we did not know how we had done it. We looked on the "Gold bolts
    and Skill Points FAQ" by Tihy Arnaud (Heldwin), which is fantastic, and really
    helped with the other skill points, but not this one. We also looked at other
    FAQs, and they all had a different way of doing a Twisty Mc'Marx, and none of
    them worked. So we worked out how to do it, along with how to do all of the
    other moves.
    1C- What is Hoverboarding
    Hoverboarding is a well recognised sport in the universe of Ratchet and Clank.
    The first thing you need, before you can go hoverboarding is, obviously, a
    hoverboard. There are two hoverboard races in the game, the first is in
    Black Water City, on the planet of Rilgar. The second is in the Gadgetron
    Site, on Kalebo III. When the race starts, you will notice that the hoverboard
    goes quite slow, however it speeds up for a short time after going over a bar
    on the floor with three arrows on it, by going over a jump and traveling
    through a ring in the air, or by hitting a green sludge monster. The races
    consist of three laps, and have various boxes that contain bolts, and explosive
    and solid boxes to make your race harder.
    1D- Controls
    Left Analog stick-Turn/Do a flip (when in the air and doing a trick) 
    D Pad-Turn/Do a flip (When in the air and doing a trick)
    ()-Fire Missile (Only on Gadgetron Race)
    R1-Do a trick
    L1-Do a trick
    R2-Do a trick
    L2-Do a trick
    Start-Pause Race
    1E- How to get the Hoverboard
    The hoverboard is located on Planet Aridia. To recieve the hoverboard you
    have to find Skid McMarx. Turn to face your ship, then go down past the left
    hand side of the ship and follow the path round. During the cut scene Skid
    McMarx will tell you that he needs to get to his ship to leave the planet,
    however, his path is blocked by 50 sand sharks and nine of those pods that
    shoot out extra bad guys when you kill the first ones. To get the hoverboard
    you have to go ahead of Skid, in order to kill the sand sharks and make his
    path safe. We find that the pyrociter is the best weapon to use, rather than
    the wrench, bomb glove or blaster because the pyrociter has a wide fire, which
    makes it useful for taking out large groups of enemies.
    1F- The Tricks
    While on the hoverboard there are four basic poses, these are done by pressing
    R1, R2, L1, and L2. When you go over a jump, if you press one of these buttons
    and push the left analog stick or D pad in any direction to do a flip. For
    each flip that you do, you will get 10 points. For example, if you do a trick
    and do 2 flips, you will get 20 points. By pushing two of these buttons, not
    at the same time, while doing flips, you get 20 points for each flip that you
    do in the same jump that you do 2 tricks in.
    Below are listed the names for every trick in the game. The buttons that are
    needed to do the tricks can be pushed in any order.
    Buttons  Name       Points
    R1       Scratcher  10 points per flip
    R2       Crunchy    10 points per flip
    L1       Gonzo      10 points per flip
    L2       Tip Tweak  10 points per flip
    The next tricks are done by only doing 1 flip, the points shown are for the
    1st time you do the trick, the 2nd time, the 3rd time and the 4th time.
    Buttons      Name            Points
    R1+L1+R2     Plumbers Crack  215, 107, 71, 53
    R1+R2+L2     Blarg Air       235, 117, 78, 58
    R1+L1+L2     Call Me Sally   200, 100, 66, 50
    L1+R2+L2     Sand Shark      225, 112, 75, 56
    R1+L1+R2+L2  The Commando    300, 150, 100, 75
    The next tricks are done by only doing 2 or 3 flips:
    Buttons      Name            Points
    R1+L1+R2     Snagglebeast    350, 175, 116, 87
    R1+R2+L2     Do The Robot    400, 200, 133, 100
    R1+L1+L2     Double Darla    325, 162, 108, 81
    L1+R2+L2     Cracker Jak     375, 187, 125, 93
    R1+L1+R2+L2  Revolverator    500, 250, 166, 125
    The next tricks are done by doing 4 or more flips:
    Buttons      Name            Points
    R1+L1+R2     Big Al          550, 275, 183, 137
    R1+R2+L2     Quarktastic     600, 300, 200, 150
    R1+L1+L2     Chomper         525, 262, 175, 131
    L1+R2+L2     Drek's Revenge  575, 287, 191, 143
    R1+L1+R2+L2  Twisty McMarx   650, 325, 216, 162
    If you do a three or four button trick for the first time in a race, then you
    will get full points. If you then do it again, straight after, then you will
    get half points, if you do it 3 times in a row you will get 1/3 of the points,
    and if you do it 4 times in a row, then you will get 1/4 of the points.
    We do not yet fully know how the points system works, for example, we don't
    know how you get the points to increases again. If anyone has any suggestions
    please email them to us.
    1G- "Speedy"
    Many people think that this skill point is one of the most difficult and time
    consuming skill points in the game. It is located in Blackwater city, on planet
    Rilgar. To acheive the skill point, you must complete the hoverboard race in
    under 1:36 mins in the European version, and 1:35 mins in the American version.
    This is a very difficult time to beat, as to do so, you have to cut the corners
    of the race quite dramatically. Below we have created a map (to the best of our
    ability). On the map it shows jumps and boosts that are on the ground, however
    it does not show the ring boosts in the air.
                              ______       _____________
                             /     #      |             \
                            /      #______|_________     \
                           /               >              \
                           |     > ____>_____2_>_#___ #   v\
                           |  #   |                  \  \  #\
                           |  ^   |                   \ A\   \
                           |  1   |                    \__\   \
                           |______|                     \    __\
      ___________________                                \   \  \
     |>, <, ^, v = Boost |                                \3 v\  \
     |#          = Jump  |                                 \   \  \
     |___________________|                     _____________\   \__\
                                              /  ___________     __/
                                             /  /            __ /_/
                                            /__/    ________|__|_/
                                            |__    |
                                            |__|Bv |
                                            |   ## |
                                            |      |
                                            |     v|
                                            | 4   #|
           _______________                  |  ___ |
          |     <         \                 |v|___||
          |         C      \                |      |
          |_________#_      \              /      /
                      \      \            /      /
                       \      \          /      /
                        \  ^   \________/      /
                         \                <   /
                          \                  /
    To get the skill point, you must first have the zoomerator, you get this by
    winning the race. It isn't hard at all. The zoomerator turns your tricks into
    boost, which you can then use by pressing [].
    The numbers of each section are on the map at the place of the start of each
    1.When the race starts, hit the first 2 boosts, then go over the second jump
      and pull off a three pose, 2 or 3 flip trick and land in the part of the
      track next to you, not the floating bit in front. Your boost bar should now
      be full. From now on keep the boost button pushed.
    2.Hit the last boost, just before the jump, then go over the jump, cut the
      corner while in the air, and land on the floating path around the corner,
      (the floating path is marked as A on the map)
    3.At the end of the floating path, jump down to normal level, rather than the
      next floating path. Jump and cut the next corner. Keep going, until you get
      to the big jump, (Marked B). Go over the boost in front of it and jump and
      go over the floating platform. If your boost is running out, use this jump to
      refill it.
    4.When you land, immediately jump, and cut the next corner. Keep going, and
      before you get to the corner of the next jump, (Marked C), jump to cut out
      the corner. Then go over the jump, and hit the last boost.
    You need to do this exactly the same for three laps. It shouldn't take much
    1H- "Magician"
    During this race you can earn a skill point called Magician. At first 
    this skill point seems tough but with a bit of practice you will soon
    be able to do it.
               /             \_______               ___________
              /             <        \______       /  ________ \
             /      ______         <        \_____/  /        \ \
            |      /      \_______         <     /  /_____     \ \
            |      |              \______       /  /      \     \ \
             \     \___                  \_____/  /  #     \     \ \
              \     #   \____                 /  / \        \    /^/
               \__>_#        \____            \  \  \ ^      \  /_/
                    \_____        \____        \  \ |         |
                          \____        \____    | | / B# # # /
                  _____________\____        \___| |/        /
                 /          #       \____ >     | |__      /
                /               >        \____       \____/
               /     > A#_____  ______________\____ >      \
              /       /      | |                   \__C# # #\
             /       /       | |                       \     \
             I      I        | |                        \     \
             \      \        | |                         |     |
              \      \___    | |                         | v   |
               \   #     \   | |                        /     /
                \___^     \  | |                       /#    /
                    \______\ | |                      /     /
                     \      \| |                     /     /
                      \      \ |____________________/     /
                       \                           <     /
                        \                          <    /
    There are two ways that you can do this skill point, the easy,
    cheating way, or the hard, non-cheating way.
    The cheating way - Follow the track until you get to point C. Instead
    of taking the jump to the right part of the track, try to land on the
    track below from earlier in the race. You will get the points for the
    trick, then a sign will flash up saying "Wrong Way" and you will be
    put back on the track just before point C. Keep jumping onto the track
    below varying your tricks to get the best points. do this for a short
    while and you should complete the skill point with ease.
    The proper (Manly) way:
    1. At the first jump pull off a three pose, 2 or 3 flip trick.
    2. Next take the jump labled A and try to pull off a four pose trick,
       either a Revolverator or (preferably) a Twisty McMarx.
    3. At point B pull off a three pose, 2 or 3 flip trick to boost your
    4. At the next jump don't aim to land on the higher track, then try to
       do a four posetrick (Not the same one as in point 2).
    5. From now on do 2 or 3 flip tricks until you finish the lap, as it
       is too difficult to do more than 3 flips.
    6. Then do exactly the same again for the next 2 laps.
    Another method, emailed to me by Kay Neill, is just as good as the ones posted
    above, if not, it is better. Here it is:
    Every time you hit one of the robots with a missile, you get 250 points, so if
    you go round really slow, collecting the missiles, then when one passes you,
    you can shoot it and get 250 points. This makes it a lot easier to reach the
    4500 point target, as you can go through doing tricks when you feel
    comfortable, and then get the rest of the points easily by shooting the robots.
    Thanks to Kay Neill for that method.
    1I- Glitch
    When you have come first in the Gadgetron Race, the guy there will give you the
    hologuise. The hologuise is used to make Ratchet look like a Robot, so that he
    can get into areas that are secured by sentry bots. However, there is another
    use for it. If you equip the hologuise, and then enter the race in Rilgar, you
    will be able to walk around the race track on foot. This may seem pointless.
    Howvever, if you walk to the biggest jump, where there are loads of boxes on a
    floating platform, there is a very easy way to get loads of bolts. Stand just
    under the platform, then equip the taunter and push circle while facing
    forwards. An endless stream of bolts will keep coming to you. Now put a coin on
    the circle button, and then cellotape it down, turn the T.V off and go away and
    do something else. When you come back you will have loads of bolts.
    If you have done the race a few times before, then you may have already
    destroyed all of the boxes on the platform. Don't worry, as long as you have
    some boxes left in the race, then you can do it with them. As long as you keep
    the boxes out of sight. Otherwise the bolts stop coming.
    1J- Shortcuts
    On the Gadgetron site race there are two shortcuts. These are shown on the map
    and can be very useful.
               /             \_______               ___________
              /             <        \______       /  ________ \
             /      ______         <        \_____/  /        \ \
            |      /      \_______         <     /  /_____     \ \
            |      |              \______       /  /      \     \ \
             \     \___                  \_____/  /  #     \     \ \
              \     #   \____                 /  / \        \    /^/
               \__>_#        \____            \  \  \ ^      \  /A/
                    \_____        \____        \  \ |         |
                          \____        \____    | | /  #1#1# /
                  _____________\____        \___| |/        /
                 /          #       \____ >     | |__      /
                /               >        \____       \____/
               /     > _#_____  ______________\____ >      \
              /       /      | |                   \___# # #\
             /       /       | |                       \     \
             I      I        | |                        \     \
             \      \        | |                         |     |
              \      \___    | |                         | v   |
               \   #     \   | |                        /     /
                \___^     \  | |                       /#    /
                    \______\ | |                      /     /
                     \      \|B|                     /     /
                      \      \ |____________________/     /
                       \                           <     /
                        \                          <    /
    Although it is not necessary to do this race in a certain time, it is fun
    seeing how fast you can do it, these shortcuts are also helpful in winning the
    race so that you get the hologuise, they make it incredible easy.
    When the race starts,the first shortcut you come to is marked A on the map. To
    get to it you have to pull off a 3 or 4 pose trick so that you can use your
    boost after going over the jump, (marked 1). This will allow you to land on the
    shortcut. When you are on the shortcut, the first thing that you will notice is
    that it is very very narrow. While you follow the shortcut round, you will go
    through three rings which will make a beep noise. Then you have to jump over
    the track and go through the hole in the wall on the other side. This is the
    best shortcut and easily puts you out in front.
    The second shortcut is marked B, just before the turning for B, you will see
    three rings, similar to the ones for the last shortcut. You have to go through
    all of these to open this shortcut. It is hard to go through the rings while
    boosting, but it can be done. This shortcut doesn't cut as much time off, but
    there are loads of boxes filled with bolts, so it is worth doing.
    1K- Thankyou's
    First of all, thanks to INSOMNIAC for making this fantastic, superb, excelent,
    extrordinary, magnificent, incredible game.
    Thankyou also to Martin Moran, who first noticed shortcut A on the Gadgetron
    Thankyou to Avi Warner who comfirmed for us that the time neede to get the
    "Speedy" skill point in the American Version is 1:35.
    Thanks to Kay Neill for emailing me with the great strategy for the "Magician"
    Skill Point.
                           Thankyou For Reading Our First FAQ

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