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"This is what next-gen gaming is all about."

The Madden series has always set the standard for what a good NFL football game should be. This year, although the competition has greatly improved, they show their still number one.

In Madden NFL 2003 you are the manager, player, coach and spectator. You can square off against other NFL teams, create your own teams, start and franchise and even play online against others around the world. Unlike many online games, tons of fun is to be had even offline and by yourself. What more can one say? If you are a football fan, this game is for you. If you want a game that is never the same and offers tons of fun for one or two people, then pick this game up. The graphics are excellent too, that should be noted.

The graphics have been improved, even from last year. They are clearly showing the toughness of the PS2 and there is very little to no slow up ever. One problem I did bump into was when the camera did a full zoom out and had to the PS2 had to show the whole field, all the players and the crowd. This added up to a slight slow down which stopped once the camera zoomed in some. Might I add that this only occurred once in all my time of playing. Overall the graphics are definitely fitting of a 10.

Blue-42, Hut, Hut, Hike! The sounds of the Madden 2003 are great. Take a second to listen to every component that makes up the overall orchestra of sounds and you’ll be amazed. Very seldomly will you hear a repeated sound clip. In fact I only heard a sound clip repeated multiple times in practice when Madden would repeat the meaning of the formation, this although can be skipped and is there so you understand the formation better. The sound in Madden 2003 is simply outstanding, from the sounds of the field, the commentators, the crowds. Everything is done well, very well even.

The controls for Madden 2003 are responsive and easy to learn. It really helps that on loading screens they show a diagram of what the buttons do. After one game I easily picked up what button does what and how to use them properly. Overall the controls are done very well, and the pressure sensitive juking buttons give an added touch of control to the game.

Can you say infinite? Games like Madden 2003 have endless replay ability due to the fact that they have no plot line. Might I mention the cards you collect by gaining points by completing different challenges through the game? The cards have different purposes but most are to gain advantages in games (i.e. super dive). You can play forever if you live that long. Good deal if you do.

I’ll be honest with you all, I have had to think this over for quite some time. I really have no answer either. This game has done a great job at adding addictive features to an already fun and stylish football franchise. Let’s just hope Madden 2004 will be able to raise the bar for football games even more.

In my opinion it one of the very best games of 2002. This is a great buy if you can. Go, go and buy it!

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Controls: 10
Replay: 10
Average: 10
Overall: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/11/02, Updated 12/03/02

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