Review by silentassasin

"Great but falls just short of being worth buying"

Now I love these type of games but I often find I can finish them in no time at all and his was no exception with ''the sum of all fears'' but with this one I finished it in just over an hour of buying it. Aside of that there is enough here to keep you coming back for more for a about 2 more hours.

game play (8/10)
The game play is good as you can control you guy without a lot of effort.The only problem I found was you couldn't move fast enough whilst side stepping but that could just be me being a very fast player.

Graphics (8/10)
Now the graphics are very nice and very detailed but everything seems square for my liking but apart from that they are good.Not so much outside combat in this game but the outside graphics such as the grass and so forth are nicely detailed even for the fact you spend little time outside.

music and sound effects(8/10)
The music is very well done as in the quiet parts where you are sneaking about it is very quiet and fitting to that type of situation but as soon as you get into a fire fight it ups into a very good upbeat music, also the music is just loud enough to hear while being able to hear the enemies moving about and shooting at you.

replay value(6/10)
Although you can make various changes to the difficulty and there is also quick missions and various options to play them it has little replay value in my opinion as the quick missions are only the missions you have unlocked in campaign mode and the various ways to play them are not long lived.
The hard difficulty for the game is hard but some missions are still very easy in my opinion whish is why i gave it a bit more lower score for replay value.


Although it is a nicely done game I found that it was very short with only 11 missions which I got home and jumped straight into the game on the hardest difficulty and finished it in about 1 hour. I personally would recommend that if you like this sort of game you still think hard about whether to buy it or not. But its definitely worth renting out because its a nice game non the less.
This game is to much like ghost recon so I would recommend that you only buy one of these games as they are very similar except for the fact that ghost recon is based on outside missions.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/21/03, Updated 01/21/03

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