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    Orobo Clan Coin FAQ by Klonoa7

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/08/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shinobi Orobo Clan Coin FAQ
    By Klonoa7
    Version 1.4
    Version Update
    Version 1.4: 
    -Added details to number 3 and 4 coins of Stage 4-A. 
    -Added a small amount of detail to the Extras section.
    -Added a meaty chunk of the VR mission info, thanks to
    -Added a spoiler disclaimer also.
    -Added details to second coin on stage 2-A.
    -Changed details to fourth coin on stage 4-B.
    Version 1.3: Added more details to the Extras section.
    -Finally made the edit with the 1-B super and hard
    coins that everyone e-mailed me about.
    -Notified the 4-a third coin and the 4-b fourth coins,
    Version 1.2: All fifty coins have been found, thanks
    to contributations. 
    -Edit made to the first coin of Stage 4-A.
    -Switched around coins two and three in Stage 5-A like
    it should be.
    Version 1.1: Coin Faq made, All Normal and Hard Coins
    (with the exception of 8-A) found. Numerous Super coin
    locations are documented also. Extras listed.
    I. Stage 1-A
    II. Stage 1-B
    III. Stage 2-A
    IV. Stage 2-B
    V. Stage 3-A
    VI. Stage 3-B
    VII. Stage 4-A
    VIII. Stage 4-B
    XI. Stage 5-A
    X. Stage 6-A
    XI. Stage 7-A
    XII. Stage 7-B
    XIII. Stage 8-A
    XIIII. Stage 8-B
    This is my first FAQ made for this cool, yet
    challenging game. The learning curve is tough at the
    beginning but hey, this FAQ is for the coins we get to
    find scattered in the game. The Coins are the logo or
    piece for Hotsuma's Orobo clan. Hotsuma even sports
    the logo on his sowrd holder. 
    The Shinobi Orobo Clan Coin FAQ is copyrighted by I,
    Klonoa7, 2002 and shall not be copyrighted for other
    uses of media. (Magazines and such) without my
    authorization. Plagarisim is a crime folks, so just
    give me credit, I like that. 
    A---Familiars When using this FAQ, and the basics for
    getting coins...
    1. When I say JDJ or DJD I mean Jump, dash then jump
    in the air or vice versa. I normally use JDJ as to DJD
    when getting airborn coins.
    2. I try to be as acurate as possible, as for certain
    aspects of the game make it harder to seek and find.
    It's sort of saying "I'm behind the tree, dad." "Which
    tree, son? I'm not a psychic." So I'll try to
    speficically mark  areas for your scavenger hunt.
    3. This is more of a stragety advice, but check out
    your surroundings before you look for coins. We all
    know how it feels to get far in a level, find a coin,
    get the coin and die before getting to the boss.
    4: Tating in the air. Not as hard as it looks. Hold on
    to the lock-on button. and dash towards an airborn
    enemy, then repeatedly press slash and dash until the
    enemy is defeated. When he is dead, CONTINUE holding
    onto the lock-on button and dash towards the next
    targeted enemy. Just remember as Hotsuma or Moritsune
    the hits to kill an enemy will decrease by the more
    enemies you kill. Getting to some coins require that
    you tate in the air.
    (H) indicates that the coin is accessible on the hard
    version of the stage
    (S) indicates that the coin is accessible on the super
    version of the stage.
    In order to get more coins, you must defeat the game
    on Normal to get Hard, and hard mode to get Super
    mode. Once you play a level in a new mode, new coins
    will appear and you can acquire them. Contain coins
    that you already have gotten does not count towards
    your coin count.
    I recommend going through the game as Hotsuma on
    normal, then get enough coins to get Moritsune, beat
    Hard with him, get Joe, go through Super a little bit
    to get coins, and then get any coins you haven't got
    with Joe.
    Oh, and the spoilers of getting coins at every ten is
    listed at the bottom, so if you don't want to be
    spoiled then don't scroll at the bottom.
    I._____Stage 1-A "Time to kick some booty, ninja
    style!" Total Coins: 5
    1: When you first enter the section of a mass of
    destroyed buildings that you can jump on, noted as
    dark or burnt colored, head straight until you get to
    a section hidden by walls of a building. The coin is
    behind a piece of wall and is fairly noticable when
    you see it.
    2: In the section where you encounter the second tank,
    head along the eastern most wall, until you find a
    part in the buildings you can go through. From there,
    head straight, turn left on the street, and the coin
    is hidden behind a piece of crumbled wall.
    3: Right when you enter the last section with the
    tank, and I mean when you come out of the alleyway,
    turn rightand it will be on a ledge on a building.
    4: Is found in the destroyed building section, head
    east from the entrance until you find a T-intersection
    and gas pads on the walls. The coin can be found on a
    ledge on a building in there. (H)
    5: This coin is located where 4 is it's located in the
    air and you'll have to stick to a wall and JDJ to get
    it. (S)
    II._____Stage 1-B :"Who are you, and where'd you get
    that scar?." Total Coins: 4
    1: In the second are. It is in plain sight when you
    enter, but you'll have to wall run to get it for it is
    on a lonely building.
    2: In the third area on a ledge to your right when you
    enter from the alleyway. Climb on the wall next to it
    (The lighter section, not the darker section) and JDJ
    to it.
    3: Found in the last area on a tall building. In order
    to remotely reach the coin, go to the exit and you'll
    hear several airborn enemies appear. Air tate them and
    jump the platforms to the coin. (H)
    4: From the exit of the third area, don't go in yet,
    but head south from the exit and wall run towards the
    tv screen, and you'll see a small gap inbetween two
    buildings. The coin is found there, you'll need some
    slick jumping for this one. (S)
    III._____Stage 2-A: "Where'd peg-legged master-san go
    off to?" Total Coins: 3
    1: Is in a section where there are numerous red gates.
    The coin is on top of one of them, so find some
    elevation and jump on top of the gates to get it.
    2: This one is located in the next area, suspended in
    the air. JDJ to get it from the heighest elevation.
    The enemies in this area contain spear men and
    3 In the area with the only pit on the level, it's
    suspending in the air in plain sight, but you must do
    some good jumping skills in order to get it. (S)
    IV._____Stage 2-B "Guardian? No one said anything
    about a guardian!" Total Coins: 3
    1: In the area with the first building, jump off the
    wall and jump double on top of the roof, JDJ to get
    that one.
    2: Is in the only pit in the level. To get there you
    must wall run and use some precautioned jumps to reach
    it. You may have to JDJ to get to the platform. (H)
    3: It's in the same pit area as 2, but you'll have to
    jump off the wall to get it and predetermin where
    you're going to land. The coin is suspend in the air,
    by the way. (S)
    V._____Stage 3-A "Finding the guardian babe is harder
    than it sounds." Total Coins: 4
    1: This is located in a room with a big gap and
    platfroms sticking out of the walls. You can see it on
    the other side, but how to get it? Wall run on the
    eastern side, and JDJ to get it. Or if you're good
    with wall running, you can just jump and dash to the
    next part of the east wall, since some of it is broken
    and continue. 
    2: When you come to the open area and there is a
    breakable piece of gray wall on only one side. Break
    the wall and there's your coin.
    3:  At the final area of the stage, break through all
    of the gray walls, until you find it. (H)
    4: This one is located where 1 is, but it's suspending
    in the air around the platform where one is on. Well,
    do a JDJ and pray that you get it, less worry about a
    trek back up to try it over again. (S) 
    VI._____Stage 3-B "So the guardian chick is made of
    hot butterflies? Ok. -_-" Total Coins: 3
    1: After going into the second area, head up the
    incline and wall run to a platform that will take you
    to the third area and look to your right when you
    enter. The coin is sitting on a ledge above a stone
    seal. Wall runn to get it.
    2: Located in the big room with spiders poppng up out
    of the ground. Head to the exit but don't go throuhg
    it. Wall run the wall to the right side of the exit
    and it'll take you to another coin. (H)
    3: Go up the first ramp (the first one that takes you
    to the second floor), then immediately turn around
    Voila. (S) *taken from SonicTHP*
    VII._____Stage 4-A "Givng chase, Part One." Total
    Coins: 4
    1: At the second lava pit you cross, JDJ over it and
    head to the right. It's sitting right there.
    2: After your encounter with the second tank, go
    through the exit of the section and head to the left.
    It's hiding behind a building.
    3: In the area with the tank and the lava pool, JDJ to
    the left and you'll land on a platform with the coin.
    There are two waves of moth enemies and a locked exit
    here. (H)
    4. This coin is in the middle of the stage. It should
    be fairly obvious if you fight all the moths in the
    stage, because all you need to do is double jump to
    get it. (S) *taken from SonicTHP* There is a lava pool
    in the area with the moths.
    IX._____Stage 4-B "AHH! Evil Moth Creatures!" Total
    Coins: 5
    1: Right at the beginning. Turn around. 
    2: In the third section with the moths, look up high
    in the air. JDJ to get it. 
    3: In the fourth section, look on the little road on
    the large rock opposite of you. jump to it, and follow
    it and the coin will be on the path. 
    4: In the first area with the tank. It's located high
    to the right of the entrance. Use the platforms to
    reach it. (H)  
    5: In the last section before the boss, you can see it
    and a makimoto on the other side of the room. There is
    a platform to use to get to the other side. (S)
    It is high up in the third or fourth big area, it is
    heard to reach, but if you JJD, you can just reach it.
    (S) *taken from SonicTHP*
    Author's Note: I cannot confirm this coin, because I'm
    currently on that stage but I don't have any time to
    work on it." Someone confirm this coin's location.
    X._____Stage 5-A "Giving Chase, Part Two: Note:
    Ninja's hate water." Total Coins: 4
    1: In the second section, when you enter the stage,
    look to your left and yo'll find it suspended in the
    air next to the wall. 
    2: In the last area, hidden behind a platform. How to
    find it? Well, from entering the last section, go
    northmost to a platform, then from there head east to
    the stone slab, and then turn around. Be careful
    though, as it's really close to the water. 
    3: The third coin is in the third section next to the
    makimoto on the wall. (H)
    4: It's in the second to the last big area. It's
    literally around the corner to your left as you enter
    the area. If you're having trouble spotting it, first
    defeat the enemies in front of you then turn around,
    you should be able to see it in the distance. Also
    wait for the water to recede. It becomes a tease as
    it's one of those coins that's submerged half the
    time. (S) *Taken from Oilywater*
    XI._____Stage 6-A "Breaking and entering complexes,
    Ninja style!" Total Coins: 3
    1: Found on the top of the wall in the room where you
    see a stone seal right in front of you when you enter.
    2: At the end. It's suspended in the air at the top of
    the section, so when you find it, JDJ at it and make
    sure you get a good landing spot afterwards. (H)
    3: Before you exit the stage, turn around. It's on the
    platform where the two headed, four-armed, club
    wielding monster was at. (S) *taken from oilywater*
    XII_____Stage 7-A "So this is where my peeps all hang
    out at. Sweet." Total Coins: 3
    1: At the first fork in the road, take the path to the
    house and look behind the house. 
    2: Where you go through a door and see a waterfall on
    your right, it is floating right by the waterfall. Be
    careful not to hit the waterfall on your jump, as we
    know ninjas dislike water. (H)
    3: In the waterfall area. Look striaght down the
    middle, you can't miss it. (S) *taken from oilywater*
    XIII_____Stage 8-A "Ninja's don't need rope to climb.
    Fool" Total Coins: 6
    1: Right above the entrance at the beginning. Wall
    climb above it and it's sitting on top of the gate.
    2: In the third section, you can see it on another
    pagota, but how do you get there? Head to a tall
    building pallell to it, and JDJ to the floating
    enemies and tate them to reach the coin.
    3: In the fourth area, it's under the exit doors.
    4: the the last area, it's floating around the bottom
    of the left pilliar, so climb with caution here.
    5: Start the stage and run straight ahead and onto the
    bottom part of the building in front of you, and jump
    onto the left side of it. Right under the bridge like
    attachment is the coin. Alternately, go to the
    opposite end of the first room on the lowest platform
    and look towards the entrance to see it. (H)
    *submitted by SonicTHP 
    6: Ok, the rooms in this level are repeated right?
    Right. Now in the repeat of t he first room, when you
    first enter the room, look left and hug the wall, near
    the bottom corner is the coin. (S) *submitted by
    XIIII._____Stage 8-B "Slicing and Dicin' time. Total
    Coins: 3
    1: In the second jumping area with the stone seals and
    platforms. It's in the far northwest corner at the
    bottom of the section. Jump with caution here.
    2: In the section with the abstract decor (Looks like
    an Escher painting) and stone seals. It's found at the
    top of the openway, high around the ceiling, so wall
    jump up there like mad and you'll see it and get it.
    3: At the top of the last room, right before the exit
    to the boss, turn around and it should be right there
    for the taking. (S) 
    C. Extras "Reaping the Rewards."
    The more coins you acquire, the more Extras you
    10-Unlock Movie Player. Plays all movies that has been
    seen. E3-Special is released when you beat the game.
    E3-special is probably the trailler shown at *hint
    hint* E3.
    20-Art Gallery that releases more pictures by the more
    time/coins accumulated.
    30-Mortisune becomes playable. Mortisune is stronger
    and faster than Hotsuma, but the Slash Gauge consumes
    faster than Hotsuma's does.   
    40-Joe Musashi becomes playable. Mushashi does not
    wield Akujiki so he can free roam every level without
    any worry of time limit! Joe also has unlimited
    throwing stars and they damage rather than parylyize.
    Joe's sword strikes are weaker than Hotsuma, so don't
    expect to be winning boss battles with just ONE tate.
    Note: Joe and Mortisune are playable by: Stage
    selecting a level that Hotsuma has beaten, or start a
    new game with them althougher at the start screen.
    under the difficulty will be the names of the
    characters that have been unlocked.
    50-Ninja VR Missions becomes avaliable. Now I heard
    these were challenging. I hope they're MSG style
    fun/challenging orientated. 
    Shinobi VR Mission Info******
    It's called "Stage EX" and when you get them you
    scroll past stage 8B in stage select to play them :)
    -and yes, theyre challanging oh also i gotta say its
    stage EX mission 1-FINAL (FINAL is mission 9). There
    is one new enemy that isn't in shinobi stages 1A - 8B.
    its like a big centipede that only takes damage by
    hits to the head. in the final stage, it's the boss
    from stage 4A but when he summons enemies, they're all
    red ogres (like the one at the end of stages 8A and
    8B). for all the other stages it's basically lots of
    air-tating and just hitting those little
    switch-things. the missions tend to be very short,
    with challanging enemies. in every mission with walls,
    all the walls are made of white tiles. you really just
    hit switches, and go to a little thing made of a bunch
    of wood to end the stage. it took me about 45 minutes
    or an hour to complete them all. *taken from andy490* 
    SEGA, for bring a good game from 2-D to 3-D.
    Oilywater and SonicTHP. Two peeps who've mastered the
    game already, and their help.
    andy490 for the ex mission info.
    Myself, for putting some time out to do this.
    Any questions or comments can be e-mailed at

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