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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JKoenigsbeck

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    X2 - Wolverine's Revenge
    FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.01
    By: John Koenigsbeck
    Copyright 2003 John Koenigsbeck.
    =- CONTENTS -=
         B.....................................................Version History
         D.....................................................E-Mail Policy
                                                                 i. Act I
                                                                ii. Act II
                                                               iii. Act III
                                                                iv. Act IV
                                                                 v. Act V
                                                                vi. Act VI
         I.....................................................Game Completion Extras
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Welcome everyone to my Wolverine's Revenge FAQ. It may not be good, but I'll
    try my hardest to make it reasonable. This is only my second FAQ so this one
    might need a little more work, but that's why it's only version 1.01 now. :)
    Thanks for reading it! 
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Version 1.00 [29/04/03] (I'm British - live with my dates!)
     - The start of this faq.
     - Introduction, version history, controls, story and Act I completed.
     - Next update should be coming soon.
    Version 1.01 [05/05/03]
     - Rest of Wolverine's background added.
     - Act II's walkthrough done and tested.
     - There would have been more done, but I ended up seeing X-Men 2 twice,
       and a slight hard drive problem.
     - Slight rewrites to the walkthroughs for Act I, parts 1 and 2.
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    =- C. COPYRIGHT -=
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted 2002 John Koenigsbeck. This FAQ is not
    available for any site, unless permission is granted. This FAQ should only
    be appearing at GameFAQs, IGN and Cheat Code Central currently.
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    =- D. E-MAIL POLICY -=
    If you have any questions, or comments about this faq you can e-mail me at
    [j(dot)koenig(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk]. Please put Wolverine's Revenge as
    the subject line as I'm generally quite busy and need to sort my email quickly.
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    =- E. BASICS -=
    left analog stick........................Move character
    right analog stick.......................Rotate camera
    R3 button................................Reset camera
    L1 button................................Stealth Hold on/off
    L2 button................................Senses Hold on/off
    R1 button................................Crouch/Crawl
    R2 button................................Claws Sheathe/Unsheathe
                                             Feral trigger (double tap)
    Square button............................Punch/Slash
    Triangle button..........................Kick
    Circle button............................Action
    Cross button.............................Jump
    R1(hold)+Square..........................Crouching Uppercut
    R1(hold)+Circle..........................Reverse Crouch Kick
    START button.............................Pause Menu
    While Running
    Triangle button..........................Sliding Tackle
    Cross + Square buttons...................Claw Dive
    Circle button............................Spinning Attack
    In Combat
    L1 button................................Break Enemy Lock-on
    L2 button................................Toggle to Nearest Enemy Lock-on
    left analog stick........................Directional tap quickly for evades
                                             (left, right roll/quick back-off/
                                             Quick close in)
    left analog stick + X button.............Jump Over
    R1 button................................Crouch
    Cross + Square buttons...................Reverse Left Punch/Slash
    Cross + Circle buttons...................Reverse Right Punch/Slash
    Square button............................Grab Enemy
                                             Punch/Slash Enemy (when grabbed)
    Circle button............................Throw Enemy (when grabbed)
    Gun/Plasma Turret Controls
    left analog stick........................Navigate
    Square button............................Fire
    L2/R2 button.............................Zoom In/Out
    Circle button............................Press and Hold to EXIT gun
    Void Droid Controls
    left analog stick........................Navigate Droid
    right analog stick.......................Navigate Target
    L1 button................................Mini Gun
    R1 button................................Plasma Cannon
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    =- F. STORY -=
    James Howlett was born into privilege in Canada during the late 19th century,
    the second son of John and Elizabeth Howlett. At the shock of seeing his 
    father shot and killed, young James manifested his latent mutant abilities
    when bone claws jutted from the back of each hand. The beast unleashed, James
    attcked and killed his father's murderer, then fled to British Columbia with
    Rose, the young woman he loved.
    Under the identity of Logan he discovered he had other mutant abilities including
    animal-keen senses and an accelerated healing factor. Due to his tenacity and 
    refusal to back down from a challenge, Logan acquired the nickname Wolverine. When 
    Wolverine confronted the son of his father's murderer, a battle ensued, tragically 
    ending with Rose impaled on Wolverine's claws. Wracked by grief over the death of 
    the woman he truely loved, Wolverine fled into the woods.
    He was not seen for a long time and due to his healing factor, even after 100 years
    Logan appeared to be in his mid-30's. During that time his life became shrouded in 
    mystery, peppered with half truths and anecdotal reports of unconfirmed sightings. 
    The legend of the man called Wolverine was slowly taking form.
    In the latter half of the 20th century, the government subjected Logan to a bizarre 
    battery of experiments intended to forge the ultimate killing machine. Weapon X
    scientists grafted the indestructible metal adamantium to Logan's skeleton and 
    bone claws, and introduced memory implants that shaped his past to suit their ends.
    Combined with the earlier effects of his healing factor, these false memories have 
    made it impossible for Logan to discern fact from fiction when recalling his former 
    life. He nows knows little of his past, save that it was fraught with pain and loss.
    Wolverine was working as an operative for the Canadian government when he accepted 
    Professor X's offer to join the X-Men. Logan chose to stay on partly due to his 
    belief in Xavier's vision for the co-existance of humans and mutants, and partly 
    because of his attraction to Jean Grey. During his time with the X-Men, Logan has 
    worked to regain his lost memories, but virtually every answer leads him to even 
    more questions.
    A deadly viral time bomb has been triggered in Wolverine's nervous system. The 
    race is on to find the antidote before the virus goes lethal! Faced with a brand
    new adventure, Wolverine must take his powers and endurance to the very limit.
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    =- G. WALKTHROUGH -=
    Remember, these are just the best ways I know of at the moment. There may be
    (and probably are!) better ways round some of these obstacles. Feel free to 
    let me know. Plenty of space in the Credits section....
    i) Act I - Rebirth
    Act I Part 1 - Weapon X
    Simple enough start. Once the cut scene is over, dispose of the four guards in
    this section. There's a doorway to one side - simply slash the wires to the 
    right of the door and go through. Enter Senses mode (press and hold L2) and 
    press yourself against the right hand wall. Sneaking along this wall and peering 
    round the corner will show you an unaware soldier. Pressing Circle when the STRIKE!
    appears on screen will get you your first Stealth kill, 10,000 points and a dogtag.
    Looking round the corner at the rest of the soldiers in Senses mode will show you 
    a soldier towards the left hand side, with his back to you. Sneak up on him and 
    get another Stealth kill. Continue clockwise around that pillar in the middle of 
    the yard and there's another Stealth kill available. Careful, as the last guard 
    after him patrols back and forward here and might see you. Once the third guard's 
    taken care of, follow the last guard and dispose of him.
    Go over to the fence. Beyond that is a minefield - highly explosive. Luckily, your 
    Senses mode can detect mines. Hold the Senses on and slowly move across the minefield
    to the door on the far side. You can either use the doorway, or cut a hole in the 
    fence with your claws to make a shorter route. Avoid the spinning yellow circles 
    and try not to move too fast. When you enter the room on the far side, there are 
    two soldiers with their back to you. You can sneak up and Stealth strike one of 
    them but the other will fight you. I'd suggest killing the one on the left, 
    otherwise he runs for the alarm. Or if you position yourself very carefully (just 
    watch the arrows on the floor) you can pull off a double strike that kills both of 
    them immediately. Crates in this room (and some of the computers!) can be destroyed.
    Slashing one crate will reveal a secret room with a hidden comic book in it, giving 
    you a change of costume. The nearby crate reveals a air duct to a room full of health 
    packs. You'll need to duck down (R1 button) to get in though. When you've finished, 
    access the console that one guard was using and go back outside.
    If you've triggered an alarm at any time, there will be four guards waiting outside.
    Be careful how you fight them, as mines are still around that area. There'll also 
    be four guards waiting on the other side of the fence too. After crossing the 
    minefield once more, there's one guard that you must fight. If the alarm hasn't gone
    off, there's a chance of a Stealth kill on him. Cut across the minefield to the far 
    left side of the fence (away from him) and still holding Senses or Stealth, creep 
    through the fence and then all the way round the yard to behind him. Be warned, this
    is very difficult to get through the fence without him spotting you. Defeating him gives
    you a keycard which unlocks the door on the far side near the truck. Going through 
    there, you enter a vehicle maintence bay. There's one soldier lying under a truck 
    and one on his right. Stealth strike the guy under the truck first and then the other
    for another couple of dogtags. Enter the doorway to the right and dispose of the 
    three soldiers in there. On the right hand wall as you enter, there's a console.
    Operate that to open the doors down the ramp and exit through there to end the level.
    Act I part 2 - Below Ground
    Follow the path down and around until you come to an ambush by four soldiers. The
    one at the back has a taser which stuns you. Press the analog stick from side to 
    side as quickly as possible, then take him down first so he doesn't do it again. The
    remaining three soldiers should be a piece of cake after that. Alternatively, as
    soon as the level starts, go into Stealth mode and crouch down. Holding this
    position, creep around the tunnel carefully. The soldier with the taser and two of
    the others should be standing with their back to you. It's now possible to do a
    Stealth Kill on taser guy. Unfortunately, the first soldier behind the barricade 
    will now spot you, and the normal fight starts. Once done, continue down the 
    slope until you come to more doors and enter. There's two flaming trucks in the 
    middle of the room and four more guards to kill. Once they're gone, and your health
    is reasonable, you can run through the fire between the trucks and find another
    hidden comic and another costume change. After running back through, there's a 
    slope to the side and a door at the bottom which you need to break down with your 
    The corridor has explosives planted on the sides which will go off when they detect
    somebody approaching. Be careful with the very first two as they're not activated,
    and it's quite possible to arm them yourself. The very furthest ones will blow up
    the far door and show a room. Before going in, turn left down the side passage to a 
    cave with your first Cerebro file in it. Entering the lit room, you meet your old
    friend Sabretooth who shows you his interior decorating style. Passing through, you
    enter a gas-filled room. Your health will NOT heal while gas is around and the only 
    way to switch it off is to kill the three guards in there. Going up through the side
    door leads you to a room with another two guards and two doors to be destroyed. 
    Going through the door to the left introduces you to another guard and a room behind
    him with 8 health packs hidden in crates. On top of this side room (reached by a
    ladder at the end of the room is another Cerebro file.
    Going through the second destroyable door leads you to a corridor, with a locked door
    to the side and a power room ahead of you. Sneaking up on the guard to the left will
    give you another Stealth kill. Go back down and operate the console on the other side
    of the room. Dispose of the three guards that enter and go through the previously locked
    door. Two more guards to kill on the way through. The next room has laser wire units 
    rising up. Your Senses mode will let you get through this without too much difficulty.
    After killing the guard, his console will turn the Laser units off. Break down the next 
    door and exit the level.
    Act I part 3 - Freakshow
    You start at the top of a stairwell with four soldiers at the bottom. It's possible to 
    sneak along the walls until you get a chance to do a Stealth kill jump onto one of
    the soldiers, but it's tough. Killing all four will grant you a keycard which is used
    on the door in there. Stealth kill the guy to the right immediately. The way to the left
    leads to a dead end with five guards and seven health packs. Proceeding along to the
    right once more, there's another Stealth kill available along the right hand wall.
    And stealthing along that corridor and inside the room on the left lets you Stealth 
    kill again. Move back to the first corridor again and Stealth hug the left hand wall 
    this time. Peering around the corner lets you Stealth kill the guy who normally always 
    jumps out on you. If you've done this correctly and haven't triggered any alarms, you
    should see three soldiers all with their backs to you now. Very careful sneaking and
    positioning should enable you to get a Triple Strike on all three, gaining another 
    Entering the room ahead of them, shows four alerted guards and another set of laser
    wire units. Getting the timing right and running along the left hand wall should let 
    you get to the console with no loss of health. The console also unlocks the corridor 
    to the Genetics lab. Once you've killed off the genetic freak in the corridor, there's
    another in the next room wandering around the lower section. Warning - wait too long 
    in the corridor and he'll come to you. Down where he normally is are eight health packs. 
    Proceeding along to the tanks at the end, there's a console to operate the lift in the
    middle of the room. Unfortunately, using the console also releases two genetic freaks.
    After killing them, go down in the lift and meet Sabretooth once more.
    Only one of these two passages will open right now so go through it and locate the 
    scientist you need. You'll need to kill another two genetic freaks mind you... When that's
    done and you're healed, step on the elevator with the scientist and follow him. Kill the 
    next pair of genetic freaks before he'll move on. If you lose him at any time, he's gone 
    to the lift console back by the tanks from earlier. When you join him, he'll open up 
    the previously locked door by the bottom of the lift shaft. Go through there, up the
    next elevator and through the door in front. End of level.
    Act I Part 4 - Runt of the Litter
    It's a Sabretooth boss fight! Lucky us! Basically, hit him till he's down to no health 
    left. This causes the tank of petrol or whatever to come down. Then hit him again until 
    he's dazed or standing roaring and circle behind him. Pressing the Strike button now 
    lets you grab him from behind and throw him face first into things. The damage done by 
    the enviroment is the only way to permently bring his life bar down. Remember, claws 
    in will let you heal as well.
    Once he's down and collapsed, walk over to him and do one last Strike. That'll let you 
    pick him up, twirl him around and throw Sabretooth into the wall. You'll then find several 
    dogtags, a Cerebro file and the keycard you need to exit this room. Make your way out
    of the Genetics area and back to the medical corridor. There'll be one genetic freak 
    wandering around to be taken care of. Go along past where he was and through the 
    previously sealed Security door to the Core Chamber. Head to the left hand side and up 
    to the observation port to get another Cerebro file. Once done, go to the orange center 
    corridor and into the Professor's office. Congrats! That's Act I completed!
    ii) Act II - Lone Wolf Down 
    Act II part 1 - Crash Site
    Okay, this ain't a good way to start - low on health and surrounded. First thing to do 
    is to retract your claws, start the healing going and immediately enter Senses mode 
    and don't move at all. The solitary guard searching the crash site level with you will 
    walk towards you a bit and then turn away. Sneak up and perform a Stealth kill on him.
    If you're spotted at any point here, the helicopter will turn and fire on you. And in 
    your current lack of health any damage could kill you. After the first guard is dead, 
    sneak over to the cliff edge and look down. If you're in the right position, you'll 
    be able to do a Stealth kill from above on the next guard. Repeat to take out guard 
    number three. Stay in Senses mode for a while - you'll need to be able to watch the 
    helicopter's searchlight. When the searchlight swings away, drop the Senses mode and 
    RUN along the right hand side to a corner in the mountain. Rest there and use Senses 
    mode to watch the searchlight again. There'll be about six seconds when the searchlight
    swings past you towards the plane wreck. That will give you enough time to run along 
    the right hand side and swing yourself round a corner. Look up and you'll see four 
    health packs, which should bring you back up to full health. Simply then follow the 
    path along, check the searchlight below and make a break for the fence.
    Once you're in this section of the area, the helicopter's behaviour changes. If you've 
    been spotted earlier, then it will follow you around this area (even onto the bridge!) 
    and shoot at you when it finds you. If you haven't been spotted, then you'll have no 
    helicopter problems at all. Approach the building on the right and climb up the snow 
    drift to the roof. If you look over the other side of the roof, you'll be able to 
    pull off another death from above Stealth kill. Look ahead of you now - you can see the 
    generators to your left and the bridge to the right. Head off to the bridge and after 
    the cut scene, do a running jump over the gap to the second bridge section. Go 
    round the truck and carefully line yourself up. Once you pass the front of the truck, 
    the guard slips and you have five seconds suddenly counting down. Go down to him 
    quickly, (but be careful not to fall off) and enter Senses mode to get a Strike 
    opportunity. If you get the Strike, you pull the guard up and then get a Stealth kill.
    Throwing the body into the truck also gets you another health pack.
    Going back across the bridge, you'll find the generators directly ahead. Slash the 
    fence with your claws to get in. Go to the consoles and perform an action. Sticking 
    your claws in does get the power flowing and your health dropping. Wiggle the left 
    analog stick from side to side to break free. Getting the power going opens the big 
    door on the one side of the area. Unfortunately, it also brings one helicopter, three 
    soldiers guarding the door itself and three soldiers patroling the area between 
    you and the door. Run to the nearest building and climb the ladder up. The office 
    at the top has smashable windows which will let you get a health pack if needed. From
    this level, you can watch the guards patroling below. Keeping the senses on, you can 
    move along the connecting bridge to the copter pad and look down on the far side. You
    should be able to do a death from above Stealth kill. Disposing of the other two 
    patroling guards or just ignoring them, move towards the door. If they haven't been 
    alerted there should be a guard standing there with his back to you. Just right for 
    another Stealth kill. However, this alerts the guards and the helicopter who starts 
    firing missiles at you. Run as fast as possible into the tunnel and wait for the door 
    to seal behind you.
    Following the tunnel, you reach a nice big, very quiet grain silo. There's a lift shaft 
    to the left, which I don't recommend falling down. Take the stairs to your right and 
    jump over the gap in the flooring. Entering the smaller room, you'll find a locked door
    and an explosive barrel. Setting that off will grant you access to the control room. 
    Operating the control panel brings up the lift but lets in an awful lot of soldiers. 
    Exit the control room via the right, picking up another comic cover on the way. It is 
    possible to sneak around the edge of this upper section and pull off a death from above 
    Stealth kill, but it's tough. Once you've attacked the first soldier, everyone's alerted
    and after your blood. Do NOT go into the lift, as they will shoot the controls and cause
    the game to finish. One tip for this fight is to use the L1 button to lose the enemy 
    lock-on and let you hit a different one. Also, once a soldier is hit, he'll drop his 
    gun and only fight you hand to hand. When they're all dead, enter the lift and use the 
    controls. When you hit the bottom, exit the lift to end the level.
    Act II part 2 - The Lurking Horror
    Ah...possibly my favourite level in the game, but one of the most frustrating to work out
    as well. Firstly, run straight ahead, up the ramp and into the first door. Activate the 
    console to see the camera feed. My... that doesn't look very nice. Go back out and to 
    the next door. Move round the empty barracks until you find an explosive barrel next to a
    suspicious looking wall. Slash the barrel to blow up the wall and reveal a secret room 
    with another comic cover and costume for you. Exit the barracks and head over to the far 
    side by the rubble. Crouching down (R1 button) will let you find your way through the 
    debris to the other side.
    Warning - from here on in, being spotted by ANYONE causes the level to end. I strongly 
    recommend staying in either Senses or Stealth mode as long as possible. Sneak over to the
    wall to your left and flatter yourself against it. Siddle along the wall and peer round at 
    the first guard. Stealth kill him. The next guard is off to the right staring over the 
    balcony. Sneak up and kill him too. Now, while still holding Senses mode, also hold the 
    crouch button and crawl along the right hand bridge. The guard at the end cannot see you
    over the edge while you are crouched. When you get to the end, press yourself against the 
    wall, lean round and get that guard. The next guard has his back to you and is a piece of 
    cake. The button by him opens the door back on the side you came in. There's nothing in 
    that room as it's sealed off by a rock fall at the far end (in fact, it's the room you saw 
    on the camera way back at the start of this level). Sneak along the wall towards the other
    bridge and Stealth kill the next guard. Only one guard left on this upper level and he's 
    in the nearby control center. He patrols slightly, so only move over the connecting bridge
    to him after he's turned around.
    The button in that control room starts the machines up and creates a diversion, moving the 
    guards on the lower level around. Go to the far edge of the control room, and you should 
    be able to get a death from above Stealth kill on the guard below you. Now, there's only 
    four guards remaining. Take them out in a counterclockwise direction, starting with the 
    one with his back to you on the right hand side of the machinery in the middle. When you 
    get to the two guards together, Stealth kill the one on the left first as he's behind the 
    other one. Take out the last guard and relax. Go down through the big door they were 
    guarding and into the mine. Exit the level and breathe a large sigh of relief.
    Act II part 3 - Sealed In
    The very very dark mine. Switching to your Senses mode will enable you to see a LOT better
    in the mine parts. The first junction has a dead end sloping to the right with 3 health 
    packs behind a rock if you need them. Going forward brings you to another junction. The way 
    to your left is another dead end. Going that way leads you to a parallel shaft with 5 
    health packs at the front end. At the back of that shaft is a slight drop which will kill 
    you if you fall, but is easily leaped over. In the room behind there, you can find even more 
    health (2 packs) and a number of crates to smash. One of them provides 2 more health packs
    and some rage energy.
    Returning back to the primary shaft and going straight ahead brings you to another spot where
    the ground has dropped away from either side of the rails. Carefully make your way over and 
    proceed. Next is a spot where the ground has completely dropped away. Either do a running 
    jump to get across or place yourself against the left hand wall and edge across that way. 
    You'll see a giant block of rock has fallen ahead. Crouch down and go through under it. The 
    way ahead leads to a cave in, but the right fork takes you out. Ahead of you is a 
    Department H soldier. Wait for him to venture ahead around the corner, and then you can sneak 
    up on him and get a Stealth kill. Otherwise, he tends to spot you when he turns round.
    Following the tunnel down gets you to a brightly lit part of the mine. There are 3 guards 
    patroling on the platforms above you and 4 in the brightly lit tunnel on one side. Carefully 
    sneak round the left hand side of the room. Don't step in the light circles or drop the Stealth
    because the tunnel guards will spot you at once. Sneak round to the stairs up to the platform 
    and do your usual Stealth kill. The next guard will have his back to you and also present no 
    problem. Do a running jump from here across the room to the far platform and do a Stealth 
    kill on the last guard in this room. There's a switch on the wall ahead of him that Professor 
    X was talking about. Use your claws to destroy it. That will take the explosives on the 
    tunnel walls offline and cause the 4 guards in there to head out looking for intruders. Take 
    them all out and go through the tunnel. Drop down to the next level and enter the winch to exit 
    the level.
    Act II part 4 - Grim Discoveries
    Quite a tough level to figure out at first. The Wendigo eats people - if you get too close, 
    it eats you. The only way to move it to to feed the Wendigo the soldiers with you. Run ahead 
    and stop when you see the Wendigo appear. Turn around and go back round the stalagmites to the 
    right. This will bring you up behind the group of three soldiers that have just dropped down 
    the lift shaft. I suggest doing most of this level with your claws in.
    Punch the living daylights out of the guards until they've dropped their weapons and one of them
    is so dazed that the STRIKE! option comes up. Do NOT kill him, but press the Square button to 
    grab him. Now that you have your tasty Wendigo snack, run towards the Wendigo and without getting 
    too close to him, press Circle to throw the soldier to the Wendigo. He should take the snack and 
    run off to his next place. Repeat with the next batch of soldiers (or any survivors of your last 
    group) until you have your next victim. Carry him past where the Wendigo was before and round the 
    edges of a cavern. When the ground starts to slope steeply down, stop and look carefully around 
    for the Wendigo. It's quite easy here to run into the Wendigo unaware and end the level right 
    there. Feed him victim number 2 and watch him run.
    I suggest waiting now till you're fully healed and maybe even get another Wendigo snack ready. 
    Following the tunnel around brings you to a very big cavern. The Wendigo spooks and rushes past 
    you (if he hits you, there's a noticable loss of health) and runs up a spiraling path round the
    cavern walls. And then the soldiers decide to arrive in force. Normal rules - knock the guns out 
    of their hands, use L1 to move on to the next soldier and try to grab one of them. When you have 
    one, run up the path the Wendigo took, dodging the arriving soldiers wherever possible and reach 
    the top where the Wendigo waits. Pass him his last snack and then follow him to his lair.
    Act III part 5 - Wendigo's Cave
    Oh....My....God. Not fun. Not fun at all. And yet, when you know what you're doing, it can be 
    done quick and easily. The Wendigo has two bars by his picture. The bottom one is his life and 
    how far you've reduced it. The top one is his charge bar. When the charge bar fills, he charges 
    at you (that's why I call it a charge bar) until it runs out. At that point, he skids on the ice. 
    That gives you enough time to run up to him, hit him ONCE, and then circle around behind him until 
    the STRIKE! command comes up.
    When the STRIKE! comes up, Wolverine grabs the Wendigo by the tail and spins him round and round. 
    Waggle the left analog stick from side to side to increase the speed and the damage done to the 
    Wendigo on landing. If the Wendigo is thrown over the side, he'll jump back up and land in the 
    middle of the platform, causing a shockwave to ripple across it, destroying all the ice crystals. 
    It's possible to jump over the shockwave, but be careful not to be hit by the shockwave when you 
    are standing on the edge of the platform : instant death from the spikes.
    When the ice crystals are falling down, either dodge them by avoiding being at the centre of the 
    lines on the floor, or stand on one of the skulls or skeletons. The crystals don't hit them. In 
    general, you need to throw the Wendigo four times with full power before he's finished. His charge 
    bar lasts for longer each time after you've thrown him and he seems more intent on catching you. If 
    your health is low, it's possible to jump onto one of the big ice crystals and get one of the health 
    packs floating in mid-air, but it's tough.
    Eventually, after his health is gone, he'll be standing in the center of the platform with no ice 
    crystals left at all. Go up to him, and find the STRIKE! point. Wolverine will then pull off a very 
    nifty finishing strike and Wendigo will collapse. He'll leave behind several dogtags and a Cerebro 
    file on himself. Congratulations! You just beat one of the nastiest bosses to date!
    Act III - Return to Weapon X coming soon!
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    =- H. SECRETS -=
    Comic book covers locations :
    1 - Ultimate X-Men: (Act I, Part 1) 
    Once you've cleared the minefield for the first time, you will enter a room
    with with two guards. Once they're disposed of, use your claws to slash the 
    crate on the far wall to find a secret room. The comic book cover will be 
    right there, giving your first extra Wolverine costume.
    2 - Patch Costume: (Act I, Part 2) 
    When you enter the room with the flaming trucks, dispose of the guards. Wait 
    till your health has gone back up and run directly through the flame between 
    the two trucks and find Wolverine's next costume. There is a spot here where 
    you can wait again to let your health go back up, if you wish.
    3 - Classic Orange/Tan: (Act II, Part 1)
    Once you've passed the helicopter and the soldiers outside, you'll be inside 
    the compound and have to go up to the control room. The comic is just sitting
    there out in the open.
    4 - Classic Yellow/Blue: (Act II, Part 2) 
    Go up the ramp directly in front of you and enter the door on the left. Go 
    through the empty barracks and turn left, then slash the explosive drum to 
    blow a hole through the wall. The comic will be right ahead in the otherwise 
    empty room.
    5 - X-2 (movie) Costume: (Act III, Part 3) 
    Enter the core chamber after a cut scene and the comic will be visible down 
    in the core pit. Just jump down there, collect the book and exit via one of 
    the side ladders.
    6 - Alex Ross Outfit:  (Act IV, Part 2) 
    This will be in the first area of the level, on the back of the ledge.
    Cerebro files :
    1 - Wolverine: (Act I, Part 2) 
    After passing through the explosives but before meeting Sabretooth, turn left 
    and follow the earth passage to a small room. The file's at the back.
    2 - Department H/Weapon X: (Act I, Part 2) 
    Once you have left the gas chamber, turn left and go into a room with one guard
    protecting a door to a room (that contains boxes to be broken with health in it). 
    At the far end there's a ladder. Go up the ladder to the top of the room and find 
    a Cerebro file on the history of the Weapon X program.
    3 - Sabretooth: (Act I, Part 4) 
    Simply beat Sabretooth to get his Cerebro file. Just pick it up from where 
    Sabretooth is lying after you win.
    4 - The Professor: (Act I, Part 4)
    Right before completing the level, you will come to the circular observation 
    deck. Go to the left and walk up the stairs. Look for a Cerebro file in this
    control room. 
    5 - Wendigo: (Act II, Part 5) 
    Lo! Just beat Wendigo and you'll get his Cerebro file.
    6 - The Void: (Act III, Part 5) 
    Defeat Sabretooth and he'll leave behind the Cerebro file.
    7 - Colossus: (Act IV, Part 1) 
    Climb up the ladder in the prison's cell area and look to the left to find 
    Colossus' Cerebro file.
    8 - Omega Red: (Act IV, Part 4) 
    After entering the first big hallway, climb up to the catwalk and follow it to
    get Omega Red's Cerebro file.
    9 - Carol Hines: (Act IV, Part 4) 
    Right before finishing the level, destroy the crates to get Carol Hines' file.
    10 - Doctor Cornelius: (Act IV, Part 4) 
    Just do the same thing you just did for Carol Hines' file, it should be right 
    next to it using the same method.
    11 - Juggernaut: (Act IV, Part 6) 
    Beat Juggernaut and get his Cerebro file.
    12 - May Deuce: (Act V, Part 1) 
    To the right of the starting point of the level will be this file.
    13 - Magneto: (Act V, Part 2) 
    Once again, you get this file for beating him.
    14 - Mr. Sinister: (Act VI)
    To the right of the second part of the level.
    15 - Apocalypse: (Act VI) 
    Look for this Cerebro file after you jump from the second platform of the level.
    16 - Lady Deathstrike: (Act VI) 
    Grab the final Cerebro file for defeating your final opponent and beating 
    the game. Congrats!
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    When you've completed the game, the continue game function becomes a level
    select function. From here, you can go back and replay any level that you 
    felt you should have done better on first time.
    More importantly, Challenges will be unlocked. More information and help here
    coming soon!
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    =- J. CREDITS -=
    Thanks to :
    Stonewall718 - His secrets FAQ was very helpful indeed.
    Jason Cheung - For the Stealth strike tip at the start of Act I part 2
    Derek Newman - For the Stealth kill on the guard with the keycard in Act
                   I part 1.
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Hope this FAQ was useful to you. I've had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope
    you enjoyed it too. Seeya!

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