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"If your a Hardcore hockey fan you'll love this."

GRAPHICS: If you wanna compare with EA's graphics then EA beats Sega in terms of graphics but still good enough. The game is highly detailed and smooth. You can see the jersey number along with the name very clearly. The hockey sticks have brand names on them. Not really a big thing but, its good to see.

The Ice reflections of this game are beautiful you can see the lights and the scoreboard on the ice. The lighting is different in every arena. Since it has all 30 official arena's, the atmosphere is the same as if you were there. (how the arena looks)

The goalie Animations and puck physics are awesome it makes the shots on goal much more realistic. It could deflect of the goalie's pads from a diving save (and u actually see the puck spining) and hit the inside of the crossbar and in the net. (yes it actually happend).

GAMEPLAY:Smooth framerate...yes alot smoother then EA's NHL games.

The game play is very addictive once you get into it. Its simulation so don't think that you can run by and deke all the players to score. The A.I is incredible, If your on a powerplay the AI will continually dump the puck in your zone, unless u leave your goalie all alone then they go for it. There's a cool feature in this game, Its called Franchise mode. (Its like season mode...but not.)

What this is is your able to create a dynasty can act as a GM,coach and general manager. The way you start off is simple pick your team and play. But like all NHL franchises you some point need to renew someone's contract give a new contract to a new player,Trade teams,Buy free agents...etc

So lets say Byron Dafoe is a free agent you'll be able to get him a cost. Just like the NHL you earn money by the way your team wins (beating the season mainly) You start off with 700 points. So if u wanna do an early trade you can...thats 2 say if the trade is accepted.

Note: Franchise Mode won't change your regular season mode or exhibition mode. The trades and the stats and the deals you made will only be affected in Franchise mode not the entire game.

Just because you can score the way u score with one team doesnt mean you'll be able to score with the other. Sega/Treyarch made the goalies like their real life counterparts.

Roy would *accidentaly* give a stupid goal (Not all the time). They play exactly the same as the real NHL goalies I think this is one of the smartest things I have ever seen in a hockey game.

In one sentence.

The gameplay is phenomenal.

SOUND: Sound is decent...When u give checks it sounds a bit weird but if u hit the goal post or the boards? Its accurate. The skating sounds are exactly alike.

It has all 30 official goal horns (well 29 actually, Boston doesn't have one but they put one in the game.)

The commentating is repetitive and can sometimes be annoying. But the calls they make are incredibly accurate. If the goalie saves it with his skate, they say it.The commentators also talk about the players amd teams history and their talents. Its actually pretty cool because they talk about things that make sense about them.

CONTROLS: Very smooth but you can only use the analog. Trust me its better.

PRESENTATION: The presentation is weak but the gameplay makes up for it.

Overall I give this an 8 I took one point down because of the commentating and one point for the presentation.

Definitely worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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