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"Devil May... sit on the shelf for a while"

Devil May Cry 2, an awaited sequel to the popular Devil May Cry game for the PS2. And I'm sure many can agree with the following statement: "What a disappointment..." Why, you ask? Let's take a look...

Gameplay 6/10
The game is a 3D action/adventure platformer, similar to its predecessor, except now you've got 2 playable characters, and an unlockable 3rd character (Though, unfortunately, they function almost identically, save for their weaponry...). You've got your swords and knives for close range combat and combos, you've got your projectile weapons for ranged combat or for playing keep away, and you've got Devil Trigger, for when everything just has to die quickly. Why, then, such a low score? Unlike the 1st game, you don't really improve your weapons, gaining abilities, they just get more power. Melee weapons also become obsolete as soon as you begin upgrading your projectiles, because it's much safer to destroy things before they even get a chance to attack you than it is to risk getting in there and possibly dieing. The combat is also very sluggish and slow compared to the first one.

On its own, the gameplay is pretty standard, relatively fun at times, it's just I feel it came out too late to be really any good.

Story 4/10
To be honest, I didn't care about the story. It was boring and uninteresting. Dante goes to this random place and starts "kicking ass". The only saving grace this game has in the story department is that there are actually 2 sides to it, Dante's and Lucia's, and they both actually go through different events. It showed a hint of effort, but ultimately, it failed, as both stories seemed random, the characters were just moving along a route for no real reason...

Graphics/Sound 7/10
Music and sound... I can't really complain here, it's easily better sounding than the first one, and the graphics as well. Nothing wrong with them, though the environments were pretty bland...

Play Time/Replayability 3/10
Ugh... it's a very short game, even when playing through all 3 difficulties. you have to unlock each harder mode, but the game is so short and easy that it just doesn't really satisfying. There are unlockables, such as costumes, but they aren't really that great of an incentive, since it's literally just for show...

Final Recommendation: Don't buy it, but if it's given to you, you may as well keep it. It's definitely a playable game, it's just nothing really stands out about it...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/23/09

Game Release: Devil May Cry 2 (US, 01/25/03)

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