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    Game Script by niai mitch

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 11/06/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      _________.__.__                 __      ___ ___ .__.__  .__    ________  
     /   _____/|__|  |   ____   _____/  |_   /   |   \|__|  | |  |   \_____  \ 
     \_____  \ |  |  | _/ __ \ /    \   __\ /    ~    \  |  | |  |     _(__  < 
     /        \|  |  |_\  ___/|   |  \  |   \    Y    /  |  |_|  |__  /       \
    /_______  /|__|____/\___  >___|  /__|    \___|_  /|__|____/____/ /______  /
            \/              \/     \/              \/                       \/ 
      ________                          _________            .__        __   
     /  _____/_____    _____   ____    /   _____/ ___________|__|______/  |_ 
    /   \  ___\__  \  /     \_/ __ \   \_____  \_/ ___\_  __ \  \____ \   __\
    \    \_\  \/ __ \|  Y Y  \  ___/   /        \  \___|  | \/  |  |_> >  |  
     \______  (____  /__|_|  /\___  > /_______  /\___  >__|  |__|   __/|__|  
            \/     \/      \/     \/          \/     \/         |__|        
    Silent Hill 3 Game Script
    By: Niai Mitch
    E-Mail: niai_mitch@hotmail.com 
    (Put the words Silent Hill3 in the message title please)
    Started: 31st May 2003
    Finished: 6th November 2003
    Version: FINAL
    This FAQ is a transcript of all spoken character dialogue 
    throughout the game Silent Hill3. However this does not 
    include things that Heather says outside of a cutscene. Like when
    she examines an item. I have also described the setting and actions. 
    e.g. *Heather walked into the sunny park*. Some small cutscenes 
    have been left out, simply because they have no point in the
    storyline and I doubt anyone wants to read them. Whether you like
    this guide or not,please give it a rating. I want to know what people
    think of it.
    Feel free to e-mail me with corrections,suggestions and questions
    about my guide. If you need help with the game I will try to help
    you as best I can,but you may want to try one of the General FAQs.
    They will be able to help you more than I can. If you want to know
    more about the deeper meanings of the game and such then I strongly
    recommend Hellbound Heartís Plot Guide at Gamefaqs.
    Please do not copy or reproduce this document without 
    written consent of the author. Iíd be more than happy 
    for you to put this on your website, as long as I am 
    being given full credit for it, but please e-mail me at
    niai_mitch@hotmail.com before doing so. Please put Silent
    Hill 3 in the title.
    SILENT HILL is a registered trademark of KONAMI COMPUTER 
    ENTERTAINMENT TOKYO Inc. KONAMI is a registered trademark 
    of KONAMI CORPORATION.  All rights reserved.
    This document is Copyright 2003 Niai Mitch.
    Needless to say, this guide will contain huge spoilers. 
    Donít read on if you donít want the whole storyline revealed.
    You have been warned...
    Version 1.0 ĖThe initial version of the guide. The Game 
    Script is complete up until PART 7D. Only one song in the 
    SONG LYRICS section. Summer Holidays are coming so Iíll 
    get lots of time to add more soon.
    Started Ė(31/5/03) Submitted Ė (6/6/03)
    Version 2.0 ĖFinished the HOSPITAL and MOTEL sections. 
    Finished PART 9 up to D. Also added an explainatin of
    a quote in PART 4A. (Credit goes to Chesh the cat for that
    Started Ė(8/6/03) Submitted Ė(8/6/03)
    Version 3.0 ĖFinished the LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK section
    and the first part of THE CHURCH section. The next 
    version will contain the rest of the game and one of the 
    endings.(probably the normal one)
    This guide will soon be found on www.cheats.de as well as
    www.gamefaqs.com. Because of this Iíve started the 
    ďSites where this guide can be foundĒ section 
    Started Ė(9/6/03) Submitted Ė(10/6/03)	
    4.0 ĖAdded the Revenge Ending. Finished PART 11 B. and C.
    Sorry if you were expecting the rest of the script finished
    but Iíve decided to work on that and release it in Version 
    5.0. For the next update Iím going to have the CHURCH 
    section done and the normal ending added. As well as the 
    credits song from the Revenge ending.
    Started Ė(10/6/03) Submitted Ė (11/6/03)
    5.0 ĖAdded the ďSILENT HILL SONGĒ and I WANT LOVE to the
    song lyrics. Finished the CHURCH section and added the
    Normal ending. All that is required now is the Possesed 
    ending. Iíll have that soon Ďkay?
    Started Ė(11/6/03) Submitted Ė(13/6/03)
    6.0 ĖRealised that Gamespot was missing from the SITES
    WHERE THIS GUIDE CAN BE FOUND section and added it.
    Started the BITS AND BOBS section. Added the bit of info
    about Tu fui, ego eris, thanks to an e-mail from Richard.
    Added the Possesed ending. This may be the final update.
    Started Ė(16/6/03) Submitted Ė(17/6/03)
    6.5 ĖSeems like I rushed the last update. A few mistakes 
    were made. But theyíre sorted out now.
    Started Ė(18/6/03) Submitted Ė(18/6/03) 
    FINAL ĖThe last ever update to this script. Iíve added
    some little scenes like P2E. ďThe Toilet of Doom!Ē and  
    P2F. ďDaddyĒ
    Started Ė (??/??/??) Submitted Ė(06/11/03)
    A. Heather enters the Park
    B. (Heather is hit by a roller coaster)
    A. Heather meets Douglas
    B. Heather encounters her first monster
    C. Heather meets Claudia
    D. Elevator Ride
    E. The toilet of doom!
    F. Daddy...
    G. Heather battles Splitworm
    H. Heather meets Douglas again
    Part 3: SUBWAY
    A. (Heather is pushed off the tracks by.. something?)
    B. Heather dodges the moving train
    C. Heather enters the train
    D. The train stops
    A. Heather enters the nightmare world
    B. Heather meets Vincent
    C. Heather reads the story book
    A. The nightmare gets worse
    B. Heather confronts Claudia
    C. Heatherís sorrow
    D. ďIím going to Silent HillĒ
    A. The car journey
    B. Mission Briefing
    A. Phone call from Leonard
    B. Mysterious recording
    C. (The birthday message)
    D. Heather meets Leonard
    A. Meanwhile...
    B. Vincentís message
    A. Heather enters the Park again!
    B. Heather is nearly hit by a roller coaster
    C. Douglas confronts Claudia
    D. Heather wakes up
    E. The haunted house
    F. Heather finds Douglas #1
    G. (Heather finds Douglas #2)
    H. Merry-Go-Round
    A. Heather meets Claudia
    B. (Confession)
    C. Heather meets Vincent
    D. (The Cassette Tape)
    E. Claudiaís Wrath
    F. (The End...)
    G. Birth
    H. God
    A. Normal
    B. Possesed
    C. Revenge (UFO)
    A. Youíre not here
    B. Letter 
    C. Hometown
    D. I want Love
    E. ďThe Silent Hill SongĒ
    Note: Those displayed in brackets are optional scenes that
    donít have to be seen to progress.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Heather enters the Park
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *A young seventeen year old girl named Heather Mason is walking 
    through a smoke filled area. The sign above her says ďLakeside
    Amusement ParkĒ. She has a frightened and confused expression 
    on her face.*
    Heather: Where am I?
    *We hear eerie growling noises. Heather looks at the knife 
    in her hand.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    (B. Heather is hit by a roller coaster)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather fights her way through the amusement park and 
    reaches some roller coaster rails. She hears a distant 
    loud rumbling noise. Before she has time to react a roller 
    coaster drives into her.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    A. Heather meets Douglas
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather wakes up in a silent cafe. It was all just a 
    Heather: What a nightmare.
    *She slowly gets up and walks out of the cafe. She goes to 
    a nearby payphone and calls her Father, Harry Mason.*
    Heather: Dad? Itís me. Yeah. Sorry I didnít call sooner.
    Yeah, I guess I was. Anyway Iím coming home now. Oh, I 
    didnít get that thing you asked me to. Okay. Okay, I will. I 
    love you too dad.
    *She hangs up the phone. A middle aged man named Douglas Cartland
    steps out. Heather looks at him and then walks away from him. He
    follows her.*
    Douglas: Heather. I need to speak with you. My name is Douglas 
    Cartland. Iím a detective.
    Heather: A detective? Really? Well nice talking to ya.
    *She continues walking. Again, Douglas follows.*
    Douglas: Hold on. Thereís someone who wants to meet you.
    Just let me have an hour, no half an hour of your time.
    *She stops and turns round to face him.*
    Heather: My Daddy always told me not to talk to strangers.
    Douglas: This is very important. Itís about your birth. 
    Heather: Iím not interested.
    *She keeps walking. He follows her.*
    Heather: Are you still following me? Do I have to scream?
    Douglas: Sorry. Iíll wait here.
    *Heather enters the ladies bathroom.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    B. Heather encounters her first monster
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    *Heather enters a small, seemingly empty clothes shop. 
    She spots a discarded handgun on the floor. She cautiously 
    picks it up. She turns her head round and looks on in horror 
    at a monster eating a dead human. The monster looks grotesque.
    Its general body shape is slightly human looking but its head is 
    like a long cylinder. The monster stops eating the corpse and 
    starts walking towards Heather. Heather holds her gun and aims 
    it at the creature.*
    Heather: Stay back!
    *It walks closer. She backs away.*
    Heather: Get the hell away from me!
    *She fires the gun seven times at the monster but then there 
    is nothing more than a click coming out of the gun. She has 
    run out of ammo. Heather frantically presses the trigger but 
    nothing happens. Just in time, the monster dies.*
    Heather: What the hell is this thing?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    C. Heather meets Claudia
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters a long corridor. There is a young woman 
    standing at the end with long blonde hair and wearing a long 
    black dress. Her name is Claudia Wolf.*
    Heather: Hey wait, whatís going on? Where is everybody? 
    Those weird monsters...
    Claudia: Theyíve come to witness the Beginning. The rebirth
     of Paradise, despoiled by mankind.
    Heather: What are you talking about?
    Claudia: Donít you know? Your power is needed.
    Heather: How should I know?
    Claudia: I am Claudia.
    Heather: So what!
    Claudia: Remember me, and your true self as well, also that 
    which you must become. The one who will lead us to Paradise 
    with blood stained hands.
    Heather: Claudia? Right? Did you do all this?
    Claudia: It was the hand of God.
    *Heathers head starts throbbing. She holds her head and 
    collapses to the ground. Claudia walks away. She has a smile 
    on her face.*
    Heather: Wait!
    *After a while, the throbbing stops and Heather gets up*
    Heather: I donít get it...
    Heather: What does she want me to remember?
    - - - - - - - - -
    D. Elevator Ride
    - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather cautiously enters the elevator. Inside it is surrounded
    by a sort of fence. It seems to be empty. Suddenly Heather spots
    a monster on the other side of the fence. She gives a yelp of fright 
    and covers her mouth with her hand.
    Heather: Is this a dream?
    Heather: Itís got to be! 
    *The elevator door slams shut and the elevator starts to 
    Heather: Not even a kid could believe in this.
    Heather: But when am I gonna wake up?
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    E. The toilet of doom!
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather is about to stick her hand down the toilet.*
    Heather: Forget it. This is way too gross.
    *She turns and faces the camera.*
    Heather: Who would even think of doing something so disgusting!
    - - - - - -
    F. Daddy...
    - - - - - -
    *Heather finds a telivison. There is nothing but static on the 
    screen. We see a strange figure on the screen but it disapears
    Voice: Daddy...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    G. Heather battles Splitworm
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    *Heather climbs down a very long rusty ladder. She 
    finds herself in a small dirty room at the bottom of
     the mall. There are six holes. Some of them are covered
     by grates. She hears a clanging noise from one of the 
    walls. She goes to investigate. The floor starts to 
    shake. She turns round and a huge worm like creature 
    smashes out of one of the grates. Heather prepares to
    battle the Splitworm. After she kills the Splitworm the 
    hellish nightmare mall disappears and the mall turns 
    normal again, like it was when Heather phoned her Dad. 
    Heather: What?
    Heather: Itís the shopping mall just like before.
    Heather: Am I back?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    H. Heather meets Douglas again
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather heads for the stairs leading down to the subway.*
    Douglas: Heather!
    Heather: Itís you...
    Douglas: What just happened?
    Heather: You must be one of them!
    Douglas: What did I do?
    Douglas: And what do you mean by ďone of themĒ?
    Heather: Youíre in on this with that Claudia, arenít you?
    Douglas: Claudia... What about her?
    Douglas: She asked me to find you. Thatís all.
    Heather: So you are one of them!
    Douglas: Claudia did all that?
    Douglas: Look I was just hired to find you.
    Douglas: Iím not on anybodies side.
    Douglas: I donít know anything about this.
    Douglas: Why donít you start by telling me what happened here?
    Douglas: And that monster, what the hell was that?
    Heather: I donít know anymore than you do.
    Heather: All I know is that something really screwy is going
    on and Iíve got a weird feeling itís got something to do with me.
    Heather: Maybe Iím just an innocent bystander but I canít feel
     sorry for you, Ďcause you dragged me into this.
    Heather: If you hadnít found me...
    Douglas: What are you talking about?
    Douglas: Whatís so special about you anyway?
    Heather: If I knew that I wouldnít be so confused would I?
    Heather: But I know thereís something...
    Heather: Something Iíve been running from and forgot for 
    a long time.
    Heather: How did I remember that?
    Douglas: Whatís wrong?
    Heather: Nothing.
    *Heather walks back towards the subway stairs*
    Douglas: Where are you going?
    Heather: Iím taking the subway home.
    Douglas: What should I do?
    Heather: Hell if I know.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    (A. Heather is pushed off the track by.. something?)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather walks down Platform 4. She stops and looks down
    at the tracks. We see through the eyes of ďsomethingĒ 
    running towards her. It runs into her back and she falls onto
    the tracks.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Heather dodges the moving train
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather jumps off the tracks onto the platform just in time to avoid
    being hit by the train. It suddenly stops and the doors open. Heather
    seems pretty spooked by this.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    C. Heather enters the train
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather cautiously enters the empty train. Once she enters, the door
    close behind her and the train starts moving. She panics and starts 
    banging on the door but it wonít budge.*
    - - - - - - - - - -
    D. The train stops
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *After killing a few monsters on the way, Heather makes it to the 
    last carriage. The train comes to a sudden stop and she falls over.
    The door opens.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Heather enters the nightmare world
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather turns the tap on the bath. Nothing happens.*
    Heather: I knew it.
    *The bath starts filling up with blood. Heatherís head starts 
    throbbing again. The walls, floor and ceiling become stained 
    with blood. Heather is entering the nightmare world again. She
    starts screaming and collapses on the floor. The screen goes black. 
    ????: Itís being invaded by the Otherworld. By a world of someoneís 
    nightmarish delusions come to life. 
    *Heather gets up and looks around her.*
    Heather: Oh no. Not again...
    *Heather kicks the bath in anger.*
    Heather: Did she do this too?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Heather meets Vincent 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters a small room in the mental clinic. There is a 
    man sitting on a chair at a desk.
    Vincent: Heather... Thatís what youíre called now? Isnít it?
    Heather: And who are you?
    Vincent: The nameís Vincent. Donít forget it Ok?
    Vincent: Iím on your side.
    Heather: So you say...
    Heather: But how do I know youíre not with her?
    Vincent: Her? You mean Claudia?
    *Vincent gets out of his chair.*
    Vincent: Please! Donít lump me together with her.
    Vincent: She was totally brainwashed by that crazy old hag.
    Vincent: I guess ďcrazy old hagĒ is a bit harsh. She is your
    mother after all...
    Heather: My mother? What do you mean?
    Vincent: You donít remember?
    Vincent: So Harry didnít tell you anything.
    Vincent: I guess he hid the truth to keep you on his 
    side, eh?
    Vincent: That figures. Heís a pretty sneaky guy.
    Heather: Donít talk about my dad like that!
    Vincent: Sorry, I apologize. Please, calm down.
    Heather: How do you know my father anyway?
    Vincent: I know everything.
    Vincent: I know about your past too.
    Heather: Then tell me whatís going on.
    Vincent: You donít know even that?
    Heather: Thatís why Iím asking.
    Heather: If you know something then tell me how I can 
    put an end to this.
    Vincent: Not yet.
    Vincent: Why not enjoy yourself a bit longer?
    Heather: Enjoy? I feel like Iím going crazy.
    Heather: Doesnít this place get to you at all?
    Vincent: Oh it gets to me alright.
    Vincent: I find it most fascinating.
    *Heather walks to the door*
    Vincent: Wait! Iím not finished talking!
    Heather: I knew you were on her side.
    Vincent: How do you figure!?
    Heather: Thereís something wrong with you too.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    C. Heather reads the storybook
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather reads the torn pages from a storybook.*
    Heather: Tu fui, ego eris. 
    Heather: Weird writing.
    *A monster wails nearby*
    Heather: What was that?
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Heatherís discovery
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters her apartment. She yawns and walks
    towards her fatherís armchair which is facing away 
    from her*
    Heather: Dad, Iím home.
    Heather: Listen.... Something really crazy is going on.
    Heather: I think we should... Dad?
    *Nobody answers. Heather walks round to the front of the 
    chair and looks at her father. He is covered in blood. 
    He is dead. Heather gasps, and collapses in her grief.
    She starts sobbing on his bloody knees.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Heather confronts Claudia
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather notices a trail of blood leading up the stairs to 
    the roof. She follows it. Claudia is waiting for her at 
    the top.*
    Heather: Did you do this?
    Claudia: Youíre late.
    Heather: But why!? Why!?
    Claudia: Revenge for 17 years ago for one thing. If not for
    him our dream would have come true!
    Claudia: And then, he took you away from us.
    Heather: Iíll get you for this!
    Claudia: There is another reason: to fill your heart with hatred.
    Claudia: It must be this way. One day you will understand.
    Heather: No! Iíll never understand!
    Claudia: You must try to remember me, and your true self 
    as well.
    Claudia: You will birth a God and build an eternal Paradise.
    *Heather points her gun at Claudia. Claudia shakes her head.*
    Claudia: Besides, he killed your father. I merely gave 
    the order.
    *A hideous monster called ďMissionaryĒ emerges from the darkness.*
    Claudia: So, what will you do?
    *Claudia heads for the door.*
    Claudia: Iíll be waiting, where all begins.
    Claudia: In the town of Silent Hill.
    *Claudia shuts the door behind her.*
    - - - - - - - - - -
    C. Heatherís sorrow
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *After defeating the monster, Heather walks back downstairs.
    Douglas is there, looking at Harryís corpse. He looks at 
    Douglas: I donít know what to say...
    Heather: Then donít say anything.
    Heather: Iím fine, so just get out of here, and leave me 
    alone already.
    Douglas: Calm down, I just...
    Heather: Calm down? How am I supposed to do that?
    Heather: My father is dead! Heís murdered!
    Heather: Get out! This is all your fault!
    Heather: If it werenít for you....
    Douglas: Iím sorry. 
    Heather: Then go!
    Douglas: If itíll make you feel better, I will.
    *Heather folds her arms.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    D. ďIím going to Silent HillĒ
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    *Harry and Douglas are in Harryís bedroom. Heís been laid on
    the bed, covered by a duvet. Thereís flowers laid on top of him.*
    Douglas: Is he okay like this?
    Heather: What else can we do? Thereís no one here to give him a 
    decent burial.
    *There is a silent moment.*
    Heather: Iím sorry Dad.
    Douglas: Whatíll you do now?
    Heather: Iím going to Silent Hill.
    Douglas: Whatís in Silent Hill?
    Heather: I donít know.
    Douglas: Do you think itís safe?
    Heather: Of course it isnít!
    Heather: I donít know what kind of hell is waiting for me there, but
    Iíve got no other choice.
    Heather: I donít care about God or Paradise... If thatís what she 
    believes in then fine.
    Heather: But she wonít get away with what she did.
    Heather: When I find her, Iíll kill her myself.
    Douglas: Revenge doesnít solve anything.
    Heather: Maybe not, but thatís what Iím going to do.
    Douglas: Iíll give you a ride.
    Heather: I donít need your help.
    Douglas: Yeah but itís too far to walk.
    Douglas: Besides Iím party responsible for this.
    Douglas: Iíll bring the car around back. Come by when youíve 
    finished saying goodbye.
    *Douglas walks to the door.*
    Heather: You know, you might die too.
    Douglas: Thatís fine.
    Douglas: No oneís going to cry over my grave anyway.
    *Douglas leaves.*
    - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Harryís gift
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather walks down the apartment steps. Douglas is waiting
    for her by the car.*
    Douglas: I just met a guy named Vincent...
    Heather: Vincent?
    Douglas: Heís a friend of yours right?
    Heather: Iím not sure.
    Douglas: He said when we get to Silent Hill to look for a guy 
    named Leonard.
    Douglas: And he gave me this map. 
    *Douglas gives the Silent Hill map to Heather*
    Douglas: What do you want to do?
    Heather: We canít trust him, but weíve got no other choice.
    *Douglas takes something out of the car and hands it to her.
    Douglas: Take this too.
    Heather: Whatís this?
    Douglas: Your father was holding it.
    *It is a white notepad with blood stains on it. It has ďTo 
    my Dear DaughterĒ written on it.*
    - - - - - - - - - -
    B. The car journey
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *Douglas and Heather are in the car. Douglas is driving.*
    Douglas: It started raining.
    Douglas: Are you sleeping?
    Heather: Iím awake.
    Douglas: You cold?
    *Heather doesnít answer.*
    Douglas: Whatís the deal with Silent Hill anyway?
    Douglas: It used to be a nice, quiet little town, but now...
    Heather: Youíve been there?
    Douglas: Once. On a missing persons case.
    Douglas: I never did find him.
    Douglas: Iíll tell ya, thatís one screwed up town.
    Douglas: In my line of work, you hear a lot of nasty rumors.
    Heather: I was born and raised there.
    Douglas: Sorry. I didnít mean to offend you.
    Heather: No offence taken.
    Douglas: Anyway, I thought you grew up in Portland?
    *Heather touches her forehead.*
    Douglas: Whatís wrong?
    Douglas: You feeling sick?
    Heather: My head is pounding. Like the worst hangover ever.
    Douglas: Maybe youíre carsick.
    Heather: No. Iím just trying to remember.
    Heather: My childhood.
    Heather: Something terrible happened in Silent Hill 17 years ago.
    Heather: A woman named Dahlia, she tried to summon the ancient god 
    of the town.
    Heather: She offered up her very own daughter.
    Douglas: Thatís crazy.
    Heather: Maybe so, but it worked. The girl gave birth to a god.
    Douglas: Huh?
    Heather: You see, that girl had special powers. 
    Douglas: Powers?
    Heather: Her classmates called her a witch.
    Heather: She could make things happen with her mind.
    Heather: She could kill people just by wishing for it.
    Heather: But in the end that god was killed by a single person.
    Heather: My father, Harry Mason.
    Heather: I guess it wasnít much of a god if it could be killed 
    by a human being.
    Heather: But I think Claudia is trying to do the same thing again.
    Heather: And Iíve been chosen as the sacrifice.
    Douglas: Youíve got some kind of power in you too?
    Heather: After the god died, the girl reappeared.
    Heather: She was holding a baby in her arms.
    Heather: Before she died, she gave the baby to my father.
    Heather: He loved me just like I was his very own daughter.
    Heather: Even though he didnít know who or what I was.
    Heather: It was so sudden...
    Heather: I never had a chance... to tell you...
    Heather: To tell you... how happy you made me.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Mission briefing
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather are Douglas are in a Silent Hill Motel. 
    Heather is sitting on a bed*
    Douglas: Iím gonna head for that Leonard guyís house.
    Douglas: You check out the hospital.
    Douglas: You got that map, right?
    Heather: Yeah.
    Douglas: You gonna be okay alone?
    Heather: Iím not a child, you know.
    Heather: Are you sure itís not you whoís afraid 
    to be alone?
    Douglas: Youíre right. I am afraid.
    Douglas: Iím 50 something years old and I never 
    seen nothing like this.
    Dream: I still feel like Iím dreaming.
    Heather: More like a nightmare Iíd say.
    Douglas: Yeah. I want to wake up and have a 
    smoke already.
    Douglas: Meet me back here when youíre finished 
    looking around the hospital, Ok?
    Heather: Rodger.
    *Douglas leaves. Heather stands up.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Phone call from Leonard
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather approaches a ringing telephone. She slowly
    picks up the receiver.*
    Heather: Hello...?
    Leonard: Claudia?
    Heather: No, Iím...
    Leonard: Donít lie to me, Claudia.
    Leonard: Youíre always trying to run from your 
    Leonard: Have you come to apologize?
    Leonard: Or maybe you still donít realize how foolish 
    youíve been?
    Heather: Listen to me already!
    Heather: Iím not Claudia!
    Leonard: Youíre not Claudia?
    Heather: My name is Heather.
    Leonard: Heather...?
    Heather: Who are you?
    Leonard: Leonard Wolf.
    Leonard: Iím sorry. I thought you were my daughter.
    Heather: Claudia is your daughter?
    Leonard: Oh so you know her do you?
    Leonard: Are you one of her followers?
    Heather: No. Never.
    Heather: When I find her, I...
    Leonard: I cam feel the hatred.
    Heather: What?
    Leonard: Behind your words... the anger.
    Leonard: You plan to kill her donít you?
    Heather: Iím sorry.
    Heather: But she... she killed my father.
    Leonard: Sheís a fool, but sheís still my daughter.
    Leonard: I was going to forgive her if she changed her ways.
    Leonard: But I see itís too late.
    Leonard: Heather, will you help me?
    Heather: Help you?
    Leonard: Iím locked up in here.
    Leonard: And I must stop Claudia.
    Heather: Where are you now?
    Leonard: Iím not sure myself, but the door is at the
    end of the hall on the second floor. 
    Leonard: I think I can be of help to you.
    Leonard: I have a seal. Please.
    Heather: A seal?
    *Leonard hangs up the phone. Heather puts the receiver down.*
    Heather: The end of the hall on the second floor?
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Mysterious recording
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather sees a recording of some kind of video footage on the wall. 
    There is a nurse on the screen.*
    Nurse: Still has an unusually high fever...
    Nurse: Eyes donít open... getting a pulse.
    Nurse: But just barely breathing.
    Nurse: Why! What is keeping that child alive?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    (C. The birthday message)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters the womanís locker room. There is a 
    telephone ringing. She opens up a locker and there 
    is a pay phone inside. Heather picks up the receiver.*
    ????: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.
    ????: Happy birthday dear...
    ????: Oh, I forgot your name.
    Heather: Who are you!?
    ????: Oh, okay thanks.
    ????: Happy birthday dear ďHooaryouĒ.
    ????: Happy birthday to you.
    ????: Happy 31st birthday!
    Heather: Is this Leonard?
    ????: Thatís the murderers name, not my name.
    ????: Iím not your beloved Stanley either.
    ????: Heís underground now. His new name is #7.
    ????: But donít worry about that now. Itís time to celebrate 
    your birthday!
    Heather: Youíve got me mistaken for some someone else. Todayís
    not my...
    ????: Iím not mistaken. Today is your 24th birthday.
    ????: And I have a present for you.
    ????: Which do you prefer? To give pain or to receive it?
    ????: You can have the one you hate the most.
    ????: Happy birthday to you.
    *The person hangs up. Heather puts the phone down.*
    Heather: But youíre wrong.
    Heather: Itís not my birthday.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    D. Heather meets Leonard
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather climbs down a long ladder into the sewers. Itís
    filled with water which is about knee-height.
    Leonard: Heather?
    Heather: Yeah?
    *Leonard is nowhere to be seen.*
    Heather: Leonard? Where are you?
    Leonard: Thank you. Now I can finally leave here.
    Leonard: Now Claudiaís ridiculous dream is over.
    Leonard: Well, I guess itís time to dispose of her.
    Leonard: The ďsalvation of all mankindĒ. Ha!
    Leonard: Why must be reward even the unbelievers?
    Heather: What are you talking about?
    Leonard: About our plans of course.
    Leonard: Itís true that God is merciful.
    Leonard: But first one must be chosen.
    Leonard: Only those who hearken to the voice of God
    will be given the keys to Paradise.
    Leonard: Donít you think so, Heather?
    Heather: Yeah, sure.
    Heather: Go ahead and think whatever you want.
    Leonard: What do you mean by that?
    Heather: I mean that I donít think the way you guys
    Heather: I donít want any part of that kinda paradise.
    Leonard: Youíre an unbeliever? You deceived me!?
    Heather: I didnít deceive you. We were both just wrong
    about each other.
    Heather: I thought you were a normal person.
    Leonard: Heretic! You plan to destroy God!
    Heather: I told you. I wasnít trying to trick anyone. What is this
    seal thing, anyway?
    Leonard: Donít play innocent with me. You canít fool me anymore.
    Leonard: The seal is mine. God has appointed me to
    be its guardian.
    Leonard: The only thing youíll get from me is a 
    gruesome death!
    *Leonard rises out of the monster. Heís not human at all. He is 
    a monster.*
    Heather: Leonard, is that you?
    Leonard: Death to all who turn their backs on God!
    Heather: Is every person here a mental case?
    Heather: Well I guess youíre not a person anyway.
    *Heather fights Leonard. After doing enough damage to him Leonard
    dies and falls into the water. Suddenly Heather finds herself
    lying on the floor of Room C4 in the hospital. Everything 
    is normal again. She stands up.*
    Heather: Leonardís not here anymore.
    Heather: I guess I should head back to the hotel
    Heather: I hope Douglas is okay.
    *Heather starts walking and steps on something. It skids across the
    floor. Heather picks it up.
    Heather: Whatís this?
    *Heather receives a talisman.*
    - - - - - - - -
    A. Meanwhile...
    - - - - - - - -
    *Claudia and Vincent are in the Motel.*
    Claudia: Why did you send her to my father?
    Vincent: Was that wrong?
    Claudia: Itís your fault that he...
    Vincent: But surely itís a good thing. It means that he was one of 
    Godís beloved, no?
    Claudia: Those who mock God will never receive salvation.
    Claudia: Youíll go to Hell, Vincent...
    Claudia: Youíll never feel the joy of Godís everlasting paradise.
    Vincent: You think that God is going to save you? Ha!
    Claudia: What do you know anyway!?
    Vincent: I know about the pleasures of this world.
    Vincent: And I want to find my happiness while Iím still here.
    Vincent: You hated your father, didnít you?
    Vincent: I saw the way he hit you, kicked you and made you cry.
    Vincent: The memory of his cruelty his forever burned into my mind.
    Claudia: Yes, yes. And thatís why we need God!
    Vincent: What you call ďfaithĒ is nothing more than a child crying
    out for love.
    Claudia: You donít understand. None of you do.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Vincentís message
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather walks into the motel. Vincent is there but Claudia is gone.*
    Heather: Whereís Douglas?
    Vincent: He went out.
    Vincent: But he left a message for you.
    Heather: Was there someone else here just now?
    Vincent: No, no, just me.
    Vincent: Donít you want to know what the message is?
    Heather: Yeah, what did he say?
    Vincent: ďThe church is on the other side of the 
    Heather: Church...? I wonder what he meant by that.
    Vincent: You donít understand?
    Vincent: Thatís where Claudia is.
    Vincent: Across the lake, on the north side.
    Vincent: If youíre going youíd better go through the amusement park.
    Vincent: Itís probably the only way in now.
    Vincent: Go northwest on Nathan Avenue. Itís a bit far but closer 
    than heaven.
    Heather: Is that is for the message?
    Vincent: Uh huh.
    Heather: Thanks.
    *Heather heads for the door and then stops.*
    Heather: Douglas really said that?
    Vincent: Whatís wrong, you donít trust me?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Heather enters the Park again!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters the amusement park. Suddenly her head starts throbbing,
    much worse than before. Once it stops she looks around her. She says
    ďOh hell!Ē (though text for it doesnít appear on screen) as she 
    realizes that itís the same Amusement Park from her dream.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    B. Heather is nearly hit by a roller coaster
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather fights her way through the amusement park and 
    reaches some roller coaster rails. She hears a distant 
    loud rumbling noise. Just before she is hit she jumps
    off the tracks.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    C. Douglas confronts Claudia
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Douglas walks towards Claudia. They are in a different
    area of the park from where Heather was.*
    Claudia: I hired you to find the girl and you performed
    Claudia: What is it now?
    Douglas: You lied to me about Heather, lady.
    Douglas: I donít like being used.
    Claudia: Lie? What lie?
    Douglas: That Heather was kidnapped from you.
    Claudia: But itís true. She was originally one of us.
    Claudia: That man, Harry Mason stole her away and kept her hidden from
    Douglas: Yeah, but she says she was happy.
    Claudia: She was brainwashed by him, deceived.
    Claudia: Because her true self had not yet awoken.
    Claudia: She carries God within her.
    Claudia: But when Alessa, mother of God truly awakens...
    Douglas: Yeah, whatís gonna happen?
    Claudia: She will usher in the eternal Paradise.
    Douglas: What kind of place is that?
    Claudia: A place with no pain.
    Claudia: No hunger, no sickness, no old age.
    Claudia: There will be no greed or war and all will live by Godís 
    grace alone.
    Douglas: No this, no that, no nothiní.
    Douglas: A paradise for castrated sheep, maybe. Sounds pretty 
    Claudia: I pity you. You still donít understand.
    *Douglas points his gun at Claudia.*
    Claudia: Youíre going to kill me? Is it really so easy for you?
    Douglas: Iíve done it before.
    Claudia: Then I truly do pity you.
    - - - - - - - - - - 
    D. Heather wakes up
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather wakes up from her unconscious state. Sheís on top of 
    a ticket booth. She scrambles off it and jumps onto the 
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    E. The haunted house
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather goes through the front door of the haunted house.*
    Narrator: Welcome to the Borely Haunted Mansion!
    Narrator: Weíre so glad you came.
    Narrator: Please come inside and look around.
    Narrator: When you feel you are ready, then go through the
    *Heather goes through the door.*
    Man: Help... Help...
    Narrator: Do you hear those voices?
    Narrator: A family of four was sliced into bloody pieces in
    this room.
    Narrator: Ah, the cries of the children...
    Narrator: The murderer was caught.
    Narrator: Do you know why he said he killed his family?
    Narrator: ďBecause I felt I had to!Ē
    Narrator: Anyway, Iím lying.
    Narrator: Itís all just a joke.
    Narrator: I wanted to scare you, thatís all.
    Narrator: The truth is that only one person died, by 
    *Heather walks through the next door. She walks across the 
    room and a screaming corpse suddenly falls from the ceiling.*
    Narrator: Thatís Danny.
    Narrator: A quiet young man, but quite friendly, as you can
    Narrator: He was so eager to meet you.
    Narrator: His hometown is New Orleans.
    Narrator: But he came here after first losing his way.
    Narrator: Oh, maybe you might know?
    Narrator: Where is the path to heaven?
    *Heather walks through the next door.*
    Narrator: This mansion is quite old.
    Narrator: So please watch your step.
    Narrator: Sometimes the floor suddenly gives way.
    Narrator: And beneath the floor, thereís nothing.
    *Heather walks across the room and the spike covered
    ceiling suddenly falls down. It stops just above 
    Heatherís head.*
    Narrator: Iím so sorry.
    Narrator: This place is just falling apart.
    Narrator: The mechanism is broken, you see.
    Narrator: It wasnít supposed to stop there, I assure
    *Heather approaches the exit.*
    Narrator: Thereís the exit.
    Narrator: I hope you enjoyed your tour.
    Narrator: Please come back anytime.
    Narrator: Or if youíd prefer, we could come and
    visit you instead.
    *Heather goes through the exit.*
    Narrator: That was supposed to be the exit.
    Narrator: But it seems that no one wants you to
    Narrator: Everyone really likes you. They want
    you to stay with them forever.
    Narrator: I have to agree with them.
    Narrator: Donít be afraid. Dying is much easier
    than living.
    *Heather is chased through the hallway, by some
    red smoke. If it touches her, she dies. She runs 
    through two rooms and eventually escapes through
    a door.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    F. Heather finds Douglas
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather runs up to Douglas. Heís slumped down
    on the ground and had blood on his face.*
    Heather: Douglas!
    Douglas: Youíre late.
    Heather: Are you hurt?
    Douglas: I canít move my right leg. I think itís
    Heather: Iíll call an ambulance!
    Douglas: Wait, I donít think oneíll come.
    Douglas: Donít worry, Iím used to it.
    Heather: You... you old fool! Getting yourself hurt
    like that...
    Douglas: Sorry.
    Heather: Whatíll I do if you die?
    Douglas: Whatíll we do if this god thing gets born?
    Heather: Címon. How powerful can a god from a dump
    like this be?
    Heather: Iím sure itíll be no big deal.
    Douglas: But anyway somethingís gonna happen.
    Heather: Who knows? Maybe weíd all be better off if
    it did.
    Douglas: But if this is how a god of mercy acts, I
    donít want to see any more of him.
    Douglas: Thatís reason enough for risking my life,
    donít you think?
    Douglas: Plus, Iím just an old fool, right?
    Heather: You think youíre superman or something?
    Douglas: Yíknow I always wanted to be him.
    Douglas: Besides...
    Heather: Yeah?
    Douglas: I want to help you out.
    Heather: You donít have to feel responsible. I know itís
    not your fault.
    *Heather starts walking away.*
    Douglas: You... you remind me of my son.
    Heather: You said nobody was going to cry for 
    Douglas: Dead people donít cry.
    Douglas: Stupid kid got himself shot robbing a bank.
    Heather: But why?
    Douglas: Maybe cause his pop was a penniless good-for-nothing.
    Douglas: Who knows? Anyway, now I guess Iíll never find out.
    Douglas: Sorry, I shouldnít be say you remind me of a guy 
    like him.
    Heather: Well, maybe if youíd compared me to your daughter...
    Heather: Listen, Iíll take care of the rest. You stay here 
    and Iíll be back when itís over.
    Douglas: Youíll be ok by yourself?	
    Heather: Hey, no problem.
    Heather: Besides, my dads not around anymore so only I can 
    do this.
    *Heather starts walking away. Douglas points his gun at 
    Heather: What are you doing?
    Douglas: Maybe killing you here is the only way to end this
    Heather: Yeah, you might be right.
    *Heather walks away*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    (G. Heather finds Douglas # 2)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Douglas: What is it?
    Heather: I just came by to make sure you were still alive.
    Douglas: Sorry. Iíd come with you if I wasnít hurt.
    Heather: Yeah, well I guess thatís the problem with the old 
    guy, huh?
    Heather: Iíll handle things. You just rest.
    *Heather starts walking away. She stops and turns round.*
    Heather: Donít die on me, okay?
    - - - - - - - - -
    H. Merry-Go-Round
    - - - - - - - - -
    *After killing all of the horses on the Merry-Go-Round 
    the ground shakes and become stained with blood. The
    horses stop moving. Heatherís entering the otherworld
    again. Heather turns round and a hideous knife-wielding
    figure approaches her. It is the memory of Alessa. She
    points the knife at Heather. She and Heather do battle.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    A. Heather meets Claudia
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters the church. Claudia is standing at the
    altar. She turns round and looks at Heather.*
    Claudia: How did you get here?
    Claudia: It was Vincent, wasnít it? He led you here.
    Claudia: When will he cease his meddling?
    Claudia: But itís just as well. Luring you here also 
    serves my purposes.
    *Heather points her gun at Claudia.*
    Heather: Checkmate.
    Claudia: Not yet.
    Claudia: The time is not yet at hand.
    Claudia: The time when all will be forgiven their 
    Claudia: When the paradise we have long dreamed for
    will arrive.
    Claudia: After the Judgment and Atonement, an
    eternity of bliss.
    Claudia: Oh, Alessa, the world you wanted is nearly 
    Heather: Thatís now what I want.
    Claudia: Not you. Alessa. Your true self.
    Heather: But I am Alessa.
    Heather: My little Claudia. My dear, sweet sister.
    Claudia: Alessa? Is it you? Oh, how Iíve missed you!
    Heather: I donít need another world.
    Heather: Itís fine the way it is.
    Claudia: But you said it yourself. The world must
    first be cleansed with fire.
    Heather: But thatís not what I want now.
    Claudia: Alessa, donít you want happiness?
    Claudia: Have you become blind to all the hopeless
    suffering in the world?
    Claudia: We need... we all need Godís salvation.
    Heather: Listen. Suffering is a fact of life.
    Heather: Either you learn to deal with that or you
    go under.
    *Heatherís head starts to throb a little.*
    Heather: You can stay in your little dream world,
    but you canít keep hurting other people.
    Heather: Besides, Iíll never forgive you for
    hurting my father.
    Claudia: I wish only for the salvation of mankind.
    Claudia: But for that to happen, the world must 
    first be remade.
    Claudia: And for that we need God.
    Heather: You self-righteous witch! No one asked you 
    to help!
    *Heatherís head starts throbbing even more. She falls
    down onto her knees.*
    Claudia: You despise me, donít you?
    Heather: Youíre damned right I do!
    Claudia: Thatís good.
    *Claudia leaves.*
    - - - - - - - -
    (B. Confession)
    - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters the confession booth. There is a woman
    crying in the booth next to her. Heather listens to what
    sheís saying through the hole in the wall.*
    Woman: Dear God, please forgive me.
    Woman: I know Iíll be put to death for the sings Iíve 
    Woman: And Iíll go to my death gladly. And with a peaceful
    Woman: But please grant me just a small piece of your
    everlasting mercy.
    Woman: Let me see my child once within your Golden
    Woman: Send me not to Hell, but to Purgatory.
    Woman: Allow me to atone for my sins there.
    Woman: Iíll stand within the very Flames of Redemption
    no matter how they burn me.
    Woman: Forgive my wicked act of revenge.
    Woman: And deliver the soul of my poor murdered daughter.
    Woman: Please also care for the soul of the girl whose
    life I have taken.
    Woman: God, Iím a child, trembling with fear as I stare
    at death.
    Woman: Soothe my tortured soul with your infinite mercy.
    Please forgive me.
    -If you select the bottom top choice when given the option
    the following dialogue takes place.-
    Heather: I forgive you.
    *The woman says ďThank you, LordĒ (but text for it does not 
    appear). The sobbing stops.*
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    C. Heather meets Vincent
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    *After Heather picks up the tarot card in the library,
    Vincent walks in. Heís carrying a book.*
    Vincent: Hiya, Heather.
    Heather: You show up everywhere donít you?
    Vincent: You make me sound like some kind of unwanted
    Heather: Well, who are you anyway?
    Vincent: Havenít you realized that yet?
    Heather: Yeah, youíre on Claudiaís side.
    Vincent: I told you not to put me in the same category
    as that madwoman.
    Heather: Well youíre pretty loony yourself.
    Vincent: Itís true that we believe in the same god,
    but Iím quite sane.
    Heather: So why did you help me out then?
    Heather: Was that also part of trying to resurrect god?
    Vincent: Itís not uncommon for people to worship the same
    god and still disagree. 
    Heather: ďGodĒ? Are you sure you donít mean ďDevilĒ?
    Vincent: Whichever you like.
    Vincent: The point is that now I really am on your side.
    Vincent: I donít want God to be born.
    Vincent: It wouldnít be convenient.
    Vincent: Much too unpredictable.
    Heather: So youíve been using me to stop Claudia, is that
    Heather: Do your own dirty work.
    Vincent: My dirty work? I think we both have our own 
    interests at mind.
    Vincent: You hate her too, donít you?
    Vincent: Youíre the only one who can get it done.
    Vincent: I donít have powers like you two.
    Vincent: Besides, I always hated getting all hot and 
    Heather: Oh, really?
    Vincent: Iím just looking out for myself. Everyone 
    does it.
    Vincent: Donít stand there looking so smug.
    Vincent: Youíre the worst person in this room.
    Vincent: You come here and enjoy spilling their
    blood and listening to them cry out.
    Vincent: You feel excited when you step on them,
    snuffing out their lives.
    Heather: Are you talking about the monsters?
    Vincent: Monsters...?
    Vincent: They look like monsters to you?
    *Heather gasps.*
    Vincent: Donít worry, itís just a joke.
    *Vincent starts to walk away.*
    Vincent: By the way, I forgot to ask you.
    Did you get the seal of Metatron?
    Heather: Whatís that?
    Vincent: You donít have it!? Leonard was carrying
    Heather: You mean this thing?
    *Heather takes out the talisman she got earlier.*
    Vincent: Yes, thatís it. As long as we have that,
    weíre fine.
    *Vincent walks towards Heather.*
    Vincent: Here, take this.
    *Vincent gives her the book he was carrying. Itís 
    called ďOtherworld LawsĒ. Vincent leaves.*
    - - - - - - - - - -
    D. The Cassette Tape 
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather puts the tape into the machine. It starts
    to play.*
    Vincent: Do you know about what happened here 17
    years ago?
    Vincent: Youíve been here a long time, you must have 
    heard some details.
    Woman: A group of pagans, blinded by earthly desires,
    spit in the very face of God.
    Woman: They tried to use the seal of Metatron to 
    prevent Godís awakening.
    Woman: But God drove the unbelievers away and threw
    them into the Abyss.
    Woman: But due to their wickedness, God was unable
    to be born properly.
    Woman: And so she has slumbered ever since, in the 
    womb of the Holy Mother.
    Woman: Until the time of the Awakening...
    Woman: Thatís all that I know.
    Vincent: Thatís it, huh...
    Vincent: Well, thanks.
    Woman: Father Vincent.
    Woman: I heard that the Holy Mother has been found.
    Is this true?
    Vincent: Alessa has been found?
    Vincent: Did Claudia say that?
    Woman: Yes.
    Vincent: Then it must be true. Her Sight rarely
    fails her.
    Woman: Bless the Lord!
    Vincent: Maybe itís because of her great faith.
    Vincent: But I could never be like her. I wouldnít
    want to.
    Woman: Nor I.
    Woman: The truth is, Sister Claudia frightens me
    a little.
    Vincent: Well now, letís both show our faith by
    forgetting bout this little talk, okay?
    Woman: Yes.
    Woman: But does that mean that this land will
    finally be the Home of Eternal Paradise?
    Vincent: If God wills it Sister, if God wills it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    E. Claudiaís Wrath
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *Claudia and Vincent are standing in a small room.
    They are in the middle of a conversation.*
    Vincent: What do I want?
    Vincent: Well for the two of you to die. That would
    be nice.
    Vincent: Then I could relax.
    Claudia: When did you stop believing in God?
    Claudia: Gold lives. Just look around you.
    Vincent: But I do believe in Her. In my own way.
    Vincent: I fear Her. And I adore Her.
    Vincent: But I havenít lost my mind like you.
    Vincent: You think that this is the work of God?
    Vincent: Isnít this nothing more than your own 
    personal nightmare?
    Vincent: Just like Alessa 17 years ago.
    Vincent: If this really is the work of God,
    Iíd say she had lousy taste.
    Claudia: You mock God!? Traitor.
    Claudia: You will go to Hell.
    Vincent: Not that again!
    Vincent: Who do you think you are? Claiming 
    to know Godís will!?
    Claudia: Go home, Vincent.
    Vincent: Home? This church is my home.
    Vincent: I built it with my power. The power
    of money that you that you view with such scorn.
    Vincent: Although, I do admit this atrocious scenery
    is all yours.
    Claudia: If you continue to get in my way...
    Vincent: Then youíll kill me?
    *Heather enters the room, Vincent turns round and looks
    at her.*
    Vincent: Well, the guest of honor has arrived. Letís get
    this party started.
    Vincent: Heather, go ahead and kill this crazy bitch.
    Vincent: This demon who claims to speak for God.
    Vincent: The time has come. You can kill her now.
    Claudia: Youíll go to Hell!
    *Claudia stabs Vincent in the back with a long dagger.
    He collapses onto the floor but heís still alive.
    Heather runs forward.*
    Heather: What did you do?
    Claudia: Oh, nothing important.
    Heather: Youíre not going to run? I guess this is the end.
    Claudia: No, the beginning. As Vincent said: The time has
    Claudia: Alessa, Iím saddened that you didnít agree to this
    on your own.
    Claudia: But I thank you for nurturing God with all the hate
    in your heart.
    Claudia: Itís time for Mankind to be released from the shackles
    of sin that bind them.
    Heather: But a God born from hate can never create a perfect 
    Claudia: Happy people can be so cruel.
    Claudia: Is it so hard to believe that sympathy could be born 
    from pain and suffering?
    Claudia: Why do you reject Godís mercy?
    Claudia: Why do you cling to this corrupt world? You know
    that only God can save us.
    Heather: And save you too? Happy ending?
    Heather: Iíd rather go to Hell.
    Claudia: No, I donít expect to be saved.
    Claudia: Thatís fine.
    Claudia: Alessa, my dearest...
    Claudia: For the pain Iíve caused you, I deserve no mercy.
    Claudia: Even if it was to save mankind, it was too deep 
    a sin.
    Claudia: It was hubris for me to try to hasten the day of 
    Her arrival.
    Claudia: Sacrifices were made, and those are my sins.
    Vincent: If you feel so guilty about it, why donít you
    go to Hell!
    Vincent: Heather, use the seal.
    Claudia: Vincent?
    *Heather takes out the seal.*
    Claudia: The Seal of Metatron!
    Vincent: Now your stupid dream is over!
    Claudia: Oh, thatís just a piece of junk.
    Claudia: What do you think you can do with that?
    Claudia: Do you really think it can kill God?
    Claudia: Iím sorry to see you fell for my fatherís
    Vincent: What!?
    Claudia: Youíre pathetic.
    *Claudia plunges the dagger into Vincentís heart.
    She stands up and clasps her hands together, in a
    praying position.*
    Claudia: But God loves even you.
    *She walks towards Heather.*
    Claudia: Now Alessa, thereís nowhere else to run.
    *Heatherís head starts to throb incredibly. Her
    skin turns red amd she collapses on the floor, 
    Claudia: Just accept it, Alessa.
    Claudia: The pain will dissapear.
    Claudia: Oh, Iíve been waiting so long for this.
    Claudia: Even as a child I saw the coming of this 
    Claudia: I knew that I would be a witness to it,
    Judgment Day!
    *Claudia looks at Heather in delight but then...*
    Claudia: Alessa!
    *Heatherís skin turns back to normal. The throbbing 
    stops. She stands back up.*
    Heather: Shut your stinking mouth, bitch!
    - - - - - - - -
    (F. The End...)
    - - - - - - - -
    *In her anger, Heather tries to attack Claudia. Her
    skin turns red again and she collapses in pain.*
    Heather: Aah!
    Claudia: Alessa...
    Claudia: Oh God...
    Claudia: Bring us salvation.
    - - - - -
    G. Birth
    - - - - -
    *Heather looks at her pendant. There is a little red
    tablet sitting in it. Claudia looks confused.*
    Heather: Dad...
    Claudia: What are you doing?
    *Heather puts the tablet in her mouth. Her skin turns
    red again and she falls to the ground. She starts to
    Claudia: Sheís nearly here.
    *Claudia realises that something is wrong.*
    Claudia: What is it?
    Claudia: Alessa, what have you done, what did you swallow!?
    *Heather keeps vomiting and a worm-type creature comes out
    of her mouth. She walks back.*
    Heather: Looks like God didnít make it.
    *Heather walks up to the worm as if sheís about to step on 
    it. Claudia shoves her out of the way.*
    Claudia: Stop!
    *She holds the worm in her hands.*
    Claudia: God is...!
    Heather: Claudia...
    *Claudia starts eating the worm. Heather covers her eyes.*
    Claudia: Alessa, you cannot kill God.
    *Her skin starts turning red, as Heatherís did.*
    Claudia: I will... I will birth God...
    Claudia: If you canít do it Alessa, I will...
    *Claudia stumbles around the room in agony. She walks towards 
    the big hole and falls through it. Heather jumps in after her.*
    - - - -
    H. God
    - - - -
    *Heather lands at the bottom. She stands up. Claudiaís corpse 
    is lying before her.*
    Heather: You canít be dead, I was going to kill you!
    *Heather looks at the foul beast before her.*
    Heather: This is God...?
    - - - - -
    A. Normal
    - - - - -
    *Heather does battle with the God. After hurting it enough it
    falls to the ground and dies. She walks up to it and starts
    kicking it. She then starts walking away slowly.*
    Heather: Is this the end?
    Heather: I guess itís time to roll the credits.
    *She starts crying.*
    Heather: Dad...
    *She collapses on the ground and sobs. After a while she gets up
    and walks a few steps. She turns around.*
    *The scene changes to the Amusement Park. We see Heatherís feet
    walking. She approaches Douglas who is sitting on a bench.*
    Douglas: Heather!
    Douglas: Is it really over?
    Heather: Not yet.
    *Heather is holding her knife.*
    Heather: Youíre still alive.
    *Douglas is horrified. She walks towards him and then starts
    Heather: Just a joke.
    *She starts giggling.*
    Douglas: Youíve got terrible taste.
    Heather: Iím sorry.
    Douglas: Heather. Did you...
    Heather: You donít have to call me that. Iím not hiding anymore.
    Douglas: You want me to use your real name? What was it again...
    Heather: Cheryl. 
    Heather: The name my father gave me.
    Douglas: You gonna let your hair colour go back too?
    Heather: I donít know. Donít you think blondes have more fun?
    - - - - - - 
    B. Possesed
    - - - - - -
    *Heather does battle with the God. After hurting it enough it
    falls to the ground and dies. She walks up to it and starts
    kicking it. She then starts walking away slowly.*
    Heather: Is this the end?
    Heather: I guess itís time to roll the credits.
    *She starts crying.*
    Heather: Dad...
    *She collapses on the ground and sobs. After a while she gets up
    and walks a few steps. She turns around.*
    *We see a pool of blood. Heather is standing in the Amusement
    Park holding her knife. It is covered in blood. We see 
    a leg. The camera moves up the body and reveals Douglasís
    dead body. Heather keeps starting at him.*
    - - - - - - - - -
    C. Revenge (UFO)
    - - - - - - - - -
    *Heather enters her apartment. Sheís in a cartoon
    Heather Iím home, Dad. Listen.... Something crazy
    is going on.
    *Harry is sitting at the table. Thereís an alien
    sitting next to him drinking tea. James Sunderland
    is hiding behind the curtain.*
    Harry: (With squeaky voice) Cheryl, youíre back. What
    Heather: Well, itís like this....
    *Time passes.*
    Heather: And thatís about it.
    Harry: (With squeaky voice) Oh, my poor little Cheryl.
    I canít believe that! 
    Harry: (With squeaky voice) Iím going to Silent Hill 
    and Iím gonna bust some heads!
    *Harry does a high kick at a plank of wood that James 
    is holding.*
    Heather: Oh, Dad! Youíre the coolest.
    *The view changes to a cartoony Silent Hill. Some UFOs
    come and shoot lasers at the town. It blows up and
    the UFOs fly away again.*
    - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Blue sky to forever,
    The green grass blows in the wind, dancing 
    It would be much better a sight with you, with me,
    If you hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby,
    I never felt so lonely, then you came along,
    So now what should I do, I'm strung out, addicted to you,
    My body it aches, now that you're gone, 
    My supply fell through,
    You gladly gave me everything you had and more,
    You craved my happiness,
    When you make me feel joy it makes you smile,
    But now I feel your stress,
    Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no
    And who has time for tears,
    Never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love,
    'till now.
    Thanks go to Gobicamel for very kindly letting me copy 
    the ďYouíre not hereĒ lyrics from his excellent SH3 FAQ!
    - - - - - 
    B. LETTER 
    - - - - - 
    A letter to my future self: 
    Am I still happy ,I began? 
    Have I grown up pretty? 
    Is Daddy still a good man? 
    Am I still friends with Carlene? 
    I'm sure that I'm still laughing. 
    Aren't I, aren't I? 
    Hey there to my future self, 
    if you forget how to smile, 
    I have this to tell you, 
    remember it once in a while. 
    Ten years ago your past self 
    prayed for your happiness. 
    Please, don't lose hope. 
    Oh, what a pair, me and you 
    put here to feel joy, 
    nothing blue. 
    Sad times and bad times, see them through. 
    Soon we will know if it's for real 
    what we both feel. 
    Though I can't know for sure 
    how things worked out for us, 
    no matter how hard it gets, 
    you have to realize: 
    we weren't put on this earth 
    to suffer and cry. 
    We were made for being happy. 
    So be happy. For me. 
    For you. 
    Oh what a pair, me and you. 
    Put here to feel joy, 
    nothing blue. 
    Sad times and bad times, see them through. 
    Soon we will know if it's for real 
    what we both feel. 
    We were put here on this earth, 
    put here to feel joy... 
    Repeat 4x.
    - - - - - - 
    - - - - - -
    He spoke of tortured souls, 
    so outrageous the toll, 
    You can lose all you have. 
    He refused to give in 
    to the town that takes all 
    Survive, you must have the will. 
    This movie doesn't end the way we want all the time 
    Then he shouts at the moon, 
    "She's gone" and fear has overcome. 
    He was walking the mile, 
    he was walking alone... 
    So outrageous the toll, 
    You can lose all you have. 
    He refused to give in 
    to the town that takes all 
    Survive, you must have the will. 
    This movie doesn't end the way we want all the time 
    Then he shouts at the moon, 
    "She's gone" and fear has overcome. 
    He was walking the mile, 
    he was walking alone... 
    Four and twenty dead birds, 
    they bleed upon the nest. 
    There was no time for reasons, 
    they had no sign of a threat. 
    Now itís too late, too late for me 
    this town will eventually take me. 
    Too late, too late for me 
    This town will win. 
    Through this fog they came, 
    dark creatures, singing their terrible song. 
    The rest of the bar laughed at him, 
    only I felt movement when he did. 
    They found him dead the very next day. 
    No more stories from him, 
    I heard them say. 
    We blamed bad luck for his fate. 
    Only I felt terror, so great ... 
    She and he will know, 
    that someday all things will end 
    That misty night, that dismal moon 
    the dead, search for their kin. 
    While angels sleep in endless dark, 
    the dead seek out sin...
    Credit goes to Chesh the cat for e-mailing me the lyrics for
    LETTER FROM THE LOST DAYS and HOMETOWN. He says heís not 100%
    sure if theyíre right though. So if there are any errors then
    please let me know.
    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    I want a cup that overflows with love although itís
    not enough to fill my heart. 
    I want barrel full of love although I know itís not
    enough to fill my heart.† 
    I want a river full of love but then I know the holes
    will still remain.† 
    I need an ocean full of love although I know the holes
    will still remain.† 
    And the Swiss cheese heart knows, all the kindness can
    fill its holes.
    And love will dry my tears, as pain disappears, yeah.
    I need a miracle and not someoneís charity
    One drop of love from him and my heartís in ecstasy
    The heart that heís sending me is most likely ending
    I need a miracle and not someoneís charity now.† 
    Fill up my heart with love, oh youíd be amazed at how,
    Little I need from him to feel complete here and now, 
    Stirring within me are these feelings I canít ignore, 
    I need a miracle and thatís what Iím hoping for.† 
    I need a miracle and not someoneís charity, 
    One drop of love from him and my heartís in ecstasy, 
    The heart that heís sending me is most likely ending
    I need a miracle and not someoneís charity now.† 
    Anybodyís love but his, will never fill this place
    within me now 
    Youíve got to give me what I need to free my heart
    from misery.
    Thank you to yakumichan for sending me the I 
    WANT LOVE lyrics.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Come on, kiddies! Gather around!
    Now, tell me everyone...
    Arenít you all sick and tired of that Ďol 
    UFO ending?
    Thatís right, be honest!
    Honesty helps you grow big and strong.
    Okay, you fine youngers, letís all sing the
    Silent Hill song!
    Ready? And a Ėone, and a Ėtwo and a Ėone, 
    Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
    Come on friends Ė letís sing along
    Weíll start with Claudia!
    You donít all have to sing!
    Sheís oh so nice, and Iím glad
    She gives us candy
    And money to spend
    Just be sure you donít get her mad
    Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
    Come on friends Ė letís sing along
    Next up is Vincent!
    Here we go!
    Vincent, Vincent
    Heís such a good boy, itís true
    He walks old ladies 
    Across the street
    But heís selfish and willfull, too
    Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
    Come on friends Ė letís sing along
    Now onto Douglas!
    Heís not really a true-blue P.I.
    He gets up awful early
    And smells of the sea
    Because he sells fish on the sly
    Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
    Come on friends Ė letís sing along
    Last but not least, Heather!
    Divorced with 2 kids of her own
    Itís hard to raise Ďem and still go to work
    A young mom who goes it alone
    Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
    Come on friends Ė letís sing along
    Everybody sing the Silent Hill song
    Come on friends Ė letís sing along
    *THE END appears on the screen. We hear a machine
    gun firing and all of the singers scream in 
    Ok, so this is a bit of a silly title, but basically this
    section is full of little bits of info regarding the 
    script that you may not know. Here are a few.
    #1 Ė In part 4A. we hear someone say ďItís being invaded
    by the Otherworld. By a world of someoneís nightmarish 
    delusions come to life.Ē This is in fact quoting Harry 
    Mason. He said it in the first Silent Hill.
    Credit goes to Chesh the Cat for telling me that.
    #2 Ė The spell that Heather reads from the storybook in 
    Part 4C., ďTu fui, ego eris.Ē is Latin for ďyou were, I 
    will beĒ according to Stefstefano Peruz.
    #3 Ė In the Silent Hill Song, when it getís to the Heather
    verse it says ďDivorced with 2 kids of her ownĒ The 2 kids
    could be refering to Alessa and Cheryl,the two Alessaís 
    before her. 
    Thanks to red soul.
    Thatís all for this, just now but if you know any more
    ďBits and BobsĒ like the ones above then please send
    me an e-mail.
    There are a few people who I want to thank, who helped 
    me in some way to put the FAQ on the site or informed 
    me of some things I may have missed.
    CWall  Ė For giving me advice when I went to seek help
    at the FAQ contributors board at Gamefaqs.
    Gobicamel Ė For letting me copy the YOUíRE NOT HERE lyrics
    from his FAQ. (And for being so nice about it.)
    Chesh the cat - For giving me info about a quote in 
    lyrics. Check out his excellent FAQ for SH3 at Gamefaqs. 
    Wonderful if youíre stuck on one of the puzzles.
    Yakumichan Ė For giving me the lyrics to I WANT LOVE and for
    informing me of a missing bit in YOUíRE NOT HERE
    Richard Ė For telling me that English meaning of Tui fui, ego 
    Stefstefano Peruz Ė For correcting Richardís Tui, fui, ego 
    eris meaning.
    Red Soul Ė For #3 in the BITS AND BOBS section and telling me
    I forgot to mention James in the Revenge ending.
    http://www.networkscience.de/ascii/ - For generating my ASC11 
    CJayC Ė For accepting this FAQ. Thank you! 
    Trees Ė Who were needed to make the necessary paper 
    I needed while writing this out.
    The shop WH Smith Ė For making high quality pens which without, 
    I could never have written this all out. :-)
    And of course Konami Ė For making a game that I loved 
    so much I copied out all of the dialogue.

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