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    Extreme Speed Guide by JRKerr

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                       Silent Hill 3
                 Extreme Mode Speed Guide
     (Full course of the game, not half-course UFO ending)
                       Version 1.2
                   08-05-03 thru 08-26-03
     (remembered to upload update to gamefaqs on 10-9-03)
    Silent Hill and subsequently mentioned
    characters are the property entirely of Konami.
    Konami is part of the Holy Trinity:
    Capcom, Konami and Square. Don't mess with them
    (Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Castlevania belong to Konami).
    J.R. Kerr wrote this FAQ. 
    No one may edit any version of this FAQ
    that is to be shared. For your own personal use on
    one computer, you may edit out all this jargon or
    select bits of the tips you need. I will not profit
    from this FAQ in any way. Anyone may distribute or
    post this FAQ anywhere they like provided my name
    remain on it. I will use powerful internet voodoo
    to eat the soul of anyone who posts my FAQ without
    my name on it. I will only answer e-mail with no
    attachments, sizes under 6k at: jrkerrdog@hotmail.com
    I am also at geocities.com/jamesrkerr
    [01] Why did I decide to write this?
    [02] What is Extreme Mode?
    [03] Prerequisites for Playing Extreme Mode
    [04] Gameplay, Hand Positioning, + Interface
    [05] The Mall = 00m00s - 13m45s
    [06] The Subway + Train = 13m45s - 21m00s
    [07] Underpass + Harmful Veiny Hallways
    [08] Office Building
    [09] Missionary Made Easy = 1m56s w/ no damage
    [10] Do Not Read Maria's Poster
    [11] FIRST SAVE Point at Hospital Office = 50m42s
    [12] The Hospital:
         a) Stun-Katana the Unaware Nurses
         b) Maul the Jerky-eating Slurpers
         c) Low-Stamina Leonard
    [12] Streets, Amusement Park, + Borley Haunted Mansion
         a) Snipe at the Spinners
         b) SECOND SAVE Borley Entrance at 1h36m00s
         b) Ampoule Heat Run
         c) Staredown with MOA
    [13] Chapel - Finish in under 2h07m00s 
    [14] Notes to Vincent Merken
    [15] Version History
    [16] Thanks
    [00] I really want Brady guides to stop putting their
         writers under three day deadlines with a handful of
         programmer notes. Perhaps FAQs like these will encourage
         Brady to put together nicer souvenir material and more
         comprehensive writing to earn our dollars. Konami seems to
         understand already and they gave us the OST CD for free
         with the game to keep it from being just a rental.
    [01] Many online Silent Hill discussion forums seem to
         indicate that they have grown very frustrated with the
         Extreme Mode and stopped playing it already. I hope that
         showing a few tips helps to re-ignite the desire to
         keep examining and playing this game.
    [02] My buddy Rombie McGregor who wrote a great first time
         comprehensive FAQ didn't tell me NOT to write this.
         He is the sole source that I was able to use
         (Complete Walkthrough, Rombie, 
    [03] There aren't any available cheat codes online as of this
         date involving codebreaker or action replay, so it seems
         believable that these codes (should they turn up later)
         will not really help you much with your speed (unless there
         is one for infinite stamina). Believe me when I say that
         infinite ammo or infinite health will not make you faster.
    [04] Most importantly, I love this game. I hope I get a couple
         good e-mails with well-thought-out tips. I'll thank you if
         you make a good argument to do something different/better.
    [01] Extreme Mode is an "Extra New Game" feature that becomes
         available after you have cleared a Hard/Hard game. Apparently
         there are 10 levels of extreme play and from the main menu
         Extreme 1 will be replaced (no longer available) with Extreme 2
         and so on until you reach Extreme 10.
    [02] In Extreme Mode, the monsters are not only stronger but their
         behavior changes drastically. If a dog bites your leg, he can
         chew you to death unless you struggle free by wiggling the 
         D-pad with a lot of vigor. A purple line will appear under your
         green stamina bar, and it is VERY long in extreme mode. This 
         purple line is the get-up meter. If you play for speed it is
         nearly unacceptable to ever be knocked down, and the monsters
         will generally kill you before you get up.
    [03] Heather begins with much less maximum health than in hard.
         She also begins with much less maximum stamina. There are not
         numbers attached to the life meter, but it is roughly half what you
         have in a normal game. There does not seem to be much distinction
         between how much health Heather has in Extreme 1 and 2 (I am only at
         Extreme 3 now). This makes an enormous difference in how hard
         and how fast Heather can hit with melee weapons.
    [04] You'll have to make a distinction between Speed Extreme play
         and Kill Extreme play. You just can't have both in Extreme Mode.
         In fact, they should have named Extreme mode as "Metal Gear Mode"
         because the gameplay is so different from when you played on
         Normal that it is almost a different game. If alerted, the monsters
         are nigh impossible to avoid with your diminished stamina; therefore,
         you must choose to sneak past the monsters quickly or to kill
         them from a safe distance with the pistol (which takes a long time).
         If you are a fiend, you can master the block feature, but it still
         takes forever to drop these monsters.
         It is essential that you not read this FAQ until you
         have played through at least TWICE. The first time you
         hopefully enjoyed and were scared by the noise effect,
         the scary ambient sounds, and the lack of items.
         The second time you hopefully went for the revenge ending
         on at least normal mode and got lots of experience
         killing tons of monsters. You will not get to do any of
         these things in Extreme Mode.
         I am leaving out big plot spoilers anyway.
         Take advantage of the bullet adjuster trick. If you have
         only cleared the game once, you can reload your "Alessa's Room"
         file and beat the God again to earn another system-file clear-point.
         This means that the system file will believe that you have beat
         the game five times, when in fact, you may have only beaten it once.
         This will earn you the ability to find 50 bullets from one box
         in a place where you used to find 20 bullets in two boxes.
         There is no ranking penalty for using the adjuster.
         Forget about using the bonus weapons. You will have to pick them up
         or forfeit five stars for not collecting them, but you can't use
         these weapons. Mainly, you just don't need to. You won't even
         load the empty pistol in your hand until you get to the split worm,
         then you won't need any more than the x5 SMG clips that you normally
         find in the hospital. If that. All the bonus weapons have a LONG
         draw time and will guarantee that an extreme monster will have
         all the time in the world to locate you and chew you to death.
    [03] Accept the BEEF JERKY. It is now essential for dealing with the
         slurpers that crawl through and crowd the hospital hallways. At
         first I was using it on the dogs, but they are just as easily run from,
         so I highly suggest collecting all jerky but saving until the hospital.
    [04] BE QUIET
         Forget about the FLASHLIGHT, the radio, and the background music.
         I hope you enjoyed them all the first time you played, but they now
         will either get you instantly killed or disguise sounds that you need
         to listen for. The radio need to be turned off as soon as you get it.
         The radio never turns back on. The flashlight is a necessary evil.
         You have to have the light in order to pick up items (like the bleach),
         but it frustratingly turns back on in weird places to ensure that
         you get killed (like when you step out of the Lakeside Motel).
         If you are playing in one of the t-shirts, you can't see the light
         on your vest anymore... so you may want to consider playing in Heather's 
         default costume. Personally I like the GangsterGirl skin because it
         is low contrast and you will be playing mostly in the dark 
         for the whole run (easier on your eyes).
    [05] You need a lot of FREE TIME. While it is true that Konami will stop
         the clock while you are paused (unlike Resident Evil), it is best to
         refrain from interruption while you are playing so that you
         stay in the groove. It is nearly impossible to dodge a hallway full
         of nurses if you are coming back from seeing a movie. Try hard to
         run all the way through at once.
    [06] You know all the answers to the HARD PUZZLE Mode. The main reason
         to combine Hard Puzzle with Extreme Action is that it REALLY saves
         you a lot of time. The four hardest puzzles (Shakespeare, Eat You Poem,
         Cremated Puzzle, and Tarot Door) have answers that do not change
         on Hard Puzzle mode. On Normal Puzzle mode you must waste time figuring
         out the randomized four digit answers. I did not figure out these 
         puzzles myself. I got the info from Rombie's FAQ, so if you need
         these answers... read his FAQ and write them on a note card to keep
         near the screen (preferably facing you).
    [07] SAVING
         Go ahead and save a lot if you are starting extreme. You'll
         have to do all this ten times to really finish. Try not to save
         until after the missionary: you had good practice getting that
         far when you did the UFO ending, right?
         I may not ever say to save, but feel free to save at every sigil
         you come across if you have to.
         Eventually you (and I) will finish this thing in 2 hours with no saves.
         You ought to know the real names of these monsters from either the
         official website, or somebody else's FAQ. Please also forgive me
         for referring to these things as what they do (e.g.: hopper = numb body).
         Its less to write and interferes less with my inner-monologue.
    [00] Set the MUSIC VOLUME down to no lower than 2 bars. If you so
         desire, you can set it higher, but it will interfere with your
         ability to respond to sound-effect cues to do things. You do not
         need to waste extreme mode play time to do this. Load an old normal
         file and make the change... it will save to your system file
         and you won't have to do it again later. If you turn it all the
         way down, you won't hear the cinema-dialogue at all, which will
         disguise your cue to thump start and skip through cinemas that
         begin in darkness with only dialogue.
    [01] BLOOD COLOR
         I highly recommend that you change the blood color from anything
         but black or red. There are lots of black and red floors and it
         will sometimes be hard to tell if something is dead in the darkness.
         The purple or GREEN are really great. You can see your shots when
         they cause damage in the dark easier, and you can really tell when
         something is dead if you set the blood volume to "MUCH."
         Yeah, you can listen for a death cry, but sometimes you'll pile
         up three or four dead things and you need to make sure that they
         are deflated before you release the caution button and run for it.
         This is especially true of slurpers, who will play possum til you
         leave the room, but be in motion when you get back!
         Your right thumb needs to be positioned like a lever over the
         square and x buttons. Don't change the controls to "reverse."
         You need to have improved and constant control over whether
         Heather is running or opening a door. If you have it on reverse
         then you will need to hit both buttons at once to open a door
         after running to it... which is not as easy as seesawing your
         thumb from run to open. On extreme you must run continuously,
         and you will die if you smack into a door instead of opening it
         (dogs will get you). The trick is that you make the seesaw action
         happen right before a door... so that you stop running a split second
         before you collide and instead choose open... you will be pressing
         up on the D-pad throughout the process to engage the helpful door vacuum
         effect which will sometimes pull you over a monster blocking a door.
    [03] DO NOT KILL anything until you get to the subway train. The 
         larger variety of Numb Bodies (hoppers) are ridiculously quick at lunging
         and are preferably killed from the shadows rather than run past; 
         therefore, keep your middle finger off the R2 button.
    [04] Be prepared to see more LOAD TIME than room. Many rooms can be crossed
         faster than the next room will load. You will be staring at a black screen
         and waiting for more than half of your time (not game play time). This
         can get kind of boring. Try to stay frosty and think about the room
         ahead during these load times. You may want to throw on some relaxing
         ambient music in the background so that you don't bounce your controller
         off the floor as you die trying to do this the first few times.
    [05] The monsters are IN MOTION. They are not static until you activate them.
         If you know their circuit, you can wait until the best time to sneak past
         them. If you don't like some of my ideas about when to run for it, perhaps
         you can adjust to your own liking and use some time to save some health.
         Monsters can see your stamina bar, if it is low they will not let go
         of their "missile lock." So...
    [06] DOORS REFILL YOUR STAMINA. If you are willing to waste your real time for
         an increase in game clock time, you can use a door in a long hall to
         refill your stamina and run the rest of the hall faster. You will also
         gain better ability to dodge monsters.
         MASTER THE QUICKSPIN. Pressing L1+R1 will cause an instant reversal
         of Heather's position. If you are fast with it, you can be in and out
         a room before you see anything (perhaps you'll hear something in the room)
         and you'll be back in the hall with full stamina instants later.
    [07] AMPOULES
         Yes, we collect ampoules. No, you aren't saving them for bosses.
         The extreme bosses cheat if you use super stamina. You only need
         super stamina for the running parts of the street (x3), the borley
         haunted mansion red-heat run, and for healing up AFTER the carousel
    okay, here we go...
    [00] You thump start to skip Happy Burger and Douglas cinemas.
         You start with a glowing red halo (ignore it), thump select
         to bring up options and hit R1 to access hidden options.
         Set bullet adjust to x5 and life meter to on. Equip a shirt
         if you must (I like the GangsterGirl for low contrast), but
         be sure to set the cursor back on Heather's pendant because
         all useable key items will appear to the RIGHT of it. Do not
         equip a weapon... the game will put an empty gun in your hand
         during one of the cinemas and you won't fire it until the split worm.
         Run forward to the window and seesaw (see hand positioning) out.
         Turn Heather left and run to the INFINITE SMG. Pick it up.
         Thump x to confirm receipt of the weapon.
         Quickspin and run straight down the alley. Spin slightly
         right and seesaw to get sucked through the door.
    [01] Run to the far end of this hall and seesaw through the double doors.
         Spin left and run to the open shutter. Angle slightly left and
         seesaw into the shutter. Thump start to skip cinema.
         Thankfully you don't have to see the bullets on the bench to
         pick them up... run a bit forward... pick up, confirm, quickspin
         and angle right and around the counter out.
         Do not open the near double doors, spin right and run into a
         camera angle change, quickspin and grab the MAP, spin right and
         open the stair doors.
    [02] You shouldn't smack the walls on the stairs if you turn wide and
         early. On the second floor there is a little hopper (Numb Body).
         Spin left and run straight down the left side of the hall (no faking
         out is necessary yet).
    [03] Run straight from the balcony door and angle right at the camera 
         angle change to seesaw into the bakery. Spin left and grab the TONGS.
         Quickspin. Run forward with an arc to grab the FLAMETHROWER. Spin right
         and leave the bakery at a run.
    [04] Spin right and go back into the back hall. Dodge the hopper on the
         left again (he's on the other side of the hall where you left him).
         Around the big bend and after a small period of no doors is a door
         to the left... as you stop running you'll notice Heather looks down at
         the door handle to indicate she can open it. Open and squeeze L2 for
         hood-ornament view. Walk normally forward and grab the JERKY off the 
         barrel. Quickspin and run out the room. The dog will not be alerted if
         you walk calmly toward the jerky.
    [05] Run to the end of the hall and grab the BEAM SABER. Quickspin and run.
         Open the door on Heather's left that she looks down at. Run into the
         room and angle toward the shelves. Confirm fast and hear two tones
         faster than you can read the text. Quickspin. Run. Thump select after
         squaring your toes with the pallet. Use Tongs to the Right of Heather's
         Locket. Skip cinema with Start.
    [06] In addition to the first hopper, there are three new ones to ambush you.
         Squeeze L2 and run forward and right. Past the first ambusher, angle left
         and dodge the second. Run straight past number two, three, and finally
         four. Don't forget to turn right at the corner and go back to the balcony.
    [07] On the balcony, spin out from around the near corner and go the other
         way from the bakery. You'll be sprinting past the Shuffler (Closer?)
         and seesawing into the Bookstore without a smack. Shufflers are always
         really easy to run past and this time you have a lot of room.
    [08] BOOKSTORE:
         Sprint straight through the bookstore to the counter and swerve around
         it. Score bullets. Quickspin. Confirm at the door. Input the unchanging
         Hard Puzzle Mode answer (see McGregor's FAQ). ______________
    [09] Thump start to skip Claudia's cinema. Run forward and take the second
         turn into the elevator. Test door and panel. Wait. When the letterbox
         happens, thump start and skip a brief cinema. Pick up the RADIO.
         Immediately press select, set the cursor on the radio, turn the radio off,
         then set the cursor back on the lucky charm. Select the beef jerky in
         supplies and "equip" it. Step into the hellevator and thump start to skip
         Valtiel's cinema.
    [10] DOG AMBUSH:
         This is one of the worst spots in the game. You come off the helevator
         in the middle of a spotlight with two dogs walking their circuit, but
         toward you. If you move slowly out to the hall, you are going to die.
         You can try to use the left analog stick to set down some jerky in the
         spotlight, then back into the shadowy corner... but only one dog will
         be distracted. If you wait a few seconds, the dogs will move a short
         distance down the hall on their pre-planned circuit. This is when I run
         for it. I always get hit by one of the jumping dogs, but its preferable
         to being chewed on by both and instantly dying. You spin right, and angle
         right with a run from the helevator. Sprint around one corner and enter
         the door at the end of the hall (in darkness - no spotlights).
    [11] Pick up health drinks from the shelf inside this room, run to the desk
         to collect the ampoule. Quickspin and angle left with a run toward the
         door and seesaw out of here. Back in the hall spin/arc/run to Heather's
         left and pass on the right the dog chewing the meatbag in the darkest
         part of the hall yet. Notice he doesn't come after you.
    [12] Out in this room you are safe for a moment because you are in darkness,
         but a shuffler is coming toward you on his route. As you sprint toward
         him, you will be entering a spotlight and alerting him to your presence.
         Take this corner fast. Down at the middle of the hall is another
         spotlight and another shuffler. Swerve a little to Heather's right
         (Shufflers always stab with their right hand- to your left)
         and duck the corner right at the end of the hall.
         Seesaw into the door that Heather looks at
         right before the set-in double doors for the bathroom.
         The flashlight is stuck between the two cardboard boxes, and you
         really can't see it very well. Click circle to turn it off immediately.
         Spin left and confirm through two tones for bullets. Don't read the text.
         Quickspin and angle right with run then seesaw out of this room.
    [13] BLEACH:
         Back in the hall spin hard left and jog around the corner then seesaw
         into the bathroom. Run in and stop/spin left at the bleach. Toggle the
         light ON with circle, confirm through a tone for the BLEACH. Toggle the
         light back OFF. Spin left and run/seesaw out of the bathroom.
    [14] Spin left. Run down the empty dark hall to the busted shutter.
         Enter a short yet wide room with a shuffler and a dog. Run forward out
         and swerve to the shuffler's left (your right) and hopefully the dog
         will get snagged on the other side of the shuffler. Pass the yellowish
         double doors and go opposite for the half-open shutter. Toggle the
         light back ON to pick-up and confirm by tone for the BULLETPROOF VEST
         and the COAT HANGER. Turn the light back OFF with circle before you leave.
    [15] As you come back out, the dog may be gone if he collided hard with the
         shuffler (I think its a glitch). Spin right and run/angle right and seesaw
         back through the busted shutter. In the L-shaped phone back hallway, the
         two shufflers have reset and are at the start of their orbit walking away
         from you. You will not alert them by sound... but when you cross into
         the spotlight, they see you with eyes in the back of their head and turn
         around. Don't worry. Pass at a run on your right (their left). Turn right
         and run then angle right to pull through tannish double doors.
    [16] BOUTIQUE:
         Square your toes with the table and thump select to use the hanger. You
         have to begin climbing up, but when the cinema starts, thump start again
         to skip this little one. Begin facing a gurney. Run past with a curve
         to the left. Turn left hard at the up escalators. Take the one 
         on Heather's right. You won't see this next shuffler ever.
         Spin right and hit the first greenish double doors.
         Run forward and arc out to avoid the table in the middle of the room.
         Circle back in to be square toed with the dog barbeque. Thump x to confirm
         through some text and a tone for the COOKED KEY. Quickspin.
         Run arcing left to duck into the near side of the bar and confirm through
         two tones for two health drinks. Quickspin, run with a wide arc around
         the bar and the table, seesaw out. Spin left and run down the other
         side of the escalator (Heather's right again).
         You may not want to do this. If so, get to the back hall through
         the walnut room and forfeit only one box of bullets.
         Hit the doors before the static TV. Run fearlessly straight in to this
         room. Angle right slightly. At the camera change, toggle your light ON
         and confirm through a tone for bullets on the counter. You'll get hit
         in the back by one of the four hoppers in this room probably, but they
         are all now behind the hopper that hit you and won't come forward. You
         lose about 20% of your health from this hit if you take it. Quickspin
         and run forward angling right, then seesaw into a door that needs a
         double confirm to unlock and then open.
    [18] BACK HALL:
         Turn your light OFF. You'll barely see whats going on, but trust me.
         Run around the dark corner to your right. You'll see the faint highlight
         on the shuffler. Run straight along the edge of the hall on Heather's
         right. With the light OFF, this shuffler is real dumb and launches his
         hit from the middle of the hall and it will totally miss you. Know that
         you need to turn to Heather's left in the darkness past the shuffler.
         The door you need to go into has a light above it.
         Enter the room, square up to the case, confirm through the tone for a
         walnut and spin and run back out.
         The shuffler should still be in the dark corner of the hall where he
         launched his slow stab hit at you. Use his highlight to negotiate the
         turn in the hall without smacking up against a wall. Turn right a step
         after hitting the straightaway, take two/three steps and open a door
         that you can't see.
         Confirm through two tones for two health drinks. Grab the pipe (you
         will not be using the three pipes. Ever.). Hit the double doors.
         During the longer-than-usual blackout load time, try to remember that
         something bad is about to happen. You are dropped in sight of
         a spinner and a dog near a ledge. You can die instantly here by
         running madly forward and getting hit/pushed off the ledge. Spin
         carefully right and run forward... its okay if you hit/smack the column
         because the dog will waste time howling. Run past and open the first
         tannish door with a handle. 
    [20] BAKERY:
         Run under the sculpted doorway and toggle the light ON. Spin right
         and grab the DETERGENT. Toggle the light back OFF. Quickspin. Run.
         Seesaw through the door.
    [21] Go long on this hall and stop short of smacking the fan switch.
         Thump confirm twice but not three times. Spin left. Open door.
         Spin left, thump select, combine bleach and detergent and use.
         Thump start to skip cinema. Spin left. Confirm twice. Spin left.
         Open door. Don't run... you'll hit the can. Hit run+R1 to strafe
         a bit, then run. Take two corners and a long stretch of hall with
         no doors.
         Take the first tan door on the way next to a blue door. You enter
         in a red glow. Run forward, angle left, confirm twice through
         two tones (for bullets... I think) then quickspin and run up
         and confirm for jerky. Spin right and run then seesaw out of the room.
         More load time than room again.
         Spin right out in the hall. Run. Take the next right.
         Take the tan door next to the blue door again.
         You will enter a nasty pitch black room with a shuffler in the middle.
         You won't see anything. Run along the wall to Heather's right, jog
         to the left, then frantically seesaw for a door you will never see.
         The spinners are already in orbit toward you. Spin right and run long
         and pass two doors you can't open. Duck in for the center walkway,
         and be advised that a dog in orbit will only just be passing the sport
         shop door you need. Plow into his butt and push him out of your way.
         Seesaw into the shop. Keep your light OFF! Square up to the vise which
         is to Heather's right from the door... select, walnut, use. Confirm tones.
         Quickspin and angle left with run. Seesaw out of the room.
         Out on the balcony, the pushed dog is mad... but facing the wrong way.
         Run along the wall to Heather's right and thump madly to double confirm
         through a door you unlock. Now you are back at the first balcony area
         and you want to calmly spin right and run forward, swerving deep toward
         the wall in the wide area. Look for blue/brown doors immediately
         adjacent to double skin panels.
         Run fearlessly forward in this room and angle to Heather's left.
         You'll be sliding past two hoppers who can't quite get missile lock
         on you in the dark. Circle the bar corner and slide along the edge
         of it to Heather's left... you should pass by the hopper behind
         the bar and wind up behind him (with him blocking the door).
         If you are good at getting the instantaneous seesaw vacuum then
         you will pull right over the top of this hopper and be free of this
         room without a hit. If the hopper knocks you down, then restart
         the game. You should only be about 10 minutes into gameplay time anyway.
         Run forward and hang a left. Slide through the dark corner with the
         Shuffler again. Hit the door in the light. Run forward from door to door
         in the gallery. Spin right. Run past two TVs. Run up the right escalator
         because that shuffler is at the top of the one to the left. Swerve right
         toward the barbequed dog door and avoid seeing this shuffler ever. Stop
         at the crescent door. Do not read it. Thump select, moonstone, use. You
         are safe for a moment in an enemy-free balcony area, but be careful not
         to madly rush the edge and fall. You must climb down the first part of 
         the stairs, but a cinema takes over. Skip it with start.
    [26] SPLIT WORM:
         You start with your light ON and an empty pistol in your hand.
         Keep your light on and squeeze L2+aim+fire+down. Heather will load
         the pistol and begin firing as you walk away from the worm.
         You need the light ON so that auto-aim actually works.
         You need to do this in under two minutes for a gold rank, but its only
         two stars, so don't beat yourself up if you err on the side of caution.
         The split worm will kill you instantly if you stop in front of him later. 
         Vest or no vest. You just die. Keep the vest OFF. Don't try to learn
         new fingering to make square+strafe work yet... you'll mess up.
         Run, quickturn, spin and re-angle to always be 30 degrees to the side
         of the split worm at half-room or farther. You'll get three shots into
         his mouth if you are really having a good day. He gets really fast after
         about six shots to the mouth. You'll probably only pop him twice at 
         a time there at the end. Unfortunately... you can't skip his death cinema.
         You can skip the cinema as soon as you see the fountain. Circle the
         fountain and pass through the half-shutter.
    [27] HAPPY BURGER:
         Its down at the end on the right. Merken would skip this, I'm sure...
         but I need that jerky for the hospital, so I clean out two confirm tones
         from past the save sigil and collect jerky from the back stool.
         Hit the glass doors and skip a cinema with Douglas.
    You have spent no more than fifteen minutes to get here.
         Begin running. Take a right. Hit a little door.
         Curve deep into this next large room and swerve out to Heather's
         right to hit the NEWSPAPER on top of the phone booths.
         You need this. Quickspin. Run and angle right into the
         turnstiles and duck around their corner to grab the MAP.
         (You will not ever look at this map.)
         Quickspin and go down the closest stairs to the Heather's right.
         From down here, you go forward and left... squeezing L2
         and left sticking up to see the Bergen Street 3 sign,
         but NOT that map you picked up. Down those stairs you'll
         see a TABLOID on the landing. Confirm through its text quickly.
         VERY IMPORTANT: You must go OUT to the yellow grated guard
         and WALK along the track. If you duck in by the benches,
         you launch the suicide pusher cinema, but will not get a
         first aid kit. At breathing, thump start and skip cinema.
         Quickspin. Confirm up the guard rail as train whistle blows.
         Run forward to the bench and receive FIRST AID KIT.
    [02] Back up two flight of stairs. Run forward and turn right
         at the red glow. Its a save sigil, but run past it and enter
         a little grey door past it. In the larger room, cross to the
         left side of the room between the poles. Turn left and left
         again to go down an open blue gate.
         I can't tell how many dogs are in here. In darkness it is hard
         to tell if I'm just seeing the same dog again. These dogs cheat.
         They immediately howl to indicate that they are programmed to know
         you are coming. They are not near you. Spin/Angle right and run, but
         kinda swerve right at the camera change or you will hit a grey
         beam (and die from dog chewing). Cross the room across the metal
         planks: the sound of your footsteps will change. Angle right and
         go down the first stairs. There will probably be a dog with you
         on the stairs all the way down, but the game will reset him farther
         from you on the way back up (use this to your advantage). 
         Downstairs run forward a step or two, then stop and spin with L2
         to see the NUTCRACKER. Jog up, confirm through a tone, Quickspin
         and use L2 again to see your turn for the stairs (Heather's left).
         Back up in dog hall the dogs have moved. You shouldn't really see
         them again, but they are behind you. Move across the metal step sound
         area and go down the stairs. Toggle light on and spin with L2
         to see a health drink. Confirm with tones. Quickspin. Run up stairs.
         Circle out wide to Heather's left, but come back in to the UP
         At the top of the stairs run down the long skinny part of the hall
         and spin left to the chain. Select. Nutcracker. Use. Confirm. Run.
         Down you go. Darkness. Forward and to Heather's Left is a shadowed
         subway car. Toggle light ON. Enter car. Spin right. Confirm receipt
         of two shotgun shells. Spin left. Run. Angle right and confirm receipt
         of shotgun with text. Toggle light OFF. Run out of car and toward bench.
         Its okay to run past these insane cancers if you started from the
         benches, otherwise you would need to walk. Run around where you came
         down from (do not go up) and go down the stairs. Run forward. See clutter
         with L2. Turn right. Run to second right turn. Go down.
         Run to end of platform and jump onto rail. Run toward red door.
         Square firmly against red door before trying it. Notice that Heather
         looks at dogs who are not activated to leap before she tries the door.
         Immediately quickturn and run after confirming the locked door.
         You'll run to far side of track, but circle back after third jumping dog
         to the yellow guard grating and confirm. Thump start to skip the cinema.
         Run forward. Unlock, Confirm door.
         Run forward... possibly pushing against the side of a jumping dog
         (There are two dogs. You can push them in the butt with your shoulder
         while they are jumping and you are running).
         DO NOT RUN TOO FAR. You must angle right and go up these stairs.
         Continue running forward. Landing. Stairs. Down. At next platform
         toggle light ON and spin right to confirm receipt of health drink.
         Spin left and run angling left. Enter subway train. Thump start
         to skip cinema.
    [05] TRAIN:
         This is simple. Run Forward. If there are little hoppers, then run
         past them. If its a big hopper, then shoot it from the darkness
         (if available). Hoppers CANNOT get missile lock if you are standing
         in the darkness. Be careful about standing under a light. The hoppers
         do not have ears and they can't hear where you are running.
         The range of your shots determines their strength, and yes... one
         point blank shell will knock a big hopper over, but don't try it.
         Waste three shells from a safe distance to kill big hoppers. Don't
         try to run over a stumbled big hopper... squeeze L2 and watch for the
         little hopper to successfully walk through a deflated corpse, then
         run past him in the dark. The little hoppers can lunge over a dead body
         that you can't run over or push out of your way.
         Wait until the lit car where Heather glances down and left. She's
         looking at shells you can pick up with the light OFF. In the very
         next car you must turn your light ON and spin right, to confirm
         through TWO tones for bullets you will never see. In extreme mode,
         ONLY these three items are available on the train.
         At the Insane Cancer ask yourself if you feel lucky. If you feel lucky
         then drop him with two close blasts and then WALK forward and left
         pushing him out of your way. He won't slide all the way out of your way,
         but just enough that as he stands up... you can slide past a little
         more and use the seesaw vacuum to pull over his swinging arm and
         get sucked through the door right before he hits you. If you do not
         feel lucky, then spend six shells and multiple kicks to deflate this one.
         Its one car past him, a long blackout, then skip a cinema.
         Turn your light ON. Spin left and run. Spin right. Seesaw the door.
         The hall looks normal at first, but don't stop running. Light on.
         Once you can see the red door at the end of the hall, toggle the light
         OFF while you are running. YOU WILL LOSE 70% OF YOUR HEALTH. Thats right.
         This hall really hurts now. In the next room you are in total darkness
         and there are three spinners walking toward you. In darkness, navigate
         by their dim keylight and angle right, left, right between them.
         After the third toggle your light ON, and spin RIGHT for a blue door.
         Inside this door use some stuff to put your health back up.
         Switch the light back OFF! Run forward and angle RIGHT for a door 
         near a little hopper coming at you. Run forward past the T intersection.
         Quickspin and L2. Three hoppers should come on their route out
         of the turn you need and walk down the hall. Go where they were.
         Hit a door in darkness. The next room is pitch black. Toggle light ON.
         Grab the MAUL, and the MAP from Heather's left. Quickspin. Grab the
         FIRST AID KIT from the shelves (hard to see). Spin left and leave.
         This hall should have a big hopper coming at you. Squeeze L2.
         Do not release L2. Walk forward only so much that you can remain in
         shadow to thwart the hopper's missile-lock.
         You will need four shells to kill this big hopper from a safe distance.
         The hall is not wide enough to dodge his lunge. Don't try.
         You can run past the little hopper if you see a way with L2.
         Go to the end of the hall and turn right... you want to go to the
         end of this hall and get the shotgun shells off the barrel
         (toggle light ON/OFF) before you go for the WINE BOTTLE hallway
         because more hoppers populate the big room after you get the bottle.
         Come back from the barrels and the handrail thing, spin left,
         run to the lit blue door, run forward, toggle the light ON and
         confirm through two tones for stuff (I never see what it is because
         I'm standing in front of it) then angle over to the wine rack and
         confirm receipt of the wine bottle. Quickspin. Run.
         AMBUSH! Another big hopper! You are standing in a spotlight!
         He instantly gets missile-lock and is going to hit you no matter
         what you do. Try to run past him so that he only hits you in the back,
         and allows you to continue running. Angle left with this run and take
         a turn to Heather's right. Seesaw a door.
         There's a long dark hall with two waddling spinners.
         Zig-zag through them before they launch and exit left to a blue door.
         Then a long lit up straight gray hall.
         After this is a totally empty hall that you go right and right in
         and leave from the end door.
         Pretend this hall is a letter F. You can turn right twice, but pretend
         the door at the top isn't there. You aren't going in there. There
         are angry monsters and no items. 
         From the start run forward, but not out of the shadows. Aim. L2.
         Blast the big hopper often until you hear his death cry. 
         Repeat with the second big hopper. Take the second right and toggle
         the light on in this room with the KEROSENE.
         Square up. Select. Wine Bottle. Use. Confirm/Tone. Quickspin.
         L2 and see health drinks. Confirm receipt. Spin left. 
         Toggle light OFF. Exit.
         Back out in the F Hall... WALK, do not RUN out to the end of
         your hall and watch a parade of three little hoppers walk past.
         Wait. Then run out and curve wide left, putting yourself into
         the next hall to your left. You didn't alert the hoppers.
         In the GENERATOR room running forward should put you up the stairs.
         Square your toes up to the hole, select, wine bottle, use, confirm.
         Slide with R1 to the switch and confirm Yes, then start/skip the
         cinema. Quickspin. Run and angle right to get down the stairs.
         Around the rail. If its still light OFF, then you have to confirm
         through some text. If you toggle the light ON, then you can get down
         the stairs faster.
    [09] HAIR DRYER
         Spin left in darkness toward a ramp. Up into a room. Spin right.
         Toggle light on. Spin left. Run up stairs. Spin left. Hit door.
         There's another long empty hall forward. Door.
         You'll be in a water channel room. Immediately
         press confirm and leap into the water. Run down the middle of the
         water channel splashing and making a lot of noise. The hoppers 
         patrolling this area have no ears. You are going right first and
         then through a door and up some stairs. Running. In the compactor
         room, toggle the light back ON. Step to the room's middle and confirm
         receipt of the dryer. Quickspin and grab an AMPOULE from the far
         shelf. Quickspin and angle/run left out of this room. 
         Jump into the water. Do not fear the patrolling Hopper in front of you.
         He can't see you. Wait til he is halfway across the wood plank to your
         right before you climb the step and enter the door in front of you.
         Toggle your light ON briefly in the control room to collect a health
         drink on the desk. Thats all. Heather will look at a bunch of memos, but
         none of them save to your memo file, so don't mess with them. Leave 
         through the door that used to say "Keep Out."
         Use the dryer. Thump start to skip the cinema. Run Forward.
         Opposite the tentacle, confirm your wish to drop the pipe.
         You can press start to skip through the vocals on water goddess.
         Just be honest. Get 3 pipes. I believe the two pipes are worth a
         gold star each for "bonus weapon collected ranking" because it is
         five stars total, and I know the heather/sexy beam do not count toward
         bonus weapon collection (because you start with them).
         If you skip the vocals, this should only take a few seconds.
         There are a few hallways beyond the Hair Dryer scene, but the important
         bit of business is one last hopper hallway. In this hall do not get
         confused and run deep into the hall and go right. That door is locked.
         This time you exit far left past the middle spotlight.
         There's a forked Hall, go straight... the left path is blocked anyway.
         There may be some gray stair hallways, go forward.
         At the room with the water channel, jump into the water.
         The spinners don't really hear you this time. Run left then turn right.
         These spinners have a crappy orbit. If you don't run toward
         your exit hall, then a spinner will go in before you and you'll
         take a hit sliding past him. If you do run, it will sound like he
         noticed you and is chasing you. Relax. Its just his route. He
         doesn't see you.
         There is one more stair, then outside to a rail set of stairs
         and up to a ladder. You come up outside the Office Building.
         Run quickly around the corners, at the red glow quickturn and
         hit double doors into the building.
         Inside toggle your light on. Run forward. Head spins. You spin left.
         Confirm two tones for health drinks. Leave light on. Resume.
         Hit the stairs and go all the way up. In the first hall stay away
         from that enticing bathroom. No need for scary music today.
         First thing in here, run forward, grab bullets, then health drink 
         on far side of mattress, then quickturn and advance toward wall.
         On normal and easy mode, you have enough maximum stamina to hit
         this wall and break it from anywhere. Now in extreme mode... you
         need to be at full stamina and a step back from the wall so that
         the spiked ball part of the maul connects perfectly in order to
         break it. If you are standing right on the wall, then the handle 
         connects, you get a lousy hit, and the wall won't break.
         Collect the SILENCER. Yay! You really need this in Extreme.
         Quickspin. Confirm your wish to drop the mattress. Run to the edge
         and you should just jump in without having to confirm.
         Your light is still ON.
         In the next room spin left and run toward the patched window.
         Toggle your light OFF then hit the window.
         Outside on the railing are spinners who don't see you even though
         you begin in the light. Spin calmly left and then run
         along the plank and turn left. Seesaw into the window.
         This little brown room has nothing. Snake to next door.
         These office halls look purple in darkness. Run to the far end
         of the hall and thump the whitish door to enter the mannequin room.
         Don't look at soon-to-be-headless girl. Toggle light ON.
         Run around to confirm tones for bullet pickup. Exit. Light OFF.
         Take the door on your side of the hallway red light.
         In the next semi-H shaped room, run forward into another door
         with a light above it (use L2 if you don't see it) for the back
         hall of Monica's Dance Studio. Arguably, you could go upstairs and
         get the screwdriver + jack first, but I've become superstitious about
         that ampoule being there when I get back so I do this hall first
         (which only wastes 10 seconds anyway). Hit the door opposite you
         to enter the office. Run in and grab the MAP off the table.
         Spin left and leave. In the hall spin left, run to the end of the
         hall and angle left and pull through a door. There is a locker
         with a FIRST AID KIT and an AMPOULE. Confirm two tones.
         Go back down the hall and angle left for the door back to the
         elevator room. Squeeze L2. You are down by the bathrooms, and those
         are at the opposite end of the big room from the staircase door
         with a red light above it. There are two dogs. They are going to
         jump as you run past. Be cool. They won't be here when you come back.
         Take the stairs smooth, wide, and running to the 5th floor.
         The elevator room is clear. The door you want is toward the
         bathrooms then turn left. Use L2 to see the 
         correct KMG door which is near the Art Gallery door. Do
         the Art Gallery first. Run forward dodging the couches, and
         thump on the whitish door in darkness. Forward and turn down
         the bent hall, its the hard-to-see door in the corner.
         This room is pitch black. Toggle the light ON. Confirm receipt
         of Katana. Quickturn. Exit. Run to other end of hall, not
         the blood swiped white door you came from, and grab the 
         SCREWDRIVER off the box. Quickturn. Its a sharp circle (left)
         back to the door into the Gallery. Cross. Exit. Run across
         hall and seesaw into the KMG door.
         There is one U shaped hall now (the hell version has two L shaped halls).
         There are four little hoppers and they are spread out.
         Sneak toward one with the light off, then toggle light ON,
         and hold aim+fire+down to walk away while shooting each little hopper.
         The KMG Office is at the far end of the hall on Heather's left.
         In the Office toggle the light ON, grab the health drink from
         the desk, then grab the jack off the shelves and turn your light
         back OFF. Leave the office. Run straight across the hall to the
         KMG door to the outside elevator room. Run forward and turn out
         from the restrooms and run back to the staircase door. Run
         back down two flights, smooth and wide. No bumping.
         The dogs are gone. Hit Monica's Dance Studio door. Again.
         Circle the desk and select, screwdriver, use, confirm, confirm again
         to get rope. Leave office. Next door. So much load time.
         Forward, spin left (use L2 to see open elevator door).
         Square up to door, select, jack, use, start/skip cinema, select,
         rope, use, confirm "yes" and begin on 2nd floor.
    [16] Short second floor. Run toward three doors grouped past turn at
         restrooms. Echo imports... Door at 4 o'clock if you are facing the
         three doors. Run bravely forward to dalmatians and JERKY. Spin right.
         The next room sucks. They put two little hoppers in here.
         I always get hit by one that I don't see on my way to the door.
         Running. Seesaw the door and avoid a second hit. Confirm on the tub.
         Skip. Skip. Skip. There are three cinemas, one of which is totally
         black with only dialogue.
         You start near the tub in hell. Run across the walkway, thump
         the door. Toggle light ON. Grab bullets from wheelchair. Try to
         avoid the irritating three line text message produced by the doll.
         Quickspin. Turn light OFF. Swing around the red curtain. Thump the door.
         Yes, you hear slurpers. No, do not engage yet. Turn left and thump
         the blood-swiped whitish door. L shaped reception hall. Ignore photo.
         Door at end, but thumping start... you never see Vincent. You come
         to in the supply room. Spin left, light ON. Confirm four tones
         beginning in oxydol then 2 FAKs and 1 health drink. Forget the
         high school chemistry book... its gone. Quickspin from the cabinet
         and exit. Now you are back in the first slurper hall.
         Take one step forward. Click the left analog stick down. Step back.
         Pivot 30 degrees to the right or left. Wait to hear an excited shriek
         that indicates a slurper has found something delicious to eat.
         This sound gives you permission to move forward, but not far.
         Essentially, in a zig-zag fashion you litter the hall with jerky, 
         then step back and walk forward on the other side. Squeeze L2 constantly.
         Do not walk down the middle of a hall ever. You can kind of see the
         slurpers coming if your head isn't in the middle of the screen.
         There is also a dog, but they will fall for this too.
         This seems tedious and time consuming, but it is far better than
         wasting six to ten shells/rounds and using health to get through these
         halls. After Vincent's office the 2nd floor is empty. Leave forever.
         The hell elevators don't need you to toggle the light ON to press
         the button for your floor. Thump start and skip the semi-cinema of
         the elevator noise. Immediately arrive at your floor (and toggle
         the light back OFF if it was on).
         Ha ha. My radio is OFF. I hear no scary noise from the Glutton. Ha ha.
         Run to Heather's left at the boards. Enter the darker door on
         Heather's left at the end of the hall. Ignore the cash on the bar.
         Begin caution mode (R2) and tiptoe toward the fridge. Please
         do not wake the Insane Cancer. Grab the pork. Quickspin.
         Hold L2 and R2 and walk slowly toward the shells which are on
         the table next to the Insane Cancer. When your feet are almost square
         to the table, toggle the light ON, confirm receipt of shells, quickspin,
         run like the beejeezus toward the door you came from (you
         will hear the Cancer get up and run after you). When you get through
         the door safely... laugh and kick your feet. I do.
         Easy run back to the elevator. 
         The fifth floor elevator room is clear. Enter a blue door into the
         a W shaped hall. At the SW corner are two doors that will
         open. You only want to open the west door and get the matches.
         Problematically there are two slurpers to bait with jerky and kill
         with the maul in darkness. Right where you start you need to left stick
         some jerky down, step back, spin 30 degrees right, step forward, set
         more jerky down, step two back, and then maul the first eating slurper
         four times until dead. Once both are dead, enter the west corner door
         and get the matches. When you come back out, dogs will have generated
         at the hall's end and any jerky you set down will have vanished.
         You need to spin right and run toward the brownish see-through window,
         then turn left and enter the a blue door at hall's end.
         There is a short hall and a brown door to the north. This is the
         new gallery door.
         Ignore the sigils and other paintings.
         Select, Pork, Combine, Oxydol, Combine, Matches, Use. Start/Skip the 
         Cinema and thump through the furnace-like doors.
    [21] STORYBOOK 2 - 2 BAD L HALLS	
         Turn right and run downstairs. You can pick up the middle storybook
         with the light OFF. Confirm through its many text messages til it
         leaves the screen. When you exit you are about to be eaten by slurpers.
         Just like when you were here before, but
         in reverse and not a U-shape you are taking two L-shaped halls. 
         Each L Hall has three slurpers at first. Set jerky traps down and
         use the maul to kill these initial slurpers. If you do not kill the
         initial slurpers, then you will have to contend with five when you come
         out of any of the rooms. Dogs will generate behind you at the end of each
         hall, but if you set down jerky from the start of each hall, then the dogs
         will not come forward and find you. It is important that you clear the
         first three slurpers before testing any doors! Your jerky will disappear
         once you have been through a door. Be aware that the slurpers may finish
         their first jerky and need to crawl forward for a second in order for you
         to hit each one four times with the maul.
         FIRST L-HALL
         On the third corner of the first L-hall is a door that will open to
         a bed holding a FAK and box of bullets. There is a slurper hiding under
         the bed, whom you may remember. With the light OFF, set jerky down forward
         of the bed, and the slurper will be lured out. Hit him from the side
         with the maul four times, THEN collect the stuff off the bed.
         SECOND L-HALL
         Actually, there are only two slurpers in this hall at first, but two
         dogs are set in motion once you take the third corner. Make sure to leave
         jerky at your starting point so that these dogs do not move forward too 
         early. At the second corner, drop two pieces of jerky, then lure the
         slurpers toward it with your light (which you turn OFF just as they
         start moving toward you). At the end of the hall is a door that opens.
         This is the COIN room where you get the INSURANCE key.
         You need to toggle the light on to pick up the coin.
         Frustratingly you must check the machine first and listen
         to Heather's thoughts about being thirsty before you can use the coin.
         Start/Skip the cinema. Spin left. Run. Seesaw at the door. Out in
         the hall is a blue frame door to Heather's left. Spin/Run for it.
         Unlock and then confirm your desire to move through this door by
         furiously mashing the x button until load time begins and pulls you
         away from those mean dogs. Forward, curve wide and u-turn to the right
         into an elevator. Skip the lift time and head for the first floor.
         Go to Heather's left instead of toward the glutton. At the T intersection
         where you see boards, go right. Use the key.
         Inside this new L shape hallway... begin by waiting. Don't move.
         Two slurpers are in orbit toward a meatbag at the end of the hall.
         Wait. Proceed cautiously only when you don't hear them. They should
         happily shriek and you should hear the munching in stereo. If you keep
         your light off and walk slowly, you can walk to the very end of the
         hall and take the door right behind the slurpers to Heather's left.
         In this room toggle the light ON just so that you can get around
         the white table. You can go ahead and leave the light on for a long while.
         Confirm receipt of book part 3. Start/skip cinema. Exit room.
         Exit hall. If your light is back on, you will see the storybook part one
         where the Glutton used to be. Its on the way, so grab it for good luck.
    [23] STREET + APT HALL
         Out you are. Run forward and arc inside the parked cars. Along the tarp.
         Duck in to Heather's left when you can. Up the steps and into the
         back door of the Daisy Villa Apartments. Inside there's some disorienting
         camera trickery that will probably throw you into the laundry room.
         Quickspin and squeeze L2 if so. Run forward and take the first door
         after the corner to Heather's left. No, do not save. Really.
    [01] Inside the door to 102, you have three cinemas to skip.
         Tap start like a heartbeat until you see yourself paused
         with the missionary walking at you. Unpause and thump select.
         Inside select, do all of this: turn your light OFF, re-equip
         your silencer, make sure your radio is really OFF, make sure
         your vest is OFF, and move the cursor to the bullet box in
         supplies and load your pistol. Note how many rounds you have.
    [02] Remember how the missionary used to block your hits and then
         hit you and run away? That won't happen anymore. As you come out
         of the select menu, squeeze aim+shoot+L2+down. You'll be walking
         slowly away from the missionary while continuously pegging him
         with silencer rounds. He won't block. He can't hear or see you.
         He is just moving toward the direction that the hurting comes from.
         As you near the railing, the camera gets buggy and pulls the
         missionary off-screen. Don't worry. Notice that Heather looks down?
         The missionary has fallen! Spin left and run left and re-face the
         fallen missionary from the west (assuming the lightpost is to the
         north). Release all buttons except L2! Stand without aiming so that your
         stamina refills while the missionary is laying down. He is aware
         of your stamina meter, and he will rush you if you get low.
         If you shoot him while he is down, he comes up swinging (but won't
         hit you) and is thus unavailable to take some more bullets.
         Wait til he is on his way to standing up normally, then begin pegging
         him from a standing position. It irritates him that you are not
         moving and he will decide to spin slowly and walk toward you instead
         of running quickly away. If he gets in lunging distance (announced
         with a grunting sound effect) you need to take two steps back. You
         shouldn't need to also hit run to walk quickly backward, but be aware that
         this option is available to you (hitting five buttons at once? okay.)
    [03] You may ask: why does this work? It shouldn't be letting me auto-aim
         with the flashlight off. Its a kind of glitch. If you combine down on
         the D-pad with aim+shoot+L2 then down on the D-pad corresponds to away
         from the Missionary regardless of where he is. It may have something to
         do with the flickering spotlight on the roof that silhouettes the 
         missionary for you.
    [04] When the missionary lays down, select and reload from the bullet box.
         Keep count here, not at your gun. After about 60 bullets the missionary
         should lay down for good. You'll have been repositioning yourself to
         face the prone enemy with a lot of room for you to walk backwards when
         he gets up. Just make sure that you do NOT walk backwards into the
         flickering spotlight. If you enter this light, you die. Make sure that
         you do not let go of L2. If the missionary gets off camera, he will decide
         to blindside you really hard.
    [05] It is totally unacceptable for the Missionary to hit you even once.
         If he does, continue practicing with him til he dies, but you should
         probably start the whole game over.
    [06] After his death you have two cinemas to skip through. You'll be standing
         at the bed looking at flowers when you have control again.
         Spin out, hit the door, run straight across the living room, enter
         your room running, hit the drawer and confirm two tones for the
         STUN GUN and BATTERIES. Quickspin. Run. Door. Angle to Heather's Left.
         Thump door near pink phone. Spin right. Run past the red glow of
         the save sigil. Thump the door. Thump start like a heartbeat through
         four cinemas and find yourself paused at the motel. Exit 106.
    [00] Using an ampoule outside 106 is a good idea. The super stamina will
         last all the way past the first save point and through the first two
         nurse kills of the hospital. You can't use ampoules during boss fights
         anymore, so you may as well use them to save some time on the street.
         Somebody turns your flashlight on even if you turned it off in room 106.
         Its a mean trick, so don't fall for it. Use select to insure that
         light is OFF(if you have a shirt on Heather you cant see her vest light).
         It doesn't really matter if you have a weapon equipped now.
         Run forward and dodge a little to Heather's right to miss the stairs.
         Run forward under the arch and straight across the street. Try not to
         bump into the tree. Stop and let your stamina refill after you spin
         to Heather's left past the tree. You are about to go on a really long run.
    [02] As you run forward and angle 15 degrees across the grass and into the
         street you will hear dogs howl and begin pursuing you. At first their
         heads will lunge across the bottom of the screen as you squeeze L2 while
         running, but then Heather's head will merely glance down left and right
         as the dogs snap at you. Find the yellow dash in the middle of the road.
         Then wander to the left and find the curb. When you hear spinners, you
         are getting close to a hard left running turn. There is a spinner walking
         along where you need to turn. Dodge him: he won't launch. By this point
         the dogs should have hit the spinner walking and stopped. If they are
         still on you... you forgot to turn off your light. Admit it. Steer right
         and wait for the camera change at the stairs to Heaven's Night.
    [03] In the club toggle the light back ON so that you confirm receipt of
         two things off the near booth. Quickturn. Run to bar. At bar's end is a
         box of shells. Confirm receipt. Toggle light OFF. Spin right and leave.
         If you read Maria's poster then TWO items will be moved into traps.
         Instead of 2 AMPOULES at the torture bed in the Chapel, there will only
         be one ampoule and the other is moved into C2 (nurse ambush).
         The FIRST AID KIT that should be waiting for you in the Candy Store
         will be moved into the nurse ambush room in M5 (so that there are 
         2 FAKS in M5 instead of 1). In normal mode these moved-items were
         probably helpful, but in extreme they cause trouble.
    [04] Take a lazy wide right running turn and weave out toward the edge of the
         sidewalk by the street. The sidewalk is very narrow past a fence and a
         walking unactivated spinner. This spinner actually turns to look at you,
         but bumps the fence and won't launch. Lazy wide right up the hospital
         steps and seesaw through the door.
         Remember the funny-breathing theme-music of attacking nurses? Ha ha.
         Its turned down now! Now, I can actually listen to the real sound 
         effects of your footsteps. There are two coming toward the front door
         of the hospital in a pincer attack, but you are sprinting into the
         immediate door for the Office.
    [02] FIRST SAVE
         In the office spin to Heather's light and toggle the light on.
         Collect health drink. Quickturn. Run step. Collect MAP.
         Hit select. In items leave the cursor on Heather's lucky charm.
         In weapons leave the cursor on the STUN-GUN. 
         Make sure you have jerky equipped as supplies. 
         Exit the select menu. Spin right and run step
         to the red glow save sigil and save. yay! You get here in waaay
         under one hour. My best is 50 minutes and 42 seconds
         with all useable items collected (hardly any memos).     
    [03] Why save here? Because the gameplay is about to go to a whole new level.
         You won't be sprinting in the hospital. You'll need to juke the
         elevator hall nurses, stealth-kill some hall nurses, and brazenly slug
         away with the vest+shotgun+perfume for the triple nurse ambush rooms.
         Nurses don't eat jerky. They get mad when you wear their perfume!
         You'll need to get real quick with changing from stun-gun to bullets
         because you can only spare two batteries per nurse.
    [04] Why couldn't I save before the Missionary? Because the Missionary
         has no eyes or ears and is totally predictable. The nurses have poor
         range of vision, but their hearing is eerily better than anything else
         in the game and they have great AI. You can't hide at all from the nurses
         in hell because they hear your footsteps on the metal grate floor.
         4 Health Drinks, 2 First Aid Kits, 3 Ampoules, 727 bullets, 126 shells,
         20 Batteries, 22 Jerky
    [06] Moreover, should you decide to deviate wildly from the FAQ after this,
         you already have enough stuff to finish the game. Really, you don't
         need to pick up any more items as long as you are willing to use your
         three ampoules to run halls and then fight the God without taking
         any damage (which is possible: see below). You can choose to spend
         another hour and a half to collect everything, or run to the God in
         under an hour without picking up anything.
         The main point of contention will be whether it is worth collecting
         Stanley Coleman's 7 diaries. I think it is Stanley who calls you in
         Hell and leaves you the birthday presents on the first floor.
         You get ONE less health drink if you skip his diaries. Big deal.
         As long as you see him hanging in the locker, he still calls you
         and unlocks the door to get the rest of it (the call doesn't change).
    [00] You can kill 22 Nurses with the Katana. 
         They have really good AI and they reset to funny places when you have
         to come back through areas. Its better to kill them early than to be
         surprised by a long shot in the dark that takes 75% of your health.
         Do it this way and you only lose 50% health for both parts of the
         hospital before Leonard (if you go for the six shotgun kills).
         The locations of your kills are as follows:
    2 ent hall
    2 2nd hall
    2 ambush
    3 1st hall
    1 bonus ent hall
    1 bonus pad cell
    3 3rd floor ambush
    15 stun/katana kill
    3 M5 ambush
    3 C2 ambush
    6 optional shotgun kills
    1 elev hall 3rd flr hell
    1 elev hall 2nd flr hell
    2 office hall 1st floor
    1 dayroom maze
    1 b-day hall
    7 stun/katan kill
    3 b-day room
    3 optional shotgun kills
         Come running out and circle wide to Heather's left. Be in the
         middle of the hall at first, but run to Heather's right past the
         pipe-nurse. AFTER you hear her grunt twice from lunging (about
         three running steps past her) do a quickspin and run back past her.
         Hold aim+fire+UP and strike this nurse twice. Do not forget the UP
         part, you can walk forward as you strike with the stun-gun. The nurses
         all have a delay after striking (part of their routine) and you have time
         to stun twice with no counter-attacks. Go ahead and throw the second
         even if you think the nurse will fall from one stun. It kind of
         damages her even if you see nothing connect.
         Circle running behind her so that she doesn't stand up facing you.
         Simply press and hold aim+fire for fierce overhead katana hits.
         This is MUCH better than the mighty boot because the katana
         can continue to cause damage as the nurse begins to stand.
         Don't flinch if you see her wind up to hit you. The katana will,
         on its second hit, slow the nurse down considerably. The third hit
         should make two sounds... then its all over. Release aim and stomp
         the nurse with your boot til she deflates.
         You should be standing right by the lounge door, so spin right and
         enter the Lounge. Toggle the light ON and collect health drink
         from the fridge. Spin left and leave the room as you toggle the light OFF.
         When you leave the lounge turn left to find the other nurse.
         Take her just like the first. Two stun. Three/four katana hits.
         Its going to work better because the door put your stamina back up.
         Quickspin and run back past the lounge and curl the corner to
         get to the elevator. In the normal world, the elevator keys require
         the flashlight to be ON. In hell, the elevator will work with the
         light off. If you are skipping the lift-cinemas correctly, you will only
         see a dim fade-in of the light from Heather's flashlight.
         Squeeze L2 and curl out to Heather's right around a corner to the end
         of the hall and take the last door on the left. Inside confirm two tones
         for receipt of NAIL POLISH REMOVER and PERFUME. You need the perfume.
         Enter the unchanging four digits for the "Eat You" poem door.
         (see McGregor's FAQ)_________. Make sure your light is OFF before you
         open this door (it had to be ON for the locker room and this door).
         Inside this hall there are two nurses and they start far away from you.
         Begin by squeezing L2+R2+down as you spin right. You'll back into a 
         corner that the nurses won't walk into. Spin a little left from the corner
         so that you see the hallway centered on screen, and so that if you ran
         forward you'd be cutting across the hall. WAIT.
         The pipe nurse will come close but will not see you. She will turn away
         and walk down the hall. Wait for the pistol nurse to walk up.
         She will most likely draw her pistol and shoot at the end of the hall.
         She can't really get missile lock, so if you release R2 and press run
         and forward, you will run up next to her as she shoots the empty corner
         that you were hiding in. Strike her twice with your previously reloaded
         Stun Gun. She drops. Circle behind her and equip Katana. Squeeze L2 to
         keep a lookout for the pipe-nurse's return. Strike until dead.
         When she expires and deflates, spin right and enter the tannish double 
         doors you are next to. You don't need to read the corpse tattoos, but
         you do need more stamina to run to the end of the hall. Quickspin. Exit.
         Spin right. Run to the end of the hall and hit the pipe-nurse in the butt
         with your stun-gun twice. She won't turn around because she gets snagged
         on one of those benches.
    [03] ROOM M4 - CAMERA
         You can see the room numbers in the dark, but go ahead and turn ON
         your light. Run in, stop the clock, confirm the hand dials twice,
         quickspin, run, circle, square up to the briefcase. Input the time
         in military numbers (add 12). Rarely the time may actually 12:00 something
         where you don't add twelve. Confirm receipt of camera.
    [04] ROOM M5 - BUTCHER BERSERK NURSES (If you read Maria's Poster)
         If you didn't read Maria's poster, then skip this room because it
         will only contain one FAK and not two FAKs.
         Oh, the times I died in this room. I learned that if you soft-reset the
         game forty times in an hour the PS2 stops recognizing your controller and
         you have to cold-boot the console.
         Well, now... Revenge is ours! Those vain nurses HATE when you wear their
         perfume. They go berserk! They will foolishly forfeit their ability
         to hit you from a distance in favor of rushing you to try
         and b#$%^slap you. This is a good thing.
         Equip vest. Equip perfume. Equip shotgun. Turn light ON. Enter room.
         Three nurses rush you. They bump. You blast. They fall. You keep
         blasting. The pistol-nurse will not have tried to shoot you from a
         distance because she is really angry that you took her perfume.
         Listen. You can hear NEW angry nurse sounds. Ha ha ha!
         I promise that you will only lose 25% of your health tops and you
         receive two FAKs for the trouble.
         I suspect you deal more damage with the perfume equipped too.
         It seems like it only took six shells to completely kill 3 extreme nurses.
         Make sure you take EVERYTHING OFF and re-equip the stun-gun.
         New nurses have sprung up and they want to play. Lets oblige!
         Squeeze L2 and spin right. Try to run into and curl around to 
         Heather's left of this pipe-nurse. Run past her to the end of the hall
         without stopping. Quickspin before you hit the wall.
         You should see her running after you (this is good), but she'll stop
         when she senses that you aren't running anymore. Strike her twice
         with the stun-gun. Kill her with the katana. Then stop and wait
         til your stamina refills a little. Because the pipe-nurse ran early,
         the pistol-nurse remained unalerted and is shuffling over by the
         double doors to M hall. Go find her. Give her the same. 2 stun.
         Several katana hits. Then stomp her for good measure.   
         Duck downstairs via elevator and make sure the light is back OFF
         before you open the hall double-doors.
         Equip the pistol and silencer. 
         Immediately squeeze R2+L2. You enter caution mode and swing the
         camera out to see a nurse in orbit almost on top of you. Back
         away! Just pull down on the D-pad (kinda like with the missionary).
         Stand and wait! The first nurse will get to the edge of the tiles 
         and turn back and walk away from you. The second nurse turns away
         but circles back after a few steps. Do not panic. She does not see
         you, it is just her orbit... she doubles back normally. 
         Fire only when the two pipe-nurses have crossed the set of double-doors.
         You aren't going to kill them with the pistol, you are just softening
         them up (its okay to waste shots on SH3).
         You are waiting for the pistol-nurse. 9 times out of ten, she will
         draw and fire even though she doesn't have missile lock. If you release
         R2 and press run and forward, you will again be standing next to her
         as she shoots the empty corner you were in.
         Equip the stun-gun. Strike twice. Equip katana. Strike til dead.
         Leave this hall at the doors you entered from. It resets your stamina.
         Repeat this process so that you kill one nurse at a time after you are
         sure BOTH nurses are walking away from you.
    [03] 3-PIPE AMBUSH for AMPOULE (If you read Maria's poster)
         Being ambushed by three pipes is worse than 2 pipes and 1 gun.
         The third/back nurse ALWAYS smacks over the first fallen two, hence
         the greater reward. Equip perfume, vest and turn light ON.
         Enter room and blast. Again the nurses make the funny noise about you
         wearing their perfume. You drop all three with two shots. Now, it gets
         fishy. You have to hold down and squeeze fire to finish off any dropped
         nurses. If you hear one die, then quickturn and leave the room.
         The nurses will still be flopping where you left them, but you'll have
         full stamina and a reloaded shotgun when you return. This is on a really
         good day. Most times I try this, I get piped for 75% damage (too much)
         and I reset. You can do this and only get lightly smacked for 25%.
         I promise. Collect AMPOULE if you read Maria's poster, otherwise this
         ampoule is waiting in the Torture Bed room of the Chapel.
         Coleman used to have a nice room before they moved him to Solitary 7.
         Square up to the wall and use the remover. Confirm twice to get key.
         Move back to elevator hall.
    [05] BONUS NURSE
         When returning with the stairwell key there is a bonus nurse to kill.
         She's moving near the office.
    [06] BASEMENT
         Relax. No monsters. Score a clip from the first bend (light ON).
         Grab the regular SMG. Quickspin and run straight to door.
         Inside use camera. Skip cinema of using camera. Whisper the four
         digit code over and over until you get to use it. It will be about
         10 seconds before you use it.
    [07] ROOF RAID
         Light off. Run straight out. You don't have to be square to the
         barrel to get both clips. The shufflers are busy turning around.
         Quickspin. Run to Heather's left and scrape the fence, curling back
         right and back down the stairs.
         Squeeze L2 and spin left. Run toward the first doors you see into the
         padded cell area. Open the locked door. Walk in with aim+fire+up.
         Strike this bonus nurse twice with stun-gun. Finish with katana.
    [09] STOREROOM
         By now you should be almost out of batteries. Visit the storeroom
         for more batteries and a health drink.
         You'd been whispering the photo four digits and toggled the light on
         to put in the door code. Stop. New tactics. Light ON.
         Open door. Spin right. Run to jerky. Confirm receipt. Stop.
         Wait for stamina to refill a little. Light OFF. 
         Run deep to hall til the magic nurses appear from nowhere!
         There's one pipe nurse in front, and one pipe with one pistol behind
         you and they know you are here. Run past the first pipe nurse to
         the end of the hall and then equip vest, shotgun and perfume.
         Keep the light OFF. Quickturn with L2 and start shelling. 
         Let 6 shells go even if they are barely hitting her. Your goal is to
         prevent the pistol-nurse from shooting you. The perfume should 
         enrage her so much that she rushes into your fire. You'll use
         twelve or more shells because of the distance, but its the only way
         to not take a hit yourself.
    [11] ROOM S12 THEN ROOM S1
         Start/skip the phone call. Grab only the health drink from S1.
         Ignore magazine.     
    [12] M ROOM and LABYRINTH
         Hit the door at the end of the hall. Run continuously
         through the gates of the labyrinth. Try not to smack into
         the edge of the gates before they rise. At metatron's seal,
         confirm then start/skip the cinema and thump x to quell
         Heather's thoughts and run forward from where she winds up
         facing (away from the seal). There is a ladder past Valtiel
         spinning a crank either before or after the Labyrinth.
         This hall is really, really dark with the light off.
         Go ahead and turn it on at first. Run around the corner and
         set jerky down with the left stick. If the first slurper
         comes into view, turn the light OFF with circle.
         Take a step back. Set more jerky down just to the right
         of the first jerky. You'll hear the excited shriek of the
         first slurper finding the first jerky.
         Equip the MAUL. Start pounding the faintly red jerky with
         the exact ball of the maul. Do not stop.
         The slurpers play possum and will re-awaken at the second hit.
         After four hits, toggle the light ON and you should see the 
         second slurper finishing his jerky. Set a third jerky
         down between the second jerky and you. Step back.
         Wait for another shriek which will indicate the second slurper
         has begun to eat the third jerky. Allow your stamina to refill.
         Strike the jerky four times. Toggle light ON and see two dead
         slurpers. Forward and before the corner is a save room,
         enter to collect bullets from the windowsill.
         Definitely save if this is your first extreme run.
         Cross the red dayroom. Out the doors with your light ON at first.
         Turn to Heather's left and run forward. 
         Toggle light off as soon as the slurper comes into sight.
         You need to lure this first slurper early. Stick down jerky
         at the corner of the hall to the left. Step back. Set a second
         behind the first. Angle right. Step two forward. Set down a third.
         Step back. Set down a fourth jerky. You should see a square pattern
         of jerky on the floor. The first slurper is halfway finished eating
         the first jerky. Hit him ONCE with the maul.
         Uh-oh. Here comes a nurse. Select. Stun-Gun. Equip. Down+R2+L2.
         You'll walk slowly away from the stunned slurper, the busy slurper,
         and the nurse. The nurse doesn't really see you.
         Wait at the back of the hall even though the nurse walks at you over
         the top of the two slurpers. Wait for her to either draw her weapon
         to release R2 and run forward and stun her, or wait for her to turn
         around and walk away and then stun her in the butt. Three more katana
         hits take a while and the first and third jerky will be eaten by now.
         Begin with the first slurper you hit once already. Three maul hits
         at the faintly visible jerky. Then spin slightly right and begin
         mauling the second slurper. If for some weird reason the slurper has
         finished the fourth jerky before you start, then put down a fifth and
         step away. Maul, maul, maul.
         The third slurper's orbit doesn't bring him into the east hall.
         You have to round the corner and repeat the light-lure, jerky stick,
         maul hits. Double check your bodies with the light on and make sure
         that all three slurpers have big pools of blood around them. They will
         play possum until you leave, but be moving when you get back.
         Its clear at first. Wide u-turn from the elevator and go to the end
         of the hall past the black glass. Go left first.
         Spin to Heather's right and confirm receipt of bag after toggling
         the light ON. Toggle light back OFF and spin right again and exit.
         Run straight across the hall despite the sounds of ambush.
         Answer the ringing locker. Start/skip the song. Spin left. Run. Exit.
         Back in the hall, it IS an ambush. The jerky two-step won't help.
         You'll take at least one hit zig-zagging through the hall. Try to push
         the slurpers at their hindquarters where they can't bite you if you
         can tell whats going on. Don't turn the light on or a nurse will shoot.
         U-turn wide out to the elevator and leave. No, there's nothing else
         on the second floor. Skip the lift time down to the basement.
         Enter the unchanging code to get the CREMATED KEY(see Rombie's FAQ).
         Quickspin and run to the elevator. Back to the third floor.
         Oh yeah, everybody's dead here. Ha ha. The bucket room is right before
         the corner on Heather's right. Don't use the map.
         Run/step to the bucket. Select. Bag. Use. Confirm. Quickspin. Run/step.
         Exit. Spin left. Run. Angle Left and thump x. Arc left coming out but
         swing right and u-turn onto the elevator.
         Press first floor and start/skip the lift time.
         Run for the office. At the corner from lounge hall to office hall,
         drop jerky at the corner and then swing wide of it. A slurper will
         begin eating it as you run past. Find the nurse. Run past her.
         Quickturn. Two stun-gun hits. Kill with katana. Walk back toward the
         jerky and maul the slurper. Quickspin. Back toward the Visiting Room
         hall and take the door across the hall from it. Collect AMPOULE.
         Re-enter hall to find magically appearing ambush pistol-nurse around
         the corner by the office. Run past her. Quickspin. Stun twice.
         Katana til dead. Near elevator is a side entrance to the dayroom
         (not locked). Run in and equip perfume with light ON.
         You can hit through the fence with the katana. Listen gleefully
         as the irate-that-you-wear-perfume nurse stands and growls while
         you paste her. Just re-aim and strike until you feel 
         the controller vibrate like you are hitting.
         You won't see blood splash, but you are killing this nurse
         if it sounds like you are hitting her (she may or may not yelp).
         You do need her out of your way anyway. Ignore "God's Knight" comic.
         There should be faint silver words to Heather's left on the wall.
         Frantically set a four-jerky pattern down just like you did on the
         third floor. Maul. Wait. Stun the nurse twice. Katana. Re-maul.
         You can kill two slurpers and one nurse without taking any damage.     
         Perfume ON. Vest ON. Shotgun equipped. Light ON.
         Come in squeezing R2+L2+down+fire. You may need to wiggle the barrel
         left or right to catch the berserk nurses. Don't panic.
         She's not going to shoot you. Once everybody lays down, then quickspin
         and leave. Reload your shotgun outside. Quickspin and re-enter.
         Down+fire again and finish everyone who is still flopping.
         This room is different than M5 because the beds block the room more
         and the nurses are farther from your shots. You use more ammo, but
         you won't get hit on a good day (on a bad day you only get a light
         pistol-whipping hit).
         In the birthday room, you confirm three/four times for great reward.
         You should be getting one FAK, and two health drinks. There are only
         three health drinks if you got all seven of Stanley's diaries.
         Use the bloodbag at the altar. Skip a cinema. Stop.
         Make sure you have NO super stamina from ampoule usage left.
         Run back and forth to get it off if necessary.
         Under no circumstances use an ampoule while fighting Leonard.
         Leonard is ridiculously faster if he senses you used an ampoule.
         You see a cinema of Heather climbing down a ladder. Skip it with start.
         Simultaneously squeeze L2+R2+fire+down. The next thing you see is
         Leonard flying up out of the water (instead of smacking you). Release
         the R2. Walk backwards. Toggle the light OFF. Leonard submerges
         for a swim. When he swims, toggle the light ON and stand in the
         middle of the room only using L2 and quickturns to keep an eye on him.
         When he surfaces (probably far away from you) toggle the light off
         and THEN use your FULL stamina to run behind him. He'll probably
         resubmerge by the time you get behind him. Thats okay. 
         He'll resurface forward and facing the same direction from his last
         position. He has poor vision, so toggle your light ON from behind him. 
         Shell him in the butt with your shotgun. Keep R2 depressed and he will
         stand up for a counter-attack. Toggle the light OFF. You still have
         missile lock from the first shot. Shoot him again in the dark.
         Leonard should not hit you once.
         If you are having trouble it is probably because you aren't keeping
         the light on him while he's underwater. If you don't see him when you
         spin around, its because he did a sharp u-turn around you... so switch
         to using quickspin to keep him in sight... it will make you dizzy.
         The number of shells depends on your range.
         My extreme 2 score reflects distance shots that required more time.
         My extreme 1 score reflects stun/katana hits.
         Skip several cinemas. Find yourself paused in Stanley's room.
         Quickspin. Running and leaving the hospital through the door you
         came into the hospital from. 
         You are sprinting back to #106 the reverse of the way you got here.
         There's only one right turn from the middle of the street as you 
         watch the yellow dashed lines.
         Start/skip a cinema with Vincent. Konami turned your flashlight
         back ON in the fog to ensure that dogs chase you forever.
         Turn it OFF before you run again. Just like before, to the tree,
         wait for stamina refill, then run out to the middle of the street
         and run along the dashed yellow line til a cinema begins.
         Skip the "oh hell" cinema.
         Turn light back OFF again. Run, curl left. Thump gate.
         Spin right and run to wide area to meet and pass shuffler.
         If you do, then two will be blocking your exit to the brown door.
         Let one come past it first, then duck him.
         Enter candy store. Toggle light ON and walk a circle angling
         in toward the register and thumping X til you hear a crash.
         You should get a JERKY from the counter and an AMPOULE from the
         center display opposite the jerky.
         Quickspin, grab ROLLERCOASTER KEY and run out.
         Duck another shuffler to Heather's right and thump the little
         brown door in darkness.
         Run straight forward and thump a gate. Two dogs should leap past
         both of your shoulders as you do this.
         From the beginning of this room, the spinners are in orbit and
         moving toward the stair entrance. You must beat them there.
         Spin left and run forward while squeezing L2.
         Run to Heather's right of the wait-line rails and curl/u-turn
         up the stairs. On the first landing back away from the rail
         that the spinner gets stuck on. You can see his stinger flipping
         up the floor and it will hurt you if you walk out there.
         This is a great place to snipe him and his buddy from.
         They are stuck. If you run, they just float up and catch
         you by the office. Squeeze off two/three shells or ten bullets
         to drop them out of the air. Be sure to aim down as you fire.
         Run up and into the control room. Grab the health drink first.
         Use the key, throw the switch and run/step out along the track.
         Toggle your light on and walk the rails til cinemas cut in.
         Thump start like a heartbeat thru three cinemas.
         I highly recommend saving at the entrance to Borley's. The red
         heat is way faster on extreme than on hard. Even running, you
         will get probably hit twice each time.
         In the mansion you can SKIP THRU EACH ROOM by pressing start,
         seeing pause, press start again, and find that the exit door is
         unlocked before the narrator is done with his speech.
         Remember to be in caution as you cross under the spikes.
         At the not-exit door, I usually can't hear the narrator because
         my music volume is down. Click click on the door. Pause. Click click.
         Then start thumping select. It won't let you into your select menu
         until his "exit" speech is over. USE AN AMPOULE. You need the stamina
         to run this hall without frying. On low/no stamina you will only make it
         out of here one out of every twenty times you try. On an ampoule your odds
         improve so well that you'd have to smack three walls to get caught.
         You are in the first of three areas to sprint across.
         This first has two shufflers... just run and hold L2 and look for the
         camera angle change at the exit alley.
         The carousel room has dogs at first, but they will be gone
         when you come back with the chain.
         Go forward and don't stop at all until you get to the auditorium.
         The shufflers and spinners are easy to dodge in the open spaces
         and if you keep L2 squeezed down, you can always see the exit door
         which is always opposite the entrance.
         Run up the stage stairs on Heather's left then cross the stage
         and come down the far stairs swinging right to scoop up the chain
         on your way out. Use the chain in two places and enter the control
         booth. There should be one item to pick up (bullets). Skip the
         cinema for the door pulling open. Skip the cinemas involving Douglas.
         After skipping Douglas you are facing the door you need to enter.
         Run. Hit the door. Spin right. Enter reddish fortuneteller doors.
         You need the little head. Ignore the notebook.
         Out the red door. Spin right. Enter garden area. Jog a little to
         Heather's left into the garden (L2 doesn't really help) and be
         careful not to snag/bump the ornamental grass because it can kind
         of trap you for a few needless moments. Stop between the statues
         and start with Cinderella to the left. Use shoes. Quickturn.
         Run/step. Use doll head. Run forward and right of Snow White
         and hit the door forward and right. Ignore photo.
         You are on railroad tracks. Run forward. Ignore the ornamental dragon.
         At track end seesaw off the run button and spin left. 
         Toggle your light ON and open the door.
         I feel its easier to start this room with the light ON. This
         alerts spinners and dogs to your start point and they'll rush it.
         Toggle the light OFF a second after you get in this room and run
         forward squeezing L2 to spot the break in the wait-line fence.
         Swerve right toward the lit counter. Grab batteries. Ignore memo.
         Spin left. Run around center piece and take gates.
         In next area run/step and toggle light ON.
         Grab the first aid kit from the bench. Continue forward to the
         carousel entrance.
         You begin on the carousel. Walk in to Heather's left.
         Square up to the first horse and wait for the ride to start.
         Select. Katana. Equip. R2 first. Then hit. Use the fierce
         overhead Katana hits. Two hits will kill the horses because
         these hits go deep and cause damage the whole way. Run. Square
         up to the next horse. R2 first. Hit x and hold for two hits.
         Repeat until all horses are dead. Start/skip two cinemas once
         they begin. You should wind up facing Alessa.
         Hit select. Make sure your light is ON. Vest OFF. Silencer OFF.
         Equip the shotgun.
         You want Melee-MOAs to find you and not wander around lost on the other
         side of the carousel. No stealth is necessary.
         Melee-MOAs are really stupid. They will only run away from you and never
         toward you. Squeeze L2 + R2 +run and move continuously away from
         melee-MOA until she gets irritated and runs away.
         As she runs away shoot her in the back.
         Keep shelling her until she starts to walk (not run in circles).
         After eight shells or so, knife + pipe MOAs will die.
         When gun-MOAs appear toggle the light OFF.
         Hide near the wiggly-headed horse. When MOA comes around the horse
         from near its tail start blasting. The recoil should bounce her off
         the side of the horse and prevent her from being able to draw or
         get missile lock. Six close shells will kill the handgun and SMG MOA.
         You can try to shoot underneath the horse at MOA, but the timing
         is hard and I prefer continuous shots to prevent being pistol-whipped.
         Any health you might lose is negotiable and using an ampoule 
         is okay because you won't need ANY health for the final battle.
         You get off the carousel and run up some stairs passing graffiti
         that you won't read. Skip cinemas inside the Chapel.
         Run past the podium and pick up the Tarot Card. Spin left and leave.
         Don't look at the paintings or the piano. Spin right and grab the MAP.
         Spin right again and run to the end of the hall at the door
         near the prison bar doorway (You are totally skipping the confessional).
         Make sure your light is OFF before you open this door.
         Inside the chalkboard room you need to begin by running forward and
         making a wide u-shaped sprint past two shadow-shufflers. Seesaw on the
         door. There's no danger you'll be hit.
    [02] CANCER T-HALL
         At the angel painting toggle the light on and wait for the steps to go
         away. You are not going into the Belfry (ever). Move the painting and
         run the short hall. Toggle the light back OFF. 
         You should be in a T Hall with two cancers. Walk past the one on
         Heather's right pushing him out of the way of the door as he stands up.
         Do not run yet or you will wake the other cancer.
         In this room grab the CASSETTE TAPE and bullets.
         In the T-hall again, you'll find the cancer laid back down. Walk briskly
         around him and toward the second cancer and push him to Heather's left
         as he is standing up and slide through the door behind him.
         You'll hear the first cancer grunting, but he can't clear the second
         to hit you. You'll be fine.
         You'll come out on a greenish ledge near the cage
         elevator. Walk in caution/aiming mode after equipping the shotgun.
         There is a little missionary moving toward you. Walk right up to him
         and blast him in the face, then step on him. Run to the end of the L
         shaped ledge and open the door that Heather looks at. Run in and grab
         only the Tarot card and then start/skip the Vincent cinema.
         Confirm receipt of Underworld Laws then run out. Back to the elevator
         and go down using start to skip the lift time.
         From the elevator spin to Heather's right and take the first door.
         You'll move down a hall toward the morgue and apartment bedroom.
         The morgue is an easy-in and easy-out for shells and a tarot card.
         The apartment bedroom triggers the release of two running little
         missionaries into the hall. When you get back into the hall squeeze
         L2+R2+aim+run and start shooting into the hall until the missionaries
         try to rush you (and die).
         Go back to the ledge and take the door at the end of the L that
         Heather looks at (even in the dark).
         You can't kill anybody on this ledge the first time you are here,
         or else the spinners kill you. Walk in caution mode toward the little
         missionary. When you are two steps from him, run past him to the inside
         of the wall (not the ledge) and don't stop til you seesaw through a door.
         You can kill the missionary when you come back.
         Run down to the far door for Alessa's room first. You just need the
         BRASS KEY next to the butterfly on the wall near the red glow save sigil.
         Leave back to the hall and take the door to Heather's right.
         You enter a pitch black room with three or four shadow shufflers in
         motion toward you. Run RIGHT and along the edge of the wall then hook
         left and angle back right and find the door at the end.
         Next hall and footsteps into a wall. Confirm desire to open wall.
         Skip cinema. Scoot in to find the old scary hospital bedroom that
         Alessa was tortured in. Grab the ampoule and the Tarot card.
         There is nothing else in here. Leave fast.
         It is a long miserable way back to the Brass Key's door. The first
         problem is that last green ledge with spinners and a little missionary.
         When you get out there, you should find the spinners exploring around
         the corner (not over the ledge) and the missionary walking at you.
         One close range shell should drop/kill him. 
         Do not fight the spinners: you will lose. Back to hall's end
         and another L-shaped ledge clear to the elevator. Skip the lift time.
         The two insane cancers are reset to being laid down. Even if they are
         walking you can get by them easily in the dark because they'll bump
         into each other first.
         The new chalkboard room is real bad. If you are on extreme for the first
         time, I insist that you save at the belfry. If you know whats ahead,
         then do not bother with the Belfry.
         Begin this room with the Vest ON and the shotgun equipped, but the
         light must be OFF. Squeeze aim+fire+L2 as you begin the room. If the
         light is OFF, you will shoot over the slurpers and knock down (and kill)
         two smaller missionaries. The slurpers may knock you down. When the
         missionaries are dead, left-stick some jerky down and run out of the room
         (leaving the slurpers behind). When you return through this room, you
         should still be able to bypass the two slurpers.
         After you use the brass key, you might want to look at the Map.
         Make absolutely sure that you take the first door into the classroom
         (before the cancer). Don't even toggle your light on in the classroom,
         because there is nothing here. When you come out, walk forward and left
         then notice two doors on the right around a corner? Walk calmly into
         each. Use the cassette. Skip the cinema. Collect tarot card and bullets.
         Return through the schoolroom as a shortcut past the cancer.
         If you don't use the schoolroom bypass then an ambush missionary
         WILL appear and gut you.
         If you are cool, then you get out of this brass-key hallway without
         alerting any monsters or firing a shot.
         Run back to Alessa's Bedroom. On the third blobby ledge there are
         still two spinners, but they never seem to strike at me once the 
         blobby stuff starts happening. Run anyway.
         Put the tarot cards in the door. Refer to McGregor's FAQ for the
         unchanging Hard Puzzle Mode answer.
         If the music volume were up past two, you'd hear the sound of
         the red-heat-that-chases-you. Now, you hear nothing.
         Skip the first cinema. Use lucky charm.
         Skip second cinema. Stop.
         Select. Someone has tampered with your light again!
         Turn the LIGHT ON!
         Unequip silencer. Equip and reload pistol.
         Keep vest off. You are ready. Jump in the hole.
         Skip another cinema and pause.
         Before you unpause, rub your hands a little. You have to keep
         three buttons squeezed down for seven minutes. You may wish to
         turn the vibration off for this part.
         Position your right middle finger on R2.
         Position your right thumb on square and x buttons.
         You must hold all three of these buttons down for seven minutes.
         Position your right and left index fingers over L1 and R1.
         Kinda practice tapping L1 and R1 one at a time before you unpause.
         Then depress your left thumb down on the D-pad and unpause.
         You begin by moving quickly backward from Enemy and shooting.
         When you hit the back wall, release the D-pad: you will NOT
         touch the D-pad again. I'm serious. Keep your hands off it.
         Use R1 to find the corner between the black spikes and the 
         second/outer black circle. You can't see the enemy's head from
         back here. Wait. Listen. The music that had a loop of her voice
         is now gone. Listen for one yelp. Listen for the second.
         Exactly on the second yelp, press L1. You will strafe away from
         the corner to Heather's left all the way to the opposite corner.
         When you get there release L1. Wait for two yelps. Repeat.
         The handgun can be reloaded while you are strafing or between the
         two yelps. Don't worry about that.
         After about 400 rounds of ammo, the flames that shoot toward you
         start to come really fast. Don't worry about those.
         Even in low/no stamina you will be okay as long as you press L1 or R1
         exactly on the second yelp.
         Under no circumstances use an AMPOULE to heal. If you get burned, then
         use FAK or HD only. The God will respond to your super-stamina with
         super fast shots and you will die.
         If you are having problems, you are trying too hard. Take it easy.
         No D-pad. No ampoules.
    [13] THE END
         Skip boot party cinema. Skip blackness cinema. Skip Douglas cinema.
         Its a "normal" ending: I promise. I cleared an extra time on extreme
         one just to be sure. Skip credit. Receive rank data and system data.  
    Gold = Perfect, however nobody has really published what
    the rubric for the ranking scale is, but you can guess
    what might earn slightly-less-than-perfect from looking
    at some of my scores below. Obviously I still need to kill
    more things (spending up to twenty minutes more),
    and save once less often. I think this is pretty good for
    only having the game available two weeks. Don't email
    me two months from now after codebreaker codes are
    available and brag that you did better. By then,
    I will be cheating too, so I will know.
    Ending _____ Normal ___ 5 (gold)
    Action _____ Extreme 3_ 5 (gold)
    Riddle _____ Hard _____ 5 (gold)
    Clear ______ 2h06m01s _ 10(gold)
    Split Worm _ 3m14s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Missionary _ 2m05s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Leonard ____ 3m52s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Mem of A ___ 2m59s ____ 2 (gold)
    The God ____ 7m27s ____ 2 (gold)
    Clear ______ 12 _______ 5 (gold)
    Save/Cont___ 3 ________ 4 (of 5)
    Item _______ 139 ______ 20(gold)
    Extra Weapon 5 ________ 5 (gold)
    Shoot ______ 44 _______ 8 (of 15)
    Fight ______ 40 _______ 8 (of 15)
    Damage _____ 563 ______ 4 (of 5)
    Overall = 8.1
    -I saved once too often (Alessa's Room)! Darn!
    -I should have shot Missionary laying down at least once.
    -This time I used reg SMG on Leonard,
    and baited MOA into the shotgun loop.
    Ending _____ Normal ___ 5 (gold)
    Action _____ Extreme 2_ 5 (gold)
    Riddle _____ Hard _____ 5 (gold)
    Clear ______ 2h11m58s _ 10(gold)
    Split Worm _ 3m35s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Missionary _ 1m54s ____ 2 (gold)
    Leonard ____ 3m33s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Mem of A ___ 3m46s ____ 1 (of 2)
    The God ____ 7m20s ____ 2 (gold)
    Clear ______ 11 _______ 5 (gold)
    Save/Cont___ 16 _______ 2 (of 5)
    Item _______ 141 ______ 20(gold)
    Extra Weapon 5 ________ 5 (gold)
    Shoot ______ 36 _______ 7 (of 15)
    Fight ______ 33 _______ 6 (of 15)
    Damage _____ 663 ______ 4 (of 5)
    Overall = 7.6
    I saved too often after reaching the hospital
    (because I was writing this FAQ).
    Ending _____ Normal ___ 5 (gold)
    Action _____ Extreme 1_ 5 (gold)
    Riddle _____ Hard _____ 5 (gold)
    Clear ______ 2h30m54s _ 10(gold)
    Split Worm _ 3m03s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Missionary _ 1m56s ____ 2 (gold)
    Leonard ____ 5m40s ____ 1 (of 2)
    Mem of A ___ 8m31s ____ 1 (of 2)
    The God ____ 7m51s ____ 2 (gold)
    Clear ______ 9 ________ 5 (gold)
    Save/Cont___ 19 _______ 2 (of 5)
    Item _______ 139 ______ 20(gold)
    Extra Weapon 0 ________ 0 (of 5)
    Shoot ______ 48 _______ 9 (of 15)
    Fight ______ 11 _______ 2 (of 15)
    Damage _____ 594 ______ 4 (of 5)
    Overall = 6.8
    I didn't pick up any bonus weapons.
    I killed MOA with too much handgun.
    I wasn't using the katana to finish off nurses.
    Below are gold rankings I received
    from Normal Action toward a Normal or UFO ending.
    Split Worm _ 1m26s ____ 2 (gold) = used sexy beam
    Mem of A ___ 2m58s ____ 2 (gold) = used katana/ampoules
    Save/Cont___ 1 ________ 5 (gold) = UFO ending 
    Fight ______ 90 _______ 15 (gold)= minimum? from a normal ending
    [01] Howdy Vince. I hope you show me up. I had butt
         surgery and I can barely sit to play right now.
         I am forced to play Castlevania AOS in bed mostly.
         My girl is irritated by the butchery of nurses, too.
         I hope you go the Extreme route rather than a
         first-time, hard/hard, pipe-only, speed-thru (1:30).
         I'm dying to know what you get for 10 extreme finishes.
         Hey, e-mail me again. I lost yer address.
    v.1.0 completed first FAQ while in the midst of extreme 3 play
    v.1.1 - corrected errors of enemy counts at 5th and 4th floor of
          Office and Office Hell.
          - included info on item location change with Maria's poster.
          - confirmed for third time the Stanley Coleman bonus health
            drink for seven diary collection
          - erased decision to kill slurpers in Chalkboard room.
    v.1.2. - Updated citations. Frustrated about time stamp for submission
           at gamefaqs - now arriving after cheat codes available.
    - Robert McGregor, FAQ writer: I love you man.
         (Complete Walkthrough, Rombie, 
    - rottingweb.com for fan support
    - Gregory Buck: fearless maniac. Giver of Pyramid Head art.
    - SB Roughnight is also a fearless maniac.
    - Forcena something. Thanks for chiming in.
    - Jon Edward Kerr, my 300 lbs little brother, for playing through with me
      the first time (I was too scared to play alone).
    - CJayC: hoster of other weirdo gameFAQs from me for 5 years now.
    - Al Amaloo: a super cool FAQ hoster at gamewinners.com
    - the guys at IGN for advocating MLA style citations and for
      being super responsive in e-mails.

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