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    Secrets FAQ by Static Hamster

    Version: 1.51 | Updated: 06/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                             Silent Hill 3                                   *
    *                             Secrets Guide                                   *
    *                         Compiled by Jeff La Pointe                          *
    *                                 v1.13                                       *
    *                             September 2003                                  *
    *                        static_hamster@yahoo.com                             *
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
           a.  Version History
    2.  Extra Costumes
           a.  Silent Hill Originals
           b.  Shameless Plugs
           c.  Douglas' Extra Costume
    3.  Extra Weapons
           a.  Silver and Gold Pipes
           b.  Unlimited Submachine Gun
           c.  Beam Saber
           d.  Flame Thrower
           e.  Heather Beams  
    4.  Extra Options
           a.  Beginner Mode
           b.  Bullet Adjust
           c.  Life Meter
           d.  Extreme X
    5.  Extra Endings
           a.  Normal
           b.  Possessed
           c.  Revenge
    6.  Extra Scenes
    7.  Credits
    1.  Introduction
    This game may be short but it has a ton of extras making the replay value
    outstanding.  This guide is dedicated to nothing but the secrets of Silent Hill
    3 and has no boss strategies or riddle solutions, consult another guide for
    help in these areas.
    a.  Version History
    26/12/2003 v1.13 * Tried to make the Possesed Ending the Heather Beams 
                       sections clearer.
    16/10/2003 v1.12 * Extra Costumes - Added the final shirts and fixed a huge 
    15/09/2003 v1.11 * minor change in Extra Weapons section.
                     * Added extra NOT conditions in the Possessed Ending.
    03/09/2003 v1.10 * re-wrote the Endings section.
                     * Fixed some glaring errors.
                     * Extra Costumes - Added the "IGN.com" code, still not tested,
                            and added the 4 other costume locations, still need to
                            confirm though.
                     * Extra Weapons - Explained effects of Heather Beams.
                            Added extra information about fast ways to max.
    29/08/2003 v1.00 * Completed initial guide, still have to check some areas to
                       make absolutely certain the information is accurate.
                     * Extra Costumes - Need to find the locations of the 4
                            missing SH3 Original.
                     * Extra Weapons and Options - there are fast ways to get
                            the extra weapons, your bullets adjust maxed and
                            Extreme game maxed, but I have to confirm it before
                            I put it in. 
                     * Extra Endings - Don't trust the info, but it matches
                            observed facts.  
    2.  Extra Costumes
    After completing the game once the Extra Costumes option appears on the main
    menu.  By typing certain codes, sometimes found in the game, sometimes received
    after completing certain tasks; you can access different shirts for Heather.
    The codes are case-sensitive, so be careful to type them exactly as is.  All
    codes are useable once the Extra Costume option appears, and you do not need
    to complete the task to use it.  All codes for the Silent Hill Originals can be
    found somewhere in the game, with a few exceptions, but only appear in an Extra
    New Game.
    a.  Silent Hill Originals
         Code              Costume            Found
     1.  PrincessHeart     "Transform"      * Complete an Extra New Game.
     2.  cockadooodledoo   "Golden Rooster" * Get a 10 Star Ranking.
     3.  01_03_08_11_12    "Royal Flush"    * Deduced from clues found in Chapel
                                              library on Hard Riddle Mode.
     4.  PutHere2FeelJoy   "Block head"     * Kill less then 10 Enemies.
     5.  LightToFuture     "The Light"      * Found at SH2003.com, in Room 308. 
     6.  GangsterGirl      "God of Thunder" * Complete Extreme X Action mode.
     7.  BlueRobbieWin     "Killer Rabbit"  * Found in the Official Bradley SH3
     8.  ShogyouMujou      "Transience"     * Complete all Riddle difficulties.
     9.  I_Love_You        "Onsen"          * Famitsu Magazine
    10.  TOUCH_MY_HEART    "Don't Touch"    * Read the magazine in the Women's
                                              Locker in Hospital.
    11.  HappyBirthDay     "Heather"        * Complete the Game once.
    12.  Shut_your_mouth   "zipper"         * Found in the Official Bradley SH3
    b.  Shameless Plugs
    The codes for these can be found no where in the game.  They are just plugs for
    video game magazines thrown into the game.
     1.  Suspense        - "13eme RUE"      
     2.  EGMpretaporter  - "EGM"            
     3.  gameinformer    - "Game Informer"  
     4.  ProTip          - "GamePro"        
     5.  SH3_Wrestlarn   - "GAME REACTOR"   
     6.  GMRownzjoo      - "GMR"            
     7.  SH3_OPiuM       - "OPM"            
     8.  sLmLdGhSmKfBfH  - "Play"           
     9.  badical         - "PSM"
    10.  IGN_pickleboy   - "IGN.com"
    11.  iaml33t         - "GameSpy.com" 
    12.  IwannabeaGJ     - "GN" 
    13.  extra_thumbs    - "OPS2" 
    14.  MATADOR         - "PS2RO"
    c.  Douglas' Extra Costume
    This is really more of a joke then anything else, you must start a new game in
    order for it to work.
    * Highlight the New Extra Game option in the menu that appears after you have
      completed the game once.
    * Select your difficulty levels.
    * If all was done correctly you should hear Heather sigh.
    3.  Extra Weapons
    All Extra Weapons are only available in an Extra New Game.  It is possible to
    make the Beam Sabre and Flame Thrower available the first time through by
    saving in Alessa's room, completing the game, then after it has saved the
    system information completing it again.  This is also a fast way to get Bullet
    Adjustment maxed out.
    a.  Silver and Gold Pipes
    At the end of the Overpass area, after you use the hairdryer, examine the
    pool.  Drop in the Steel Pipe and a woman appears, answer her 3 questions
    truthfully and she will give you all the pipes.
    b.  Unlimited Submachine Gun
    Appears if you defeat the final boss with a melee weapon.  You will find it at
    the end of the alleyway after Heather climb out of the bathroom. 
    c.  Beam Saber
    Appears if you killed more enemies by melee combat then by shooting.  If it
    does not appear it will after completing the game again.  You will find it at
    the end of the hall near the room with the book store key, it is in the door.
    d.  Flame Thrower
    Appears if you killed more enemies by shooting then by melee combat.  If it
    does not appear it will after completing the game again.  You will find it at
    the front counter in the Bakery at the mall.
    e.  Heather Beams 
    Available after completing a game having killed more than 333 Enemies 
    (including kills made in previous games).  In order to unlock it you usually
    have to complete the game three times and it does not matter what you use to
    kill the monsters.  In order to reach the total faster try playing the game on
    Hard difficulty whenever possible.This weapon can be equipped right at the
    beginning of the game by removing all other weapons.  Equiping the "Transform"
    Costume upgrades Heather Beams to Sexy Beams.  The Beam Sabre has nothing to
    do with this weapon.
    Heather Beams * Homing Missiles - Hold X to fire; two comets curve out from
                                      Heathers Eyes and move toward an enemy.
                  * Psycho Balls    - Tap X twice then hold to fire;  A series of 
                                      Hexagons fires out of Heather's eyes and can
                                      bounce off walls.
    Sexy Beams    * Sexy Vision     - Hold X to fire; 8 Homing Missiles combined
                                      with Psycho Balls shoot from Heathers eyes.
                  * Heat Vision     - Tap X twice and hold to fire; Two beams
                                      shoot from Heathers eyes which can then be
                                      directed at the enemy.
    4.  Extra Options
    The Extra Options Menu can be reached by accessing the regular menu then
    pushing any one of the R1, R2, L1 or L2 buttons on your controller.
    a.  Beginner Mode
    Available after you have died in the game twice.
    b.  Bullet Adjust
    Available the first time you go through and multiplies the number of bullets
    you get in a package.  Increments everytime you complete a game to a maximum
    value of 5.
    c.  Life Display
    Available after you finish the Game in Hard Action or Riddle Mode.  Shows 
    Heathers health and stamina as bars in the top left hand corner.
    d. Extreme X
    Available after completing the game in all other Action levels.  Every time
    you complete a game it increments to a maximum level of X (10).  If you want
    to reach X fairly quickly only try for the UFO ending each time through.
    5.  Extra Endings
    a.  Normal    - You will get this ending your first time through.  Afterwards
                    you get this ending if you have accumulated less then 4000
    b.  Possessed - Complete and Extra New Game with more then 4000 Points.  Ways
                    to make sure you get this ending are:
                    * Kill every monster you see, it is better to use the
                      Unlimited Submachine Gun and avoiding the use of melee
                      weapons although it doesn't matter what you use.  You will
                      need to kill about 100 or more. You get 10 points for every
                    * Forgive the person at the Chapel. This gives you 1000 points.
                    * Take as much damage as you can, more then 2000 points.  You
                      receive 1 point for every point of damage.
                    * Do not go back to check on Douglas in the Amusement Park.
                    * Do not take Douglas' Notebook from the Gypsy Shop.
                    * Do not listen to the tape found in the chapel.
    c.  Revenge   - Reach the apartment killing monsters with nothing but Heather
                    Beams and/or Sexy Beams.  You only need to kill 30 or more
                    monsters to get this ending.
    6.  Extra Scenes
    If you have a Silent Hill 2 saved game on your memory cartridge there are
    certain scenes and comments that appear in the game in reference to this game.
    * Examine the toilet in the 1st floor washroom of the "Other" Shopping Mall.
    * Examine the mail boxes at the apartment building.
    * Examine the brochure in the Heaven's Night Club.
    * Examine the back fence on the roof of the Hospital.
    7.  Credits
    This FAQ was created for personal use and may not be sold or redistributed in
    whole or in part.  If you wish to use the information in this guide all I ask
    is that you credit where you got the information from.
    Of course with any good FAQ it can't be created alone, I would like to thank
    these people for their contributions.
    Lazkid - Found an embarrassing (at least for me) error and checked out the last
             four shirt codes for me, just to see it they work.
    Dark Solid Snake - Provided the final four costume codes
    PrettyMocha02    - Asked questions that spurred a slight re-visiting to each of
                       the sections.
    GealMacTire      - Checked out whether you could get the Gold and Silver Pipes
                       the first time through.
    Gelhart          - Provided most costume code locations and confirmation for
                       the Possessed Ending conditions.
    GameWinner.com   - Provided most of the information here.
    Maboroshi        - Provided a link that showed that the other 4 costumes were
                       not found in the game.

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