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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cold NRG

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ##     ##                          #####                                     
     #### ####  ####   #####  ######  ###  ## ####. #### ##### ##### #### ##   ## 
     ## ### ## ##  ## ###  ## ##      ##      ##  #  ##  ##    ##     ##  #### ## 
     ##  #  ## ###### ##      ####    ##  ### ##  #  ##  ###   ###    ##  ## #### 
     ##  #  ## ##  ## ###  ## ##      ###  ## ####,  ##  ##    ##     ##  ##  ### 
     ##     ## ##  ##  #####  ######   ###### ##  # #### ##    ##    #### ##   ## 
     | b     o     u     n     t     y          h     u     n     t     e     r |
                                   by Jeff H.
      Table of Contents
      1.00  Introduction
      2.00  Getting Started
      2.10   Controls & Movement
      2.20   Ship Guide
      2.30   HUD
      2.40   Tips
      3.00  Walkthrough
      4.00  Miscellaneous
      4.10   Weapons
      4.20   Glitches & Tricks
      4.30   FAQ's
      5.00  Guide Information
    v1.01 - July 28, 2004 : Added controls for the Xbox version thanks to Jason.
    v1.00 - June 16, 2004 : First release. Walkthrough is complete, as is most of
            other sections.
    ATTENTION: This guide was written for the North American NTSC PlayStation 2 
    version of Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter. Any glaring inaccuracies you see may 
    be due to this, provided that you have the European PAL version, etc. Also, be 
    aware that since I'm from the US spelling may be slightly different than what 
    you're used to -- this here is not the Queen's English. :) Also, the 
    walkthrough should get you through all versions of the game. I played the Xbox 
    version at one point and didn't notice any gameplay differences (only 
    graphics). With that said, any genuine mistakes should be pointed out to me in 
    a friendly e-mail. 
    Welcome to my Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter (MGBH) guide. Here you will find a 
    bunch of miscellaneous stuff about MGBH as well as a full game walkthrough. 
    The game itself is a first-person shooter released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC. 
    In it you play the role of bounty hunter Mace Griffin. You are out for your 
    own form of justice: revenge. You must seek down those who have wronged you 
    while the plot of the game unravels. It's not the greatest game in the world 
    but the story is interesting since it's laid out like a movie and the 
    gameplay, while repetitive, is solid enough to keep you going. You have your 
    action going on as well as plot twists along the way.
    2.10 | Controls & Movement
    Ground Controls                    Flight Controls
    ...............                    ...............
       D-pad - Cycle weapons/zoom         D-pad - Move ship in direction
    L Analog - Move/sidestep           L Analog - Thrust/roll
    R Analog - Look/aim                R Analog - Yoke control
           X - Reload                         X - Nearest target indicator
      Square - Jump/swim up              Square - Next target
    Triangle - Use/action              Triangle - Yoke mount/dismount, warp jump
      Circle - N/A                           R1 - Primary fire (select primary)
          R1 - Primary fire                  R2 - Select laser (primary)
          R2 - Cycle weapon forward          L1 - Secondary fire (select secondary)
          R3 - Crouch down                   L2 - Select missile (secondary)
          L1 - Secondary fire
          L2 - Cycle weapon backward
          L3 - Target lock toggle
    Ground Controls                    Flight Controls
    ...............                    ...............
       D-pad - Cycle weapons/zoom         D-pad - Move ship in direction
    L Analog - Move/sidestep           L Analog - Thrust/roll
    R Analog - Look/aim                R Analog - Yoke control
           A - Reload                         A - Nearest target indicator
           B - N/A                            X - Next target
           X - Jump/swim up                   Y - Yoke mount/dismount, warp jump
           Y - Use/action               R Trig. - Primary fire (select primary)
     R Trig. - Primary fire               Black - Select laser (primary)
       Black - Cycle weapon forward     L Trig. - Secondary fire (select secondary)
     L Trig. - Secondary fire             White - Select missile (secondary)
       White - Cycle weapon backward
     L-A dn  - Target lock toggle       [Big thanks to Jason for Xbox controls!]
     R-A dn  - Crouch down
    [I need default PC controls! - Jeff]
    I know the controls laid out may be confusing. But when you're working with 79 
    characters per line it's tough to make it look good while taking space and 
    neatness into consideration. If you rented the game and need the controls or 
    just don't have the booklet, hopefully this listing will help you out.
    Ascending/Descending Ladders:
    To go up a ladder simply walk towards it and Mace will automatically attack 
    himself to it. Look up and push your left stick forward. Going down is a bit 
    trickier like with a lot of FPS nowadays. Back off the ladder and Mace will 
    eventually get past a "hump" where he falls down after an arch movement. Now 
    look down and move your left stick forward.
    Making Long/Running Jumps:
    My best advice to you, when making a jump repeatedly tap the jump button 
    several times when you're nearing a ledge. Don't just press it once and expect 
    to get it. This game is a little funny that way, so as you come to a ledge tap 
    the jump button two or three times just to be sure. Do this and you will more 
    than likely make the jump.
    2.20 | Ship Guide
    A small chunk of MG:BH puts you at the helms of various air crafts. And if 
    you're like me you had trouble adjusting to using them. So here are some 
    general pointers and strategies to keep in mind while in the skies. It's all 
    arranged in a random order, just as this stuff came to me while playing MGBH. 
    [Note: This guide mainly covers the most-used ship in the game: Ranger Patrol 
    13 Light Assault Ship (or Ranger Ship for short).]
    Changing your weapons:
    It's important to use the right weapons to get the job done. This hold 
    especially true since I think that most people prefer using the weapon they 
    find best. Bring up the change weapon menu, and depending on whether you want 
    to change the missiles or laser it depends. For example, on the PS2 you would 
    press the R2 button if your intent was to change your laser. Press the button 
    and a menu will drop down. Now press it again to cycle the weapons that are 
    available. Once it's highlighted press the fire button (if you're select a 
    laser press the fire laser button, etc).
    Chasing down enemies:
    The best way to get the bead on a certain enemy is to fly parallel to them 
    while still staying behind them. For example:
         (YOU) ---->           OR          ---->  ---->
       (ENEMY)   ---->                     (YOU) (ENEMY)
    Stay behind and parallel is good because it allows you keep on them and it 
    allows you to move with them, instead of crossing them and losing sights. If 
    an enemy keeps flying past you wait for a second and let them get their 
    distance, then work your way behind them.
    Miscellaneous Notes and Tips:
    A bleep sound is made when auto-pilot is no longer in effect. This is useful 
    to know because on some instances it is necessary to take off the moment you 
    gain or regain control.
    Not all ships have the same weapons and features. If possible take a few 
    seconds in space to see what's available for your ship. See if it has the 
    target range indicator also.
    If you're being shot and manage to find a direction that keeps you from 
    getting hit, keep going in that direction until you're shield meter fills back 
    up. It may seem like elementary but it is crucial in succeeding in these 
    stinkin' space mission.
    Groups of enemies can be a pain. Try to avoid them. Wait for them to break 
    formation or just look for a splinter ship that you can pick on. If you get 
    jumped by several ships you're not going to last long because once the armor 
    is gone it's open season on you.
    Large objects and crafts can be used as cover, however. It is not advised that 
    you practice this unless you're hurting bad. More times than not you can 
    accidentally smash into the object or craft while circling to find an enemy. 
    So to put it simply, stay away from them.
    2.30 | Heads Up Display (HUD)
     +-----------------------------+    +----------------------------+
     |        Ground HUD           |    |        Flight HUD          |
     +-----------------------------+    +----------------------------+
     | --1---   ---3---     /4/5/  |    | --1---              ---3-- |
     | -2-                 /6/7/   |    | -2-                    -4- |
     |                             |    |                        (5) |
     |                             |    |             ^ <--7     (6) |
     |             8               |    |           ((8))<--9        |
     |                             |    |                            |
     |                             |    |                            |
     |        [    9    ]          |    |            ,--.            |
     |                             |    |           /(10)\           |
     |                   \ 10 \    |    |          /      \          |
     '-----------------------------'    '----------------------------'
      KEY:                               KEY:
       1-Mace's shield                    1-Ship's shield
       2-Mace's health                    2-Ship's armor
       3-Waypoint Finder                  3-Weapon status
       4-Primary ammo                     4-Missle
       5-Primary clip ammo                5-Missle type
       6-Secondary ammo                   6-Primary weapon
       7-Secondary clip ammo              7-Enemy location arrow
       8-Targeting reticule               8-Target range indicator (if equipped)
       9-Text message window              9-Target lock (when locked)
      10-Mace's weapon                   10-Ship's radar
                                         (NOTE: HUDs can vary from ship-to-ship)
    2.40 | Tips & Strategies
    Retreat After Taking Damage:
    Mace's health is crucial to maintain. The shield allows you to take damage but 
    once it's gone you're a susceptible to damage to your health. Once your health 
    is gone you are dead. So whenever you take damage, take cover and wait for 
    your shield to go back up.
    Returning Fire While in Retreat:
    Okay, this is important. When you're hiding behind something while in a 
    standoff, shoot over the object (if possible) opposed to around the object. 
    Normal enemies (non-snipers) won't shoot over a lot of objects believe it or 
    not, so try to get above the object you're hiding behind and shoot over it. 
    Dealing with snipers is trickier, however. Use your sniper, back up slightly, 
    and then shoot once you see their head. Pulling back any further could expose 
    you to their return firing. So remember, when possible, shoot over an object 
    and not around it.
    Making Long/Running Jumps [repeated]:
    My best advice to you, when making a jump repeatedly tap the jump button 
    several times when you're nearing a ledge. Don't just press it once and expect 
    to get it. This game is a little funny that way, so as you come to a ledge tap 
    the jump button two or three times just to be sure. Do this and you will more 
    than likely make the jump.
    Always Search Crates:
    The wooden crates you see often have energy and other pickups in them. While 
    some clusters of crates may not yield much, you'll still usually get something 
    out of a group of them. And to save time (and ammo) use your electro-cosh's 
    second function to bust them open with one swift hit.
    Backtracking For Health:
    In some very rare cases it will be absolutely necessary for you to backtrack 
    for health. For example, if you get a checkpoint just before a difficult spot 
    and don't have enough health to face the enemy. I know it's a pain to load 
    areas again but sometimes you just may have to.
    Get Pickups Before Leaving Ship:
    In later missions it is possible to collect pickups that are in a storage room 
    of your ship. Before heading out of the ship on a mission, go into the door on 
    the left as you get at the bottom of the steps. Get whatever you can from off 
    the shelves.
      //                                                                        \\
     //___________                    WALKTHROUGH                                \\
    //            /_____________________________________________________________// 
    \\    3.00   /,-------------------------------------------------------------`
    Walkthrough ToC
    3.01 Hold Position
    3.02 Back In Business
    3.03 Trouble At The Temple
    3.04 Sharp Shooter
    3.05 The Rustlers
    3.06 Gun For Hire
    3.07 Clear And Present Ranger
    3.08 Genetics Lab
    3.09 Rescue Krugo
    3.10 Whistleblower
    3.11 Infiltrate The Tannan Corp
    3.12 Face Off
    This is a step-by-step walkthrough which I consider to be very detailed. When 
    it comes to walkthroughs I am not one for brevity, so bear with me here.
    Walkthrough Notes
    o- Walkthrough Format: Levels are displayed with one row of dashes (-) above 
    and below each level's name. Objectives are signified with an arrow (-->). 
    Side tips that relay side information about a particular area or scene are 
    displayed in brackets ([ ]).
    o- Doors: Unlocked doors usually have a distinctness to them (as do locked 
    doors). For example, on the first level unlocked doors have a yellow square on 
    them. While the locked doors have a red one and make a noise when you go by 
    them. Keep this in mind.
    o- Enemy References: I refer to the bad guys as following (but not limited to) 
    names: bad guy, enemy, guards, guy, etc. This is to avoid monogamy and not 
    bore you and myself.
    o- In-level loading: I don't mention the loading parts because I don't know if 
    it differentiates between the three platforms MGBH is on. I want this 
    walkthrough to work with all three with no confusion.
    o- Jumping: When I say "jump when ready" I'm referring to the action of Mace 
    taking his ship into a new area, which is officially called warp jumping. For 
    example, at the end of certain space missions you are prompted to "jump". On 
    the PS2 you would tap the triangle button and Mace appears to go into a black 
    hole/warp speed and to his destination.
    o- Objectives: I do not number the objectives in the walkthrough because there 
    are parts in the game where the objective numbers are screwed up. Believe it 
    or not, in some of the later levels the numbers will be out of whack. 
    (Example: in one level an objective is 7 and the very next one is 13!)
    On with the walkthrough...
    3.01 + HOLD POSITION
    --> Objective: Find the control room and re-open the airlock.
    The first thing you want to do is follow out the door your crew went through 
    on the left.
    [Tip: Before heading out of this starting room, turn around and activate the 
    green monitors. Doing this will allow you to get a look at some dead crew 
    members and the kind of enemy you will face later on.]
    When you get into this next room head around the center beam and through the 
    door lit up yellow. You should see your crew straight ahead and the door will 
    shut between you and them. Make a left at this t-junction and through the 
    door. Head through to the next area where you should here some scream in pain. 
    Come in and collect the pickup from the dead body. Head through the left 
    doorway. Come in and shoot the soldier on the right who's harassing the crew 
    worker. Shoot the wooden crates to collect the pickups. You should now proceed 
    into the doorway on the right and into a larger room.
    This crate room has a bunch of enemies in it. Go right immediately as you come 
    in. Shoot the guys over here and the ones at the bottom after you take the 
    ramp down. Up on the other side are a few more enemies for you to kill. Try 
    shooting the explosive barrels up here to conserve ammo. When they're toast 
    head up to the top and through the doorway up here (there's a guy hiding 
    behind some stuff over here, so be careful). Make a right as you go in and 
    you'll get a brief cutscene when you get to the next area. Shoot these two 
    guards but watch out for the grenades they throw at you. Also, let this be a 
    lesson that enemies will do this when shooting isn't an option. Make a right 
    at the hologram and kill any guys you see over here. Straight ahead should be 
    some shutter doors where on the other side are some dead bodies. Collect the 
    pickups and head through the door just outside this room (where the dead guard 
    is against the wall).
    You should be in another big cargo room. Kill the soldiers below and across 
    from you. Collect their pickups and head back to the top of the balconies. 
    Your path is blocked on the left side up here, so jump over to the rail and to 
    the stack of crates to your right. Now jump to over the rails ahead and onto 
    the bridge area. Go through the doorway over here.
    Two enemies are behind a red crate on the left. Shoot the explosive barrel in 
    the middle and this should blow them up. Look up and shoot the guy up on the 
    rails behind you. Now go over by the red crates and enter the vent by 
    crouching down into it. Follow the ducts down and through to the other side. 
    When the vent breaks shoot the two creatures down here. Enter the next area, 
    killing all of the rest in sight. The barrels come in handy for destroying a 
    bunch of them. Make a right at this t-junction and a left at the four-way. 
    After the cutscene plays go through the unlocked door straight ahead.
    Kill the few enemies around the corner and pass the dead bodies up. Make a 
    left and you can get some extra pickups in the back room. Either way, you 
    still have to take the right path so do so. Just past the guy that was 
    surrendering is an enemy posted behind the wall. Kill it and through unlocked 
    door on the left. Head through and into a third cargo room.
    There's a bunch of ninja-like creatures in this area. (If you've gotten far 
    enough in Half-Life these guys might remind you of the ninja chicks in that 
    game.) Take them out even though they require a little more bullets. Head to 
    the top and kill the rest, including any human soldiers that appear. Go 
    through the single doorway that's up here.
    In the small control room, make a right and into a hallway where another body 
    is. Go through the door where the body is and shoot the enemy as you walk into 
    the ship's control bridge. Turn left and shoot the second one hiding in the 
    alcove. Go up to the red panel and activate it to see a cutscene and some in-
    game dialog.
    --> Objective: Return to the Ranger ship
    It's time to head back to where you came from. When you get to the control you 
    saw moments ago, kill the guy hiding behind the wall and in front of the 
    glass. Make a right instead of a left. Shoot the two enemies that rush out of 
    the hall and head into this dark corridor. Make the left at the t-junction and 
    into a room where a human and some enemies are at standoff. Shoot the bad guys 
    that are towards the back, then make a right into a room where blue control 
    panels are in the center. Go into the vent on the air as you walk in. When you 
    get to vent blocking your path turn left and follow up and through.
    Drop down and head through the only unlocked door. Shoot the two guys no the 
    balcony above and make a left. This cargo room is dangerous as it's full of 
    Valleakans and soldiers gunning for you. Take out the ones on the ramp to the 
    right first and work your way to the floor level. Clear it out and up to the 
    other side. Jump and duck into the vent that's up here and on the left wall.
    Come out into a red corridor and drop into the hole in the floor at the 
    opposite end. Crouch down and take the vent through. Come up into another 
    cargo room and cap the two guys on the other side. Go up the ramps and jump 
    the gap and blast the enemies in the dark room straight ahead.
    [Tip: When you jump the gap the piece behind you breaks off. If you manage to 
    fall back into the cargo room use the crates on the left to get back up.]
    Enter the circular red room to the right. Use the broken platform as a ramp to 
    get to the balcony above. Head to the other side and through the door. Run 
    past the electricity and into a room with a pipe going down. Shoot any enemies 
    below and drop down, through the door. Blast anyone in this room that has a 
    computer in the middle. Head around it and to your starting room where two bad 
    guys await. Kill them and head through the two shutters doors to end the level.
    --> Objective: Meet Dawson
    Wait for the ship to land. You'll know it's landed when it's stopped and you 
    will feel the ship shake. Exit through the door left of where the creature is 
    standing. Head down the ramp and talk to Dawson who's in the orange jumpsuit 
    for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Go to Moscone's Office
    Now it's simply a matter of following your waypoint finder's guidance. Follow 
    it to Moscone's office for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Launch and jump to the Temple station
    Head back up to where you ship is docked (through hangar door 06). Take the 
    ramp up inside the ship and up the steps. You'll get two weapons in this 
    hallway. Go through the door and to get your first taste of the space missions.
    [Tip: I highly suggest learning the controls by looking at the instructions 
    booklet that comes with the game. Pay close attention to the HUD of the ship 
    in particular.]
    You're turned around forced out of the bay. As soon as you clear the craft you 
    get controls of the ship. Take this time learning the controls because the 
    level is almost over and you will have a mission where you must fight other 
    ships next. Once you're ready and your destination is confirmed press the warp 
    jump button (look at the manual). Level complete.
    --> Objective: Take out the fighters before landing
    This a first real taste of what it's like to be in the dog fights. Check the 
    Controls section for movement and control ships.
    What you have to do is take down all of the crafts on your radar (bottom 
    middle). Use the arrow in the middle to locate their exact location (on PS2 
    press L3 and an arrow will show up). The key is keep moving or you will be 
    toast in no time. When you get an enemy on-screen fire your lasers at them and 
    if there at a distance wait for the red lock-on shows up. Then fire your 
    rocket at it. Do this until all crafts are gone.
    [TIP: I noticed that the enemies will go in a straight line, back and forth 
    from the start for a while. Try going against this pattern and shooting at 
    them as they come towards you.]
    --> Objective: Land in the Temple stations front and hangar bay
    Now that the space is clear head towards the white triangle that's on your 
    radar. Slow down as you approach the ship. As you near it head to the top and 
    above the white squares. Come down and line your craft up with the squares 
    (narrow way). Slowly fly down through the squares and towards the ship. As you 
    get through the last one the ship takes over and will automatically dock you 
    --> Objective: Find the Enforcers
    Exit the craft by getting off the controls, going down the steps, and exiting 
    through the red door. Go to the big shutter door in the middle and pick up the 
    sniper rifle off of the body on the right, but have your auto' pistol 
    equipped. Now access the control panel and take the lift up to the Enforcers 
    where a cutscene will play.
    --> Objective: Clear the balconies and lobby area of hostiles
    After the cutscene immediately turn and shoot the Acolyte Follower (AF) on the 
    other side of the crates. Head out into the open and dash over to the left. 
    Wait in the doorway next to the Enforcer that is welding the doors open. In 
    the mean time, equip your sniper rifle and pick off any AFs you see. There are 
    some at the top of the ramp and on the balcony across from you. Eventually the 
    door will be opened, so head through and take the lift up.
    Shoot the guy up here and make sure your machine gun is equipped. Now head 
    around the corner onto the balcony and cap any AFs that you see. Run along 
    this balcony and into a hallway with some computers. First clear out the guys 
    in just this hallway. If you want a grenade go into the door left of where you 
    came into this hallway. Disable all eight (8) computers by walking up to them 
    and hitting the action button. Now use both remote gatlin guns by accessing 
    them on the big computer in the middle. Sweep both areas with these guns, 
    shooting any enemies you see. Once you've done this get off the computers and 
    head further down this hallway. Kill the guys on the balcony to the right. 
    Only go along the balcony path if you want some health and ammo pickups at the 
    other end, near a non-working lift. Either way you need to through the doorway 
    adjacent to the balcony entrance. If you want, shoot the AF that's not hostile 
    towards you. Either way, head through and out to a room you saw on the 
    security camera. You will see two flights of stair cases leading down into the 
    bottom. Clear the balconies and the lower part of this room out. If you've 
    killed every enemy up to this point you will meet up with your squad.
    --> Objective: Board the Acolyte fighter and pilot it into the topside hangar.
    Backtrack all the way to the beginning of the level. The lower hallways 
    connected to this meeting room are now open, so you can use them to get back 
    more quickly (look under the steps for the doors). If not just take the upper 
    balconies -- the same way you came. And use your waypoint finder to guide you 
    if you can't remember where to go. Once you get there go behind the ship you 
    came in, and into the smaller Acolyte fighter ship. Drive it out of the bay 
    that opens and into space.
    --> Objective: Take out the fighters before landing
    You have many more fighters to deal with this time. No big deal, though. Keep 
    your distance and keep in mind that the fighters don't fly in a pattern for 
    the most part this time. Staying far away allows your lasers to lock onto them 
    better just like it would like Mace's handgun or machine gun would. So fire at 
    them until you get a good lock. It'll eventually start hitting them and before 
    you know it their toast. Use your rockets if you can get a good shot off. 
    Endure all of the enemies and this area will be complete in no time at all.
    --> Objective: Land in the topside hangar
    Find the white dot on your radar and go to it. The landing frame is at a 
    titled angle this time so be careful of how you come in. The auto-pilot will 
    take you inside and you will see some enemies outside. You can use your ship's 
    machine gun to destroy some of them (L2 button on PS2). When they're finished 
    (make sure the robot outside is destroyed). Alternatively, you can use the 
    mounted gun in the corner when you get out here to finish them off.
    --> Objective: Locate the High Priests personal quarters
    Go through the doorway below the windows and in the corner. When you get to 
    the top approach the door, throw a grenade through inside and over the table 
    if you have one, then back off because they  throw grenades of their own. This 
    should clear a few of them out, so destroy the rest with your gunpower. When 
    the AFs are cleared out proceed through the door on the right. There's some 
    pickups in the doorway of this hallway. When you come through the next 
    unlocked door you will see some beams on your left. Wait for the enemies to 
    come from this side. Stand of the left side behind the doorway, using the 
    entrance as cover. Blast the several enemies that spring out from the left. 
    Head through the door and over to this seating area. Duck behind the pews as 
    you shoot at your enemies. When they're cleared out the High Priest and his 
    henchmen step out from the door on the right side of the beams. Be careful 
    because the HP shoots explosives at you, so take care of them wisely by not 
    boxing yourself in and letting them surround you. There's a health pack next 
    to the podium if you need it.
    Go through the door that they come from (it's on the side of the room with the 
    podium and in the hallway). Come inside this hallway and you'll get a signal 
    for your waypoint finder. Grab the pickups on the left head right, through the 
    door. Quickly shoot the gun on the ceiling and continue through the halls. 
    Around the corner you will see a door in front of you and one on the right. 
    Throw some a grenade or two into the door on the right. Clear this room out 
    and shoot the gun on the ceiling. Go over to the blue computer and to the 
    first monitor. Zoom in down to the other end and shoot the gun then camera 
    next to it. Get on the middle monitor and shoot the camera at the other end. 
    Finally, get on the right monitor and shoot the guy below on the left. Before 
    leaving this room you can check out the green monitors to see what's going on. 
    Leave this room now and make a right.
    Follow the hallways through until you get to a four-way intersection where two 
    crates on next to each other on your right (there may be an enemy standing in 
    this doorway). Make a left here and down the hallway to the right. As you 
    round it there are two guys at the far end. Take care of them and head 
    straight through the doorway for a brief cutscene.
    --> Objective: Gain access to the mainframe room and reconfigure the data 
    Exit this room the same way you came in. Make a left at the first intersection 
    where you should kill the AFs you see. Make a left again around the stack of 
    crates. Get on the lift and take it up. Pass up the green monitor and through 
    the door. Turn left and you'll see a AF behind glass. Shoot through it to kill 
    him, jump onto the tipped chair, and crouch through the window. Come out into 
    the hallway and to the left is a bunch of enemies. When you're through with 
    them destroy the computers in this hallway by walking up to them then hitting 
    the action button. Head into this big round room with the laser inside the 
    glass below. Go through the unlocked door on the right. Behind the crates 
    straight ahead is a room with two Acolyte Elite Guards (AEGs). Kill them and 
    collect the goodies in here (shoot the crates for extra health). Step back out 
    and head down the steps. Kill the two AEGs down here and continue down to the 
    next floor. Do the same here as well. When you get to the base level work your 
    way to the other side. I recommend killing the robot on the right and going 
    this way. Run your ass off until you get to the unlocked door over here.
    Keep going up these steps until you get to the floor that has a barricade of 
    crates and an upright table. Throw a grenade on the other side to blow the 
    table out of the way. Crouch under the table to get through the door. Go 
    around this circle to the other side, killing the enemies as you go. After 
    killing off the group of enemies over here look for the two control panels 
    where the opening is in the glass. Activate both of them and a bridge will 
    extend to the center. Walk across it and hit the switch and you'll start to 
    lower into the core. Duck down while this is happening. As you get to the 
    bottom you will be surrounded by AF scientists. Take them out one-by-one. Step 
    off this platform and find the ladder that goes under the floor. Down here, 
    hit the switch on the other side of the round the round thing.
    --> Objective: Reconfigure the data stream above the lobby area
    Climb back up and use the platform to get back up. Work your way back to the 
    stairwell that was barricaded. From this floor take the steps down and get off 
    at the very next floor. Come out into the center and make a left. You should 
    see a newly unlocked door on your left (use your waypoint finder if your 
    having trouble finding it). Follow the hallways that are entrenched with 
    enemies through. You'll get to a ramp, so head up it after blasting the 
    enemies on top. Go through the door that's lit up red, shoot the two guys on 
    the other side, and follow through. Duck under the beam of laser and hit the 
    switch on the panel.
    --> Objective: Get back to the front end hangar bay
    Pull your finger off the trigger because you won't need to shoot for a few 
    minutes. Round the corner and you'll see some AFs straight ahead. Don't bother 
    shooting them or the guys further down because they're not going to shoot at 
    you. So just move forward, down, and around to the left where you'll 
    eventually see an unlocked door straight ahead. Go through it and out to the 
    balconies from the beginning of the level. Go to the other side and down the 
    steps. Next, head through either of the doors under the steps. Follow around 
    and work your way back to the beginning using your waypoint. When you get back 
    to your ship you'll meet up with your crew and a cutscene will play.
    --> Objective: Pursue the hacker and eliminate him
    Get into the big generic carrier ship and head out. In space, keep your 
    distance to get the lock-on. Once you do (and it may take a while) start 
    firing your homing missiles at it (L2 on PS2). They will seek him out. Keep 
    shooting until the hacker's ship goes down.
    --> Objective: Return to Guild station
    Just like the objective says, you need to return to where you came from. 
    The "jump" action will be available soon after the voice is done talking. Jump 
    when prompted (Triangle on PS2). The cutscene will play, ending the level.
    3.04 + SHARP SHOOTER
    --> Objective: Land in the Refuge hangar
    Fly towards the rock with the bright orange on it (on your left). Mace 
    requests permission to land and is granted it. Fly down towards the blue icon 
    and into the hole at the bottom of the rock. Fly up and into the white boxes 
    for auto-pilot to take over. Come out of your ship for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Head for the settlement
    Look for the doorway behind the stuff in the northwest corner. Go down the 
    hall to an unlocked door where the arrow points. Crouch down as you go through 
    the door or you might get popped by the enemy on the left with a grenade. Jump 
    over the barrier of crates and over to the right is a large vehicle that you 
    can use for cover. Take out the guy on the ground level near you first. Then 
    go for the one on top of the crate on the left side of the room. Once you get 
    him go for the last one in the back by the door hiding behind some more 
    crates. There is some ammo hidden on the other side of the vehicle with crates 
    stacked against it (it's left of where you first come in). Now out of this 
    room through the door opposite to where you came in at. Use the control panel 
    to open the shutter doors.
    Go into the tunnels where you should see the right path blocked by crates. So 
    go down and through the left path. As you round the corner left shoot the few 
    guys standing in the open. There's two more hiding behind the crates. Go 
    through the shutter doors on the right for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Find the access pass in Baxter's office
    You appear on the other side of the door (outside) after the cutscene. 
    Immediately take cover by ducking down behind the rocks nearby, to avoid being 
    spotted by the sniper above. First wait for a couple of enemies on the ground 
    level to come to you (this is your first encounter with the Jaldari Settlers). 
    With them finished quickly set focus on the sniper above and in the canyon on 
    the left. Pick him off and keep your sniper rifle equipped. Advance forwards 
    bit and look for the sniper on the balcony of the building. Pick him off and 
    then follow the path towards these buildings. Take out the enemies as you 
    approach this place.
    With the yellow vehicle in front of you equip your rifle and look over to the 
    lift. Shoot the guy above that's shooting rockets at you. Using the center 
    door, enter the building nearest to the yellow machine. As you go through the 
    second set of doors there's a guy hiding behind the bar who'll shoot at you. 
    Fire a grenade (or even rocket if you picked up an RL) to blow him up. Turn 
    right and head up the steps to blast the three enemies up here. Go back down 
    and collect the pickups (there's some ammo in the door next to the bar). Come 
    back upstairs and through the doors. The first door on the left is a guy 
    hiding behind a counter. Blast him and take the access pass off of the counter.
    --> Objective: Locate the processing plant
    Before going back downstairs I suggest making a left as you exit this room 
    where you got the access pass. Go through the door and you'll be in the front 
    area where two storage rooms are (left and right). In the center is a doorway 
    to the balcony. Come out on it and blast the enemies that post up outside. 
    Come downstairs and back outside to finish any remaining enemies you see. 
    Quickly run across the road to the other building. Use the access pass on the 
    doorway on the right, then go inside. Follow the blue and grey hallways 
    around, killing the bad guys, until you get to the barrels. The dark shutter 
    door leads to some pickups. The gold-colored door is where you need to go.
    Take the lift up that's inside here. Blast the guy at the top then turn around 
    and pick off the sniper across the way. Follow the path up here. Come out to 
    where a train is in front of you. Go right and follow the path over to the 
    left. Shoot the arachnid spiders on the ground. Before going through the door 
    over here you might want to shoot the crates beside the train for some health 
    and ammo pickups. With that, head through this door.
    Shoot the spiders with your pistol if you want to conserve ammo (use the 
    single shot function). Follow the tunnel down, defeating the lone soldier at 
    the end. Head through the door to come out onto a ledge of the canyon. Take 
    this ledge left, killing the big guy as you go. Come around the back and shoot 
    the enemies here. Follow further around to come behind the guy with an RL. 
    Take him out and the ones across the canyon. Head through the door up here and 
    kill the spiders. Take the tunnels down and into the concrete tunnels as well. 
    Destroy the wooden crates and come out to the balcony. Turn left and shoot the 
    guy up here, then blast the crowd of enemies below. Come down here by either 
    jumping over the balcony or using the ramp in the hallway. Head through the 
    shutter door where they came from.
    There's a bunch of humans in this tunnel. Clear it out by shooting them and 
    take cover under the big tractor. Work your way to the other end and collect 
    all pickups that you see. There's a door on the right side of this tunnel that 
    you should now go through. At the other end is a lift that you need to take up 
    to the next floor.
    --> Objective: Enter the transit depot and board one of the carts
    Follow the halls around, make a left in the tunnels, and go down into the 
    open. Before exiting this tunnel equip your sniper rifle and pick off the guy 
    on balcony (left side). Come out just a bit and you should see a sniper on a 
    platform at the top right of your screen. Get him and get and come of the cave 
    just a bit. Look around at the bottom where the crates are, and see if you can 
    spot any loose enemies walking around. Once you're done looking head down the 
    ramp on the right with your machine gun equipped. Using whatever you can as 
    cover, kill all of the enemies down here. Once they're dead head towards the 
    back where you should see a computer at the top of a ramp and in a hangar. 
    Before going up this ramp look to the left and in the canyon will be a guy 
    with a rocket launcher, so destroy him. Now go up the ramp but instead of 
    bothering with the computer go left and follow the path around to the back. In 
    the unlocked door is some ammo in the back crate. Continue to the left using 
    this same pathway where you will need to shoot some snipers on the ground. 
    Pass the red cargo crates and into the tunnel straight ahead.
    Follow this tunnel through, sniper and then the spiders along the way. When 
    you emerge at the other end you will see a guy in blue shooting at the bad 
    guys. Don't shoot at him. Just find the ramp on the left side and take it up. 
    Kill the bad guys on your way up, then look down and kill anyone else left in 
    the room below. Up here you need to jump to the center platform with things 
    spinning around it. First jump onto the crates and barrels up here. Then jump 
    and move forward at the *same exact time* across to the center just as one of 
    the things pass by. If timed correctly you will be in the center and the 
    things will be spinning around you. Look for the three blocks connected by 
    pipes below. Jump to the middle one as a spinning thing passes, then 
    immediately jump to the last one that's left of where you jumped. If done 
    correctly you'll be near the red light and won't get hitting by the spinning 
    things. Drop onto the pipe and head through the tunnel with the red light 
    outside of it. Crouch down and work your way through stopping just before you 
    Edge your way out and pick off the sniper above and to your far right. Look to 
    the ground where you should see a few enemies. Take them out and look to the 
    very far right and you should see a guy on the ledge that's towards the wall. 
    Make sure you get him since he has an RL. By now a few more enemies should 
    have come out to the balcony where you shot the first one at. Take care of 
    them and walk across the pipes. Drop to the roof and then to the balcony where 
    you killed these guys. Go into the door and blast the two guys that may or may 
    not be in here depending on the circumstances. Shoot the boxes and collect the 
    pickups. Step back out to the ledge and look across where you should see a 
    sniper. Pick him off and work your way along the conveyer belts up here. 
    There's a door lit up red as you get to the other end. Go through it and down 
    the red hallway.
    As you come out through the next door you'll see some catwalks over a body of 
    water. Walk forward a bit to see a cutscene of soldiers pouring into the area 
    above. Run up the catwalks, shooting the first two as they come down. Go up 
    and shoot the rest up here. Collect the pickups out of the crates (there's a 
    health pack in the water if you still need it). Walk over to the platform 
    where the computers are by the monorail. Jump over the railing and into the 
    --> Objective: Get into the mine hangar
    The cart will start moving so duck down before you get decapitated, but stay 
    down even as you progress along. Eventually you'll get into a firefights as 
    you move along the rail. Focus on the guys in the carts and only shoot the 
    snipers if you have a chance to. Otherwise, just make sure there's no one 
    occupying the carts in front of you. When you get to the end your mine cart 
    stops. Hop down to the left where the mound of rocks is. If done correctly you 
    should not take damage from the fall. Stay on top and shoot the spiders while 
    away from harm.
    If you look up you will see a platform with an enemy walking across every few 
    seconds. Try to pick off as many of them you can from down (you can shoot 
    under the grating because bullets will go through it). This important because 
    there's a bunch of very lethal enemies up there. Get ready for a fight and 
    take the lift that's in the corner up. When you get to the top immediately 
    rush across the bridge, shooting your enemies as you go to the other side. 
    Hopefully you'll get lucky and won't get blown up by the one with an RL. Once 
    this area is cleared head through the doorway.
    Head through the lit tunnels and when you see the (innocent) guy run towards 
    you advance a bit more and stop just before the turn. Peek out and three 
    snipers will all throw a grenade towards you, so quickly step back and get 
    some distance. Equip your sniper rifle and crouch down. Turn right and strafe 
    left a bit. At this point pick off all three snipers across the way. Walk out 
    and drop off the broken part of the balcony and onto the wall. Stay on this 
    wall by holding your stick towards it, all the while shooting and blowing up 
    the spiders below. Climb the ladder that's down here, walk past the dead 
    snipers, and up a second ladder.
    Step out into the open for a cutscene (kill the spider as well). Kill the 
    enemies on this ground level. Find the doorway on the other side that leads to 
    a lift. Take the lift up and blast the enemies in the hallway. At the split go 
    left for a storage room of some goodies. Now go right, killing all things that 
    movie. Cross the catwalk and on the other side you'll get a cutscene just 
    after killing the guy over here. There's another storage room so collect 
    whatever you can.
    Go back to the catwalk and stop in the center. Look through the window and 
    shoot the guy on the right that has an RL. Come back over the catwalk and into 
    this room. Make a left and hide behind the fence. This fence provides good 
    cover as the enemies on the other side of the room are less likely to shoot at 
    you while behind this. So duck behind the fence and pick off the enemies from 
    there. Then use the stack of crates on the left to get on the ledge. Run along 
    it then drop off to the conveyer belts when you can't go any further. Keep 
    going until you get to a ramp. Go up it and make a left where you'll see blue, 
    glowing rocks. Shoot the guys back here and then bust the crates to reveal a 
    ladder. Take it up to the very top where some catwalks are.
    Shoot the guys up here and advance until where you see a panel on your left. 
    Activate it the game will show a cutscene of a rail moving down. Go to this (a 
    short distance further around the corner) and you will look out to see some 
    big metal "sifters". Walk off and onto the first sifter and the rest will 
    start moving. As you descend to the bottom you will have to shoot the red 
    barrels to blow up the guys shooting at you. Failure to due so could prove 
    fatal since they'll eventually throw grenades into your sifter. It's a long 
    ways down, but when you get to the bottom jump out of the sifter just before 
    the track starts to go back up (there's a rock you need to hit below so you 
    don't die). When down there blast all the guys.
    Take the ladder up and shoot the ones that rush you on this catwalk. Go 
    through the door that they came from. Follow the tunnels around to see a 
    gruesome cutscene (one that caused a bit of a stir as you might imagine). Cap 
    the guys at the bottom and the snipers across the way. Climb down the ladder 
    on the other end of the catwalk. Head up the ramp where the guy is hanging 
    destroying any opposition along the way. At the top head left but be careful 
    not to fall into the pit in the center. Shoot the two guys in this next are 
    and then pick up the ammo off the shelves. Work your way out to the balcony. 
    Cross it and blast the first three guys you see. Help the guys in blue out by 
    shooting the rest of the bad guys. Come around to a dirt hill with two guys at 
    the top -- they're dangerous for sure. Shoot them but steer clear of their 
    explosive weaponry. BE CAREFUL when climbing this dirt hill because there's a 
    hole in it. Stay on the right side and jump your way to the top to be safe. 
    Follow the path out to another open area. First shoot the two guys with RLs: 
    one above center and the other below left. Step out onto the balcony.
    --> Objective: Get into the hangar bay control room and lock the hangar bay 
    This are is just a matter of clearing out the snipers first and moving to the 
    bottom. So scour the horizon with your rifle and cap anyone you see. Head down 
    the ramp, blast the guys down here, and head up the ramp on the other side of 
    the water. Now you want to head up these steep ramps and up through the 
    tunnels. At top will be an unlocked door, so go through it. From in the 
    doorway shoot the red barrel and the barricade will fall. Pass the guy up and 
    head through the next door. A cutscene will play.
    --> Objective: Eliminate Cantrell's men before they reach the dropship
    Equip your sniper rifle and look down to the bridge that crosses the water 
    below. Wait for each guy to get in your sights and then shoot, one-by-one. You 
    get 40 seconds to kill them all. If you fail I guess that you're forced to 
    kill yourself by jumping out the window into the water and/or restart the 
    --> Objective: Pursue and stop Cantrell before he enters hyper space
    You have two minutes to get to this guy. Do NOT priss around, taking your good 
    ol' time (time is of the essence on this objective). Fall out of the window 
    that you shot through and to a glass platform below (look down to see it -- 
    you may have to shoot the glass below you out). Go into the unlocked door, 
    shoot the two guys in this hall, and make a left at the t-junction. Call the 
    lift activate the switch once it lights up white, then get back off onto the 
    platform. Wait for it to go down a bit then hop on TOP of the lift so that you 
    can jump off before it even stops (this saves a lot of very precious time). 
    Haul ass over the bridge and go around to the other side of your ship (its 
    right side). Go up both ramps to the inside, then make a right and into the 
    cockpit. Jump into the seat on the right and press the action button. Mace 
    should take the controls if you did this right. The auto-pilot takes you out 
    of the bay and into the tunnels. Quickly drive it out before the timer 
    expires. Eventually you'll be able to exit through some shutter doors and into 
    --> Objective: Disable but do not destroy Cantrell's ship
    As fast as you can, locate Cantrell's ship because you're still on the same 
    time. Once you spot him (using the arrow) simultaneously fire lasers and 
    rockets at his ship. Do not let up, keep firing until you complete the 
    objective. If you didn't get enough time consider ways you can save time once 
    the objective comes up where you have to eliminate Cantrell's men. Anyway, now 
    that the objective is complete....
    --> Objective: Escort Cantrell back to the mine hangar
    This objective only requires you to watch a cutscene in which Mace escorts 
    Cantrell as they talk to one another.
    --> Objective: Sharp-shoot the explosives transmitters on the four solar 
    shield generators
    Activate the panel in front of you and wait for the door to open (it takes 
    quite some time, around 40 seconds). Come out and hop into the cart and duck 
    down. When it stops snipe the flash transmitter below the orange solar shield 
    generator. Baxton commends you on your work and the cart takes off further 
    down the tracks.
    Shoot the three guys up ahead on your right. When the cart stops at the door 
    ahead jump off and follow the red tunnel down. Come through the door and shoot 
    all of the spearleg creatures that the miners are shooting (you don't have to 
    shoot them, if you want to save time just avoid them). Keep going through the 
    next door. Follow the red hall around and take the lift up. Take the tunnel 
    across from you down where you'll come out to some ledge area. Walk along the 
    ledge and blow up the spearlegs. Then get by the rocks on the ledge and look 
    down. Snipe the green panel and the shutter door nearby will open. Head 
    through it and proceed downward, not bothering with the pesky enemies as they 
    are waste of time. Pass the guys fighting with the creatures up and through 
    the next tunnel.
    Eventually you'll get to a third generator. Look across the canyon and shoot 
    the panel. Jump into the water in front of you. Swim through one of the two 
    holes underwater. As you come through turn around and swim up on the shore 
    (it's BEHIND you after coming through the hole). Go into the doorway up here 
    and follow through.
    In this next area you will see birds (or what looks like birds) and some large 
    orange pipes. Swim to the other side and come up on the right side of the 
    shore. Head into the yellow tunnel and take it up to the final generator. 
    Shoot this last panel and proceed through. Take the tunnel down and jump over 
    the red crates when the time comes. Keep moving forward and work your way back 
    to the beginning of the level. Board your ship and take it out to space when 
    auto-pilot is done. "Jump" when you get out here to show a cutscene, 
    completing the level.
    3.05 + THE RUSTLERS
    --> Objective: Land in the Gado ranch hangar
    Straight ahead, left of the big orange ball is a spot for you to fly to (the 
    blue frame). Fly through the shutters as they open and down through the white 
    frames. *The game warns you to not kill unarmed civilians* Auto-pilot will 
    take care of the rest, as expected.
    Step off of your ship and follow your waypoint. The guard will open the gates 
    for you. Proceed through the door for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Get to observation tower 4 and protect the Gado from the 
    Go through the unlocked door on the right side of this room. On the other side 
    of the hall is an elevator. Take it to the bottom and make the first right as 
    you get down here. (If you want to see something cool look over the railing 
    and into the pit in the center of this room) Go through the unlocked door over 
    here and take the hallway to the cafeteria. Head outside using the unlocked 
    door that's in this cafeteria. When you get out here a brief cutscene will 
    play. Cross one of the bridges and climb the ladder on tower number 4. After 
    the cutscene use your sniper rifle to pick off the pilot. His ship is towards 
    the back, towards the horizon. Once he's dead set your sights on the ground 
    where you came from.
    Take the ladder back down and go back to the cafeteria. When the door unlocks 
    blast the enemies in the hall. Once they're dead turn back outside and head to 
    the opposite side. Shoot the few guys that came out here and through the door 
    they came from, which is now unlocked. Come in and blast the first few guys, 
    and then the next set as your round the corners.
    --> Objective: Get to the slaughterhouse
    Come through the rest of the halls, being careful not to shoot the guy by the 
    doors. Shoot the guys on the balconies and climb one of the towers to pick off 
    the rest of the guards in the other towers. Use your waypoint to get to the 
    next door. Come in the hall and jump over the barricade. Follow through the 
    hall and into the next area, which is the generator room, for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Activate the slaughterhouse generator
    This objective is simple. Shoot the red barrel next to door that's in front of 
    you. Use the panel that falls to get over to the left. Hit the switch over 
    hear and the generators will start during the cutscene.
    --> Objective: Activate the mobile chainsaw and ride it to the far side of the 
    Back to the center of the room. Jump over the rail, maneuver past the 
    electricity, and jump over the next railing. Proceed through the door and 
    blast any enemies around the corner. Be careful here since there may be a 
    friendly in this same corridor. Enter the big room with the orange/red floor. 
    As you round your way to the other side destroy the enemies. Upon going 
    through the door you are shown a cutscene that shows what the adhesive 
    grenades can do. At this point you want to go left, making sure not to touch 
    the electricity. After the brief cutscene go towards the ledge and jump on top 
    of the first spinning thing by lining yourself up and jumping as the panels 
    aren't blocking your jump. If you fall into the blood use the ladder to get 
    back up. Now jump to the second spinning thing by timing the jump correctly. 
    At this point jump to the square block hanging off the wall, and then to the 
    next one in the corner. Use your electro-cosh (prod) to break the vent away.
    Come to the other end of the duct and shoot the guy outside. Break the vent 
    and step out. In front of you on your right is a big "chainsaw" hanging in mid-
    air. Hop onto it via the back and activate the panel. After you get to the 
    other side blast the guys over here. While facing in the direction of the 
    chainsaw, go into the doors on the left. Jump on the barrels and crates, and 
    then climb the ladder to the top.
    --> Objective: Find a way to the freezer storage area
    Go through the only doorway up here. Don't shoot the humans that are out here. 
    Turn right and go towards the blades. Work your way past the blades by quickly 
    maneuvering under and through them. Watch out for adhesive grenades in this 
    area. When you get to the other end there will be a cart with a big slab of 
    meat on it. What you want to do is make a left and there will be a room with a 
    ladder in the center. After shooting the guy take it up, walk out onto the 
    balcony and hit the switch. This will get the blade below moving. Climb back 
    down the ladder and through the door into the adjacent room that also has a 
    ladder. Climb it and blast whoever you see. Grab the stuff off the shelve, go 
    out to the balcony and hit this switch also. This will get the blades 
    spinning. Jump over this balcony and pass the two blades. Shoot the guy above 
    and look for the barrel that panel is leaning against. Shoot it and the panel 
    will fall onto the crate. Go on top of this and angle a jump over the 
    stationary blade. Proceed through the next two shutter doors and past some 
    more blades. When you get to the blade that's stopped use the barrel to get 
    over it. Help out the humans in here by shooting the enemies. Climb the ladder 
    that's in the corner. Do it quickly to avoid being blown up by an adhesive 
    When you get up here the objective is completed, so go into the only door up 
    here. Some friendlies are at a standoff -- shoot the enemies on the other side 
    of the room. Go to the back and up into the booth on the right side of this 
    room. Push the button to get the heat to flow through the ventilation.
    --> Objective: Find the lift and head for the staff quarters
    On the left side is an unlocked door to a freezer that you need to go through. 
    Jump up and break the vent. Do a duck-jump to inside the duct [no pun 
    intended]. If you make a left you can access the other three freezers (two of 
    which have health inside). Either way, go to the right end. You'll emerge into 
    a hallway. Blast the two guys from behind and into the unlocked door near you. 
    Shoot the guys in this meat room and head up the steps that lead to a locker 
    Past the unlocked door is a hallway. Follow it slowly approach the next door. 
    As it opens look to the left and shoot the guy on the balcony. The elevator 
    panel isn't working so need to find an alternate way. There's a small ledge on 
    the left. Quickly walk onto it while hugging the wall. Turn around and look 
    for the ledge under the lip of the doorway you came from. Fall onto this ledge 
    and then onto the balcony with the ladder. Climb the ladders to the top and 
    kill the guy that's up here. This is where the game gets a tad tricky. The 
    panels up here control the elevator below. First get the feel of how they work 
    by calling the elevator up and down using both panels. Once you've gotten the 
    hang of it, look over the railing and you should see a duct on the left side 
    of the shaft. The idea is to move the elevator so that the top of it meets the 
    bottom of the duct. So do that by moving the elevator, stopping it then 
    checking. Move it again if you have to. Once you have it lined up climb down, 
    get on top of it, and climb into the duct.
    Come out to the other side and get ready to move fast since you have enemy 
    snipers ready to pick you off below. Being careful not to fall off, walk along 
    the ledge to the right. Stand up and jump the gap to the other duct-work. Take 
    the sniper rifle from the body and move along the duct. Look towards the 
    rafters in the center and leap to them. Now walk over to the ladder and climb 
    it to the top. "The cat is very hungry today, wouldn't you agree?" Ignore the 
    previous sentence since it's for my purpose only.
    --> Objective: Get to operations to help McQueen
    Pick up any health you may need off the shelf. Go through the doors clear this 
    room out. There's an unlocked do on the right side of this room, so go through 
    and blast the enemies in the hallway (watching for the fleeing friendlies that 
    run towards you). Go through the door on the right side of this hallway. Using 
    the alcoves as cover, progress through this arched hallway and kill all of the 
    bad guys. Head through the first unlocked door you see on your left. You're in 
    the sleeping quarters where you'll see a bunch of bunk beds. Approach the big 
    shutter door and it will open up. Equip your sniper rifle and pop the pilot of 
    the ship. Alternatively, you could shoot a few rockets at the craft itself. 
    After it crashes use the debris to get across the balcony over to the left. 
    Jump over the railing behind the guy and climb up the ladder attached to the 
    facility. From up here make a left as you get to the top of the ladder. Go in 
    this direction as if you were going back to where you came from. Jump over the 
    numerous blocks, then shoot the guy on the balcony at the other end. Don't 
    drop down here. Instead, look past this balcony and you will see a body lying 
    on the rocks. Jump to the wall and work your way up and past the body. Crouch 
    down and go into the duct that's hidden up here.
    Come through and into a cafeteria. Shoot the guys that are in front of you 
    from behind. Give your comrades a hand by clearing out this place. Then use 
    the crate to jump over the barrier and step onto the elevator. Take it up to 
    the control bridge area that you were at in the beginning of this level. Shoot 
    the guys directly in front of you, and the ones that rush through the doorway 
    as you head to the other side of this room. Go through these doors. Take the 
    stairwell up to the top. Proceed through and advance past the green computers 
    all the while shooting the enemies that get in your way. At the other end you 
    will meet up with a comrade for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Pursue the carrier and eliminate all rustlers on-board
    A timer of 8:00 appears on your screen (obviously this is the amount of time 
    you have). Turn back around and go down the stairwell. When you get into the 
    bridge room make a left up the steps and through the doors. Run through the 
    gate and board your ship. After auto-pilot is no longer in control fly that 
    bad boy through the tunnel and out to space.
    Here goes the fun part. I dreaded every last second of this mission.
    You need to shoot down all of the fighter ships that have green trails of 
    exhaust flames before doing anything else. There's a bunch of them so this is 
    going to take some time. My tips to you is to pick one and stay on it until 
    you've blown it out of the sky with your lasers. Move onto the next one as 
    quickly as possible, and so on. There's a larger ship which your stupid ship 
    will lock onto sometimes. When this happens just switch your lock-on to a 
    fighter ship as you can't damage this larger ship. This part is damn hard.
    Once you have all of the fighters destroyed you need to dock your ship. Find 
    the white spot on your radar and fly to it. While taking hits from the ship 
    nearby, fly into the white panes. This may take some practice (it did for me) 
    but once you get it your ship will dock onto the larger ship that was shooting 
    at you throughout this whole stinkin' mission.
    With your ship docked, step off and run down the hall. When you see a red door 
    back up so that the mines don't  hurt you when they explode. Now proceed onto 
    the lift where you need to take up. You're on the left side of the room and 
    you want to move along the balconies to get over to the right side. It's not 
    too easy, however. From this doorway snipe as many guys as you can (these ones 
    are hostile). Scan back and forth, making sure you didn't miss anyone. Now 
    move along and shoot the two guns that are on the ceiling along the way. When 
    you go through the door on the other sides (back right corner) a bunch of 
    enemies will be waiting, so be prepared. Take them out and make a right as you 
    come into this next area. Run around and the other side, destroying the gun as 
    you do so. Go into the unlocked door that's over here. Go into the room back 
    and shoot all the guys you see. A cutscene should play, confirming that you 
    completed the overall mission.
    At this point you need to backtrack to your ship. Board it and jump when you 
    are able to. That was a tough level for sure.
    3.06 + GUN FOR HIRE
    --> Objective: Land in the Utari Cloudwatcher hangar and find the client
    As always, simply fly to the ship ahead of you and into the white frames, then 
    let auto-pilot take you inside. Once inside the hangar exit the controls and 
    collect ammo from the back room of your ship if you need it. Step off the ship 
    and approach the alien for a cutscene.
    After the cutscene step on the elevator in front of you and take it down. Go 
    right as you get off. Let your waypoint finder guide you to the other side of 
    the pool. Approach the human that's sitting down at the table where a cutscene 
    will play.
    --> Objective: Guard the client's rejuve chamber
    Immediately shoot everyone who has a gun. Make sure they don't shoot the 
    rejuve chamber that your client is in. Once you've killed them all wait for 
    the waypoint to appear onscreen.
    --> Objective: Get to the Utari bridge and head off the assassins
    Head to the upper floor via the ramps in this pool area. Shoot the guys up 
    here and proceed through the door on the left side of this deck. Work your way 
    up the stairwells, blasting the guys as you go. When you get to the next deck 
    unlock the door on the other side after freeing the innocents. Take this 
    stairwell up as well. Keep going up until you get to a third deck where a 
    timer will now be activated (3:50).
    --> Objective: Return the Cloudwatcher to its original course
    The ship you're on has gone off course and you have 3 minutes and 50 seconds 
    to get it back on track. On this third deck, make a right and blast the guys 
    in the doorway. Pass up the computer in the hall and go straight. You're in 
    the engine room. Go left or right, it does not matter. Blast the guys in the 
    respective hallway that you're in. Work your way through into a room with a 
    beam in the center. Blast all that moves and keep going back (you'll need to 
    hit the switch to open the door). You'll be in the control room. Shoot the 
    guys in here and walk up to the yellow and red hologram to activate the panel 
    in front of it.
    --> Objective: Guard the clients rejuve chamber
    For the second time this level you have to guard this thing. Work your back to 
    the deck, go up the ramp straight ahead. Jump over the banister and into the 
    pool way down below (this is the quickest way). Hurry up out of the water. Use 
    your shotgun in order to make fast work of these guys since two of them are 
    packing RLs. They'll be dead before you know it.
    --> Objective: Locate and destroy the teleporting device
    The left door on the other side of the pool is now locked. Go through it and 
    shoot the guys in here. There's an unlocked door to the right of the computer. 
    Head through where you see some interior design that's very exotic at this 
    point. Follow the halls around to the shower area where bad guys will flood 
    in. Take care of them and then go through either of the two doors. Keep going 
    to the larger room where there'll be a bunch of guys. When they're toast one 
    more will come through the door on the other side of this room. Note that if 
    the cutscene doesn't play, you need to go back into the other entrance and 
    clear that one out also. Go through it after killing him.
    Step into the hall -- and if you need ammo break the first white vase you see. 
    Follow this hall through until you get out to larger room with yellow 
    railings. Stay in this hallway, equip your sniper rifle pick the snipers off 
    from in here.
    With them dead exit to the balcony, and cross the catwalk into the center then 
    take the steps down. (Important note: At the bottom of the steps is one of 
    three enemy respawn devices. It cannot be destroyed with your weapons so the 
    enemies will just keep coming. You will have to deal with this.) At the bottom 
    of the steps, quickly turn around and run for the green lit door on the left. 
    Do not stop at this point. Follow through and when you see the pool in front 
    of you go into either the left or right unlocked doors in the back. Work your 
    way to the steam room in the back. Turn valve handle the handle.
    Run back to where you came down the big flight of steps are, where the first 
    enemy respawn device is. Across from this is a door that is now unlocked -- 
    head inside. At this point you want to run, run, run your ass off in the 
    direction of your waypoint finder. When you get to the locker room that has 
    the spinning black thing in the middle you know you're in the right spot. If 
    not, keep going back. Throw and adhesive grenade onto it. Get your distance 
    then blow it up. A cutscene will play. Scour the room and make sure you get 
    the plasma machine off the floor before leaving here.
    At this point you need to just focus on going back. If you ran past the 
    enemies before you may want to deal with them on your way back. Work your way 
    back to the room with the grand staircase in it.
    --> Objective: Guard the clients rejuve chamber
    It's the third time you have to do this, can you believe it? Head up the 
    stairs and go all the way back (it's really not that far).
    When you get to the pool deck blast the two guys outside the door. Clear the 
    rest of the poolside out. Don't stop so that you don't get hit by a rocket. 
    Snipe the guy on the balcony and then the pilot of the ship. A cutscene will 
    --> Objective: Restart the gyroscope to stabilise the ship
    You have exactly 30 minutes (30:00) to get objective done. Don't get caught up 
    in the moments: be quick about doing things and remember the path you've taken 
    up until you died so that you don't have to keep checking this walkthrough. 
    Also, keep running and don't bother to completely kill enemies on the ground. 
    Instead, shoot them once with a shotgun to know them down and move on quickly. 
    Because if you don't you may up regretting it later on. You are warned.
    First, follow the waypoint through the now unlocked door under the balcony. 
    Use the elevator and you'll come out to a room with a wooden floor and a vase 
    in the center. Take either left or the right path out to the lobby area. Blast 
    the guys in here and go to either path at the bottom, and on the sides. Keep 
    going back till you get to a hallway with bookcases that runs horizontally. 
    Run down to the left side and you'll see a curved hallway straight ahead. 
    Follow it through and shoot the guy holding up the worker. Proceed around the 
    round desk and keep going through.
    When you get to where you see an aircraft out the window shoot the two guys, 
    call either of the two elevators, and take cover until it comes down. Now take 
    it up to the next area. When you go through the shutter doors up here blast 
    the guy behind the green crates. Go right and do the same as you go around. 
    Then when you get to the end unlock the door by using the switch on the wall. 
    Come down and into the hangar. Blast the two guys down here and look for the 
    control panel to the back left of the ship as you come in (not the first panel 
    on the left, the second one). Activate it to open the hangar doors, then take 
    control of the ship. Auto-pilot will take you out.
    You have to destroy whole sky full of enemy fighters and it's not going to be 
    easier at first. There's a bunch of ships (I lost count after 10). My best 
    advice is to NOT use the lock on laser (orange), and instead use the dual 
    (white-blue) lasers. For some reason they just seem to work a lot better even 
    though they don't lock onto enemies. Drill each ship with this weapon, firing 
    your basic missiles whenever you get a good bead on them. Go one-by-one and 
    eventually two more smaller fleets of fighters will come (maybe 3-4 per 
    fleet). After you have the skies clear fly to the bigger ship in the sky (the 
    orange one that shows up as a yellow dot on your radar). There should be a 
    docked fighter ship --- blast it and the landing frame should appear.
    Auto-pilot docks you go the larger ship, but the mission isn't over and the 
    timer is still going! So step out of your ship and follow through the halls 
    until your waypoint finder pops up. Follow the halls through and unlock the 
    door with the panel to the right of the door. Come in and shoot the guy to the 
    left, behind some boxes. From the top of both holes shoot any enemies that you 
    see below. Drop down into either side and blast the enemies that flood into 
    this room. Go through the door they came through and follow the yellow lit 
    hallways to the intersection. Activate the switch to take the lift down. Watch 
    for the guy sniping on the next level. Take the lift down to a second level 
    and get off to the ledge where the unlocked door is.
    Blast the guy straight ahead and the one around the corner. Head through the 
    door where you'll be in a large room where the thing in the center is 
    spinning. [From this point on, stop for NOTHING. Use your shotgun to only 
    knock the guys down. Other than that do not stop for anything or you'll regret 
    it later on.] You need to work your way to the far back of this room, past the 
    thing in the center, all the while killing the bad guys. Once you do so, take 
    the ramp up. When you get up here duck down to avoid enemy fire. Turn right 
    and cross the bridge to the other side (killing the enemies as you go, 
    naturally). Jump the gap just as the electricity goes away for a brief moment, 
    then jump the second gap. Follow right, turn, and jump yet another gap. Follow 
    around and take the ramp up to a third floor.
    When you get up here turn and shoot the sniper across the way. Then jump the 
    gap and to the thing where electricity is coming out. As it goes away, go 
    straight and make a left. Walk up on the structure and jump the gap just as 
    you get past the electricity that's coming from the wall. Make a left and jump 
    to the center again. Pass and jump the gap. Make a right and approach the 
    third one. Make a left as you pass this one's electricity, then the bridge 
    will blow up in front of you. Instead of jump across look down and fall 
    directly onto the pipe below. Follow it inside the tunnel and make a left at 
    the split (stay on the pipe!). Take the ladder up and look for a door up here. 
    Go through the yellow hallway until you get to an unlocked door that leads to 
    a catwalk enclosed in glass. Cross it.
    From this point on follow your waypoint that pops up. Go straight back (not 
    branching left or right) and follow the halls, letting the waypoint take you. 
    Eventually you'll get to an area with a room full of crates. Shoot whoever you 
    see in here and go up the small ramp. Jump over the crates in the back and 
    jump across to the vent. Bust it open, get inside, and come out to the other 
    end where you being shot at. Work your way down to where the spinning things 
    are. Cross the bridge (crouching helps avoid behind hit by them). Proceed 
    forward into the doorway where the objective will be complete.
    --> Objective: Launch and save Reinhold's shuttle from fighter attack
    You're not on a timer anymore so take your time going through these halls, 
    killing your enemies. At the end make a right into the door where a ramp is 
    inside. Shoot the two guys and head up the ramp to kill more. Keep going up 
    and up (but watch out for the adhesives). When you get to the top jump over 
    the crate and into another hallway you must clear of men. When you get to the 
    back you receive a message from Reinhold himself. Unlock the door back here 
    using the panel. Look out and cap the two guys on the right side. The bridge 
    is collapsed and you must find an alternative route. Look to the left where 
    the cylinders are going up and down -- drop onto the first one as it goes down 
    past your platform. Work your way across the three and to the other side. If 
    you fall into the water use the ladder to get back up.
    Follow the halls through. Step through the door and shoot the guy. On the left 
    is a ladder -- take it down. Work your way to the other side of the balconies. 
    Climb the ladder that's over here. Walk around to the left and climb this 
    ladder. When you get up here turn around and work your way to the door on the 
    other side. Hit the switch and proceed through.
    Carefully run past the electricity. When you see the worker ahead shoot the 
    guy that shoots him straight down. Cross this bridge, go in the hall, and 
    shoot the barrel on the right to blow up the guys behind the crates. 
    Eventually you will get to a lunchroom with four tables in it. Take cover 
    behind something while shooting at the guys in here. Look for the switch 
    hidden behind the crates between the two doors. Go through the one on the left 
    and into the sleeping quarters. Shoot the swarm of enemies. Go up into the 
    hallway they came from. If there's anyone up on the balconies shoot them. Head 
    over to the right and through the doors. Shoot the guy across the way and the 
    one on your immediate left. Walk to the other side and on the left is a door 
    for you to go through. Come down into some more living quarters and blast 
    these guys in black. Head through the doorway on the left side of this room. 
    Now it's a matter of going straight through the halls until you get to the 
    Get inside your ship and quickly begin your assault on the fighters ahead. The 
    same rules apply as last time: work fast and use the dual lasers for best 
    results. This time try shooting only at the ships that your arrow currently 
    points to. This is important because you could end up shooting down Reinhold's 
    ship, and he dies you fail. When you destroy all of them a cutscene will play. 
    After the conversation jump your ship to complete this God forsaken level.
    --> Objective: Land in Fort Denver spaceport
    Fly forward and down through the hatch. Carefully maneuver through the tunnels 
    and through the landing frames at the ending. Autopilot takes over and you are 
    warned to not kill any unarmed civilians. Step off the ship and follow the 
    waypoint through the hangar door to see a guy sitting against the wall. Step 
    on the elevator to the right for a cutscene. Take it down.
    Make a right as you get off the elevator. Walk out into this community area 
    but don't shoot anyone. Follow your waypoint when it comes on screen. The door 
    behind you will shut and the one in front will open. This area has hostiles in 
    it. Walk forward a bit where a new objective will appear.
    --> Objective: Locate Senator Schmidt
    The snipers are above and you have only ten minutes (10:00) to complete this 
    objective. Look for the doorway to the left as you come into this area (it's 
    on the other side of the rail). Shoot the guy inside here and take it to the 
    next floor. Shoot ALL of the snipers up here and go back down to the ground 
    level. When you kill the rest of the enemies down here your waypoint will pop 
    up and some enemies will rush through the door. Blast these guys (keep your 
    distance from them) and when you have them all dead follow the waypoint up the 
    As come up the second ramp don't shoot at the guys that rush by. Instead, turn 
    right and help them with the bad guys that they attack. After they're dead go 
    to where the green sign is above the hangar. Eventually your waypoint should 
    appear. Use the lift that's no active in the corner.
    Follow this hallway, making a right after the neon "Sex Show" sign. Come out 
    and you should see a small craft dropping men off. Instead of fighting them 
    quickly rush to the path on the left, just past the boxes, and up into the 
    doorway. When you get to the top of this ramp turn and take the next one 
    further up. When you reach the top turn right and climb the ladder up here. 
    Cross the pipes and shoot anyone you can as you go. Drop off to the left and 
    then onto the terraces below. Head through and look for the path that takes 
    you through (a big neon green sign is left of the doorway you need to head 
    through). Walk through the halls and eventually you should find your way to a 
    bar. Shoot the snipers across the way and a door in this bar will open -- 
    shoot the guys that come inside. Walk through and out to the balcony. Look 
    over the ledge to the left and jump down to the lower terrace. Jump down to 
    where you see a bunch of guys battling it out around some wrecked vehicles. 
    Senator Schmidt is hiding in one of these vehicle. First, shoot all of the 
    enemies you see around this area, then talk to Schmidt.
    --> Objective: Provide cover for Senator Schmidt
    Once located, you have to keep him safe from harm. Shoot the bad guys that 
    rush through the doors, then the snipers on the balconies. Once they're toast, 
    a cutscene will play. Schmidt will open the door.
    --> Objective: Follow Senator Schmidt
    After he opens the door follow him through the halls for another cutscene. 
    He's now crouching in the hall. Keep going through for you next objective.
    --> Objective: Clear the route to the Rickshaw station of hostiles
    //Abridged walkthrough
    Let's face it: You don't like reading all this BS I have to say, right? This 
    objective is very repetitive, hence the walkthrough being the same. So to save 
    you time just keep this in mind for this objective (instead of reading the 
    whole damn thing): Clear out an area, Mace will call Senator Schmidt who 
    unlocks a door, then follow him through and to the next area. Rinse and 
    repeat. So once you get Senator Schmidt to the Rickshaw skip to the next 
    objective in this level's walkthrough. I like this game but it's repetitive 
    objectives like this one that just piss me off.
    //Abridged walkthrough
    Step through the door ahead and clear out the ground level (use the doorway as 
    cover). Then shoot all enemies on the balconies above. Once it's clear Mace 
    will call the Senator to this area. He unlocks the door on the other side. You 
    may want to bust open the crates in this room before moving any further. With 
    that, head through the door that Schmidt unlocks.
    Pass Schmidt in the hall and proceed to the next area (your waypoint pops up). 
    Creep around the corner and pick off the two guys on the bridge ahead and up. 
    Shoot the guys up on the left bridge. Walk halfway across the bridge, turn 
    around, and shoot the sniper up to the left. Cross the bridge (towards your 
    waypoint) and some enemies will rush down the ramp. Take cover behind the 
    yellow vehicle on the left, then shoot them appropriately. Turn around and 
    shoot the sniper above and to the left. Mace will call the Schmidt once again. 
    Take this opportunity to collect anything you can find on this bridge (there's 
    stuff in the yellow vehicles and crates).
    Go up the ramp with Schmidt and into the doorway on the right once you get to 
    the top. Following your waypoint, proceed through the halls, passing Schmidt 
    up. As you make the left past him there'll be a guy or two you should see. You 
    need to clear this area out as usual. First shoot the guys you see down the 
    path on the ground. Avoid going down this path because of the snipers above. 
    There's a ramp left of the doorway you came in at. Take this up and clear 
    everyone out. Once you do this Mace will call Schmidt. He runs through the 
    door across from where you enter this area, at the other end on the ground 
    Follow him into these halls. When you come out the other end you will be force 
    to go through the narrow pathway right because the three doors are locked. 
    Move forward and shoot the guy in the alcove as the path turns left. Next, 
    kill the guys on the ground level. Then get the ones on the balconies above. 
    Once you've killed them all Mace will call Schmidt and he'll open the door 
    around the path to the right. Come through the now unlocked door.
    Follow through were you'll see a bridge in front of you (with flying cars far 
    below). First step onto the bridge and quickly back into the doorway. Now let 
    the guys rush over the bridge and towards you, blasting them. Shoot the guys 
    over the balconies who are on the ground (there's a few on each side of the 
    bridge). Now what you have to do is clear out the raining guys (two that are 
    hard to find are on the right side before you cross the bridge). Once you have 
    them dead Mace will call Schmidt, head to the top where the grey ramps are.
    Follow Schmidt up the grey ramps where Mace will tell him to wait yet again. 
    Argh. At this point you should see three really large crates in the doorway 
    that's ahead of you. Look past these with your sniper rifle and pick off the 
    guys that eventually walk past on the horizon. Take out the sniper on the left 
    balcony by standing in the doorway and on the right side. There's a few guys 
    on the ground level. Take them out deal with the sniper at the top right. With 
    them dead Mace'll call the Senator again.
    Follow him up the large staircase and to the right where your waypoint will 
    appear. As you turn left you will enter some sort of shower/locker room. Clear 
    the guys out ahead (a grenade works good for the first few) and follow the 
    Senator up the ramp where he'll board the Rickshaw ship.
    --> Objective: Board the Rickshaw
    Senator Schmidt will board the Rickshaw. As you follow a ship with men 
    arrives. Blast a few if you must and quickly board the Rickshaw by walking up 
    to the side and stepping onto it. Moments later the Rickshaw takes off through 
    the tunnels.
    --> Objective: Destroy the pursuing hostiles
    You have hostiles on your tail. You must shoot them down before the Rickshaw 
    you are in doesn't sustain serious damage (if it does you will crash). Shoot 
    them out them until they blow up. Keep facing towards the back, shooting them 
    with your heavy machine gun. After the couple of waves you will dock at 
    another area.
    Quickly shoot the guys against the wall and on the walkway above. Now follow 
    Schmidt through the unlocked door, following him into the halls.
    --> Objective: Eliminate hostiles on the way to the Spaceport
    Make a left when you see the red, explosive tanks. As you step onto the beige 
    walkway, look over the railing to the right and shoot any snipers hiding 
    across the way. Now look over the rail and snipe anyone you see below. Once 
    you get them all Mace will call the Senator. Go down the path and on the left 
    is a locked door. When Schmidt opens the door the objective will be complete 
    (go through this door also).
    As you come in the hall your waypoint appears onscreen. Open the door ahead 
    for a new objective.
    --> Objective: Clear the spaceport of any hostiles
    Shoot the guys that appear by the doorway and the ones by the boxes, too.
    --> Objective: Get the Senator to the Senate vessel
    Simply follow the Senator as he crosses the platform to the ship. Get into the 
    controls and let auto-pilot take you into the tunnels. Fly the rest of the way 
    to outer-space.
    --> Objective: Engage incoming fighters then proceed to dock with the Senate 
    I wish I could tell you that this flight mission will be different (see: 
    creative, refreshing) but it's not. It's merely yet another boring ol' flight 
    mission (YABOFM).
    This one is difficult, though. Watch your armor and health and take cover 
    behind the various objects in the center area. Recommended weapons: green 
    lasers and the lock-on missiles. Using these weapons together creates one 
    effective killing assembly line. After the daunting task of destroying all of 
    the fighter ships (it takes a while so get comfortable), dock your ship at the 
    white spot on your radar. Get off the controls and walk down to the door of 
    your ship for a cutscene. Moments after the cutscene...
    --> Objective: Destroy the torpedoes before they hit the Senate vessel
    This part is easy believe it or not. What you want to do is use your target-
    lock function to find the torpedoes in space (there's about 5 total). Keep 
    switching the target-lock until a torpedo icon appears at the lower right side 
    of the center of your screen. Once it does use your lock-on missiles to shoot 
    it down. Now simply find the next rocket and move on, ignoring all fighter 
    --> Objective: Return to Guild station
    With all torpedoes down the Senate vessel is now safe. Jump when ready.
    3.08 + GENETICS LAB
    --> Objective: Tail a drone supply ship into the research facility
    From the start, fly forward until you see the ship on your radar and get a 
    radio transmission instructing you not to fire upon the ship until you get 
    inside the facility. Catch up to the ship (use target-lock to see it better) 
    and follow behind it. Wait for it to enter the tunnel and follow it inside.
    While waiting for auto-pilot to take your ship in to be docked, head to the 
    back of your ship and collect some ammo and health from the shelves in the 
    room on the left.
    --> Objective: Find the control room that opens the hangar doors in the ceiling
    Get into the pilot seat of the ship (again) and use the mounted machine gun to 
    shoot the enemies over to the right, and then ones at the top, far left. Look 
    out the door of the ship and snipe the two guys across the way. Step off the 
    ship and make a right towards the platform that leads to a bunch of crates. 
    Shoot the guys that rush out and the mounted machine gun that's on the 
    ceiling. Turn left and go as if you were going to walk down the ramps to the 
    lower level. Jump over the railing and destroy the two machine guns that are 
    hidden under the walkways. Now go down to the bottom of the walkway and hit 
    the switch to extend the bridge to the other side. Quickly cross it but stop 
    at the other side, not disturbing the enemies on the left and right. Look over 
    the right side of this bridge and you will see an opening. Drop down onto 
    ledge, then pull back and drop into the opening itself.
    Crouch down and head through the ducts. While staying crouched, edge your way 
    past the fan blades on the left or right sides. Continue through the ducts. 
    Break the vent and clear this computer room out. Activate the computer with 
    the turquoise screen and use this mounted gun to shoot everyone you see in 
    this room. The next room that you go into is this room. Hit the switches on 
    the left and right to reprogram the droids outside (they are now "friendly"). 
    Hit the switch in the middle to open the hangar doors.
    --> Objective: Get to the internal hangar bay
    Before going back find the ladder in the back of this second computer room. 
    Climb it and use the turret to shoot the guys near your ship and on the other 
    side of the bridge. Jump over the front rail and slide down the building 
    below. Cross the bridge, take the walkway up to your ship, and kill any 
    remaining enemies nearby. Get in your ship. Auto-pilot will take you up to the 
    area above. Fly through the tunnels and into the landing frames at the other 
    end where you'll be taken to the next area.
    --> Objective: Gain access to the mainframe room via the research facility
    Use your ship's machine gun to take out any enemies you can (scan the area 
    good). Step off the ship and head around the back, then to the right side. 
    Kill the guys over by the crates while avoiding sniper fire above. Then shoot 
    whoever you see on the lower walkways, then a cutscene will play showing some 
    men come through a door. Head up the wide ramp and shoot the guys up here. 
    Head through the door and work your way through the halls, destroying all that 
    When you get to the generators turn right into a big storage room. On the left 
    and right are flying robots -- use your rocket launcher on them or shotgun 
    blasts if you have to. Now shoot the guys below. There's two doors in the 
    lower area of this room. Since both are unlocked you can go through either 
    one. Whichever you take you need to go though, killing all bad guys, until you 
    see a computer terminal where you can reprogram the droids to be friendly. Go 
    into the door left of you while facing the computers. You'll come to a 4-way 
    intersection where a scientist is sitting at a desk. Going right will take you 
    back to your ship. Go left and take the elevator up.
    Pass the computer kiosk with the green screen and head through the winding 
    halls. Use grenades or whatever you can to destroy the hostile droid down the 
    hallway. Afterwards, proceed through the doorway at the end. You'll see a 
    bunch of scientist in what looks like a lab or classroom. The music kicks in 
    and it's time to fight: Pick off the guys on the balconies above. Head through 
    the unlocked door at the top. Follow through, shoot the guy, and hop on the 
    elevator for the second time this level, taking it up.
    At the top, shoot the guy sitting down at the desk. Go through the door and 
    hang a right into the sleeping area. Pass through the rooms and make a left at 
    the computer kiosk. As you head into this rec room blast the group of guys 
    with a grenade or some explosive. Pass the pool tables and at the other end is 
    another kiosk. Be careful turning left into this room -- there's a bunch of 
    guys in here. Destroy them, head through and make a left through the door. 
    Shoot the guy at the terminal who has a shotgun.
    As you come into the next area you'll see some red crates in the right corner. 
    Go right and outside. Shoot the arachnid spiders. Look for the damaged section 
    of balcony, jump down, and shoot the guy. Hit the switch and take the gondola 
    across. Come through and shoot the guys in the room on the left. Then go 
    forward and take this third elevator up.
    Go through the only door (on the right) that's up here and work your way 
    around. As you pass the glass shoot the enemies in the room below. Now go 
    through the door and work your way to a computer area. Walk down the steps to 
    the right and get on the turquoise (center) computer monitor. Use this mounted 
    machine gun to shoot the guard that passes by. Get off the computer and 
    proceed through the door into a room with some creatures encased in glass.
    To your left are the creatures in the glass. Ahead and to the right is a 
    locked door. What you should do is face this door with your RL equipped (or 
    use the secondary function on your machine gun). Back up slowly and as soon as 
    the door opens blast all of the enemies that attempt to come out. If you don't 
    do it this way you could be in a world of hurt. Now turn around and go through 
    the unlocked door in the corner. Come into this morgue and blast any guys you 
    see. Unlock the door on the other side of this room and take the lift up.
    You come up into a second morgue. Open up all of the things where the bodies 
    lie and collect the health pack that's on one of them. Go through the door up 
    here and follow the short hall through. Pass the windows up (deja vu?) and go 
    down steps ahead and through the unlocked door on the left. Round the corner 
    and destroy the flying droid down the hall. Pass the two vents up and through 
    the door on the other end.
    You come into a red lit room with holding cells. Approach the center for a 
    cutscene. Afterwards quickly run forward and take the lift up. Blast the 
    creature up here with your shotgun and do the same for the rest below. While 
    still up here shoot out the glass of the catwalk in the center of this room. 
    Run and jump to it. Pick up the new weapon and head through the unlocked door.
    Head down the steps into a room with a DNA hologram in the corner. Shoot the 
    creatures crawling around and go through the door. Turn and shoot the two 
    creatures feeding off the dead body. In the room ahead are some creatures and 
    humans fighting. Let them fight it out, and you go in after the fight and pick 
    up the scraps. In the next, larger, room the same thing is going on. So when 
    the smoke clears you bust in and make a house call (i.e. kill the rest). After 
    doing so, go through the door opposite to where you came in.
    A computer kiosk will be in front of you -- make a right. Head down the hall. 
    [Tip: If you break the vent on the right and go inside you can get some ammo 
    and health at the bottom. You have to jump towards the vent and then duck into 
    it.] Round the corner to the right and go into the unlocked door no the left 
    where you'll see some more creatures encased in the tubes. Through the door 
    and unlock the door at the other end. Take the lift up.
    Once up here you can go left or right -- go left. Jump across to the platform 
    above the tubes. Knock the loose screen off of the fan cover by shooting it 
    with an explosive rocket or grenade. Jump down into it and run past the fan 
    blades. Follow the duct through and shoot out any of the lower screens. Drop 
    into this room and go through the unlocked door to the left.
    Round the corner and the waypoint appears. Jump-duck into the vent on the 
    left, where you see a trail of green blood leading into. Follow through and 
    shoot the creatures after exiting the duct. Following your waypoint, break the 
    vent on the other side and enter the duct. As you come out you hear a scream. 
    Turn right and shoot the two creatures, collect the health off the shelf if 
    you need it. Go left of the duct and follow your waypoint to the unlocked door 
    at the end of the hallway. In the room ahead is a bunch of enemies. If you go 
    into the duct before this room you can come up under it and shoot these 
    enemies from down here and through the grates. Once this room is clear head 
    through the door on the right. Work your way through these labs, following the 
    waypoint, until you get to an elevator. Take it up.
    When you get to the next floor shoot the one guy that's waiting up here, 
    around the corner. Turn the corner right and blast the guy hiding behind the 
    control desk. Make the first left, get the door to open and quickly run back. 
    What will happen is the numerous guys in here will all throw a grenade your 
    way as they see you. Once they've blown, toss a grenade in and back away. 
    Clear the room, pass the knocked over shelves, and through the door to the 
    You're on a walkway outside. Take this walkway up and around. As you approach 
    the building a cutscene plays. Pass the large window up to complete this 
    --> Objective: Get into the mainframe room and activate the data transfer
    A 2-minutes (2:00) timer pops up after your waypoint is displayed. Round the 
    building and climb the ladder down. Walk along the rock and look for the 
    opening in the fan duct. Dash past the fan blades and get to the other end of 
    the duct. Stand up and move Mace towards the wall so that he climbs up and out 
    of the duct. Activate the switch that's on the burning control panel. A ship 
    appears outside the window in front of you.
    --> Objective: Get off the asteroid before it self-destructs
    The door to your left unlocks -- head through it. Make a right and dash past 
    the path of the ship that shoots rockets at the complex your were in. Walk 
    onto the walkway and look for the set of red lights going up the wall of the 
    platform your ship is on below. Jump all the way down into the water and climb 
    the ladder and run into your ship. As you start to move with your ship you 
    should have around 60 seconds, otherwise you may not make it. After auto-
    pilot, fly through the tunnel and into the next area. Look for the other 
    shutters to open. Fly through for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Return to Guild station
    Listen to the radio transmission, then jump when you're ready.
    3.09 + RESCUE KRUGO
    --> Objective: Go to Fort Denver and find Benny Saff
    Fly forward and through the hatch ahead. Fly through the tunnels through the 
    frames. Step off your ship when it docks, a this point your waypoint will 
    appear. Move towards your waypoint. When you get to the marketplace make a 
    right at the red pots. Eventually you'll be in a strip club where a cutscene 
    will play. The man tells you where Benny can be found. Ascend the stairwell 
    behind the bar, where at the top you will find Benny for a cutscene. Start to 
    head back downstairs and your next objective will pop up.
    --> Objective: Eliminate all the hostile Jaldari in Benny's bar
    You have to meet up with Conner again but you first must take care of the 
    Jaldari down below. Head downstairs. For these Jadaris it's best that you use 
    a strong weapon such as the plasma machine gun (green laser). Stand in the 
    doorway and shoot them as you see them. Once all four are dead stand behind 
    the bar and shoot four more that come from the other doorway. Kill them and 
    head through this door (jump over the bar if you need health). Go in the hall, 
    and kill the two guys around the corner.
    --> Objective: Link up with Connor in the spaceport
    Head back to your ship and get inside.
    --> Objective: Jump to the slave mine on Korath
    After auto-pilot is finished, take the ship outside. Now all you have to do is 
    jump, then a cutscene will show Mace's ship jumping to Korath.
    --> Objective: Land the ship in the mine hangar
    After the radio transmission is done, fly forward and through the landing 
    frame, then let auto-pilot take you in.
    --> Objective: Clear the hangar of hostiles
    To save a bit of ammo, use the gun on the front of you ship to shoot any bad 
    guys you can spot. Get out of the ship and clear all of the rest you see on 
    the left side. Once clear, a cutscene will play and Conner will go to the 
    control room. To up there with him, go up the flight of steps also on the left 
    side. Once up a cutscene will play.
    --> Objective: Enter the mine
    Go down the ramp opposite to the door in this control room. Make a right at 
    the bottom, through the door, and then turn left to go down the ramp below the 
    hangar floor. In the tunnels, make the first left up the ramp and into a much 
    larger area. Come up and quickly shoot the guys out in the open. Take cover 
    behind the red cargo crates, keeping between them and the wall. Now equip your 
    sniper rifle and pick off the guys with RLs on the ledges above, as well as 
    the sniper in the center across the bridge. Cross the bridge in the center and 
    hit the switch to open the hangar doors. Shoot the guys in here then go 
    through the unlocked door on the right. Follow the tunnels through until you 
    get a radio transmission. Stop and wait for your next objective to show up.
    --> Objective: Locate Krugo
    Blast the guys at the top of the steps, collect the picks from the storage, 
    then turn around and go up further. Walk out onto the first balcony you see. 
    Look to the right and down -- you should see a platform with red and white 
    stripes on the front of it. Shoot the guys that come out the door here and 
    then jump over the rail to drop down onto it. Head through this door.
    As you come through you will see a stairwells to your left, and to your right 
    is a cargo room with a ton of enemies in it. Destroy them as best you can. 
    Take the left stairwell up and hit the switches on the panel up here -- a 
    cutscene will show two guys coming into the cargo room below. Go back down and 
    kill them. Now go through the door they came from (it's on the left side. 
    Follow the tunnels down and when you get to the bottom of the ramp your 
    waypoint will go away. You will get a radio transmission.
    --> Objective: Find a way of getting to the cable car platform
    When your waypoint pops up follow it to another cargo room. As the guy comes 
    around the corner from the right shoot the explosive containers at the corner. 
    Follow through, killing all the guys in this L-shaped area. Shoot the snipers 
    up above, then head up the ramp. As you go up blast the guys that show up. As 
    you turn right up here there's more guys. With everyone killed, search around 
    these ramps and walkways for pickups. (There's quite a few, so search good. 
    There's even a sonic shock cannon on the shelf in a back room.) Once you've 
    explored walk up the steps near where you came up the first ramp. Walk up into 
    the control room and hit the switch on the left. Doing so starts to move the 
    cable cars. Go through the path on the left and wait for the cable car to come 
    back around -- once it does jump over the railing and on top of it.
    When you get through the first set of doors while on the cable car a cutscene 
    will show men storming the area ahead, and waiting for you. After the cutscene 
    get in the middle and between the two things on top of the cable car. Move 
    towards the front (see D1).
         D1                                 D2
      .-----.                            .-----.
      | / \ | <-- Front                  | / \ | <-- Front
      |  x  | <-- Mace (you)             |     |
      |     |                            |  x  | <-- Mace (you)
      | \ / | <-- Back                   | \ / | <-- Back
      '-----'                            '-----'
    Whilst ducking down, wait where you see the "x" on the diagram above. Once 
    you're situated into the right spot, do NOT move at all -- sit perfectly still 
    until I tell you to move. You'll pass under the walkway (bridge). After this 
    is a ledge with enemies on it that's connected to an overhang that you go 
    under. When you get under this overhang move to the back of the cart (see D2). 
    You'll then pass some rocks to your right (you could jump on these but I don't 
    use them with this strategy). Eventually your cart will turn right and back 
    the other way. When this happens sidestep to the left side. As you get closer 
    to the platform on the left two guys will rush out -- quickly shoot them with 
    your machine gun's grenade function. As you do this jump onto the left before 
    the cable car passes it.
    Collect the stuff off of the shelves inside and head through the unlocked door 
    to the right. You come out to a walkway. Advance a bit and shoot the sniper 
    from a distance to your right. Jump over the railing to the platform below, 
    where you should see a ramp in front of you. Turn left, and as the door opens 
    shoot the two enemies. Walk inside to complete the objective.
    Follow through and out on the catwalk should be a few guys. Kill them, walk 
    out, and shoot the guys across the way to the right. Follow this walkway 
    through, killing anyone you see, until you get to where you can go straight 
    and down, or you can go left. Take the left path and shoot the guy near these 
    stack of crates. Behind the crates is a path leading up to the next walkways. 
    Once up here, shoot the guys straight ahead and then look over the balcony to 
    the left. This is where it gets a bit complicated, so pay attention. Jump over 
    the rail and land into the green water. Come up and swim straight a bit and 
    look for a ladder hidden by the darkness on the right side wall. Once up, make 
    the first left, and then a left into a room with bunk beds in it. Push the 
    button on the panel that's in here. A cutscene will show a hatch on pipe being 
    unlocked. Turn around and jump back into the water. Surface, turn around, and 
    swim under the bridge connected to the platform you were just on. Now swim 
    down into the water where you should see a pipe sticking out of the wall. Come 
    into the pipe and the hatch will open as you approach it -- follow it to the 
    other side. (If the Korattan Snappers - piranhas - bother you shoot them with 
    your hand gun.)
    As you surface after coming out of the pipe, come to the ledge on your left 
    and shoot the guy. With your back against the gate look up to the left to 
    shoot the guy on the walkway, and then across the water for two others. Climb 
    the ladder on the wall and shoot the guy that's up here. Step onto the lift 
    across from the control panels, and take it up.
    Step off of lift and work your way right, along the walkway. Kill all guys as 
    you go. Eventually you come into a hallway where some friendlies rush through 
    the door (don't kill them, obviously).
    --> Objective: Locate the HQ control room. Once located open up the slave pens
    Make a right at where you see the miners covering in fear. Shoot all of the 
    guys you see on the ground level, under the bridge up ahead. Go left of the 
    crates and get the Jaldari over here. Then look towards the bridge and pick 
    off the two snipers (one on each side). Now step onto the bridge and then back 
    off to take cover behind something. Pick off the guys that rush the other end. 
    Cross the bridge and soon as you do hide in the grey booth on the right. Wait 
    for the guys to come over, and kill them when they do. Sneak around the back 
    of the crates (where the edge of the cliff is) and run up the ramp, then man 
    the turret. With this turret shoot anyone you see. Go in the unlocked door and 
    take this elevator up to the top.
    As you step off the elevator your waypoint appears on-screen. Go forward out 
    to the balcony, shoot the guys on the left, and the one to your right. Take 
    the unlocked door on the left side. As you open the second door fire an 
    explosive and step back. Now wait for some of them to come to you. Go in and 
    finish the rest off in this room with a bunch of shelves. Take the adjacent 
    steps up and follow the path until you get to the HQ control room. Hit the 
    switch for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Release Krugo
    Go back and down to the ground level again. When you get off the elevator 
    shoot the enemies over to the left. There's a storage room behind the turret 
    (the door is now unlocked). Go under the bunker below the turret (in the 
    front). Cross the platform and go through the door they showed in the previous 
    Shoot the first guy and then the barrel to kill the second. Make a left up 
    ahead and through the unlocked door. Cross the walkways by making the first 
    right and then a left. In the hallway, go through the unlocked door. Pass up 
    the prisoners and make a left through the door. Continue around and up into 
    room overseeing the prisoners. Hit the switch to release the prisoners and to 
    meet up with Krugo.
    Now that Krugo is free it's time to go back outside. Once you get to the 
    walkways again shoot the two guys as you turn right. A cutscene plays, showing 
    Krugo make it across the bridge. Watch it because after the cutscene you will 
    likely attacked afterwards. From this point follow your waypoint to the 
    Follow the path up to the ground level again, surface and destroy the robots 
    out here. You now how to cross back over the bridge (which was damaged during 
    the last cutscene). Get up on the either railing and walk it across to get 
    past the gap in this bridge. Follow your waypoint through the door ahead to 
    complete the objective.
    Go down the steps where you'll see Krugo -- your waypoint will disappear. 
    Proceed through the door.
    --> Objective: Get to the cable car platform
    Follow Krugo along the walkways to the next area (you can kill the ice beast 
    along the way if you'd like). As you come to the second area make a left to 
    grab the pickups off the shelves, then head through the doorway on the right 
    out to some walkways. You'll be over some water and an intersection is in 
    front of you. Shoot any guys you see then retreat towards the steps. Come back 
    up and blast the rest of the guys you see on the left and right paths. Once 
    they're dead, take the center path. As you come through there'll be some guys 
    on the right path -- shoot them and keep moving. Blast the guys on the balcony 
    as you cross, while avoiding fire form the robot on the left. Follow the path 
    through until you come out to the cable car.
    --> Objective: Get back to the hangar
    Step inside the cable car and hit the button on the right to get it to move. 
    Equip your rocket launcher or something strong. Turn and look out the right 
    back side. Shoot at the cable cars with the men on them as they approach. 
    Avoid their rockets by moving out of their way as they come and ducking down. 
    Once you have them dead all you can do is wait for your cable car to stop.
    Once it does stop exit with Krugo as your waypoint appears. As you step off of 
    the cable car there is a room to your immediate left with some pickups. As you 
    come down and out some baddies will rush from the ramp across the way. Retreat 
    back and prepare for their attack. Obviously, you need to blast them. But 
    there so many you have to be extremely careful or you'll wind up dead with the 
    quickness. Take these guys up here out and then the Jaldaris on the lower 
    floor below. Once you do Krugo will come out of hiding and lead the way. When 
    you come into the room he leads you to you see a standoff and receive a new 
    --> Objective: Go to the control room and open up the doors in the lower 
    hangar bay
    Help your comrades out by blasting all of the bad guys you see. Then head up 
    the steps in the back right corner and hit the switch in the control room. Go 
    back down the steps and down the next flight.
    Step through the hangar doors to the outside area. There's a bridge in front 
    of you with some friendlies across the way. The bridge starts to give away as 
    soon as you step on it. To avoid plummeting to your death, jump on the railing 
    before the bridge and onto the rafter of the bridge itself. Up here, quickly 
    run across to the other side as the bridge breaks away. Head over to the right 
    and down the ramp. As you go down, make a right and come up into the hangar 
    you need to be in. Help fight off the enemy and then head for your ship. Take 
    it out for your new objective.
    --> Objective: Destroy the slaver fighters
    As you come out to space you're immediately being attacked by the fighters 
    ahead. There's a bunch that you have to take out, so make sure you have a 
    little bit of time on your hands. The fighter ships (green exhaust flames) are 
    numerous and can be taken out easily. The single ship (red exhaust flames) 
    requires quite a bit of firepower to take down. The way I did this mission was 
    attack the single fighter first (not destroying, just damaging). Then I set my 
    focus on the dozens of fighters. In between fighting them I would switch my 
    focus back to the single fighter.
    When all fighters are off the radar you'll receive a transmission. Jump 
    --> Objective: Meet up with Senator Schmidt in the hangar
    Fly forward toward the colony, into the hangar. Exit the ship to meet up with 
    Schmidt for a ctuscene.
    --> Objective: Locate Barbo
    Go up the ramp behind Schmidt. Follow your waypoint, going through the shutter 
    door and hitting the button that's on the wall. Cross the bridge that leads to 
    a sand path. Follow the path here until you get to an area with some locked 
    shutter doors. Kill all of the sandgills in the area and then head through the 
    open tunnel northeast of the entrance.
    When you come through kill the sandgill and carefully walk through the 
    minefield. The mines are easy to spot so keep looking down. Go into the 
    building on the left. Work your way up until you get to Barbo for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Eliminate the incoming hostiles and link up with Barbo, Schmidt 
    and Krugo at the bridge
    You have to go back downstairs and outside. As you do there are going to be 
    some guys you have to kill. After killing the first few guys as you round the 
    corner, look out of the port holes and shoot the snipers by the boulders 
    outside. Turn right and shoot the sniper on the ledge. While downstairs look 
    through the port hole and shoot anyone you may see. Get as many as you can 
    from here and then head outside to finish off the rest. There's some snipers 
    on the ledges (particularly to the right as you exit). When you know you've 
    killed everybody head up the stairwell left of exiting the building, and 
    collect the pickups in the room at the top. Come back down and follow your 
    waypoint back. Deal with the crowd of bad guys in the area. Use your sniper 
    rifle on the humans and the shotgun on any Jaldaris that rush you. Come out 
    and finish off the guys on the ledges above. Follow your waypoint back along 
    the path, killing all you see until. You'll make a left turn at the tankers 
    but don't shoot the guys you see. Approach them for a cutscene. After this 
    cutscene follow the pack into the tunnels. Go down for a new objective.
    --> Objective: Clear the small cavern
    Run through the tunnels and shoot the guys in the cavern at the end. The last 
    guy is on the path above the doorway you come in at. Once they're all dead 
    Mace calls Schmidt and company in. Barbo opens the shutter doors. Quickly step 
    outside to the right and shoot the guy in the alcove up to the left. Look out 
    into the canyon and shoot any snipers across the way. Go further down the path 
    and shoot the guys to the right. Mace will call the pack down. Head down the 
    hill and if you need health jump to the right where you see the cactus-looking 
    plant. Run up the steps straight ahead and wait for Barbo to open the door at 
    the top.
    --> Objective: Clear the canyons
    As soon as Barbo opens this door run out and hide behind the rock on the left 
    side. Now you have to clear out the canyon from here. Back up and snipe the 
    guy with the RL on the rock bridge. Then turn left and kill the guy on the 
    ledge. Down the canyon will be a guy on foot who rushes you once you step into 
    the open. Hide behind the rock and blast him as he approaches. Go into the 
    center and snipe the guy at the far end. Walk further down the canyon and kill 
    two guys on foot. Shoot the sniper up to the left. Now go further through and 
    shoot the guy up to the left and Mace will call them up. Proceed through to a 
    darker area.
    --> Objective: Clear the arachnid cave
    Simply kill all of the spiders around the beam. The best thing to do is lure 
    them out and then shoot them one-by-one.
    --> Objective: Find a way of opening up the cave door
    In the next area you should see the locked door off to the right (we'll come 
    back to it later). Take the ramp on the left up, and then through the path. 
    Follow the ledges until they turn and go up. Kill the three guys up here and 
    then cross the earth bridge. Follow the path and you'll come to an archway 
    that is a bridge above. Try to throw a grenade or shoot a rocket into the 
    alcove to the left as you look up, just before the bridge. There's a guy up 
    here with an RL waiting for you as you come up. Continue up, quickly, and 
    around to the building with shutters. Hide inside of this building and shoot 
    the guys by the rocks ahead.
    Go into the mineshaft on the left just past the boulders. Equip your sniper 
    rifle just as you exit and pick off the sniper across the way. Look down to 
    the left and cap the second guy down there. Drop down to the big platform in 
    the chasm. Toss a grenade into the alcove on the left to kill the guy with the 
    RL. Drop down the next two platform and jump the gap. Follow down to a MUCH 
    needed checkpoint. Jump-duck into the room on the right side down here. Now 
    hit the switch on the panel to unlock the door.
    With the door now unlocked, take the left doorway through and out the door you 
    just unlocked. At this point it's just a matter of heading back to the hangar. 
    As you pass either side of the column shoot the several guys over here. Don't 
    be impatient -- take your time with them because they're very strong and 
    deadly too. After killing them advance forward past the boulder where you'll 
    receive a radio transmission.
    --> Objective: Find a way of taking out the pilot and stop the ship from 
    Walk forward through the tunnels to emerge to a canyon where you'll see a 
    craft fly down. The pilot is trying to kill Senator Schmidt and company, so 
    you'll have to stop him.
    So as you come to this area go straight up the ramp in front of you. Make a 
    right at the top, pass the "O" rock formation, and swing around to the left 
    through the tunnel that's slightly hidden. Keep following the tunnels and 
    pathways up until it looks like you will drop off the ledge. Look to the right 
    and continue along this next path, jumping over the small gap. Make a left out 
    to the ledge with the boulder and as soon as the ship comes near this ledge 
    jump onto the back and inside of it. The next objective must be accomplished 
    very quickly so read it first before reading the next sentence. Go forward 
    into the cockpit and blast the pilot on the left.
    --> Objective: Grab the yoke!
    With supernatural speed, after killing the pilot, JUMP INTO the right seat and 
    press the action button will looking down at the yoke (ship's control stick). 
    If you do this correctly Mace will land the ship.
    --> Objective: Get back to the main hangar
    Get off of the controls to face the guys you saw in the cutscene. As the 
    cockpit doors open shoot at the two enemies you see. Hide on the side of the 
    doors and wait for them to come in. Once inside blast them with your shotgun. 
    Go outside and lure the other three in front of the ship towards the back. 
    Once they come around blow them up (or shoot them) while hiding inside of the 
    back of the ship.
    With these guys toast, head towards the front of the ship and through the 
    doors. Pass up the beams and jump on the conveyer belt as you take the corner 
    right. Move along the conveyer belts, shooting all of the spearlegs you see. 
    Hop down and approach the machine with the button on it. Hit this button and 
    take the rock lift down that's behind you.
    At the bottom, shoot the spearlegs and go into the red tunnel. Make a left and 
    kill the multiple spearlegs in this area. Follow through and grab the pickups 
    in front of the locked door to your left. Now you must carefully descend down 
    the ledges in the area nearby. Drop to the first ledge on the left then door a 
    running jump to the one across. From here you can drop down to the closest 
    ledge you see. When you get to the bottom crawl into the spider hole, kill 
    them, and collect the pickups. The door is locked, so go into the tunnel 
    that's blocked off across from it. As you do, a few men will come through the 
    door. Turn around and shoot them. Go through this door now and kill anyone who 
    may be on the other side of it.
    Come through and dodge the rocket by hiding behind the boulder to the right. 
    Pick this guy off and the one at the bottom of the steps. Look over to the 
    right and pick the sniper off. As you go forward the walkway is blown away. 
    Drop into the water and quickly swim into the tunnel down here. Follow it all 
    the way through, using the air pockets if you need air, and you'll eventually 
    come to a stairwell.
    In the room up here is a bunch of spiders on the ceiling and floor. Destroy 
    them one-by-one then move to the next area. As you turn the corner blast the 
    few guys in the next area. Clear out the hallways but before going through the 
    unlocked door in the middle turn around and kill the guys who come from 
    behind. Now go through the unlocked door and the next.
    There are two monitors on the panel. Get on one of them and use the primary 
    fire to shoot rockets at the guys below. Keep firing (slowly they shoot) until 
    your gun is destroyed. Move onto the second monitor and use it like the first. 
    If there's still guys left walk onto the balcony in front and fire at them 
    with your sniper rifle. Once they're all dead the music will stop playing. 
    With them all dead, take the lift down and collect any pickups you see. Get 
    inside the ship, make a left, and then grab the controls. 
    Take it out to space where you must destroy the fighters, which proves to be 
    relatively simple. Shoot all of them down. A few of them (maybe 4 or 5) are 
    heavily armored. Once you're clear to land go where your waypoint is pointing 
    to, to the airlock next to the big orange dome. Fly inside and into the 
    landing frames. Once you land, walk outside the ship to complete the level and 
    view a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Dock with and board the Tannan carrier
    Quickly fly forward and into the white landing frames to dock before the timer 
    expires. You're pulled towards the larger ship. Talk to Grier and follow her 
    to the lift. Activate it to take it up. In the locker room pick up the ammo 
    and look out the window, waiting for the ship to land.
    --> Objective: Disembark and cause a diversion for Grier
    Exit this room and take the lift down. While on the lift overlooking the 
    hangar, shoot any enemies you see below. Some will rush through the doors as 
    well. When you're confident enough hit the button and take the lift down. 
    Finish off any enemies down here. Check the doors on to the left and then to 
    the right. Pass the metal detectors and through the unlocked doors.
    Clear out the computer room by using the doorway as cover and firing at your 
    enemies. Once clear follow the waypoint to the left and shoot the gun on the 
    ceiling as you go through the door. From here go straight and collect the 
    pickups off of the walls. Activate the computer to control the gun. Pull your 
    gun all the way up (while centered) and zoom in straight across the hangar. 
    Shoot the other mounted gun that you should see. Now get off the computer, 
    make a left as you exit this room, and out to the hangar. Make a right once 
    you get out here, destroy the first robot you see straight down. While on the 
    right side of the hangar take out the rest of the robots you see. Once you do 
    this pass the ship in the center and hide behind the crates in front of the 
    ship itself. Wait for the guys to rush out of the door and shoot them as they 
    do. More will come, so just use these crates as cover. After this head into 
    this doorway that they came from
    Through the next set of doors are some more enemies. Lure them out to the 
    hangar and blast them, then head and back inside and shoot the lone guy on the 
    balcony above. Make a left into the computer room, getting the health off the 
    walls if you need some. Make a right and pick up the stuff off the cart. Then 
    head up center and approach the second set of doors cautiously.
    --> Objective: Get to the central control office
    Equip a heavy gun and shoot the Jaldaris that you see. Some men will emerge 
    from the center back, pick them off with your sniper. Make sure the bottom 
    floor area is clear then use both sides of the doorway to check the platforms 
    to the left and right. Enter the room and look on the ledges even more. The 
    room is clear, so shoot the barrels to reveal a vent. Go inside, following the 
    center path out to a hallway. Exit the duct and make a right through the 
    --> Objective: Put Barbo out of his misery
    Yes, kill him.
    --> Objective: Catch up with Danzig in the fuel processing room and eliminate 
    Go on the other side of the glass where the workers and through the door 
    (there's a health pack on the wall near the door). Shoot the guy that's on the 
    other side of the catwalk. Cross the catwalk and kill all of the guys in this 
    hallway. Head down the steps, go through the door, and make a left through the 
    unlocked door down here.
    Step inside the fuel processing room where a cutscene will play. Shoot Danzig 
    after it's over and wait for the button on the panel to light up green. Then 
    press it to close the gates, making Danziq fall to his death. Alternatively, 
    you could drop down and shoot him. Either way, you have to finish him off.
    --> Objective: Rendezvous with Grier
    Head through the unlocked door nearby (it's to your front right if you back 
    was against the grinder). Hit the switch to start the lift. As you do get 
    ready to shoot the guards at the top. Collect the pickups that are on the cart 
    at the intersection and make a right. There's a bunch of flying droids in this 
    room. The first one shoots at you, so shoot back (preferably destroying it 
    with a grenade or rocket). Just past it is a switch on a panel -- activate it 
    and all of the other droids will malfunction. On the other side of the room go 
    through the unlocked door. When you get to the intersection kill the Jaldari 
    on each side, collect the pickups out of these rooms, go straight, and kill 
    all of the guys in this next room. There's a few on the ground level and some 
    up on the balcony. Be careful since a couple of them wield a rocket launcher.
    Go up the to the top on the balcony, pass the two unlocked doors, and shoot 
    the gun on the ceiling of the hallways (as you round the corner). Step into 
    the next computer room (a mirror to the previous), turn right to shoot the gun 
    that's in the corner. Stay under the overhang and approach the steps. When the 
    guys come down blast them. Now collect the stuff at the top before exiting 
    this room from the ground level.
    You come to this next area which is the balcony that you saw previously while 
    at the level below. Pass through the door to your right as you enter and into 
    the balcony area overlooking the flying droids. Working your way to the other 
    side, kill the multiple guards that rush out onto the balcony area. Proceed 
    through till you get to the mainframe room. Kill the two guys and Grier will 
    contact you.
    --> Objective: Protect Grier until she pinpoints the location of the mainframe
    Equip a good weapon and shoot the enemies who enter the room. Once you've 
    cleared a few out of your way head up either staircase and look down at them. 
    Shoot them, switching from side-to-side until there are no more. Once they're 
    all dead Grier will hack the mainframe.
    --> Objective: Find and destroy the power generator control console
    Exit the room the same way you came in (center doorway downstairs). Make a 
    right, following your waypoint, to a room with a pit of crates in the center. 
    Activate the yellow control panel to move the crane thing over to the left. 
    Walk around the crate and drop off to the crate that the crane is holding. 
    Move towards the duct and press crouch as you do in order to slip inside. 
    Climb the ladder then shoot the vent out, proceeding through to the exit.
    Head through the unlocked door to your right. Shoot the two Jadaris and 
    collect the ammo off the crate before you head through the unlocked door. Get 
    on the rail car, hit the switch, then crouch down towards the front. As you 
    move along the track be on a lookout for any trailing cars (shoot the enemies 
    in the car you see). Eventually you'll come to a stop on the other side of the 
    Step off the car and make a left, passing up the cowering workers. Proceed 
    through the doors and, as you turn the corner right, shoot the Jaldari and 
    kill him. Then a second one is a bit ahead, so fall back and shoot the tanks 
    if you can. Kill the third one by going straight at the intersection. Now take 
    this time to go back and pick up a few things if you want to.
    Follow your waypoint into a room with a bunch of computers. Shoot all humans 
    that you see in here, including the few waves that come. Head upstairs, 
    following your waypoint once you arrive. When you get into the yellow-lit 
    hallway be prepared for some Jaldaris. Take out the ones off to the sides of 
    the doorway. Then look down over the rails and shoot the few down there. Once 
    this generator room is cleared follow your waypoint to the corner and activate 
    the panel.
    --> Objective: Stop the technician from closing down the mainframe
    They're trying to lock Grier out of the mainframe manually you now learn, so 
    you have five minutes to get to where the technician is and kill him. Luckily 
    the spot is on your waypoint finder.
    Turn right and through the doorway rushes some Jaldaris. Blast them and head 
    this way. (The rest of this walkthrough won't detail your enemies since you 
    don't exactly have to take all of them out because you're pressed for time.) 
    In the big green room, head to the other side and climb the ladder that's in 
    the corner. Go through the doorway on the opposite side of this walkway. When 
    get to the four-way make a right and you'll pass some fans up. Follow a bunch 
    of unlocked doors until you get to the mainframe room itself.
    Kill the technicians while keeping the enemies off you at the same time. Two 
    technicians are at the bottom level and one at the top. A cutscene showing 
    some more technicians and enemies come in the room will play. Kill these ones 
    as well before the timer runs out. Once you do all this it will objective 
    complete and Grier radios you.
    --> Objective: Steal a dropship from a nearby hangar bay
    While downstairs and by the computers some enemies will rush in with some 
    heavy firepower. Take cover and toss a few grenades their way if you have any. 
    Then finish them off. Kill the next few that come out the other side. Now 
    follow your waypoint which should be pointing toward the door up center.
    Make a left when you see the cart and blast the two guys in here. Back off and 
    throw a grenade (or shoot) at the red tanks to blow open the exhaust vent in 
    the corner. Exit the tunnel but stay where you are. Look to the left and shoot 
    whoever you see. There's two guys to the left and two to the right. The best 
    thing to do is stand still and blast them from over the railings (because they 
    won't shoot at you until they get a good sight on you). Keep switching back 
    and forth until all four cease to live. Go left and once you're through the 
    double doors you'll be in a room with a bunch of crates. Quickly back pace 
    through the doors behind you and wait. If they don't come peak in and kill 
    them this way. Go in and clear this room out once the guys ahead of you are 
    dead. Follow your waypoint to where the yellow thing is.
    [Tip: Before leaving this room you can get some extra pickups at the top where 
    the balconies are. Jump onto the crates in the center of the room, then jump 
    over to the yellow thing, and up to the balcony. Then walk to the right, shoot 
    then guys, and then pick up the stuff.]
    As the doors open blast the numerous guys you see. Step back into the crate 
    room and take cover. They'll follow in here so use this to your advantage. 
    With them all dead collect the pickups on the walls of the back room. Make a 
    right at the intersection that these guys were originally in.
    Get ready as you come through the doors because there will be several enemies 
    posted up ahead. Step to the left side of the doorway and shoot the explosive 
    containers, then finish off what's left of them. Dash across the walkway and 
    some men will rush out the door ahead. Again, shoot the explosive containers 
    to the right and finish what's left. Step through the doors and check this 
    back area for more men. Make a left down the small set of steps to be with 
    dropship. Quickly take out the two robots down here. If you want to stay at 
    the top of the steps and toss grenades or whatever. Once they're both 
    malfunctioned go inside the ship. Collect the pickups off of the floor and 
    grab the controls.
    --> Objective: Meet Grier in the front hangar bay
    As you come out to space you're immediately attacked by fighter ships. Once 
    again, for the millionth time, you must destroy them. A few are heavily 
    armored and the rest are relatively weak. The armored ships tend to stay by 
    the big craft in the sky, so be aware of this. Try to deal with them first and 
    then the weaker (purple) fighters that are abundant in this area. Once you 
    destroy all of them you're clear to land. Move towards the yellow spot on your 
    radar -- the landing frames are near the top of the ship. When you land in the 
    hangar exit the ship and approach Grier to see a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Take off and pursue Richter
    Shoot the guys that come out across the way. Come over this way and while 
    passing up the parasite/ghost thing, go through the doors. Kill the men to the 
    left and make a right. (This whole area should look familiar to you by the 
    way -- you were here earlier.) Destroy the guys in this computer room and 
    follow through where you'll come to the adjacent hangar where you'll witness 
    Richter's ship taking off. Work your way to the second ship in the center 
    while blasting the enemies as you go. Grab the controls and you'll be taken to 
    space to jump.
    3.12 + FACE OFF
    --> Objective: Eliminate the fighters before landing
    At this point I'm ready to fall asleep... but I go on because there's some 
    decent music playing for once. :) Destroy all fighters as you see fit. Most of 
    them are lightly armored like the last flight mission. There's a few transport 
    ships like the one you have, whom are armored heavily yet do basically nothing 
    to attack you. It'll take a while like always but once you destroy them all 
    your next objective will come up.
    --> Objective: Land in the Tombship hangar
    Fly to where the blue arrow points and through the frames, landing into the 
    --> Objective: Pursue Richter and retrieve the disk
    Immediately use your ship's mounted machine gun to shoot as many men you can. 
    Step out the ship and scour the back of it for more enemies. If you want to, 
    use the turret up front to shoot the robot that's walking around. You need to 
    get out of this hangar not, but before doing so collect the pickups in the 
    ship you were in and the ones up front of the ship and in some crates. Now 
    follow your waypoint through the northeast door of this hangar.
    You pass the glass panels up and into a room with a bunch of beams in it. 
    First go left and clear out the left alcove through the door. More men will 
    come, so finish them off. Next, take out guys above and on the walkways if you 
    can afford to. The path you must go is through the door on the right. Shoot 
    the guys with guns and hide behind the glass, peaking out to shoot the gun 
    that's on the ceiling. Advance down the hall where you'll see a beam pointing 
    to ceiling. Kill the few guys around it, advance forward, and head up the 
    stairwell. At the top cut to the left and collect the stuff from the crates. 
    Use the computer to shoot the gun you see on camera. Head out of this room, 
    making a left and going to the set of double doors.
    At this point you want to keep advancing forward until you get to another 
    circular balcony that's overlooking a laser beam. When you do kill all the 
    guys you see and don't forget the stuff off to the right before heading down 
    the steps. Okay, kill the guys down by the laser beam. That's obvious. If you 
    wanted to you could have shot explosives at them from the top, it's your 
    You will eventually come to church-like area that's similar to what you saw 
    much earlier in the game. Don't bother moving forward towards the pews. 
    Instead, come out and turn right through the door. As you come through the 
    second set of doors immediately start shooting at the two priests standing by 
    the lift. Now take it down (the floor looks like it's not there, but it's only 
    glass). When you get down here shoot the lone enemy upon coming through the 
    door and then take out the gun on the ceiling.
    Proceed into the crate room ahead. There's two guys on the ground level and 
    two at the top (left and right usually). Kill the ground level ones first. 
    Then hide behind some crates and try to pick off the top level ones. If you 
    need health there's some in a wooden crate in this same room. Make a right 
    through the doors and into a hallways (if you go through the north door you 
    will be confronted by a bunch of guards, so this isn't recommended). Going 
    along, kill the enemies posing resistance. When you get to the balcony with 
    the glass railing turn right and shoot the sniper. Advance up and bit and 
    shoot a second sniper. Go through the door on the left where you'll finally 
    get a checkpoint.
    --> Objective: Gain access to the mainframe room and reconfigure the data 
    You come through the door and will be out on a balcony. Watch for the guy 
    above with the RL and the obstacles in the doorway across the way. Stand near 
    the door you came from and shoot these guys from afar. Look up and blast the 
    guy above. If you want to, to save time later, look over the balcony that 
    you're on and shoot the guys below. For better results use grenades. Either 
    way, you should now progress through the next door up here (shoot the gun on 
    the ceiling of course). Now all you have to do is kill everything that gets in 
    your way as you advance through these halls. You'll know when you get to the 
    end when you see two locked doors with nowhere to go but back. Look for a 
    floor hatch near the door that's off to the right. Look into the hatch and 
    drop down into the duct. As you exit the duct at the other end you'll see a 
    ladder to your left and a laser thing to your right. Go right and press the 
    button on the panel around the back.
    --> Objective: Get into the Tombship mainbridge
    Climb the ladder and head through the door that leads to the hallway you were 
    in before. Make a right, going through the new unlocked door. Kill the two 
    enemies to the left and right, then head through the door ahead. Keep going 
    through these areas, killing everyone as you do so. In the second crate room 
    there should be no resistance if you killed these guys from the balcony above 
    earlier on. If not, take them out. There's an unlocked door at the other end 
    of this room.
    As you go through, your objective will be complete. Approach the door ahead 
    for a cutscene.
    --> Objective: Reverse the direction of the Watcher wormhole
    There's one unlocked door in this control -- it's to the left if you're 
    staring at the guy by the door. As you get to the other end of the halls be 
    prepared to back out. So approach the door -- and as it opens -- backtrack 
    into the hallway. This activates the fighting out there. Wait a few seconds 
    and come out to finish the rest of the baddies off. Over to the right are some 
    friendlies, so don't shoot them. Moments later a huge ship will arrive through 
    the bay and the ghostly creatures appear. Don't bother shooting at them. 
    Instead, head into the beam in the center, just under the ship. You will 
    appear, damaged, inside the ship they rode in. Take the controls and then auto-
    pilot will take you to space.
    Okay, first things first. You have a supped-up ship since you jacked it from 
    the ghost guys. It's moves fast and controls like a beauty. The catch: only 
    one (cheap) weapon. For me this was the longest space mission in the entire 
    game. And you thought the last 200 other space missions sucked. :(
    This is simple enough but takes forever. With your one and only primary fire, 
    shoot all crafts out of the space. This is as basic as it gets so take your 
    time and don't worry about distractions such as mounted cannons or incoming 
    ships. There's not much I can tell you that you should have learned up to this 
    point. Keep plowing through them for what seems like takes forever, and 
    eventually the landing envelope will be activated. Fly towards the yellow spot 
    on your radar and up into the larger craft. When you land, dismount the yoke 
    and exit through the back.
    [Important tip: Defeating the ghost creatures - The one and only way to 
    destroy these ghostly creatures requires the use weapon fires orange 
    electricity (it's the last weapon in your inventory). What you do is sneak up 
    on them, aim, and hold down the primary fire. A few moments later the 
    electricity will turn blue as long as you have it aimed directly at them. At 
    this point press the secondary fire to shoot a charged blast, destroying them. 
    Note that this is the ONLY way to destroy them, so make sure you have read 
    this carefully.]
    Go through the round door on this same platform that you're on. Drop into the 
    hole in the center and descend into the tube. Getting to the bottom, making a 
    right through the hatch. Go forward along the pipe until you see get to a 
    locked door. Go left up the black tube instead. As soon as you get to the top, 
    exit and run right. Avoid the ghosts like a plague because they can severely 
    damage you (it is not recommended that you fight them at this point). Keep 
    running past the ghosts, dodging their projectiles. You will get to a room 
    with three red circles and a lift in the middle (it looks like a hole). Take 
    it all the way down.
    Find the only unlocked hatch down here and run past the ghosts, making your 
    way to an area that stretches around both sides.
    This stretch of game can be tough if you don't know what you're doing, but as 
    long as you do and you're *not* rushing you'll be just fine. It's five 
    circular pathways connected to each other by doorways (see diagram below). The 
    best path to take is the shortest, so study the diagram because you don't have 
    to go around the full circle in any of the areas. As far as the enemies go, to 
    kill the ghosts use the strategy I gave you earlier in this objective, in the 
    [ ] brackets. As you go around the circles, men will pop out of certain hives 
    attached to the walls. If you look at them closely you will see them in there. 
    So after clearing the ghosts out look at the hives and shoot the ones you see 
    baddies in.
    This is the path you shall take in this honeycomb-like labyrinth. Note that 1 
    is the first circle and 5 is the last.
    At the end you will be in a winding hallway with more ghosts. Take care of all 
    three (unless you want to just run past them), proceed forward, and take the 
    lift down. When you get to the bottom there will be two hatches that you can 
    go through. One leads to nothing and the other leads to a spinning spindle. 
    The trick to crossing this is angling yourself to the left as you cross it, 
    but not so much that you fall off. When you get towards the center you will be 
    getting pulled further right, so use the holds in the fins to cut back left. 
    Sprint the rest of the way and through the door.
    There's four ghosts in this next area. Stand back from the doorway to get the 
    first two, going unnoticed. Move up, staying to the left side, and get the 
    third ghost. The fourth is the hardest, but the best way to get it is by 
    standing on the fourth platform to the right and looking over to the left 
    wall. Once you got them all go through the hatch ahead. The next two rooms are 
    pretty much the same thing. So you should know what to do. When you get 
    through the last hatch make a left into narrow tunnel. Collect the pickups you 
    near the bodies, then activate the panel to the right. A cutscene will play.
    --> Objective: Destroy the Watcher station reactor
    Exit through the second hatch in this room (make sure you got all the pickups 
    you could). Walk out past the first panel and a cutcene will play. It's that 
    dirtbag Richter, and you have to put a stop to him from good. Immediately 
    after the full scene plays jump to the left and behind the first panel. Stay 
    still and get as far away from his grenades without moving from behind the 
    panel. Now it's time to take him out. He seems tough as hell -- and he is -- 
    but he's actually simple to beat. The key is to use sonic shock cannon on him 
    (second-to-last weapon in your inventory). But not only that, you must aim 
    high or else your efforts are for nothing. I recommend dashing behind the 
    second panel and get him cornered to the right side of the platform that he's 
    on. If you do this he is not likely to move around much (he'll instead hide 
    behind one of the panels on his side). So once you get him cornered to where 
    he's not moving around, quickly step out, aim high, and shoot him. Quickly 
    step back behind your panel. Rinse and repeat until he's finished. The 
    cutscene plays and the reactor is destroyed (oh, how lame).
    --> Objective: Retrieve the disk
    A bridge leading to the reactor is now up. Cross it and get the disk that's on 
    the floor.
    --> Objective: Destroy the Watcher station reactor [resumed]
    Before going through the second hatch that's in this room, head back and 
    collect the remaining pickups in the room with the control panel. Now head 
    through the second door in here and make a right. Destroy the ghost and take 
    the lift down. Find the unlocked hatch and look through to see a room full of 
    ghosts. First get the two by the door. Go left and get the one up further. 
    Then cross back to the right and get the one in the corner. There's one below 
    for a good luck charm. :) Get on the gondola (cart) that has the hologram in 
    it. Press the action button and the gondola will take off down the tunnel.
    When you come to a stop exit on the right side of the gondola. Now walk across 
    the *invisible* bridge to feel like you're on some sort of acid trip. Enter 
    the ship and take the controls.
    This is where the game gets tedious. You have to navigate this ship through 
    some tunnels but must realize that the ship is big ass hell. Go slow when 
    moving through hatches and medium speed elsewhere. After gaining control of it 
    take it down and through the first hatch below. Turn it and drive to the other 
    end of this area, going down a second hatch. (Take note of the greenish-yellow 
    door before going down the second hatch!) Drive through the second hatch. In 
    the tunnel with the two beams, tilt your ship so that it's parallel with each 
    beam as you cross it. Fly through the hatch ahead, slowly, and dock using the 
    landing frames.
    As you're docking the ship is being pulled into a blue energy field. Exit the 
    ship once it stops and cross another invisible bridge. Walk up to the ball 
    hologram ahead and activate it (it will turn red, letting you know the energy 
    field is down). Get back into the ship and grab the controls. Once auto-pilot 
    lets go, turn your ship around and shoot the spinning spikes in there center 
    (where the energy field used to be). Once it blows up you will complete 
    objective and a countdown will commence.
    --> Objective: Jump back through the wormhole
    A 35-second countdown is now in effect. With your ship facing the hatch (that 
    you came through) immediately fly through it, pass the two beams, through the 
    hatch, and then through greenish-yellow hatch to complete the level and even 
    the game. Congrats!
    4.10 | Weapons
    Your standard melee weapon. You start off with this weapon and it is only 
    useful for a few parts in the game, besides breaking crates. It's primary a 
    melee thrust attack and secondary is a charged shock.
    Automatic Handgun:
    This handgun hold 12 shots, which is a given seeing how relatively weak it is. 
    But it has decent accuracy and is great for getting enemies from in between 
    the cracks. The primary is a single shot and secondary is a full clip 
    Quad-Barreled Shotgun:
    Like any other shotgun this packs quite a punch from close range. Move close 
    to your enemy and once shot will put most down. Long-range shooting is not 
    recommended. Primary is a single burst of pellets and if you hold secondary it 
    will load up four shots, releasing it to discharge them.
    Heavy Machine Gun:
    This game's all-around weapon, this machine proves to be Mace's best and only 
    friend throughout the game. It has all of the high-tech stuff such as anti-
    jamming and auto-cooling. Primary is automatic bullet spray that will speed up 
    as the clip's end nears, and the secondary is a fast grenade launcher has 
    impact grenades.
    Sniper Rifle:
    Silenced for stealth, the sniper rifle is quite a killing tool. Zoom in to a 
    foe -- armored or not -- and shoot. Works great for headshots since the scope 
    is so powerful. Primary shoots while secondary simply toggles the scope mode.
    Plasma Machine Gun:
    Truly something from the future this weapon is. Primary is a single shot (by 
    tapping button) that will bounce off of metallic materials, whereas secondary 
    (hold) is a charged plasma shot that will seek in on the enemy.
    Sonic Shock Cannon:
    Also referred to as the "Trashman", this weapon has the ability to not only 
    kill enemies but set them up for the kill as well. The primary fire (can be 
    charge for power) will knock enemies down, the secondary can break their bones 
    and puncture them. It's an ingenious weapon.
    Rocket Launcher:
    The RL is great for nagging enemies that are at a distance. Especially enemies 
    up high. The primary shoots a single rocket (which isn't that fast). Holding 
    the primary will load up to four shots into the chamber, releasing them as you 
    let go. The secondary will bring up the laser targeting.
    "Electric Gun":
    Note the quotation marks -- there is no official name given to this gun that 
    I'm aware of. The primary function is readily available. While trigger is held 
    down, it will send a steady beam of orange-colored electricity to the enemy. 
    This stuns them, causing them to drop to the ground once the beam is moved 
    away from them. You can kill most humans with the primary fire by moving in 
    close and getting a prolonged beam around their head area. Important: the 
    secondary fire can only be used when the electricity turns blue. I only 
    noticed this occurrence towards the end of the game on certain "ghostly" 
    creatures. So to use the secondary, hold down the primary and when it turns 
    blue, press the secondary fire while still holding primary.
    4.20 | Glitches & Tricks
    NOTE: These were found while playing the PS2 version of MGBH. Odds are that 
    they are in PC & Xbox versions as well.
    Glitch -- See-Through Rocket Launcher (any level):
    This is more of a universal glitch. Simply pull out your RL, and if you're in 
    a big enough area you will be able to see through the back end of your RL. An 
    easy way to see this in a big hangar. Pull your gun up slightly.
    Glitch/Trick -- No Clipping (Genetics Lab, Objective 09):
    The name says it all, this glitch allows you to have no clipping in later part 
    of this level. It's a shame, really, because not many people will see it 
    simply because it's so far into the level... Anyway, to do this you have to 
    swim through the underwater pipe during the cable car objective 09. After you 
    swim up, surface and kill all the guys you see. Climb the ladder, take the 
    back path to the other side of the water (where the two big Jaldaris were). 
    From here, walk off the platform and into the water. For some strange reason 
    you should now be able to swim up past the water and even through the certain 
    walls. If you go down too far you will do a never-ending fall out of the 
    level, so be careful.
    Glitch -- Fall Through The Level (Rescue Krugo, Objective 11):
    This glitch is practically pointless other than to see yourself fall into 
    oblivion. To do it during objective 11 free the prisoners and after the 
    cutscene work your way to the surface where the robots are. Destroy them and 
    head to the right of where you came out. You should see a huge hangar door 
    behind the beams holding up the complex above. Approach this door and it 
    should open. Look to the right side of the doorway where it opens and you 
    should see a dark area. Walk into this and you should fall through the level. 
    You'll have to restart.
    Lazy Programming -- Crazy-Looking Shaders:
    Some shaders (transparent/special textures) in the game appear as dark 
    rectangles or squares. One example would be after crossing the bridge at the 
    beginning of Whistleblower. After crossing it and getting to the sand path, 
    look at the shrubs near the tanks at the bend. You'll see dark spots that are 
    supposed to be invisible.
    Glitch -- Ship Goes Straight Through Rocks:
    If you've gotten past the Whistleblower level then you've likely seen this 
    occur. It happens during Objective 09 where you have to stop the pilot. When 
    you come through the tunnel and out to the area where the ship is shooting at 
    Schmidt and the gang, you will see the ship come up straight through the rocks 
    ahead of you. I guess the developers didn't expect you to be walking so fast 
    into the area, huh?
    4.30 | FAQs
    Q: I can't get the push button codes to work. What's the problem?
    A: They're fake. End of story.
    Q: How do I get Mace to hold the auto handgun with two hands?
    A: Stop moving and wait a few seconds. Mace will aim with both hands allowing 
    you to shoot like this.
    Q: What is the hanging and executions I heard about?
    A: They're executions of (innocent) workers and they can be seen on Sharp 
    Shooter during the sixth objective.
    Q: Where can I first see a stripper besides in the cutscenes?
    A: Level 7, Clear and Present Ranger, at the beginning. Or any time you are in 
    Fort Denver.
    Q: Is it true that Mace Griffin was once described as GTA in space?
    A: Unfortunately, yes. I know, I know... -_-
    Q: Was Mace Griffin ever released for the GameCube?
    A: No. It was originally intended to, but it was cancelled in the US first and 
    then in the UK later on.
    Q: Where can I find the system specs for the PC version?
    A: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/macegriffinbountyhunter/techinfo.html
    Q: Sometimes when I want Mace to jump the game won't allow it, what's gives?
    A: When you stand on very small objects (rails, crates, etc.) and ledges the 
    game won't let you jump. This is stupid, I know, but maybe it's done for a 
    Since I got so received SPAM on my old e-mail address, I have decided to use 
    the following method to reach me via e-mail.
    1) Go to this page: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/26872.html
    2) Copy the URL that you see next to "Web Site". Go to that URL.
    3) Look on the page for my e-mail address. It's in image form to prevent 
    unwanted SPAM mail. So just type in what you see in the "To:" feild of your e-
    mail form. Then send whatever you want to send.
    - Warthog for making such an ambitious game.
    - Game manual for making HUD/control layouts easier to put into this guide.
    - Google for allowing me to find info on MGBH.
    - Jason [fatcow(at)rogers(dot)com] for Xbox controls.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2003 Jeff H. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    other wise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
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    This guide may not be placed on any website without the written consent from 
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    enjoyed the game.
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