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"A short game, but that's not necessarily a BAD thing..."

Ah, yes, Australia-based Krome Studio's attempt at a popular adventure/platform game. Unfortunately it's not Game of the Year material, mainly because it's aimed at younger players both challenge and length wise, but it does offer a pleasant gameplay experience that will appeal to older gamers as well.

Story: 10/10

The story centers around a young Tasmanian tiger, a supposedly extinct marsupial native to the Australian state of Tasmania, named Ty. However, in this game Ty is one of the last of his kind who must retrieve items called Talismans in order to free his family from Dreamtime, a realm in which the evil Boss Cass has locked them in. It's up to you, as Ty, to collect Thundereggs for the Talisman machine and rescue your family.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are some of the best on the Playstation 2...that is, when it comes to the cut scenes. The in-game graphics are smooth and clear, but can sometimes appear pixilated. Slowdown is very rare, in fact I believe I only experienced slowdown once, and thankfully it wasn't during an important part of the game. The colors are vibrant and bright, and the landscapes stay true to what they're supposed to be (i.e. desert, rainforest, etc.). All in all, the graphics are certainly a bit of eye-candy.

Gameplay: 8/10

The controls are very easy to get the hang of, and once you do then maneuvering is no problem. What brings this section down a bit is a case of an unstable camera. Sometimes you may try to attack an enemy, but the camera will appear to be too close to you (which for me it seemed like I was constantly moving it away from me), causing you to miss, be hit, or not even see the enemy at all. This isn't a huge problem, but it's a pet peeve that many gamers share. By progressing through the game, you may obtain different types of boomerangs that have their own special use. There are two types of '''rangs'': Techno 'Rangs which you receive by collecting golden cogs that are scattered throughout the different worlds, and Elemental 'Rangs, which are given to you after you have defeated a boss. The difference in weapons helps create more anticipation when it comes to moving from world to world. With the exception of the camera, the gameplay is almost the best any platformer can have.

Sound: 9/10

The music in the game tends to fit the mood of the current world very well. The tunes playing on the beach are light, bouncy, and tropical, while the desert (outback) music reflects that of an old western. The audio is also very well produced, with clear speech that never sounds monotone. Although the speech and music a nearly perfect, there are occasions when the disc will all of a sudden skip part of the synopsis and/or in-game speech. I have played this game on two different discs and on two different systems and experienced it both times at different points of the game. This may be just a random bug, but it can interrupt important instances where you need to hear the audio.

Replay: 6/10

As you can see, this is the lowest point of the review. As I mentioned before, the game is short and shouldn't take an experienced gamer more than a couple days to finish. The whole point of the game is to collect items for different perks (and, of course, to progress). After you have beaten the game, the only real reason to go back to it is to finish collecting the items you missed the first time through. Once that's done, you don't really have much of a reason to play again. Don't let this discourage you though, it's still an entertaining game.


If you are a fan of platformers and cute little animals and have no preference how long or short the game is, then you should definitely buy this. You could probably finish it in a rental time if you just want to try it, but especially if you have younger gamers around who may find this as more of a challenge, then you should really check it out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/02, Updated 11/01/02

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