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"A good game, could be better though"

Warhammer 40,000: FireWarrior. This is a nice game, set in a ''universe'' which already exists, which gives line to a HUGE amount of story possiablties.
Gameplay: 7/10 Good, its your normally first person, pick up a gun(or 2 in this case :P) and run around killing your enemies and preforming simple tasks, such as planting explosvies and finding keys. However, like all FPS's its still quie linear. There is always a path to follow, with now real alternative to go and explore, and get lost. Also, a bit which made me a bit peeved was the fact that this game is still mainly a one-man faces everyone, while in the board game its always squad based. There are attempts to incoprate this, but it lacks in that area. However, while playing there is plenty of action, and you never feel that you're dong something pointless.

Storyline: 8/10 Considering that this game is based on a huge universe, why did we have such a poor storyline to what we could have had? I mean, compared to a lot of FPS's there is a very good story, but to what we could have had, its not that good. Thats why its only been given an 8, not a 9 or 10, because the developers should have really seen the possiablties with this, instead of just trying to get as much variation in (Chaos, Marines, Imperial etc.) Graphics: 7/10 A few years ago, this would have looked beautiful, with stunning visuals and effects, but now, its almost just sort of old and out dated. It still looks good, with no apperant glitches, such as weapons through doors, which is a very good thing, but the detail onthe indviual characters is lost. MOH:FL has very detailed faces, while this seems to have a blurred look. However, the weapons look nice, with the fire effects very good, (blue plasma balls, explosions, blue poo from the carbines, lasers, all leaving scorch marks which fade, good touch). Sadly however, we miss some very good explosions, and the bit where you go down the lift, listening to your target exploding (trying to avoid ruining the story here) really annoyed me, I wanted to watch it go boom.

Sound: 6/10. Little, if no music during the game, about 3 sounds for men dying. Very poor that, I mean, its sounds good, but when you hear the same things over and over again, it annoys you, espically without the music. However, the voice acting (thank you Brian Blessing) is very good in parts, but not always perfect (your commander sounding like someone from Japan who's drunk). Also, the ambience is very good, giving the levels the right feel.

Single Player Replayability: 7/10 I'm gunna split this into Multiplayer and single player, this I will explain later on. You will get sick of playing this game on your own, I promise you, however, the way the game has been done is that like most games you can unlock little goodies, like extra characters for split screen multiplayer. Also, to proceed to the next difficulty you have to complete it on the prevouis difficulty. This is annoying, but in the end it slowly puts you into the game, but I would have liked to have just jumped into the hard mode.

Multiplayer: 9/10. Well, if your willing to pay Gamespy for the privialge, you can play online, with up2 8 people, which from what I've heard is very enjoyable. This is a very rare treat in a PS2 game, and if you're willing to pay for this, and want to play online, then this is a very good game to get for that very reason. However, the split screen is a disappointment, with only 4 people max, and very few maps, you quickly get bored of it playing with your bro, and will be moving very quickly back into TS2 for your fix of multiplayer maddness.

Overall: 7/10 I would advise renting this game, if you can rather than buying it for the single player experience, however, if you do want to play online, then buy away. And even if you hate Warhammer, but love FPS's, play it. I promise you, you won't see a singlr spotty, sweaty teeange with his dice, or manual and loved plastic figures which cost far to much. Its just action, follwoed by more action, before you get bored, if you don't have online.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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