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"A wild experience for all fps fans"

Introduction: one summer day, I came home with my new PS2 game. As I walked towards my ps2, brother annoying me, I found refuge in my new game. Do you want to know what game? This game rocks, hardcore gaming action and that’s just the in the first level. You take on the role as kais a young fire warrior as you prepare to whiteness the most terrifying 24 hours or your life. Are you gripped, read on to find out more about fire warrior one of the best games money can buy.

Graphics: 10/10 the graphics are great truly superb they really make you feel as though you’re in the game itself. I’ve basically no complaints here apart from the fact that the pictures occasionally go slow during huge battles though that’s only happened a couple of times so its not really a thing to worry about. All the animations are very smooth. The bad guys look great and have wicked blood and dying scenes. The cut scenes are good to they really bring the game to life and spice up the action. There are a large range of bad guys all looking near enough identical to the games work shop miniatures them selves.

Sound: 8/10 the sound sounds great to. The weapons, the badies, the long high-pitched screams of pain as you blast the alien scum to bits. The guns sound great and overall a very nice touch.

Game play: 10/10 the controls are very easy to master and very addictive. You’ll be wanting to play it all night long. The weaponry is just totally awesome you get to use 17 weapons all of which will be getting you enemies on their hands and knees pleading for mercy. You get a range of tau weaponry and then as you progress you can find a wide selection of enemy weaponry, from basic laser guns to high quality miniguns and loads more. There is just one small thing though which people may consider a good or bad thing. You can only hold up to 2 guns one of which must be a piece of tau weaponry, decide for yourself on this one.

Replay value: 10/10 you’ll be playing this one for years and years to come. You may actually complete the game in less than a week on easy mode though playing it in normal and hard mode will put your skills to the test give you a new experience. Get an a grade in every level is hard to, you have to be quick, quite and accurate for this will unlock in game cheats which bare fun to. The game also has a multiplayer that will last a bit and an online feature that can be fun to. Plus you’ll want to play the game 10 times over anyway. Replay value, wow.

Rent or buy: a definite buy a yes yes yes. You be right idiot if you don’t buy this game. And let me remind you this is one of the best games money can buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/17/04

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