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"Good. Not Great. But Good"

Years ago, play Warhammer was all I did. I would have killed for a computer game of it back then. Now all I do is sit and play computer games, and I still like the game.

What more could I have expected from FPS giants, THQ. Creators of the famous Red Faction series. You are Kais, a warrior of the fire caste. You have a nice life. Until one day vicioushumans come to attack your village, ( the Imperium) and steal your Ethereal ( special guy). In the first few missions you have to track down and rescue your Ethereal, with the help of your comrades. When you get back to your ship with him all hell breaks loose. You can pick up many different weapons along the way (of space marine, imperium and 'other' origin), but you must keep your Tau weapons with you at all times ( at certain points in the game it gets upgraded with bigger and better weapons from the Tau armoury). The AI is good, not perfect, but they dont get stuck in objects at all, (at least I've never seen it happen). The gameplay is much like Red Faction, not too like it though.

The graphics are slightly average of a first person shooter. The framerate is quite good, but sometimes gets slowed down in parts. Sometimes the enemies look a bit blocks and pixilated, but the graphics on the weapons are very good.

The music is very subtle, but not non-existant. The characters all have nice British accents, thanks to the voice talents of Brian Blesssed and others. The ambient noises are good and also are the weapon sounds, both from you and the enemies.

Due to the long story/plot and the difficulty of the game i doubt you would be playing it one than once or twice but mabye to unlock all of the cheats and hidden extras.

This is what lets the game down. Badly. The lack of any twist , makes this quite boring, unless your playing with a map full of people. Although saying that multiplayer capture is much more fun than straight out deathmatch.

If you like Warhammer: 40,000, and you can relate to the material you will like this game. If not, you will be left in the dark at some points, as it doesn't give you all of nesessary information. All in all, an average game, not a good as Red Faction 2, but not as bad as some games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/15/04

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