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"I heard this game was trash? I'll remember to ignore that next time"

Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior is a First Person Shooter related in some way to the popular Warhammer games. I don't know in which way it is related seeing as I have never participated. However... if the board games are as good as this I may just consider taking it up.

Graphics: 5/10
C'mon now people... have you seen what they can do nowadays with graphics? These graphics aren't bad but they aren't crash hot either. The various weapons are neat looking but the sprites and the environments are kinda... well... lame. Details are few and far between, you see a lot of the same stuff. Also, I would say a flashlight would be handy in this game because my tv on full contrast and brightness still could not show me the things i wanted to see. Imaginative use of colour, nothing else.

Sound: 6/10
Same goes. Music? I can't hear it, not that you desperately need it in this sort of game but from time to time it would be nice. Sound effects and voices are much better however. That is to say, SOME sound effects and voices are better, although a little repetitive. Firing weapons has your good old bang, bang, zap, zap, swish, swish sounds, but what else is there? Voices of both species sound suspiciously familiar.

Gameplay: 9/10
This picks it up. Typical FPS fun. You shoot guns while strafing circular around the enemy, you can run in and hack 'em up with your sword or you can lob a grenade into them (although this only affects singulars, unfortunately). I haven't had the chance to try this game out online but I would imagine it would be awesome. Also unfortunately, as far as asking mates to come over and play you, it isn't too fun, no bots and unless you have a multi-tap then it's going to be limited.

Replayability: On-line: 7/10 Offline: 3/10
After unlocking everything and destroying your mates a few times at home you won't want to play this again unless you have on-line connection. Otherwise hook up and play your life away.

Buy or Rent?
Difficult to say, again it probably depends on whether you are on-line or not. On-line = Buy, Off = Rent

Overall: 7/10
Play it at least once, if only to finish the single player mode. It's not a bad story. Or a bad game... don't bag it until you try it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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