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"Colored Keys??!!...AARGHH"

INTRO: Personally I am not very familiar with the Warhammer universe. One of my friends is, but I don't think any action figure is worth $60, so I never got into it. But I did think the premise was cool. I thought it would make a good game. I also found out there were a couple of PC games, which I'm not interested in. Then I found out about this game, so I decided to try out the series myself.

GRAPHICS: Pretty subpar here. The game has a very overall outdated appearance. There is some pixilation and low resolution. The framerate is respectable though. The two species don't look that different from each other either really. This game is pretty much depleted of details. The play with colors does give it some style though. The cutscenes are not too impressive either.

SOUND: Another online game with no headset support, AAARRGGGHH. Gratefully it doesn't adversely affect the game. The music is nonexistent, and the sound effects are not anything to remember. The voice acting isn't half bad though.

STORY: The story starts off very generic but does pickup every now and again. But for the most part you probably won't be paying attention to it. It would have been nice to have a little more background story too.

CONTROL: The controls are your basic FPS, use the joysticks to move, and the shoulder buttons to attack. Nothing special at all. Besides that they do respond well.

GAMEPLAY: Basically this is about as generic as you can get with a FPS. This game still uses the same concepts from Doom. Honestly, who still uses colored keys??!! If you have played any FPS then you know what to do here, shoot and strafe. You can use grenades and a sword, but they don't have any tactical use. Online is feature added on at the last minute, only 8 maps, no bots, some lag, and no grenades or sword use in multiplayer.

REPLAY: The game doesn't give you much reason to play through a first time, let alone warrant a second play through. There are no extras to unlock of any sort. The online feature is a joke, offline multiplayer doesn't even have any bots!

BOTTOM LINE: Overall this game is very much a disappointment. It does not give the atmosphere of the franchise. If you are a hardcore fan though, a rent will tide you over, if not then steer clear.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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