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"Average good, average bad... average fun"

From the get go fire warrior opens with an intro to the warhammer 40k universe (I love warhammer 40k!) which is awesome.

Then it goes into the tau... which I don't really like. Warhammer 40k is dark and foreboding because even the good guys aren't people you would wana have next door neighbors. The default forces of good, the humans, are real Nazis. The tau change that by providing a generic good race. Sigh... go and take all the fun out of trying to pick a faction why don't you? well whatever, some may agree or disagree on that point... it doesn't really affect the game much and I try not to let it (or my love of warhammer 40K) color my value of the game too much.

When the game starts, it seems much like Halo (the game is much like Halo, but without as much polish.), you can only hold 2 weapons, you have an energy shield that recharges (takes longer to start recharging than halo, which would provide more strategy to multi player), the energy weapons feel like paintball guns, and its sci fi.

Its hard to NOT make a comparison to halo in FPSs nowadays isn't it? well, the game generally is inferior, but the story is decent and some of the environments are worth a trip through... particularly a space ship that looks like a flying cathedral (stained glass keeping out the void of space?), some trench warfare, and a prison. What makes this game worth playing? basically just those things, Its FPSing like any other FPSer but in the warhammer 40K universe. If you don't want to play Killzone or Red Faction again, you can find fire warrior for under 10 bucks and I say go for it.

Continuing the Halo comparison... multiplayer: Halo thrived on multiplayer, without multiplayer halo wouldn't have been the gold it is. And if fire warrior had comparable multiplayer it would be a lot better. But it doesn't. Its just a tack on and the game suffers for it. If you want multi player for the PS2, try Killzone.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/07/06

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