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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Arctic Rabite

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/03/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
    Walkthrough Version 1.3
    Written by: Sean Monroe (ArcticRabite@hotmail.com)
    *General FAQ Info
    *Game Controls
    *Spell Overview
    *Side Quests
    *Still Missing Cards?
    *Credits and Thanks
    *Copyright Info
    Gereral FAQ Info
    This is my first time writing a FAQ.  As such, I don't claim that it
    will be in any way perfect.  Please bear with me as I update it.
    This FAQ is for Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets for the
    Playstation 2 console.  Since this is the only copy of the game that
    I own, do not expect this FAQ to help you with any version of the
    game for any other system.  I will not help you with them, because I
    do not have them to help you with.
    I finished the game several times before writing this guide, and
    wrote it while actually doing everything that is in here.  If you
    follow this guide step-by-step, it will bring you to the end of the
    game.  I am confident on all the information that is contained
    within.  If you read it here, I did it.
    This guide will always be a work in progress, even after it seems
    that it hasn't been updated in a long time.  Nothing is final, as
    games in the past have always shown that they contain secrets that
    no one discovered for months after everything was thought to be
    Version 1.3 - More mini-game info added. (2 January 2003)
    Version 1.2 - Mini-games section started.  (1 January 2003)
    Version 1.1 - Completed the Side Quest guide for the Message Board
                  and for Helping Gryffindors.  (28 December 2002)
    Version 1.0 - Walkthrough complete for finishing the game.
                  (28 December 2002)
    Version 0.5 - Walkthrough through Incendio finished.
                  (27 December 2002)
    Version 0.2 - Side Quests added.  Walkthrough up through Day One
                  finished. (26 December 2002)
    Version 0.1 - First compilation of this FAQ.  Walkthrough completed
                  through Diagon Alley. (25 December 2002)
    Game Controls
    Movement-controlled by the left analog stick.  Gently press it in one
    direction to make Harry sneak forward.  A bit more pressure will make
    him walk.  Pressing it all the way will cause Harry to run.
    Casting Spells-the square, triangle, and circle buttons are used to
    cast spells.  To cast a spell, you must first assign it to one of the
    three buttons in the Rememberall.  Hold down the button to charge a
    spell, and release it to cast it.
    Actions-if you can perform an action, the picture of your controls in
    the top right corner of the screen will have a description of the
    action under the X button slot.  To perform it, simply press the X
    button.  These actions are things ranging from talking to people,
    examining bookshelves, or tossing Imps and Gnomes.
    Targeting Spells-hold down the R1 button to target an object.  While
    you have an object targeted, spinning crosshairs appear around it,
    and follow it wherever it moves.  Harry will automatically face the
    object, and charged spells will seek it out.  While targeting, you
    can use the left analog stick to sidestep, move forward and move
    backward.  Hitting the X button while targeting will allow Harry to
    dodge attacks when combined with the left analog stick.
    Look/Peer Around Corners-if you are standing against a wall, and you
    are at the edge of it, you can hit L2 or R2 to peer around the corner
    to see what's ahead.  If you're not next to a wall, you will look
    down at the ground in front of Harry.
    Camera Movement-move the right analog stick around to move the camera
    view point in relation to where Harry is standing.
    Center View-tap the R1 button to center the camera's view point
    directly behind Harry.  If a wall would be in the way, the game will
    select the next best viewing position.
    Zoom-holding in the R3 button (the right analog stick) will cause the
    camera to zoom in on Harry.
    Option Menu-hit start to bring up the option menu.
    Rememberall-hit the select button to open your Rememberall.
    Flying Controls:
    Movement-use the left analog stick to control what direction you're
    flying in.  It is set during your first flying lesson, and can be
    changed in the option menu.
    Accelerate-hold in the X button to accelerate while on your broom.
    Menu Controls:
    Movement-controlled by the left analog stick or the directional pad.
    Select-activate the highlighted option by hitting the X button.
    Cancel-move backwards and cancel selections with the triangle button.
    Change Page-use R2 and L2 to change option pages in your Rememberall.
    Items are essential to going about your every-day wizarding business.
    They are stored in your Rememberall, and assigned for use to the same
    keys as your spells are, and in the same way.  Not all items can be
    assigned for use, however, as some are used automatically, and others
    are used for buying or trading.
    Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans-the currency of Hogwarts.  Use 
    these Beans to shop at Fred and George's bathroom store, or to pay
    other students to perform mini-games.  They can be found almost
    everywhere, from bushes to bookshelves, tool boxes to trash cans,
    inside suits of armour, glass jars, and vases around Hogwarts.
    Famous Witches and Wizards Cards-the wizarding world's equivalent to
    our sports cards, these are the craze at Hogwarts.  Students trade
    them in the halls and on the grounds between classes.  You can get
    them in trades, from treasure chests, and from completing various
    tasks in the game.  There are 101 Cards to collect.
    Silver Sickles-the only form of currency accepted in Diagon Alley,
    which is also the only place you'll find it.  You can get them from
    barrels broken with the Flipendo spell, or by just finding them
    laying about.
    Chocolate Frogs-eat a chocolate frog to restore all of Harry's
    health.  When you find or are presented with one, knock it out with
    Flipendo, and then just walk over it to pick it up.  It is auto-
    matically used, so don't bother getting it if you don't need it.
    Eeylops Premium Owl Treats-find these in chests, and feed them to
    Hedwig to get her to perform tasks for you that help you progress or
    open secret areas.  They don't need to be selected in your inventory
    to use them.
    Potion Vial-store your Wiggenweld potion in these vials.  They will
    restore all of your health when used as an item, and will also save
    you from being knocked out if you run out of health while carrying
    one.  You can fill them up at Wiggenweld cauldrons in the game (looks
    like a bubbling purple liquid in the cauldron).  There are three
    Potion Vials to find.
    Stink Pellets-use these to distract your opponents.  Assign and use
    them just like you would a spell.
    Non-explodable Luminous Balloons-serve the same purpose as Stink
    Pellets, and are used in the same way.
    Nimbus 2000-Harry's racing broom.  Once you get it, you can fly
    around the grounds of Hogwarts by using it as an item.  Just don't
    fly at night, as a prefect will automatically catch you.
    Spell Overview
    The descriptions of the spells are taken from in the game, and are
    here as general information.
    Chapter 1 - To Cast a Spell
    In the first volume of this series readers were instructed on the
    correct use of a wand to perform the most basic spells.  This second
    volume demonstrates techniques that will enable the more advanced
    student to build and sustain magical power at the tip of a wand
    before it is released.  This technique when mastered enables the
    casting of far more powerful spells but the reader is warned that
    this is not without risk and therefore requires the utmost
    concentration.  Keep the spell button held down until the spell power
    has built up and then release it to cast the spell.  Be careful not
    to hold the spell button down too long as the spell may backfire on
    you.  If you release the spell button at the right time you will
    perform a Perfect Cast-the most powerful version of that spell.
    Students are encouraged to experiment with this technique being wary
    that lapses in concentration can result in painful side effects.
    Chapter 2 - Flipendo
    Knocks over an opponent or object.
    The 'Knockback Jinx' is the most utilitarian of Grade 2 spells in
    that it will allow the caster to 'knock back' an opponent or object
    and can also be used to push and activate certain magically charmed
    switches.  Like many spells, Flipendo can be targeted using R1.
    Chapter 3 - Lumos
    Light dark areas and reveals hidden panels.
    To illuminate the end of a wand, the caster mustcall out the
    incantation 'Lumos.'  If correctly incanted, the end of the wand will
    then illuminate and cast light in the immediate vicinity of the
    caster.  Lumos can also be used to illuminate unseen enterances.  For
    example, it is a little known fact that the interior of certain shops
    in the gloomier parts of Diagon Alley may be further explored by
    casting the Lumos spell.
    Chapter 4 - Diffindo
    Severs ropes and tapestries.
    As is the case with many Grade 2 spells, the Diffindo severing charm
    has a variety of uses.  For example, Diffindo can be cast on certain
    tapestries or wall hangings to reveal heretofore hidden enterances.
    Chapter 5 - Expelliarmus
    Reflects an opponents spell back at them.
    The Expelliarmus dueling charm lies at the heart of a good dueling
    technique.  Expelliarmus allows the duelist to rebound an opponent's
    spell in the hope that the rebounded spell will strike the opponent
    and leave him or her vulnerable to further attack.
    Chapter 6 - Ectoplasm
    Clears ectoplasm.
    Ectoplasm is a sticky, green substance left behind by ghosts and has
    been known to make doorways impassible.  There is a way of cleaning
    away ectoplasm without resorting to a can of Mrs. Scower's Magic Mess
    Remover, and this is with an effective scouring charm such as
    Chapter 7 - Transfiguration
    Transforms small objects into birds.
    Transfiguration is some of the most difficult magic to practice
    effectively.  It is extremely difficult, for example, to transform
    something non-living into something that is alive.  However,
    mastering a transfiguration spell such as 'Avifors,' which will
    transform small inanimate objects into birds, can be both rewarding
    and useful.
    Chapter 8 - Incendio
    Burns certain items e.g. webs.
    There is often a requirement for a spell of an incendiary nature,
    especially when confroted by a spider's web across a doorway or when
    a distractoin is required.  For both of the above, the Incendio charm
    can be used, otherwise known as the 'Bluebell Flames' or 'Cold Fire.'
    Incendio may also be used as a dueling charm, although care must be
    taken if the opponent knows Expelliarmus.
    Chapter 9 - Alohomora
    Unlocks certain doors and chests.
    Mechanical, i.e., non-magical locks can be troublesome.  But not if a
    witch or wizard knows the Alohomora unlocking charm.  This charm,
    when cast on certain mechanically locked doors, will unlock them,
    giving access to the room or passage beyond.
    1. The Burrow
    The game starts with you, Ron, Fred and George returning to The
    Burrow after escaping from the Dursleys.  Here, the Weasley boys will
    help Harry with the basics of the game, from casting spells,
    targeting objects, and Gnome Tossing.
    The first task you're instructed to do is to cast Flipendo on the
    Magical Measure, a device created to measure the magical strength of
    a spell.  Target it using the R1 button, and then tap the square
    button to cast it.  The result is dismal, and you'll be told that
    you need to learn how to cast second year spells to hit the bell on
    the Measure.
    Next, target the glass jar to the right of Fred and George, and cast
    Flipendo at it.  It will shatter open, and out pops a Bertie Bott's
    Every Flavour Bean.  George tells you to try casting Flipendo on
    other objects around The Burrow, then a message will pop up telling
    you how to use your Rememberall.  Go collect the Bean that came out
    of the glass jar, then find the tool box and trash cans.  You can 
    cast Flipendo on both of them to get Beans as well.
    Right now, you can only carry 50 Beans, so run back and forth between
    the tool box and the trash cans, and gather up as many as you want.
    Then follow the Weasleys into their barn, where you'll be instructed
    to target the Gnomes up in the rafters, and Flipendo them off.
    There's only two Gnomes, so this is rather easy.  Hold in R1, and
    when the Gnome runs out from behind the barrel, blast it with a
    Flipendo.  You can also hit the tool box for more Beans, as well as
    set off the rubber duck and the springs.  Then follow the Weasleys
    out into the barnyard.
    It's time for a bit of dueling practice with the Weasley's washing
    machine.  Target it and wait for it to open up to spew bubbles, and
    blast it with Flipendo when it does.  While targeting it, you can
    strafe side to side and avoid it's attacks, or when it charges at
    you.  Four Flipendos should knock it out.  Fred then gives you a
    Chocolate Frog, which you have to target and hit with Flipendo
    before you can catch it.  Eating a Chocolate Frog will completely
    restore Harry's health.
    Before heading out to the garden, climp up the chicken coup next to
    the defeated washing machine.  Just walk up to it and Harry will
    climb up.  Inside the barn is the first Famous Witches and Wizards
    Card.  Get it, head back down the chicken coup, and out into the
    garden for your de-gnoming lesson.
    There are two steps to de-gnoming.  First, target a Gnome and knock
    it out with Flipendo.  Then, pick it up using the X button.  Press
    and hold X to start spinning, and release X to toss the Gnome.  Be
    careful, however, as on the ninth spin, Harry will get dizzy and drop
    the Gnome.  Carrying a Gnome for too long will result in them
    sorting themselves out and biting Harry.
    Each time you toss a Gnome over the wall, you take away a part of the
    Gnome life bar in the bottom right corner of the screen.  When it is
    completely gone, you have sucessfully de-gnomed the garden.  If you
    can manage to hit the scarecrow and the hay mound, you can get a 
    Wizards Card for your efforts.  However, they must land on the target
    to get the card.  You can get another Card by beating Fred's distance
    once.  Finally, you can get more Beans from the three bushes that
    the Gnomes run out of.  If one of the Gnomes bites you, then you can
    also get Wizard Treats from the bushes to restore your health.  Six
    Gnomes over the wall should be all you need to clear the garden.
    Once you have finished de-gnoming, Mrs. Weasley will show up to
    congradulate you on a job well done.  This is the end of your time
    at The Burrow.  After she's done talking, you can go back and keep
    de-gnoming if you're missing Cards, or collecting all the Beans you
    can carry.  Once you're done, hit Select to open your Rememberall,
    use R2 or L2 to find the Tasks screen, and hit X to end the day.
    2. Diagon Alley
    After Harry's accident using the Floo Powder, you find yourself in
    Borgin and Burkes, a shop located down on Knockturn Alley, somewhere
    that you don't want to be.  Besides four cabinets you can search for
    Beans, there's nothing to do here yet, so go to the big black cabinet
    in the back of the shop.  Hit X to enter the cabinet, and a cutscene
    will take place in which Lucius and Draco Malfoy enter the shop and
    arrange to sell a few questionable items to Mr. Borgin.  Mr. Borgin
    will then place the book that Lucius gave him on the stand next to
    a hand.  Your job now is to get the book without disturbing the hand.
    Lightly press the control stick to sneak up to the book, and hit X to
    read it.  You'll get the Lumos spell, which will allow you to light
    up dark areas.  If you try to run up to the book, the hand will
    attack you with a spell that will slowly wear your health down.
    Set the Lumos spell to one of your spell buttons, and then go back to
    the cabinet where you hid earlier.  There is now a path in the back.
    At the end is a dark corner, where you have to cast Lumos to reveal
    a secret passage.  Open it up and continue on.  When you enter the
    next room, an Imp will taunt Harry from on top of a cupboard.  You
    now have to knock the Imps off the cupboards using Flipendo, while
    dodging the vases that they roll at you from the drawers.  Target the
    Imps, and hold X to sidestep the vases and balloons that the Imps
    throw at you.  Knock seven Imps off to end the battle.
    Proceed up to the cupboards, and Harry will climb up on top.  You'll
    see an Imp in a cage.  There are two more running around, and two
    empty cages in the room, one on the back side, and one in the
    shadows on the left side.  Jump down and knock out the two Imps with
    Flipendo, and pick them up the same way you did the Gnomes.  Then
    carry them over to the cages, and toss them in by tapping X.  When
    you toss both in, you get a Wizards Card.  There is also a glass jar
    you can break for a Chocolate Frog.
    Jump up on the cage in the back to climb up onto the ledge that
    surrounds the room.  Head right to find a treasure chest.  Hit X when
    you're standing in front of it (look for the little latch on it) to
    get the Owl Treat thats inside.  Go back around the ledge and head to
    the left to find a perch in a beam of sunlight.  Hit X in front of it
    to call Hedwig, and then hit X again to feed her the Owl Treat.  She
    will fly up and release a ladder for you.  Go around to the ladder
    and press X to grab onto it, then climb up.
    This attic area can be dangerous.  Some of the flooring will give way
    if you stand on it, causing Harry to fall down to the floor below and
    lose a bit of health.  Cast Lumos, and when it fades, you will be
    able to see where the weak flooring is.  Slowly make your way through
    the maze of loose flooring to the back of the attic, where there's a
    crawl space in the wall, but don't enter yet.  To the left of the
    crawl space is a chest which contains another Wizards Card.  Get it,
    then press X to crawl into the crawl space and into the next area.
    You'll come out in a room with two doors.  One of them is locked, so
    proceed through the other one.
    You're now in an outside area, at the top of a staircase.  Head down
    the stairs, and up to the boxes.  Move up to the wall on the right
    side, and Harry will press himself up against it.  You can now creep
    along the wall.  Move past the boxes, and hit X when you're clear.
    Head down the next set of stairs, and walk up to the box at the
    bottom.  Pust X to grab it, then press back on the control stick to
    pull it away from the wall.  Press X to release it, and then go to
    the button it was blocking.  Hit X to activate it, and it will open
    a gate near where you came in.
    Head back past the narrow gap in the boxes, and go into the room
    behind the gate.  Get the Wizards Card out of the treasure chest,
    then push the button in this room to open the door at the far end
    where you found the first button.  Go through this door to enter
    Knockturn Alley.
    Head up the stairs to your right, and down the street to the
    intersection.  Head right, and you'll run into Ginny and Mrs.
    Weasley.  Ginny's lost some of her things, but Mrs. Weasley suggests
    that you get your things first, before helping Ginny.  She also gives
    you a Silver Sickle that you dropped in her fireplace during the Floo
    Powder accident.  Follow them down the streets to Flourish and 
    Blotts.  Go inside, and proceed to the counter in front of you.  The
    Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) is on the counter.  Hit X once to
    get the price of the book, and then again to buy it.
    The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) gives you the ability to charge
    your spell power.  To do this, hold down the button to cast a spell,
    and release it after it has built up.  If you hold it down for too
    long, however, the spell will overpower, explode, and fizzle.  If you
    wait too long to cast, you run the risk of the spell backfiring and
    knocking Harry to the ground.  To power Flipendo up to it's fullest,
    hold down the spell button until the tip of Harry's wand starts to
    change from blue to purple.  Release it right as it starts to change,
    and Harry will jump in the air, shout "Flipendo", and cast the fully
    charged spell.  For Lumos, hold the key down and count the number of
    circles that Harry waves his wand in.  When he's finished the second,
    release the key.  If the tip of the wand starts to change to red, the
    spell has been over-powered, and you should release it at once to try
    Leave Flourish and Blotts, and Ginny will tell Harry where she lost
    her things.  She will also comment that you could probably break the
    barrels surronding the Silver Sickle with your new spells.  Target a
    barrel, charge up Flipendo, and cast it at the barrel to break it.
    Break all four and collect the Sickle.  Now go back to the right,
    past Flourish and Blotts, and enter the gap in the wall.  There are
    two barrels on your left that you can break for more Sickles.  Do
    this, then turn right to find the Leaky Cauldron.  Enter it.
    When you enter, turn to the left, and break the five barrels blocking
    the hallway.  Head towards the Sickle, and you'll fall through a trap
    door in the floor.  Push the button in front of you in the new room
    to close the trap door, which knocks the Sickle off of it, and to
    open the door to your right.  Go through it into a room with Imps
    and rolling barrels.  There are three Imps, and three cages.  One
    cage is near where the barrels smash into the wall, one is along the
    fence in front of where the barrels are rolling, and the third is to
    the left of the second.  Once all three Imps are in their cages, a
    Wizards Card appears where the barrels are smashing into the wall.
    If you face the second cage and turn around, you'll see a barrel in
    the wall with a cobweb on it, and one next to it.  The second barrel
    is hollow.  Move up to it and crawl through.  There's a chest behind
    it with another Wizards Card.  Get it, and crawl back through the
    barrel.  Proceed to where the rolling barrels smash into the wall.
    You now have to run down past the barrels, dodging them as you go.
    This is a lot easier than it sounds.  Once past, enter the door along
    the wall.
    When you go through, a pipe will fall down and narrowly miss Harry.
    It also blocks your way back.  You're now on a small platform which
    you can jump off of, but don't do so yet.  Move next to the wall, and
    you can creep along the ledge to a platform on the other side of the
    room, which has a box on it.  Face it and hit X to push it off onto
    the floor.  Follow it down and get behind it, then push it across the
    room to the wall on the other side.  Let go, jump on it, then onto
    the ledge, and go up the stairs to leave the dungeon.
    When you exit through the secret passage, Ginny's Spellotape falls
    down, and you will automatically pick it up.  Head around the bar
    (past Hagrid) and back into the room where the trap door was.  You
    can now pick up the Sickle.  Get it, and leave the Leaky Cauldron.
    Break the same two barrels outside that you broke earlier, and you
    can get two more Sickles.  Now head back through the wall, past
    Flourish and Blotts, and down the stairs where the four barrels hid
    the Sickle earlier.  Enter Gamble and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop.
    Inside, you'll meet Fred and George, who don't have much to say other
    than to look around the store.  Head to the left of the enterance,
    and cast Lumos at the bookshelves.  One of them will glow green.
    Hit X to open up a secret passageway, which leads to a room with a
    chest containing a Wizards Card and a cabinet that you can search.
    Go back into the main store area, and down to the counter.  Buy a box
    of Stink Pellets, then go through the door on the left.  Inside,
    you'll find a Magical Measure, just like the one in The Burrow.
    Charge up Flipendo and blast it.  If you hit the bell, a crawl space
    opens up to the left of the Measure.  Crawl through to find Ginny's
    Quill, surrounded by breakable barrels.  Break the barrels to get
    five Sickles, and pick up the Quill.  Now leave the store.
    Head back towards the Leaky Cauldron, and break the barrels to get
    two more Sickles.  Then turn around, head past Gamble and Japes, and
    you'll find a store on your left with a bunch of cages in front of
    it.  This is The Magical Menagerie.  Enter.  Break the barrels and
    go through the gate.  The owner of the shop will come and tell you to
    leave.  Harry will then decide that he can sneak past him.  There is
    a locked door on the far right wall, and the button to unlock it is
    on the wall that you're currently standing in front of.  Sneak up to
    the button, using the shelves in the middle of the room to hide from
    the owner, and press it to open the door.  In the next room are
    Ginny's Brass Scales, and a chest with another Wizards Card.  Get
    them both, and leave the shop.  If you're having trouble sneaking
    back past the owner, you can stun him for a second by hitting him
    with a charged Flipendo spell.
    Head to the right, and back to the Weasleys.  Return Ginny's items to
    her, and Mrs. Weasley will give you a Wizards Card.  She'll then tell
    you that Gilderoy Lockhart is signing copies of his books in Flourish
    and Blotts, and to go in and see him, but don't do so yet.  Go and
    break the barrels in front of the Leaky Cauldron again for two more
    Sickles, then go back towards The Magical Menagerie.  Across the road
    from it is a shop with a lot of cauldrons in front of it.  This is
    Mr. Mullpepper's Apothecary.  Enter, proceed to the counter, and buy
    your Potion Vial.  Then fill it up by pressing X in front of the
    bubbling cauldron in the middle of the room.  Now leave, return to
    Flourish and Blotts, and head inside.
    Lockhart will recognize Harry, and then decide it's the perfect
    moment to announce that he's taking up teaching Defense Against the
    Dark Arts at Hogwarts.  Draco will then taunt Harry for having a
    girlfriend, and Ginny will yell at Draco.  Lucius will then show up,
    give Ginny a book, and make fun of her family being poor.  Lockhart
    then pulls Harry aside and starts coaching him on how to be famous,
    when Ron shows up and says that the train to Hogwarts has already
    left.  When you leave the shop, head to the right and talk to Ron.
    You're now on your way to Hogwarts.
    3. The Whomping Willow
    Ron winds up crashing the Ford Anglia into the Whomping Willow, and
    Harry finds himself at the top of the tree.  Make your way down the
    trunk.  As you climb down, you will have to dodge two roots that
    swing back and forth, smacking the ground.  When they fall back to
    the ground, jump over the gap they were in and keep heading down.
    When you reach the ground, turn and head left, blasting the roots
    that pop out of the ground with Flipendo to get past them.  Avoid
    the spotted Puffapods, as they expel poisonous gases, and explode
    when you hit them with Flipendo.  You can carry and throw them if
    you get close enough, but don't hold them for too long, or they'll
    explode in your hands.
    Once you reach the second root and batch of Puffapods, you can head
    back in to the Whomping Willow to find a Chocolate Frog if you need
    it.  If not, keep heading around the tree in a counter-clockwise
    manner.  When you reach the fourth root to pop out of the ground,
    blast it with Flipendo and then jump up on the ledge behind it.
    Now follow this ledge around, dodging the roots smacking the ground
    and removing the Puffapods where you need to.  Creep across the
    narrow ledge to a platform with two roots and a bush.  From here,
    you'll have to jump over a small gap in the ground.  Be careful as
    to not jump back to the area below.  When you get to a downward
    slope, you can jump off.  In the corner against the tree is a chest
    containing a Chocolate Frog.  Get it if you need it, then go to the
    area with the red glow.  Cast Flipendo on the roots blocking the
    crawl space, and enter into the next area.
    Follow the path down to a big open area.  A tree will fall where
    you just came from, and Imps will come out of the bushes to throw
    Puffapods at you.  They're on the ground with you, and on the ledges
    above.  After you knock twelve of them down, they will flee, and one
    will be standing on a tangle of logs, holding a Puffapod.  Blast him
    with Flipendo to make him drop the Puffapod and blow up the logs.
    Head behind where he was to find a Wizards Card in a chest, and a
    tree will roll off of the ledges above.  Jump on the tree and head to
    the side without any Puffapods to find a chest with a Chocolate Frog
    if you need it.  If not, go up and remove the Puffapods to get access
    to a ledge which circles the Imp pit.  Creep along the edge of it to
    reach a chest containing another Wizards Card.  Go back past the two
    Puffapods to find a place to call Hedwig.  She'll bring a note that
    will tell you how to defeat Gytrashes, which you're about to fight as
    you continue past her stand and down the slope.
    When you slide down the slope, a Gytrash will emerge from the mist.
    These ghost dogs can only be hurt by the light created by the Lumos
    spell.  You'll need to charge it for a second so the spell will last
    long enough to harm them.  While you're charging the spell, though,
    both Gytrashes will be charging at you.  Also, when the spell fades
    from your wand, they like to charge, so be ready to move.  To hurt
    them, cast a charged Lumos, and the mist will reveal a beam of light
    in front of Harry.  Move up to a Gytrash and hold this beam of light
    on it for a few seconds to hurt it.  It will start whining, and then
    yelp when you've successfully damaged it.  Three hits will make one
    fade back into the mists to be replaced by another.  Six hits total
    will put them both under for good.  Now find the crawl space blocked
    by roots, Flipendo them out of the way, and enter the next area.
    You'll emerge in a room with a bunch of Imps.  They will never stop
    coming, so go up the ramp with the Puffapods to a Wiggenweld Cauldron
    and fill up if needed.  Now advance around to the left from the
    cauldron to find a spot where you can jump across a gap to a trasure
    chest containing a Wizards Card.  Get it and turn to the left to see
    two Puffapods on a far ledge.  Blast them, jump across, and go behind
    the tree for a chest with a Chocolate Frog.  Proceed back to the
    cauldron, and blast the Puffapods next to the wall in the back to
    reveal a blocked crawl space.  Remove the roots and go through.
    Now its time to save Ron, and fight the Whomping Willow.  It has two
    arm-like branches that it will try and flatten you with, and if it
    misses, the shockwaves from the impact can still knock you over and
    take health.  However, you need these arms to come out, because there
    is a small circular spot on each one that you need to hit with
    Flipendo to anger the tree, which will then allow you to target and
    hit the eye to damage it.  Every few hits, Hedwig will fly by with
    snacks to restore your health if you need them.  After a while, the
    tree will grab the car and start beating it on the ground.  Dodge
    these attacks and continue to aim for it's eye.  Four hits should
    knock it out for good.  It will release Ron, and your path to
    Hogwarts school is now clear.
    In the following cutscene, Harry and Ron arrive at the door, and
    start talking about Snape, who shows up behind them.  He's noticed
    the damage done to the Whomping Willow, and says he'll be speaking
    to Professor McGonagall.  He'll then tell you to go to the Gryffindor
    Common Room.  When you get control of Harry, proceed to the right and
    go back into the corner to find a Potion Vial Case, which can be
    turned in at the Gryffindor Message Board for House Points and a
    Wizards Card.  This is the first quest from the Board, and you can
    complete it without even going to the Board to get it.  Now turn
    around, and follow Professor Snape and Ron to Hogwarts.  Approach
    the double doors to the school and enter.  For now, just follow Ron
    through the rooms and up the stairs, entering the doors that he stops
    at.  This will get you to the Gryffindor Common Room.  Along the way,
    you'll meet Nearly-Headless Nick, and at the portrait of the Fat
    Lady, Hermione, who will give you the new password to enter the
    Common Room.
    Inside, Ron will tell you about Fred and George's shop.  Go through
    the reading room, sneaking behind the bookcases to avoid being seen
    by Percy, who will return you to the enterance to the room if he
    catches you.  At the end of the reading room is a portrait which you
    can move to get to the shop.  Crawl through and examine the wares
    that Fred and George are offering.  I suggest trying to buy a
    Wizards Card each time that you visit.  There is also a free card for
    the taking in the stall area to the right of where you entered.  Also
    for sale is the Alohomora spell book, and another Potions Vial.  Both
    of them are out of your price range right now, so you'll have to get
    them later.  After doing any shopping that you like, proceed to the
    stall area, and open the second to last one on the right.  Push the
    wall at the back of this stall to find a secret passage.  You'll see
    a chest with green slime on it.  You can't get to it yet, so just
    keep it in the back of your mind for later.  Proceed down the hallway
    to find a crawl space at the end.  This will put you back in the
    reading room.  Exit and go left to the main part of the Common Room.
    Ron will go to bed for the night.  You can talk to Hermione, Wood and
    Ginny, and walk up to the Message Board to the right of Hermione to
    turn in the Potion Vial Case, which will net you 10 House Points and
    a Wizards Card.  Take the stairs up to the bedrooms, and the next day
    will begin.
    4. Harry's First Day
    You start the day next to Harry's four-poster.  Move between the two
    beds on your right to find a chest with a Wizards Card.  Take it and
    proceed down the staircase to your left, back to the Common Room.
    Here you'll meet Ron, and find out what your first class will be.  Go
    read the Message Board to find out what the next item is for you to
    find.  I'll cover how to find all of them in a later section.  There
    is no need to go into the reading room right now, as Fred and George
    only sell items during the night. Exit the Common Room.
    There's a chance of three students standing outside the portrait of
    the Fat Lady.  If they're there, you can trade your Wizards Cards
    with them for other ones.  The girl offers you card number eighty-
    one, Quang Po, for number fourty-three, Cyprian Youdle.  The
    Gryffindor boy (robes with the red trim) offers you card thirty-six,
    Joscelind Wadcock, for card eighty-four, Roland Kegg.  The other boy
    offers card sixty-one, Havelock Sweeting, for number seventy-seven,
    Norvel Twonk.  You won't have any of these cards yet, so just keep
    this trio in mind for when you find one.
    You can get beans out of desks in classes that don't have benches in
    front of them, but otherwise, there's no point to go in the other
    rooms on this floor.  Exit through the main door to the Grand
    Ron is waiting at the landing for you.  When the stairs come up,
    follow him down to the sixth floor.  Go into the room here, and take
    the door in the back to enter a classroom with a Wizards Card just
    lying on the floor.  Take it and leave.  If you've followed me to
    this point, the Ancient Runes classroom will be empty except for
    Beans, so go down the stairs to the fifth floor, and enter the room
    in the back.  Here, there is a Wizards Card on the floor agian, and
    one in the chest right next to it.  Nothing left on this floor, so
    leave and head back down the stairs.  Head down to the second floor,
    and enter the Girls Bathroom (door on the left).  In the second stall
    on the left is a Wizards Card.  Leave and go down to the ground floor
    where Ron is waiting, and proceed through the Entrance Hall to meet
    Nick again, then on down the main stairs, and through the opening on
    the right side of them to find another boy to trade Cards with.  He
    offers you number two, Cornelius Agrippa, for number fifty-nine,
    Gregory the Smarmy.  You should have the card to complete this trade,
    and don't worry about the cards that you give up in trades.  All 
    cards that you trade to others can be gotten back at later stages of
    the game.  Now proceed to where Ron is standing at the entrance, and
    head outside.
    To your left are three more students that collect Wizards Cards, and
    will trade with you.  The boy will offer you card number twenty-
    three, Glenda Chittock, for number twenty-seven, Mirabella Plunkett.
    The girl closest to the school will offer card seventy-five, Mungo
    Bonham, for number thirteen, Andros the Invincible.  And the last
    girl offers number seventy-eight, Orsino Thruston, for number
    ninety-eight, Dymphna Furmage.  These students don't appear all the
    time, so if you don't see them right now, just come back during the
    day at some other point in the game.
    Follow Ron around the path to the right to reach the Flying Pitch,
    where you'll have your first lesson of the game.  A cutscene will
    begin where Madam Hooch will tease Neville about his flying, and
    call Harry out to assist her with the refresher course.  Here, you
    will get to set the controls for flying.  The first step is to fly
    up.  Which way you press the left analog stick will set how your
    controls are.  If you press down to move up, it will be set to the
    standard setting.  If you press up to move up, it will be set to
    reverse.  Return to hover above the ground to start the second part
    of the lesson.
    You now have to fly through the magical rings that appear above the
    Flying Pitch.  Use the left analog stick to direct your broom, and
    the X button to accelerate forward.  There are 13 or 14 rings to fly
    through, and you have plenty of time to go back if you miss any on
    your first time through.  Once you complete the course, you can
    take your flying exam.  You have two and a half minutes to fly
    through as many rings as possible.  Your grade in the class depends
    on how many rings you manage to fly through.  There are four sets of
    rings.  They are Green, Purple, Blue, and Red, and appear in that
    order on the course.  The first three sets are easy enough to get
    through.  The Red rings, however, will move around on you, either
    up and down, side to side, or in a circular motion.  These are the
    hardest to get through, but it can be done.  My personal best score
    is 102 rings.
    Advanced Flying and Broom Physics
    Apparently, a great deal of though went into the flying parts of the
    game.  I didn't notice it when I first played through, but finding
    out how many rings it took for each grade, I noticed that the broom
    was affected by outside forces, namely gravity and air.  Gravity
    causes the tip of the broom (where Harry is leaning) to point ever
    so slightly at the ground.  If you flew across the whole of the
    school, on even ground, you would be lower when you finished than
    when you started.  Air makes itself known by adding resistance to
    people in flight.  If you fly in a straight line, after a while the
    air will slow you down, causing Harry to sit up and stop moving.
    When this happens, you have to get all your speed back and make up
    lost time.  Now, to avoid having this happen, you can't go straight
    into the wind.  To do this, put gravity and air together.  Move ever
    so slightly in a downward direction as you fly, and every now and
    then, fly up a bit to stay on a fairly even level.  Kind of like
    doing a little wave in the air.  This is especially useful during
    your flying test, where every second could make a difference for
    some people.  I've noticed that when Harry sits up, you lose a good
    three seconds of time, which you could have gotten two more rings
    during.  Every few rings, just do a little wave in the air to
    reduce the effect it has on slowing you down, and you'll pass with
    no problem.
    Rings     Grade         House Points
    00 - 25   D             40
    26 - 50   C             50
    51 - 60   B             60
    61 - 70   A             70
    71 - 85   A+            80
    86+       Distinction   90
    After you take your exam, Ron will come up and say that he's going
    to bed because he is tired from flying.  After this, you are once
    again free to explore the grounds, or to return to your bedroom to
    turn in for the night.  Don't forget about the Message Board on the
    way to bed.  When you get to the bedrooms, or hit X in your
    Rememberall to end the day, a cutscene will play where Dumbledore
    adds up all the House Points gained during the day.
    5. Neville's Toad
    You wake up in the middle of the night for this quest.  Go down to
    the Common Room, where Hermione will tell you that Neville has
    gotten himself trapped behind a tapestry while searching for Trevor.
    She then instructs you to go to the Library to get a book on how to
    pull up Horklumps so you can get the severing charm from the
    Greenhouses.  Pay a visit to Fred and George to buy supplies if you
    need them, and then head out from the portrait of the Fat Lady.  Go
    to the left of the portrait and you'll find a locked door with a
    bookcase to the right of it.  You can crawl under this bookcase to
    find a shortcut to the fourth floor.  The only chest back here is
    currently unavailable to you, so run down the stairs (you might
    hear voices) and push the button at the bottom to enter the fourth
    floor.  Walk across to the bookcases on the other wall.  You can
    crawl under the one on the far right to find a secret passage down
    to the second floor.  Be careful back here.  The enemies will spit
    fire at you, but can be knocked over with Flipendo while they're
    trying to burn you.  There are two Wizards Cards lying about that
    you can pick up back here.  One is in a room off the main passage,
    and the other is at the bottom of the stairs.  You can't get out of
    here on the second floor right now, but you can get the cards.  Go
    back to the fourth floor and take the main stairs down to the
    second floor, and enter the Library.
    In the Library, you have to sneak past the Prefects.  If they catch
    you, they return you to the entrance, and sometimes deduct 5 House
    Points from your total.  Use the reading desks to hide as you make
    your way across the room.  The door you want to get to is on the
    left hand side in the back, in the shadowed recess.  If you need
    to, you can stun the Prefects with Flipendo for a few seconds.
    The main Library only holds one thing for you right now.  The book
    you're looking for, Marauding with Monsters, is directly across
    from the entrance.  Grab it, and head back through the room with
    the Prefects to the Grand Staircase, and head to the ground floor.
    Avoid the Prefects in the entrance hall, and head outside.  Dodge
    the Prefects here too, and head out towards the Greenhouses.  They
    are between Hagrid's Hut and the exit from the Whomping Willow's
    area.  Be careful in the misty areas, as Gystrashes will appear
    and attack you.
    Enter the Greenhouse area.  There's no reason to enter the buildings
    along the walls of this area unless you need Beans.  Follow the path
    around to the back of the main building.  You'll find the door
    locked, but to the right are three Horklumps blocking a crawl space.
    Remove them, and crawl inside.  Take out the two Horklumps and the
    vine on the right, and move along to get the Diffindo spell book.
    There's two vines, a Horklump, and a Wizards Card on the other side
    of the spellbook, and a Wiggenweld Cauldron in the center of the
    room.  With Diffindo, make your way back to the Gryffindor Common
    Room, dodging Prefects along the way.
    When you reach the second floor, you'll find Nick has been turned
    to stone.  Professor McGonagell will find you, and take you to
    Dumbledore's office, where a cutscene will take place.  Dumbledore
    will say he believes that Harry didn't do it, and send him on his
    way.  You'll find yourself on the third floor now.  Go up to the
    seventh floor, and into the Common Room.  Cast Diffindo on the
    curtain next to Hermione to free Neville.  You'll be given a free
    Wizards Card, and there is another one in the room where Neville
    was trapped.  Harry tries to explain the attack on Nick to
    Hermione, but she walks off to bed.  It's time for you to do the
    same, so end the day.
    6. The Parselmouth
    The day begins in your bedroom.  Heading downstairs, Hermione will
    tell you that the class for the day is Defense Against the Dark Arts
    on the third floor.  Follow her out and down to the third floor, and
    enter the classroom.  Inside, Lockhart will tell you that this term,
    he will be covering dueling, and then send Harry on the Expelliarmus
    Challenge behind one of his portraits.  The point here is to make
    your way through the dungeon and find the Expelliarmus Charm.
    In the circular room that you will start in, push the button to your
    right side.  This will release a lot of floating orbs from the fire.
    To defeat these, target them and blast them with Flipendo.  They
    will come forward, and then rush you with spikes out to attack you.
    Just dodge them and destroy them all.  Once that is done, you can
    now climb up on the walls where the buttons were.  Do the left side
    of the room first, and you will come to a Gryffindor tapestry on the
    wall.  Cast Diffindo on it, and it will fall down, revealing a door.
    Inside the next room is a Wiggenweld Cauldron.  Fill up if you need
    it.  On the ledge on the right side of the first room is another
    door.  Go through this one now.
    You're now in a room with four lava pits in the floor, and a ramp
    leading up around the room.  On the right wall is a button that
    will make a spiked ball fall out of the ceiling.  Release it, and
    start heading up the ramp.  When you reach a block in the path,
    turn and target the spiked ball.  Cast Diffindo on it, and the
    chain will break, dropping the ball into the lava pit.  This will
    make the wall blocking your way sink into the ground a bit, and
    reveal another button behind it.  Push this button to drop the
    next spiked ball, and repeat the process.  After you drop this one
    into the lava, the button for the next ball will be behind a cage.
    Flipendo an Imp and drop it in the cage to reach the button.  After
    dropping the third spiked ball into the lava pits, the wall blocking
    you will sink all the way to the ground floor.  Return to the bottom,
    taking an Imp with you, and toss it in the cage to reach the button.
    This will make the platform raise and give you access to the last
    button and spiked ball.  When the last one has dropped into the lava,
    you will find a chest with a Chocolate Frog.  Eat it if you need it,
    and proceed through the door to the next room.
    In this room is a bridge with two spiked balls spinning across it,
    much too fast for you to get past.  To your right is a locked door,
    and to the left and right of the door are giant blocks.  Cast
    Diffindo at the strings holding up these blocks to make them fall,
    and slow down the spinning of the spiked balls.  Once both are
    gone, the spikes will be slow enough for you to pass.  Also, once
    the blocks fall, Imps will crawl out of holes in the walls behind
    where they were, so move quickly.  Proceed across the bridge to the
    next door.
    This large red room has two floors.  Follow the ground floor around
    until it leads you into a dead end, then jump up on the wall.  Now,
    make your way along the walls to the top.  To pass the fire-blowing
    statues, blast them with Flipendo to make them point up, then run
    past them.  Once you reach the last statue, go left for a Chocolate
    Frog, and then right to leave this room.  In the next room, cast
    Diffindo to make the spiked ball break the gate on the floor, and
    lower the floor in the room below.  Now jump down the pit that it
    rolled through to return to the main room, and enter the new door.
    In the final room, the Expelliarmus spellbook sits on a platform in
    the middle of a pit.  Carefully climb off the wall you're on, and
    get the spellbook.  Once you have it, assign it to a key now.  The
    pit will now be covered by a floor, and the Gargoyle statue will
    come to life.  Back away from it a bit, and when it casts it's spell
    at you, use Expelliarmus to send it back at it.  It can only be hurt
    by it's own spells.  You don't have to charge Expelliarmus for it to
    be effective.  Just cast the spell the second before you would get
    hit, and the spell will fly back at it's caster.  After several hits,
    the Gargoyle will start reflecting spells as well, and you will have
    to volley the spell back and forth a few times before it will hit the
    Gargoyle.  Nine hits and the statue will crumble, and you're free to
    leave the dungeon.
    When you return to the classroom, Lockhart will give you 40 House
    Points, and then says that he wants you to use Expelliarmus in a real
    duel.  Professor Snape will call Draco Malfoy forward, and tell him
    to duel with you.  The first duelist to hit the other five times will
    be the winner.  Crossing the blue flames that divide you and your
    opponent will cause you to lose one health point.  Dueling is really
    very simple when you're fighting another human.  When you reflect
    their spell back at them, keep them targeted.  When they're about to
    get hit, cast Diffindo on them to distract them, and they won't be
    able to block the spell.  This makes it very easy to win this duel
    without a scratch.  Draco, humiliated by his defeat, will yell
    "Serpensortia," which will summon a snake to attack.  However, it
    goes after the rest of the class.  Harry speaks in a different
    language and tells the snake to leave them alone, and it vanishes.
    Hermione then tells you that you're a Parselmouth, and that you can
    talk to snakes.  She says it's a big deal because Salazar Slytherin
    was known for the same ability, and his heir would likely be able
    to do so as well.  Since the heir is the only person that could
    open the Chamber of Secrets, it makes Harry look like he's the one
    to blame for the attack on Nick.  Ron tells you that you have
    Quidditch practice next, so leave the school and follow the main
    path around to the left, and you'll eventually end up at the
    Quidditch Stadium.
    At practice, Wood will go over the basics of playing Quidditch with
    you.  Fly through the rings that the Golden Snitch leaves behind to
    charge your broom up, and fly faster.  Once you have charged it all
    the way, a trail of magical sparks will emit from it, and you can
    now use the Boost ability (hit square).  This will make you fly super
    fast, and is also the only way to get close enough to the Snitch to
    catch it.  Once you're close enough, the scene will change to show
    Harry flying along right behind the Snitch, his arm outstretched to
    catch it.  Hit X to attempt a catch while the Snitch is on the left
    side of the screen, and you'll get it.
    Now Wood will tell you that Hufflepuff is training as well, and he
    wants to play a practice game with them.  Now you'll have to dodge
    their Seeker, as well as the Bludgers.  They will bump you and slow
    you down, so just keep flying through the rings.  The faster you can
    catch the snitch, the better grade you will get.  After the game,
    Wood will give you your Nimbus 2000, and tell you to get in as much
    practice as you can.  A Distinction grade will get you 80 House
    After the game, you'll find Draco and friends taunting Ron and
    Hermione.  Ron says that Draco's dad got the whole Slytherin team
    Nimbus 2001s and made Draco Seeker.  Hermione said something about
    it, and Draco called her a Mudblood.  Ron says that if Hagrid didn't
    show up, he would have cursed them, but Hermione says it isn't worth
    it.  She then goes off to bed, and the day is over.  You can practice
    flying around now and explore Hogwarts, or turn in yourself.  Once
    you end the day, House Point totals will be calculated.
    7. Hogwarts: A History
    Once again, you wake up in the middle of the night.  Meet Hermione
    by the enterance to the Common Room, and she'll tell you that she
    wants you to sneak into the Library Restricted Section on the
    second floor and get her a copy of Hogwarts: A History.  Once again,
    you're playing errand boy for her.  As a last thought, she'll tell
    you to watch out for Prefects.
    On the second floor, enter the room all the way at the back.  Once
    in the Library, sneak by the Prefects and enter the door on the right
    in the back.  It's easy to find with it's golden glow.  In the next
    room, you have to dodge more Prefects in a more complicated maze.
    Flipendo them if you're having trouble, and enter the portrait at the
    far end of this room.
    Welcome to the Restricted Section, where you promptly get trapped in
    by bookcases.  You're now in a tall room, with books lining the walls
    as far up as you can see.  On the right wall of this room is a ladder
    that will lead you upwards.  Climb it to the first landing, then
    creep across the wall to the next ladder.  Watch out for the books as
    you creep along, as they'll knock you off the ledge.  On the fourth
    landing is a door instead of a ladder.  Enter it and proceed to the
    door at the end of the next room as well.
    In the large library, proceed to the right around the bookcases to
    find a door covered with green slime, and a chest with an Owl Treat
    in it.  Take the Treat, and proceed to the other side of the room to
    find a stand to call Hedwig at.  She has a note that basically tells
    you that Hogwarts: A History can only be viewed by appointment.
    Well, you're going to make your own appointment.  Give Hedwig the
    Owl Treat, and she'll fly across the room to release a ladder.  Go
    back to where the slime covered door was, and there will now be a
    ladder to the left of it.  Climb up the ladder, and turn around.
    Jump onto the ledge that is above the door, and then across onto the
    next bookcase.  Creep along the wall to the next bookcase, then
    cast Diffindo on the rope blocking the next ledge.  Move along this
    walkway and cast Diffindo again to remove the rope at the end.  Now
    jump across the bookcases and make your way to the copy of Hogwarts:
    A History on the pedastool.  Take it and a door will open.  Jump down
    and head to the left into the newly opened door.
    There will be slime blocking your way on the right, so go down the
    stairs on the left and through the door.  A bookcase will slowly be
    walking towards you.  Target it and hit it with Flipendo while
    dodging the books that it throws at you.  After a while, it will fall
    over.  Now grab the block that is right next to it, and move it back
    to where you started the fight.  Place it in front of the square
    bookcase to give yourself a step to climb up on.  Get on the book-
    case, and target the book flying in the air.  Use Flipendo to make it
    fall, then jump to the next bookcase top.  Repeat this process all
    the way across, dodging the ghosts as you go.  At the far end of the
    room is the Skurge spellbook.  Yes, it can be very difficult to get
    past this area.  Just keep trying.  Now return to the room that had
    the copy of Hogwarts: A History in it, and go to the left to find
    the slime covered door.  Use Skurge to remove the slime and proceed
    through the door.  Proceed through the room with the torches to a
    large circular room with four slime covered passageways and a barred
    Proceed through any of the slime covered halls by using Skurge, and
    Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle will appear.  Malfoy will send Crabbe off
    to fight you.  Behind each of the slime covered halls is a room with
    a button in it.  Each button removes one of the four bars blocking
    the exit door.  After hitting two button, you will face Crabbe in a
    duel.  Both of you have nine health this time.  Just use the same
    Expelliarmus/Diffindo tactic that you used against Malfoy to make
    sort work of him.  Draco will then send Goyle off to fight you.  He
    will appear after you hit the final two buttons.  Defeat him, then
    go through the now open exit door.
    Go down the stairs and into the next room.  A slime barrier will be
    blocking your way, so remove it with Skurge.  The door to leave is
    on the right past the slime, but it's barred.  Pull the block back
    through where the slime was, and to the base of the stairs.  Now pull
    it one space away from the stairs, and over to the wall on the left
    or the right.  Jump up on it and then onto the ledge above.  Cast
    Skurge to remove the slime, and then cast Skurge on the slime-covered
    switches to activate them.  Once you use both switches, the door will
    open.  Cast Lumos in the dark room behind the door to find a secret
    panel in the wall, then make your way past the Prefects back to the
    Grand Staircase, and then cast Diffindo on the tapestry across from
    the Girl's Bathroom.  Open the chest to get a Wizards Card.  Now go
    cut the tapestry that is next to the Library, and proceed down the
    hallway behind it and up the staircase.  At the top of the stairs,
    enter the room on the right, and take the small stairs to your left.
    Cast Skurge on the chest at the top to get a bigger Bean bag.  You
    can now carry 100 beans instead of 50.  Leave this room and continue
    down the hallway to the crawlspace leading to the fourth floor.  Go
    to the bookcase directly across from the crawlspace, and open it to
    find the secret passage to the seventh floor.  Go up the long spiral
    staircase, then through the crawlspace at the far end of the hallway.
    Enter the portrait of the Fat Lady, and you'll meet Hermione and Ron
    waiting for you.  Hermione will repeat what the book says about the
    Chamber of Secrets, which you can find out by just reading the book
    yourself when you pick it up.  Once the cutscene is finished, go
    pay a visit to Fred and George, and purchase the Alohomora spellbook.
    Exit through the secret passage in the bathroom, and cast Skurge on
    the slime covered chest to get a Wizards Card.  Then end the day.
    8. Avifors Challenge
    The day begins as usual in your bedroom.  Head down to the Common
    Room, and Harry and Ron will have their class conversation.  Today
    is Transfiguration, on the first floor.  Enter the secret passage
    to the right of the Fat Lady, then go into the room down the hall
    and on the right.  Cast Alohomora on the chest to unlock it and
    get the Wizards Card from inside.  Exit the passage on the fourth
    floor, and enter the History of Magic classroom.  You can now get
    the Wizards Card from the slime covered chest.  Walk down to the
    third floor, cast Diffindo on the wall tapestry, and use Alohomora
    to unlock the chest behind it, getting the Wizards Card within.  Now
    go back into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, and use
    Skurge to open the chest in it for yet another Wizards Card.  At the
    other end of the classroom is a locked chest with still another
    Wizards Card.  Get them both, leave, and head down to the first
    floor.  Explore it to find a slime covered chest with another Wizards
    Card around to the right of the stairs.  Now go back to where Ron is
    waiting and enter the Transfiguration class.  Professor McGonagall
    will demonstrate the Avifors spell, then call Harry forward to take
    the Avifors Challenge to get the spell.  Harry will then walk through
    Professor McGonagall, and enter the crawl space.
    You'll find yourself on a ledge in a large room.  On the far side is
    a Gargoyle statue, and Avifors stones to the far left and right of
    it.  Jump down to the ground and head to the right, casting Skurge
    to remove the slime from the passageway.  Enter and cast Skurge again
    to activate the lever on the ground.  Go to the other side of the
    main room and repeat.  This will open two gates in the center of the
    main room.  Enter the passageway on the ground floor where the two
    gates just opened, and cast Skurge to clear the way.  Head around to
    the right, following the hall, and go through the door at the end.
    In this next room, there is a small building-like structure in the
    middle.  Go to the right side of it, and you will see a slime-covered
    enterance.  Open it up, case Lumos on the right side of the room to
    reveal a secret door, and open it up.  Then jump on the block that
    you just pushed out of the way, and climb to the top of the structure
    you just exited.  Turn around and jump to the ledge on the wall.
    Follow these ledges around to the right, jumping the small gaps and
    creeping along the wall when you have to.  If the ghosts come towards
    you while you're against the wall, hit X to step forward, fall, and
    grab the ledge.  They can't hurt you while in this position, and just
    climb back up and continue once they pass.  Open the passageway at
    the end of the ledges with Skurge and continue through.
    The Avifors spellbook is in this room.  Read it, and set Avifors to a
    spell button.  Now turn to the left and cast Avifors on the glowing
    rock in the corner.  It will turn into a bird and move over to sit on
    a switch, where it will turn back into a rock.  The switch will make
    a platform to your right lower enough to climb up onto it.  Do so,
    and cast Avifors on the rock at the top.  The bird from it will go
    sit on another switch, and cause the platform on the other side of
    the room to lower.  Go climb up on it, and cast Avifors on the final
    rock to move it out of your way.  Enter the crawl space and look for
    a chest in the corner which contains a Chocolate Frog.  Get it and
    go up the stairs back towards the main room.
    You're now behind the Gargoyle statue.  Turn to the right or left,
    and jump across the gap.  Cast Avifors on the rock to move it to
    the other side of the room.  Now creep along the wall to the far
    side, and push the raised platform down to bridge the gap.  Return
    to the Gargoyle and do the same for the other side, moving both
    Avifors rocks out of the way.  Once you push the second platform
    down, you will have to fight the Gargoyle from the other side of
    the room.  He'll take nine hits before he crumbles to dust like all
    the others.  Defeat him to reveal the final Avifors rock.  Go to it
    and cast Avifors to make it move to the switch on the ground floor
    which opens the exit gate.  Now creep along the walls one last time
    and leave the dungeon.
    When you emerge from the crawl space, Professor McGonagall will give
    you 40 House Points, and dismiss the class.  Hermione congradulates
    you, and wishes you good luck with your Quidditch match, which Ron
    says is against Hufflepuff.  Leave the class and head to the Entrance
    Hall.  Be sure to collect Beans along the way for use at Fred and
    George's shop.  In the Entrance Hall, go down the main stairs and
    turn to the right.  Go into the passageway next to the stairs to find
    a locked chest at the end which contains a Potions Vial.  You can now
    carry two Wiggenweld Potions.  Now leave the school and head towards
    the Quidditch Stadium for your game.
    Quidditch is Quidditch.  This game is the same as the practice game
    you played against Hufflepuff, except now it's in front of the whole
    school.  Lee Jordan provides commentary as the game goes, and all
    you have to do is catch the Snitch.  Other players, bludgers, and the
    Hufflepuff seeker will run into you to slow you down, so dodge them
    if you can.  Slytherin will win their match against Ravenclaw once
    you finish your match.  After the game, Ron will congradulate you,
    and then run off to bed.  Turn in yourself for the daily House Point
    9. The Polyjuice Potion
    It begins as usual.  Harry has woken up in the middle of the night.
    Ron is at the stairs leading from the bedroom, and tells you that
    Hermione wants to meet you in the Girl's Bathroom on the second
    floor.  Before leaving the Gryffindor area, visit Fred and George
    to buy the final Potions Vial if you have 100 Beans.  Now head off
    to the second floor and the Girl's Bathroom.
    Hermione will tell Harry that they need to find out who the Heir of
    Slytherin is.  Harry thinks it might be Draco.  Hermione says that
    she has a Polyjuice Potion ready, and that she took a bit of Goyle's
    hair during Transfiguration.  She thinks that Malfoy would tell
    Harry anything if he was disguised as Goyle.  Harry drinks the
    potion, and turns into a duplicate of Goyle.  Hermione then tells
    you to find Malfoy in the Dungeons, so exit the bathroom and head
    to the Entrance Hall.  After going down the main staircase, the
    Dungeon down the stairs in the passageway on the right hand side.
    Avoid the Prefects and slip inside.
    You don't have to worry about Prefects in the Slytherin Dungeon.
    They apparently let their students wander freely, and will just say
    that Malfoy is looking for you (as Goyle).  Work your way through
    the maze to the back right corner.  There, enter the door and talk
    to Malfoy, who says he doesn't know who the Heir is, but he would
    help him if he did.  Harry slips away, claiming he's going to the
    hospital wing because of a stomach ache, as the Polyjuice Potion
    wears off.  Draco's none the wiser, so sneak back through the
    Slytherin Dungeon (the Prefects will attack Harry), and go back to
    the Girl's Bathroom on the second floor to report your findings.
    After the short cutscene, turn in for the night.
    10. Incendio
    Harry wakes up in the morning.  Head down to the Common Room and talk
    to Ron, who says you have Charms with Professor Flitwick on the
    second floor.  Head down to the second floor, and enter the last door
    on the right.  Professor Flitwick will tell you that today, you will
    be learning the Incendio spell, and call Harry forth to take the
    Incendio Challenge.  Harry will then enter the crawl space to the
    dungeon.  The timing required for some parts of this challenge makes
    it the hardest one in the game.  Just be patient and keep trying if
    you don't get it the first time through.
    Once you start, jump down to face a Gargoyle right away.  It's a very
    small arena for dueling, so be ready to cast Expelliarmus.  This is
    your standard nine hit Gargoyle.  After defeating it, proceed through
    the door it was blocking.  Follow the passageways along until you
    come to a small ledge with a switch on it in a large room.  Jump down
    to the left of this ledge to face a second Gargoyle.  The arena for
    this duel is very very small, so be on your toes with Expelliarmus.
    The Gargoyle will crumble after three hits, and reveal a rock that
    you can cast Avifors on.  Do so and enter the room through the gate
    that opened when you beat the Gargoyle.  There are a bunch of fire-
    spitting enemies in this room, so be careful and jump onto the ledge
    on the right hand side of the room.  Follow the ramps up to the
    walkway in the middle of the large room.  Jump down into the back
    room in the far corner (to the right of the blocked door) to fight
    another Gargoyle.  It's the same fight that you just did on the
    other side.  Defeat it, cast Avifors on the stone, and climb up the
    ramps in the other room.  You can now exit the room through the door
    at the far end on the walkways up top.
    In the next room is the Incendio spellbook.  Don't fall off as you
    walk across the bridge that leads to it.  Once you get Incendio, set
    it, and then cast Flipendo on the statue behind you that is now
    breathing fire.  Go to the right once you get across the bridge.  The
    next part requires you to move fast.  There are four large torches
    in the room.  You have to light them all with Incendio in order to
    open the gates and leave the room.  One torch is in each corner.
    Start with the torch to the right of the flame-breathing statue, and
    work your way around the room.  You will have to use fully charged
    Incendio spells for the torches to stay lit long enough to get all
    four burning.  Once it's done, proceed through the gate before one
    goes out and it closes again.  Go through the next few hallways back
    to the starting room, and the final challenge of the dungeon.
    If you look across the room, you'll see two fires on the ledge.
    These fires are blocking buttons that will turn off the fire that
    blocks the door out of the dungeon.  You'll have to hit one button
    at a time, because when you move one flame, it moves to the ledge
    on the side of the room that you're currently on.  Go down the stairs
    to your right.  See that large pillar?  Light the torch at the bottom
    of the stairs to make it sink into the floor, revealing a room behind
    where it was.  Go inside the room and you'll see a bunch of fire-
    breathers on the floor, and two faces on the wall.  One face has a
    fire burning in it's mouth, and one doesn't.  Cast Incendio on the
    one that doesn't have a flame, and one of the two flames in the main
    room will die and move to another location.  Now leave the room.
    When you exit, look to your left and right.  See those two statues?
    You're going to have to make them breathe fire, and point upwards, so
    you can get across to the button you just opened up.  Face the one on
    your left first, and cast a fully charged Incendio at it.  This will
    make it start to breate fire.  As soon as you release the Incendio
    spell, start charging Flipendo.  Release it once it's fully charged.
    Now turn around quickly and do the same to the other statue.  Once
    both statues are breathing fire upwards, run up the stairs, and turn
    left at the top.  Once you've crossed the grating in the floor, jump
    to your left to land on the first platform supported by the fire from
    the statue.  Immediately jump across to the next platform, then onto
    the ledge on the far side.  Hit the button and jump back down into
    the room.  You have to be fast for this part.  The first platform
    will be falling as you jump off of it, and the same for the second.
    If you mess up at some point, just wait and start over.  It can take
    a long time to get this part down.
    Go back into the room with the two faces, and cast Incendio on the
    one without a flame in it's mouth.  This will move the fire back in
    front of the button you just pushed.  Now go to the other side of
    the main room, and repeat the process.  After you move the flame
    from the button, use the statue on the right side first instead of
    the one on the left, because you're facing a differnt way now.  The
    process is still the same.  Once you hit the second button, the fire
    in front of the exit will die, and the final gate will open.  Leave
    the dungeon.
    Professor Flitwick will give you 40 House Points for completing the
    challenge, and then dismiss the class.  Ron will come up and tell
    you that you have a Quidditch match against Ravenclaw now.  Before
    leaving the class, cast Alohomora to unlock the chest in the middle
    of the room and get a Wizards Card from it.  Once you leave the room,
    cast Diffindo on the tapestry across the hall from you.  Enter the
    hall behind it, and go into the first room on the right.  Fill up
    your Wiggenweld Potions if you need to, and cast Incendio to burn
    the spider webs off of the chest to get another Wizards Card.  Go
    back out and return to the Transfiguration classroom on the first
    floor.  In the back, behind a blackboard, is another chest covered
    in webs.  Get a Wizards Card from it, then leave and go to the
    Entrance Hall.  Go directly across the hall, instead of taking the
    stairs on your left, and you'll go down a rounded set of stairs to
    find a door.  Go through it to find another web-covered chest with
    a Wizards Card.  Now leave the Entrance hall and go to the Quidditch
    Stadium for your match.
    After your match, Slytherin will win theirs.  You'll then meet Ron
    outside the stadium.  He's going to bed, tired from cheering.  Go
    ahead and end the day.  Dumbledore will calculate the House Point
    11. Tom Riddle
    Ron will come up to Harry later on in the evening with a book.  It
    is a diary belonging to a T. M. Riddle.  Ron says that Riddle was
    given a special services award fifty years ago.  Harry says that the
    diary is completely blank.  Harry goes to bed before everyone else so
    he can examine the diary.  Eventually the diary talks to him.  It
    says that it is Tom Riddle.  Harry then says he's at Hogwarts and
    that horrible things are happening, and asks if Tom knows about the
    Chamber of Secrets.  Tom says that in his fifth year, the Chamber was
    opened and a girl was killed.  He says that he caught the person who
    opened it and they got expelled.  Tom says that he can show Harry,
    if he likes.  Harry says ok, and Tom relives his memory of the night.
    Tom is talking with a young Hagrid, who asks him what he's doing down
    where they are.  Tom says that it's over, even though he doesn't
    think Hagrid meant to kill anyone, but that monsters don't make good
    pets.  Hagrid then says that his pet never killed anyone.  Tom still
    thinks it did, and says that Hogwarts should slaughter it for killing
    the girl.  Hagrid still insists that it didn't do it.  Tom and Hagrid
    then get into a fight over the pet, and it escapes.
    Harry tells Ron that it was Hagrid who opened the Chamber of Secrets
    fifty years ago, and for him to go tell Hermione.  Harry says he is
    going to go talk to Hagrid himself.  Make your way out of the school
    to Hagrid's Hut.  As Harry reaches for the door at Hagrid's Hut, it
    opens from the inside.  Harry jumps under the stairs as Lucius
    Malfoy, Hagrid, and Professor Dumbledore step out.  Malfoy apparently
    believes that it was Hagrid that has opened the Chamber of Secrets
    again, and says he'll have to be taken away.  Hagrid says he doesn't
    want to be sent to Azkaban, the wizard's prison.  Malfoy then says
    that Dumbledore is now suspended as Headmaster of Hogwarts.
    Dumbledore says that if the governors want him removed, he will step
    aside, but that he will have truly left Hogwarts only once no one
    there is loyal to him anymore.  He also says that help will be given
    to anyone at Hogwarts that asks for it.  Hagrid then says that if
    anyone wanted to find out some 'stuff,' all they would have to do is
    to follow the spiders.  He says that it is the key to the whole
    thing, and tosses a key by the stairs (apparently Hagrid and
    Dumbledore know that Harry is under the stairs).  Malfoy then says
    that they don't want to keep the Dementors waiting, and the three
    of them leave.
    Pick up the key that's in front of you, then go around back Hagrid's
    Hut.  Follow the spiders to the door, and enter the Forbidden Forest.
    The door was locked before, but Hagrid's key lets you get in.  The
    first thing you want to do once you're inside is make sure you have
    Incendio set to a spell button.  It will be your main spell in here,
    as it can defeat the spiders and burn their webs.
    Make your way through the forest, following the trail of small
    spiders on the ground.  The large spiders can be killed with a hit
    from Incendio.  Target them so the spell will follow them if they
    move away.  Once you reach the first giant cobweb, burn it with
    Incendio to open up a small cave.  Inside is a treasure chest with
    a Wizards Card in it.  Burn the webbing on the other side to
    continue.  Here, you'll find a new type of spider.  The green ones
    will chase you and jump at you.  The new brown ones will spit at
    you from a distance, and from up on walls, so watch out for them.
    Through the next web is a large room with a bunch of spitting
    spiders on the walls.  At the far end is a Chocolate Frog.  Eat
    it, and then burn the large web on the floor of the hill to get
    to the next area.
    You'll now meet Aragog, the spider that Hagrid was keeping as a
    pet fifty years ago.  It says that it didn't kill the girl, and what
    did, spiders are afraid of even mentioning it's name.  He then says
    that he's promised that his children won't hurt Hagrid, but he won't
    stop them from attacking you.  You now have to make your way out of
    his lair.
    Right once you start, small spiders will jump from Aragog's web to
    where, you're standing and attack you.  Blast them and proceed down
    the ramp in front of you.  If you turn to the right, the ramp keeps
    going down, and ends at a treasure chest with a Chocolate Frog in
    it.  Take the frog, and climb back up, then follow the trail around
    the trees.  Down in a corner of the next large area is a treasure
    chest with a Wizards Card.  Get it, then burn the webbing on the
    wall opposite the chest, and go through.  Up on a cliff you have to
    jump to is a chest with another Chocolate Frog in it.  Get it if you
    need it, then continue on.  You'll come to a cliff with spitting
    spiders on the far side of a pit.  To your left you'll find Aragog
    and his web.  Burn the corner of it, and he'll send more small
    spiders to where you are.  Deal with them and move on past where
    you just burnt his web.  Climb up the large stairs and burn the
    next section of his web.  He'll send more small spiders over.  Move
    on through, and you'll see a split in the trail caused by a pit in
    the ground.  Take the left hand side, killing spitting spiders as
    you go, until you come to the end of the path.  You now have to
    jump across the pit onto the other side.  Clear it of spiders first,
    then make the leap.  A few steps to the left and you'll be at another
    pit.  Jump to the platform on the left, and then walk to the back of
    it.  You can climb up back here to find a chest with a Wizards Card.
    Get it, then slowly climb back down the cliff you just came up.
    Jump across to the next area and burn the web blocking the way.
    In this next room, you'll see a bunch of strands of web running from
    above you to the ground.  If you touch one, a spider will race down
    it and attack you.  The music will also stop and you can hear Harry's
    heartbeat.  Also, as soon as you kill one of the spiders on the
    ground, one will drop from above to replace it.  Move along the
    right side of the room, and then walk across the branch to the left
    side when you reach it.  You can use the Zoom buttons to see the
    strands of webbing in the air so you don't run into them.  Getting
    off the log is hard because there are webs connected to the far end
    of it.  Run through them, turn right when you hit the wall, then
    turn left and run up the ramp to a treasure chest.  Turn and kill
    any of the spiders that are following you.  Alternatively, if you
    have steady fingers, you can try and sneak through the webs without
    disturbing them.  It's possible, but hard to do.  In the chest is a
    Chocolate Frog.  Now proceed back to where the large web blocks your
    path, and burn it to proceed.
    In the tunnel, you'll come across a chest with another Chocolate
    Frog in it.  Burn the web to the left of the chest, and keep walking
    along.  You're now far below Aragog's web, and a new type of spider
    is on the cliffs ahead.  It's silver, and will spit a paralyzing
    attack at you.  Kill it and the others off quickly, then move past
    where they were.  You'll come across another web barrier to be burnt
    out of your way.  Go past it, and move up the hill to another
    Chocolate Frog in a box.  Get it, and continue moving up the hills.
    At the top are a bunch of Puffapods, and part of Aragog's web on
    your right.  Burn it, and kill the small spiders that jump over to
    you.  Stand were the webbing was, and kill the spiders on the cliff
    to your right, then remove the Puffapods blocking your progress.
    You'll now have to creep along a narrow ledge on the wall.  Once on
    the other side, kill the spiders in the room and proceed up the
    ramp on the outside wall.  Burn the piece of Aragog's web, kill his
    spiders he sends, and move to the next room.  Kill the spiders on
    the wall, and look for the chest to your right, hidden in the bushes,
    with a Chocolate Frog in it.  Hidden in the bushes in front of that
    chest is another one, this time with a Wizards Card.  Get them, and
    burn the final piece of Aragog's web.  The web will no longer be able
    to support his weight, and Aragog will fall into the pit.  As Harry
    stands there watching, the rock ledge he's standing on gives way,
    and he tumbles down as well.
    You're now trapped at the bottom of the pit with Aragog, who isn't
    very happy.  He'll charge at you, and stomp on the ground to send
    out a shockwave that will knock you over.  He will also spit poison
    once he's taken enough damage.  The only spell that will hurt him is
    Incendio, and he has to be rearing back on his hind legs, exposing
    his belly, to be hit.  When you hit him, there's a chance of a sac
    of items (Beans, Wizard Treats, etc.) falling down, or a spider
    might fall from above and attack you.  Cast Incendio to break the
    sac and get the items.  Every other hit, Aragog will pace along
    the outside of the room before roaming around it again.  After eleven
    hits, Aragog will charge Harry, but Ron will show up in the flying
    Ford, and get Harry out.  After you're back on Hogwart's grounds,
    hit X in your Rememberall to end the day.
    12. Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
    Harry ends up sleeping in, and realizes that he's late for the
    Quidditch match against Slytherin.  Enter the classroom where the
    Gryffindor Prefect is walking on the seventh floor, and remove the
    slime and spider webs from the treasure chests to get two Wizards
    Cards.  Heading down the Grand Staircase, you'll meet Hermione and
    Ron on the second floor.  Ron says he's wore out from last night.
    Harry hears the voice again, saying that it's going to kill this
    time, and Hermione runs off to the Library.  Ron tells you to get
    moving to your Quidditch match, so follow his advice and head to the
    stadium.  If you've managed to win your other two matches, and can
    beat Slytherin here, you will win the Quidditch Cup.
    Ron meets you outside the stadium, and says that he hasn't seen
    Hermione since she went to the Library that morning.  He then goes
    off to bed.  Go ahead and end the day.  Dumbledore will then total
    up the House Points.  Yes, it's a very short day.
    13. The Chamber of Secrets
    When you go down to the Common Room, Ron shows up and says that he
    was in Professor McGonagall's office, and then went to see Hermione.
    Professor McGonagall told him that his sister Ginny is missing, and
    no one has been able to find her.  He then says that it's worse, that
    Hermione was attacked and petrified.  She was found outside the
    Girl's Bathroom on the second floor.  She had a piece of paper in her
    hand that she ripped out of a library book (bad Hermione) about
    Basilisks, giant snakes that live for hundreds of years, and that can
    kill just by staring someone in the eyes.  Spiders apparently don't
    like them, and run when one is near.  Ron then says that Hermione
    wrote the word 'pipes' at the bottom of the page.  Harry realizes
    that he's been the only one able to hear the Basilisk because it's
    a giant snake, and he's a Parselmouth.  Ron thinks Ginny might be
    in the Chamber of Secrets, because no one knows were it is.  Harry
    then realizes that the Basilisk has been moving through the school's
    plumbing, and not out in the halls where it would be seen.  They
    then come to the conclusion that the entrance to the Chamber of
    Secrets is probably in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom on the second
    floor.  Harry says that he will head to the second floor first,
    and for Ron to join him there.  Head down to the Girl's Bathroom.
    Inside, head for the stalls area, and Harry will ask Myrtle how she
    died.  She says she was hiding because she was insulted, and someone
    entered the bathroom.  She heard a boy speaking another language,
    went to go tell him to leave, and died.  She says all she remembers
    was seeing big eyes by the sinks.  Ron shows up and tells Harry to
    say something in Parseltongue.  Harry tells the sinks to open up,
    but Ron says it was English.  Harry tries again, and this time the
    sinks slide away to the corners of the room, revealing a passage
    down.  Harry then jumps in.  When you appear in the dungeon, walk
    forward past all the snake heads.  The doors will slide shut behind
    you, and Harry will see Ginny lying on the ground.  Tom tells him
    that she won't wake, but she's still alive.  Harry tells Tom about
    the Basilisk, and asks him to help get Ginny out.  Tom says the
    Basilisk will only come when it's called for.  He says that Ginny
    is like this because she was writing in his diary.  He grew stronger
    from it until he was able to control her and make her open the
    Chamber of Secrets.  She wrote the message on the wall and made the
    Basilisk attack Nick and Hermione.  She wrote about Harry in the
    diary, and Tom decided to show him the memory of Hagrid to gain
    his trust.  Harry realizes that Tom framed Hagrid.  Tom admits it,
    but wants to know how Harry defeated the greatest wizard of all time.
    Harry asks why he cares, and Tom says that he is Lord Voldemort.  He
    claims to be the greatest sorcerer in the world, but Harry says that
    Dumbledore is the greatest.  Voldemort says that Dumbledore was
    driven out because of him, but Harry denies it.  Voldemort decides
    that it's time to have the Basilisk fight Harry.  Harry braces for
    an attack once the Basilisk appears, but it doesn't come.  Fawkes
    appears and drops a sword to the ground, then starts diving at the
    Basilisk and rips it's eyes so it can't see.
    You'll now have control of Harry.  The Basilisk will move in and out
    of the six holes on the sides of the room, occasionally rearing up
    to spit acid at you.  Take the sword.  It will replace all your spell
    buttons.  Then wait for the Basilisk to rear up and spit acid.
    Target the little diamond on it, charge the sword, and attack.  Use
    the left analog stick to direct the lightning bolt from the sword so
    it hits the diamond on the Basilisk.  This will hurt it.  It will
    then slither madly about the room.  You can't hit it while it is
    moving on the floor.  It takes four hits to kill the Basilisk.  Once
    it's dead, it falls down, and it's tooth stabs the diary.  Voldemort
    vanishes, and Ginny wakes up.  She says that she wanted to tell Harry
    that it was her behind the attacks, and that she didn't mean it,
    because Voldemort made her.  Harry says that it's ok because
    Voldemort is gone.  Then they leave the Chamber of Secrets.
    14. The Last Day of Term
    Hermione, Ron, and Ginny are standing at the entrance to the Great
    Hall when Harry comes down the stairs.  Harry asks Hermione how she's
    feeling, and she says she's better, but disappointed that Professor
    McGonagall cancelled this year's exams.  She then says that the House
    Cup is about to be awarded in the Great Hall.  Ron hopes that you
    have enough House Points to beat Slytherin for the second year in a
    row.  Hermione says they'll go in once Harry is ready.  If you need
    more house points, now is the last chance to get them.  If you don't,
    enter the Great Hall for the ceremony.  You can now also enter the
    Slytherin Dungeon to get the chest that you couldn't as Goyle, which
    contains a Wizards Card.  Fred and George also have their shop open
    if you need to do any last minute shopping.
    Dumbledore will present the House Cup to the house with the most
    House Points, and then you will find yourself in his office.  Mrs.
    Weasley will be happy that Ginny is safe, and then Harry will explain
    everything that happened, from hearing the voices, how Hermione
    figured out he was hearing the Basilisk in the pipes, how he and Ron
    had taken Hagrid's hint and met Aragog in the Forbidden Forest and
    found out where the girl was killed fifty years ago, how they figured
    out that it was Moaning Myrtle, and that the entrance to the Chamber
    of Secrets was in her bathroom.  Hermione asks how they got out of
    the Chamber alive, and Harry says it had to do with loyalty and
    friendship.  Ron adds that it took courage as well.  Dumbledore then
    explains that fifty years ago, Tom Riddle had enchanted his diary,
    and it in turn enchanted Ginny when she got it from Lucius Malfoy in
    Flourish and Blotts at the beginning of the school year.  Once again,
    Harry is truly The Boy Who Lived.
    The End.
    The game will now return to the title screen.  No credits at all.
    You can continue from your last save file to keep playing if you
    Side Quests
    1. Gryffindor Message Board
    The very first quest that you will get from the Message Board, you
    can complete before even reaching the board.  When Ron and Harry
    get caught by Professor Snape after defeating the Whomping Willow,
    you will start at the end of the path to Hogwarts.  Simply turn to
    the right, move towards the Greenhouse wall, and look to the corner
    at the right.  The Potion Vial Case is hidden here.  Pick it up,
    and you can turn it in when you first reach the Message Board,
    getting an easy 10 House Points and a Wizards Card.
    The second quest from the Message Board is to find a Gryffindor
    Merit Badge.  This is very easy to find.  Just go to the Flying
    Pitch, stand in front of Madam Hooch and face the same direction,
    and walk towards the building.  You should see the Badge on your
    left next to the building.  If not, follow the edge around, and
    you'll run across it.  Turn it in for 10 House Points and another
    Wizards Card.
    The third item, a Telescope, was dropped from the Astronomy Tower,
    and was last seen somewhere on the rooftops.  Head outside the
    school, and hop on your Nimbus 2000.  Fly straight up from the
    double doors leading inside, to the very top of the roof.  There
    should be a large area up top, with the Telescope tucked away in
    a corner next to a tower.  Alternatively, you can take the wooden
    door in the Cloisters area to the top of the school, and fly from
    where you come out to the tower directly in front of you to find
    the Telescope.  Return it for 10 House Points and a Wizards Card.
    Lost: Toad, answering to the name of Trevor.  Neville's lost his toad
    again, and this time you get to find him.  He was last seen near the
    Greenhouses, so head outside and over that way.  Trevor's in the area
    between the Greenhouse and where you first entered Hogwarts from the
    Whomping Willow's area.  You'll have to knock him out with Flipendo
    before you can pick him up.  Take him back to the board for 10 House
    Points and a Wizards Card.
    Item number five is a set of Measuring Scales.  They were last seen
    by, surprise, Hagrid's Hut, the number one spot at Hogwarts to find
    missing items.  You'll find the Scales behind Hagrid's Hut, next to
    the wall of the Forbidden Forest.  Take them back for your usual
    reward of 10 House Points and a Wizards Card.
    Finding a Wizards Hat will be your next task.  It was lost during
    a broomstick ride to the Quidditch Stadium.  There's one great place
    to hide items between the school and the Stadium, and that's in the
    grove of trees.  Look inside them to find the Hat, and return it for
    10 more House Points and yet another Wizards Card.
    Next up, a missing pair of Dragon Hide Gloves.  They were last seen
    by the lake.  To find the Gloves, head to the Confiscated Items
    Storeroom, and fly around to the right.  There is a little walkway
    down on the ground.  The gloves are on it near the end.  Get them,
    and head back to the Message Board for your reward.
    Someone's now lost their copy of 'Gadding With Ghouls,' and says it
    could be anywhere on the school grounds.  You could spend a lot of
    time looking for the book if you're not a bit creative.  To find it
    easily, go to the Confiscated Items Storeroom, and face across the
    bridge towards the Flying Pitch.  There is a small grassy area on
    the right hand side that you can fly to.  The book is hidden back in
    there.  Get it and turn it in for 10 House Points and a Wizards Card.
    Now missing is a copy of 'Holidays With Hags,' which fell out of an
    Owl Post package, so it could be anywhere on the school grounds.  To
    make a long search short, go outside from the Entrance Hall, through
    the tunnel, and turn right past the little tree.  Follow the castle
    wall around, and you'll eventually find the book laying on the
    ground.  Grab it, and return to the Message Board to turn it in for
    10 House Points and a Wizards Card.
    The last missing item posted on the Message Board is Lee Jordan's
    pet Tarantula.  He believes that it's wandering behind the Greenhouse
    area.  Not inside the Greenhouses, but behind.  Head towards the
    Greenhouse walls from Hagrid's Hut, and move to the left corner.
    There's a small crawl space hidden back here, which leads behind
    the Greenhouses.  Sure enough, the Tarantula is back here.  Knock
    it out with Flipendo so you can pick it up, then return to the
    Message Board for your final 10 House Points and Wizards Card reward.
    2. Helping Gryffindors
    The first part of this series of quests can be started as soon as
    your first day at Hogwarts begins.  Outside the school's main
    entrance is a Gryffindor boy who's mother sent him a package of
    robes by Owl Post, but the owl dropped the package.  He says it's
    somewhere on the grounds.  When you accept the quest, he tells you
    that someone saw a parcel near the lake, and to bring it to him if
    you find it.  To get to the lake, follow the dirt path away from
    Hogwarts, and take the branches to the left.  Eventually, the path
    will lead to the Quidditch Stadium, and there will be a grove of
    trees on the left of the path.  Go past this grove towards the
    lake, and you can see Hogwarts on the cliff above you.  Follow the
    cliff around to the lake to find the package, and return it to the
    student that lost it.  He'll thank you, and say that Neville, who
    is over by Hagrid's Hut, could use your help as well.
    Neville has lost his Rememberall, and wants you to find it for him.
    He has no clues as to where it might be.  If you head back into the
    school, once you exit the entrance tunnel, look for a brick path on
    your right.  Follow it along the wall to a small tree, and the
    Rememberall will be lying on the ground in front of it.  Take it
    back to Neville.  He'll tell you that someone over by the Flying
    Courtyard could use your help.
    A Gryffindor student out in the Flying Pitch has lost his Potions
    Vial, and is afraid of going to see Professor Snape without it.  He
    has no clues as to where it could be found, so you'll have to start
    looking on your own.  Head towards Hagrid's Hut and the Greenhouse.
    In between the two are a bunch of bushes and trees.  The Potions
    Vial is right in front of the trees next to the Greenhouse wall, in
    what looks like a bed of leaves.  Get it and return it to the student
    that lost it.  He'll tell you that he thinks someone at the Quidditch
    Stadium wants to race you.
    There's a Gryffindor student waiting at the drawbridge to the
    Quidditch Stadium.  Talk to him, and he'll ask you to race him to the
    trees and back.  Run around the right side of the trees, then back to
    where the student was standing to beat him.  He'll congradulate you
    and tell you that someone in the Cloisters could use your help.
    The Cloisters area is the big open area with the single tree in the
    middle of it.  The student (who looks a bit like Ron) is in the back
    corner.  He's lost his copy of The Daily Prophet, and he wants to
    read an article in it about the Quidditch World Cup.  He's got no
    hints about where it could be located, so you're searching blind
    again.  However, your search shouldn't take too long.  Just head
    over to Hagrid's Hut (you must not be the only person that visits) to
    find the paper on the right side, just a bit past the axe in the
    stump.  Grab it and take it back to it's owner.  He says that Neville
    needs your help agian over in the Flying Pitch.
    Mr. Longbottom is along the back wall of the Flying Pitch.  Poor guy
    can't get his spells straight.  He was practicing levitating some of
    his crockery, and now it's stuck on the roof.  Offer to give him a
    hand, and he'll of course have no clue where the crockery is.  Well,
    he wasn't practicing his spells in the Flying Pitch, but all the way
    out at the entrance the school grounds.  There are two small towers
    at the front of the school, and Neville managed to get his crockery
    stuck on the building between them.  There's eight pieces in all, so
    make sure you get every last one.  Return them, and Neville says that
    someone back at the main entrance could use your help now.
    This poor Gryffindor student is collecting Mandrake Roots for
    Professor Sprout, probably to help with the de-petrification potions.
    He wants three roots.  Head over to the area between the Greenhouse
    and Hagrid's Hut to find the roots.  There are six roots in the
    wooded area here.  Collect three and take them back.  He'll give you
    the key to the Confiscated Items Storeroom, which is past the Flying
    Pitch.  You can collect all six roots if you want, but you'll get
    nothing extra for it.  Inside the Storeroom are seven treasure
    chests, which contain six Wizards Cards (less if you haven't been
    doing the card trading with students) and a Bean bag that can hold
    200 beans.
    This is the end of this line of quests, as no students around the
    school grounds have lost anything else (thankfully).
    Mini-games can only be done after defeating the Basilisk, except for
    the Gnome Dunking.  It has been said that this can be done at night
    as well, but I can not confirm nor deny this currently.
    1. Gnome Dunking at the Lake
    To toss a few Gnomes into the drink, proceed down to the lake.  You
    should see three bushes near the shore.  Gnomes run to and from these
    bushes, charging you if you get too close.  Knock them out with
    Flipendo, and toss them into the lake.  The more you toss in, and the
    farther they go, the better.  Treasure chests appear on the bank next
    to the bushes when you toss in three, seven, and twelve Gnomes.You
    can get up to three Cards here for your collection.  After three,
    no more chests will appear.
    2. Gnome Ring-toss
    Gnome Ring-toss is played on the roof of school buildings.  The
    object is to toss three gnomes into floating, multi-colored rings
    that hover over the school yards.  Getting a Gnome through the Red
    ring will gain you five points.  The Blue ring is worth ten.  And
    the Yellow ring is worth 15 points.  If you manage to throw the
    Gnome through two rings, the points for the rings are added together
    and then doubled.  When you manage to beat the record you'll get a
    Wizards Card.
    Gnome Ring-toss #1:  This game is located on the rooftops between
    the Flying Pitch and the Cloisters area.  The price to play is five
    Beans, and you have to beat a score of 10.
    Gnome Ring-toss #2:  This game is located on the opposite side of
    the Cloisters area from the first, on one of the two tall towers.
    This one is a bit harder because the Yellow ring moves around now.
    Price per game is 10 Beans, and you have to beat a score of 15.
    Gnome Ring-toss #3:  Located in the same area that Neville's crockery
    was at on the towers in front of the school.  There are now two
    moving Yellow rings, one really fast, the other very slow.  The price
    per game here is 15 Beans, and you have to beat a score of 20.
    Gnome Ring-toss #4:  Find this game on top of the tower at the far
    end of the Flying Pitch, closest to the Quidditch Stadium.  It has
    the same ring setup as the third Gnome Ring-toss game.  The price
    to play is 30 Beans, with a score to beat of 25 points.
    Gnome Ring-toss #5:  This final game is located atop the main school
    building.  The same basic ring setup from the last two games makes
    another appearance here.  Playing will cost you 50 beans, and you
    have to beat a score of 30 points.
    3. Broom Racing
    This is by far my favourite mini-game.  Find students located on
    top of the school buildings, and some will challenge you to a race
    on your broom.  Racing is done much the same way Quidditch is played.
    Fly through the magic rings around the school, gaining speed for each
    ring.  The objective is to reach the Green ring at the end of the
    course first.  You can try and knock your opponent off course, and
    he will do likewise to you.  Each race can be done three times, and
    you'll get a Wizards Card for each race won.
    Broom Racing #1:  This race is located on the small towers in front
    of the school, in the same area where Neville's crockery was.  It
    costs five Beans a race.  The first race course heads out towards the
    Greenhouse, then turns left towards the Quidditch Stadium.  It then
    loops around the grove of trees to head back to where the student
    was that challenged you.  The second course heads out over the
    Flying Pitch, over the lake towards the Quidditch Stadium, and then
    towards the Greenhouse before heading back to the start.  The third
    race starts off towards the Greenhouse before doubling back on itself
    to run along the side of the school.  It then goes over the Cloisters
    area and turns out onto the Flying Pitch, where the finish line is
    Broom Racing #2:  This race is located on the large tower you run
    into if you walk across the Flying Pitch on the path.  It's ten Beans
    per race.  The first course heads out over the lake, and does a large
    loop across it to finish up on the opposite side of the tower.  The
    second course runs the same beginning that the first one did, then
    moves into the ditch between the Flying Pitch and the Confiscated
    Items Storeroom.  It circles around this building and finishes in
    the same place as the first race, forming a large figure-eight.  The
    final race starts off the same as the first two, but doubles back on
    itself and runs along the cliff next to the Flying Pitch, then in a
    loop around the grove of trees next to the Quidditch Stadium.  It
    then goes up over the main courtyard area, and up to the top of the
    main Hogwarts Tower, then back down to where you started to finish.
    Broom Racing #3:  To find this race, look for a small ledge between
    two buildings above the Cloisters area.  It costs twenty Beans to
    race here.  The first course heads off towards the Confiscated Items
    Storeroom, heads up around it and the large circular tower, then
    quickly over the Flying Pitch, and finishes over the Cloisters area
    where you started.  The second race starts under a bridge, then its
    off over the lake, up over the top of the school, then out onto the
    Flying Pitch before heading back over the lake, then down the ditch
    next to the Flying Pitch, under the starting bridge again, and ends
    over the water next to the dock area.  The third course begins over
    the bridge that the second began under, and runs around the docks,
    along the side of the school, heads up over the Cloisters area and
    the Flying Pitch, back out over the water, past the docks again, and
    finishes in the ditch next to the Flying Pitch.
    Broom Racing #4:  Find this race on the large area right before the
    steps that lead down to the dock.  The price per race is thirty
    Still Missing Cards?
    Here are a few places that you might not have looked yet:
    *Inside the Confiscated Items Storeroom
    *In a broken window above the Confiscated Items Storeroom.
    *Make sure you traded with every student.
    *Check classrooms and with Fred and George after making trades.
    *Make sure you've done every mini-game.
    *Double check all the torch areas around the school.
    Once you have 100 Cards, find Professor Dumbledore outside his office
    on the third floor.  Talk to him, and he will give you Card number
    100, the Harry Potter Card.
    Credits and Thanks
    J.K. Rowling - for coming up with Harry Potter to begin with, and
    providing us with such a great place to let our imagination wander
    EA Games/Warner Brothers - for providing us with such a great game
    to play.  I only ask that the next ones be even better, and longer.
    This game would be perfect if it was about twice as long.
    Stephania Cross - for getting me into Harry Potter in the first
    place.  I would have never have had a reason to write this FAQ
    without her.
    Su-Eun Yin - for providing an excellent guide to all 101 Famous
    Witches and Wizards Cards.  A lot of the Card info in here came from
    her guide.
    John Williams - for, as always, coming up with such brilliant music
    to perfectly compliment the movie, and for being a great listen in
    and of itself.
    Several bands for keeping me sane during hours of testing and re-
    testing different things in the game for thoroughness and the most
    accuracy that I could get.  These include Blind Guardian, Grave
    Digger, Hammerfall, and Morgoth.
    This guide has been written solely for GameFAQs.
    Copyright Info
    Harry Potter, characters, names, and related indicia are trademarks
    of and copyright (c) Warner Bros.
    Harry Potter Publishing Rights copyright (c) J.K. Rowling.
    Anglia is a trademark owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company.
    Wizards Card info (c) Copyright 2002 Su-Eun Yin
    This document copyright (c) 2002, 2003 Sean Monroe

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