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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Shadow X

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 10/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    [Name: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus]
    [System: PS2]
    [Author: Dark Shadow X]
    [Date: 10/14/02]
    [Version: 3.0]
    - - !!!ATTENTION!!!
     - Paris: Police Headquarters
     - Tide of Terror
         - A Stealthy Approach
         - Prowling the Grounds
         - Into the Machine
         - High Class Heist
         - A Cunning Disguise
         - The Fire Down Below
         - Gunboat Graveyard
         - Treasure in the Depths
         - The Eye of the Storm
     - Sunset Snake Eyes
         - A Rocky Start
         - Muggshot's Turf
         - Boneyard Casino
         - At the Dog Track
         - Murray's Big Gamble
         - Back Alley Heist
         - Straight To The Top
         - Two to Tango
         - Last Call
     - Vicious Voodoo
         - The Dread Swamp Patch
         - The Swamp's Dark Center
         - A Grave Undertaking
         - Piranha Lake
         - The Lair of the Beast
         - Descent into Danger
         - A Ghastly Voyage
         - Down Home Cooking
         - A Deadly Dance
    - - SECRETS
    - - USER TIPS (NEW!)
    - - CREDITS
    It has been brought to my attention by Sucker Punch that there is a certain
    glitch in the game that happens because of certain memory cards or gameshark
    devices messing the game up.
    "The problem surfaces when the user has some non-authorized  memory cards, or
    some utilities like the Gameshark installed.  Here's what we do know:
     1.  The problem manifests itself as an inability to use the circle button to
    grab ladders, hooks, pipes, etc.  In addition, you seem to lose a key from your
    total--meaning you won't be able to open a particular lock when you should be
    able to.  Most often these problems will be seen in the first level of
    Raleigh's World, and people have complained they cannot grab the hook before
    going over the gate, or that they cannot open the gate at the end of the level.
     2.  In all cases we've investigated thus far, removing the additional
    accessory has returned the game to normal.  Note that three Sly Cooper save
    games fit into 59K of memory, so the save game will consume just a tiny
    fraction of any PS2 memory card."
    +++++GAME BASICS+++++
    Sly Cooper uses a cane as his main weapon.  Press the SQUARE button to swing
    the cane to smash objects and baddies.  Press X and then SQUARE to do a jump
    To climb, go near the object and press the CIRCLE button.  For high objects,
    you must jump, then press the CIRCLE button to grab onto it.  Such objects
    include ladders, poles, pipes, ropes, and hoops.
    Thief Skills:
    Whenever you see a blue aura, mostly around walls, go up to it and press and
    hold CIRCLE to use a Thief Skill.  For example, if it's against a wall, you
    will flatten yourself against the wall.  Master Thief Skills are the techniques
    you learn from vaults (see below).  Cycle between these with L2 and R2, and
    activate them with TRIANGLE.
    Alarm Systems:
    There are many alarm systems, which are usually lasers and/or search lights. 
    Get caught in one of these, and they'll change color.  Touch them again, and
    you'll be killed.  Destroy the alarm system, which looks like a fire hydrant,
    to disable the system.
    Sly Cooper is equipped with a set of Binoculars.  Use the L1 or R1 buttons to
    use it.  Press the Left Analog stick to move around, and the Right Analog stick
    to zoom in or out.  Press the L1 or R1 button again to put them away.
    You begin with five lives.  If you fall in water, get hit by an enemy, or do
    anything to kill you, you lose a life.  If you lose all your lives, you can
    select "Continue" to keep playing.  If you find a Lucky Charm, you have a
    "shield" which acts as a life.  Say you get hit by an enemy, the Lucky Charm
    goes away, but you're still alive.  You may only possess 2 Lucky Charms at
    once.  If you find 100 Gold Coins, you'll receive a Lucky Charm.  If you
    already have 2 Lucky Charms, you get an extra life.
    There are many clue bottles spread throughout each level.  By finding each and
    all of these in a level (They're green bottles with a little "note" inside),
    you gain access to the vault within each level, which contains a new skill or
    These bottles could be anywhere--Hidden behind objects, inside objects,
    hanging, or just plain out in the open.  But
    be careful--Some of these bottles that appear in to be out in the open may have
    a trap waiting for you.
    ^^Paris: Police Headquarters^^
    Level Intro: In this level, you must steal back a file that contains Sly's
    personal file.
    Vault Skill: N/A
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * While on the rooftop, head on up the ramp and press CIRCLE to move along the
    edge of the water towers.  Hop along to the ventilation shaft, and destroy it
    with your cane.
    * When in the section with the lasers, hop on each of the platforms without
    touching any laser to get to the bottom.  Once at the bottom, destroy the
    alarm, and head inside the hallway.  Go down the hall, turn left, turn left
    again, and go through the red door.
    * Once inside, head to the Vault.  The combination is 9-3-7.  After you take
    your file and leave your mark, exit the room.  As you leave, Inspector
    Carmelita Fox tries to stop you.
    * Run down the fire escape, jump over the police cars, and head for the van!
    Vault Skills:
    1. Fast Attack Dive
    2. Fast Getaway Raccoon Roll
    3. Blueprints of Raleigh's Operation
    4. Slow Motion Jump
    5. Dive Collection Technique
    6. Coin Magnet Technique
    ^^A Stealthy Approach^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly must make it through the swamps to Raleigh's
    Clue Bottles: 20
    * In the beginning, head over the sunken ship, defeat the baddie, and attack
    the mast of the ship to bring down two Clue Bottles.
    * Climb on the ladder and hop over the fence.  Run through the gap between the
    search lights, destroy the baddie and the alarm, and head through the gate.
    * Go past the waterfalls, making sure to nab the Clue Bottles, and destroy the
    baddies you come across.
    * Once at the second set of searchlights, dodge the ninja-star throwing walrus,
    go through the first search lights, attack the walrus, go through the second
    set of search lights destroy the alarm, and head inside.
    ^^Prowling the Grounds^^
    Level Intro: In this level, you're in a large town that's in a large ship.  You
    can access four missions from the start, then you must use those Treasure Keys
    to unlock the gate to the second half of town.
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * There are many windows you can break open to gain extra lives and lucky
    charms.  They reappear whenever you re-enter the level, so make sure you nab
    them each time.
    * Into the Machine is to the left of the start, High Class Heist is ahead of
    the start, A Cunning Disguise is across the rooftops, and The Fire Down Below
    is on a tower.  Jump on pole, then the mast, then swing across the rings, then
    press yourself against the wall and go around to get to The Fire Down Below.
    * When you have completed all the levels, go to the place at the far right,
    where there's an electrical power thingy.  Use the keys to unlock the gate,
    destroy it, collect the coins, and go into the second part of town.
    ^^Into the Machine^^
    Level Intro: In this level, you're in Raleigh's engine room, as you dodge
    flames to find the key.
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * When you come upon enemies on platforms, DO NOT use your Fast Attack Dive
    technique.  In fact, don't use it at all during this level if you have it. 
    It's too much of a risk to fall off the platform into the water and die.
    * Make sure you bounce on the trapdoors to get all the clue bottles.  If you
    make it across, you can nab the extra life.  If you don't get all the clue
    bottles, make sure you at least hit all of the trapdoors so they fall to the
    ground and you can pick them up.
    * At the second bouncing trapdoors area, there are lasers.  Just bounce back
    and forth (they go back up quickly) and wait for the laser to go away.  Once
    it's gone, hop forward, and do the same.
    * For the furnaces you can't get buy, jump up and press SQUARE to knock the
    gate down over them, closing them up--But only for a short time, so make sure
    you don't just stand there or you'll fry!
    ^^High Class Heist^^
    Level Intro: Is it just me, or do you find yourself humming the Mission
    Impossible theme as well?
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * The laser system is very tricky here.  Laser sets 1 and 3 require you to run
    through a gap, Laser sets 2 and 4 require you to jump through a gap.  Be
    * When you come to the place with a large skull with lasers out of its eyes,
    prepare to run.  Run forward, dodging the lasers as they track you down.  Run
    around all the lasers, ignoring all the tempting treasure, and destroy the
    alarm at the end.  Then you can go back and get all the treasure.  Make sure
    you get all the nearby Clue Bottles.
    * Hop on the lily pads, while dodging the laser, and jump onto the area above. 
    Dodge the searchlights by pressing yourself against the wall and going around
    them.  Nab the Treasure Chest Key!
    ^^A Cunning Disguise^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly uses a barrel to disguise himself to avoid
    detection and avoid booby traps.
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * Whenever you see a blue carpet with two "globes" at the corner, make sure
    you're in the barrel.  It'll protect you from the darts.  Don't leave the
    barrel behind, either--You need through almost the whole level.
    * The Slow-Motion Jump is one of the coolest techniques ever, so make sure you
    nab those Clue Bottles!  Jump on the chandeliers to get some.
    * Avoid the squids by staying still while in the barrel while their flashlight
    is on you.  When it's not, sneak forward behind them.  When close enough, hop
    out and smack 'em one.
    ^^The Fire Down Below^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly's way down below, and the heat is on in this
    tough level.
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * Hop on the furnaces in the beginning to nab a clue bottle.
    * When you get to the first barrel, hop on it and hold up on the left analog
    stick.  Make sure the meter is in the red, and jump off and press CIRCLE when
    one of the hooks is coming by to snag a lift to the other side.  Hope on the
    gears above to get some Clue Bottles and Gold Coins.
    * When you get to the second barrel, watch out, because there's a search light
    that goes over it.  You gotta hop onto the barrel right when the searchlight
    goes away, hold up on the left analog stick to get the meter to the red, and
    jump off right before the search light comes back.  A boulder should hit the
    window, allowing you access to get that Treasure Chest Key!
    ^^The Gunboat Graveyard^^
    Level Intro: In this rather small level, Sly must fight through Raleigh's
    baddies in this wrecked shipyard.
    Clue Bottles: 20
    * This is a pretty small level.  Just make sure you don't get hurt by the
    ninja-stars that are thrown your way.
    * For the Squid with the flashlight, drop down from the cable and whack him
    * When you jump on the suspended ship, make sure you don't overlook the two
    Clue Bottles on the other wing.
    ^^Treasure in the Depths^^
    Level Intro: Finally!  Our first "mini-game".  Sly pilots a submarine to fight
    off crabs.
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * Move the sub with the left analog, and shoot with the right analog.
    * Shoot the crabs first, then the chests.  Make sure no crabs get any hold of a
    chest.  If one does, make that your priority.
    * Destroy 40 chests and you've won!
    ^^The Eye of the Storm^^ (BOSS BATTLE)
    Level Intro: Time for a showdown with Raleigh!
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * For Raleigh’s first attack, he jumps on the platform you’re on after growing
    to a massive size.  He will try to land on you 4 times, all of which you should
    just run from.  When he lands on the fourth jump, he will shrink back for a
    split second before growing back to massive size.  Quickly hit him with your
    cane to inflict damage.
    * His second attack is the same as the first, except that the other platforms
    will not be available.  Just run around on the first platform and hit him when
    he shrinks.
    * For the third attack, each platform will fall after Raleigh lands on it. 
    Jump around each platform in a circle, and when he lands on the fifth platform,
    he'll shrink.  Smack 'em one.
    * His last attack is different.  He sticks out his tongue, and swings it around
    in a circle.  Simply hop over his tongue each time (He swings it six times) and
    then hit him when he shrinks.
    * After defeating Raleigh, you can use the Ninja Spire jump.  Use this to hop
    on small, narrow objects, such as lamps.  Press X to jump and then while in the
    air press CIRCLE to do this.
    Vault Skills:
    1. Explosive Hat Technique
    2. Speed Up the Clock Technique
    3. Blueprints for Muggshot's Addition to Mesa City
    4. Water Safety
    5. Thief Replica Technique
    ^^A Rocky Start^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly makes his way up to Muggshot's hideout.
    Clue Bottles: 40
    * When you begin, climb up the pole over the sign.  Hop on the lamps using your
    new found Ninja Spire skill, then hop down and attack the guard.  Collect the
    many Clue Bottles down here, then climb back up and hop over the rocks.
    * The bulldogs that are on leashes may seem intimidating, but have a weakness. 
    They can only go so far before they are yanked back.  Once they are yanked
    back, they are dazed for a moment, so quickly run in and attack.
    * When you come to the first trolley car with the lasers on the floor, simply
    hop into the space that the lasers don't touch.  When the lasers start to
    blink, double jump over to the other side.  Repeat until you make it out of the
    * The second trolley car has a set of lasers moving from the ceiling.  Simply
    avoid them and move forward.  The third trolley car has floor lasers like the
    first one.
    * The fourth trolley, however, is a combination of the two.  Make sure you jump
    over the ceiling lasers and land in a spot where there are no lasers currently
    on the floor.  Continue on after this to reach the Treasure Key.
    ^^Muggshot's Turf^^
    Level Intro: You need all the treasure keys to move on through this area!
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * You need three keys to unlock the car's locks.  Once the car is unlocked,
    smack the jack with your cane to send it flying through the fence.
    * Once you have 7 keys, you can open the mouth of the Muggshot face and ascend
    the elevator to Muggshot's arena.
    ^^Boneyard Casino^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly enters a large casino with plenty of stealth
    areas and trigger-happy dogs.
    Clue Bottles: 40
    * In the beginning, go through the plants around the first dog, then hop on top
    of the casino slots and avoid the two patrolling dogs.  For the last dog, hop
    down, avoid his flashlight and proceed.
    * In the next area, hop onto the little platform and press yourself against the
    wall.  Move onto the neon sign, still keeping yourself against the wall.  Now,
    if you have the Exploding Hats technique, throw down your hat next to the dogs,
    and blow them up.  If not, just hop down and whack them both before they get a
    chance to fire.  Hop over the bar and collect the Clue Bottles.
    * When you come to the area with the rotating dog house, make sure you go along
    the plants on the raised platform.  4 Clue Bottles are well hidden there.
    * The last set of rotating roulette wheels (the casino weels with the numbers
    on them) have lasers in some of the sections, so make sure to avoid those.  The
    very last large roulette wheel (which holds the key in the middle) has some as
    well, so make sure to dodge those by either jumping over them or right before
    ^^At the Dog Track^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Murray races against 4 opponents in hopes of
    winning a bet and taking the Treasure Key.
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * It may take you a while to learn the course and your opponents.  Make sure
    you cut all the corners sharp (In other words, stay close to the corners so you
    cover less distance).
    * Save the nitro for when you're going around a turn, so instead of slowing
    down, you speed up and don't lose any speed/time.
    ^^Murray's Big Gamble^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly must use a cannon to protect Murray as he
    travels to the rooftops.
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * Not to hard, just make sure to hit the opponents quickly.  Most of them will
    come out of a garage, so be ready.
    * Right after the section of trolley cars, one of the garages holds a section
    of explosive barrels.  Make sure you DO NOT SHOOT THESE, for bad things will
    happen.  Like, say, a certain purple hippo exploding.
    * The most important thing: DON'T SHOOT MURRAY!!  You can shoot him, so don't
    be trigger-happy and shoot everything and anything.  This level costs you lives
    if Murray dies, so don't fool around.
    ^^Back Alley Heist^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly must navigate the narrow pathways and rooftops
    of an alleyway.
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * Pretty straight-forward side-scrolling.  When you come to the area with all
    the searchlights, there are three parts to it.  For the first part, crouch down
    and move, then hop over each little fence, avoiding the searchlight, and drop
    down.  For the second part, hide behind the walls and avoid the searchlight,
    then drop down.  For the last part, hop over the search light, smash the alarm,
    and land safely.
    * Make sure you nab all of the bottle on the revolving rope.
    ^^Straight to the Top^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly's on the big rooftops, trying to use a wrecking
    ball to nab the Treasure Key.
    Clue Bottles: 40
    * The Clue Bottles aren't THAT hard to find, but make sure you get ALL of them.
     The Water Safety Technique will be extremely valuable in the swamp areas of
    -VICIOUS VOODOO-.  There are some on the cars hanging off the side of the
    * One of the hardest places to find Clue Bottles is near the back of the level.
     There's a large water tank, with a hook hanging down.  Jump up and grab it by
    pressing CIRCLE to release a whole bunch of Clue Bottles.
    * Jump on the neon letters to keep moving across, and when you get to the "O",
    you need to jump from there to the top of the "T", and then to the little
    watchtower area.  Make sure you pick up any Clue Bottles you find there.
    ^^Two to Tango^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly's onto more rooftops as he avoids Inspector
    Carmelita Fox's Shock Pistol.
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * Inspector Fox's got a shockwave with Sly's name on it, so make sure to dodge
    her attacks.  Fortunately for you, the shockwaves are slow enough that you can
    dodge them easily and get all the Clue Bottles.  Make your way across the
    rooftops head into the casino.
    * When you get past the chandeliers onto the steel catwalks, KEEP RUNNING. 
    She'll shoot them, and they'll fall, and if you don't move quickly, you'll do
    the same.
    ^^Last Call^^
    Level Intro: It's time for a good ol' showdown with Muggsy himself!
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * The pattern for this level becomes fairly obvious very quickly.  In each of
    the three floors, you must turn every single mirror by hitting it with your
    cane, while dodging Muggshot's attacks by either hiding behind a crystal,
    jumping over them, or simply by moving out of the way (Although that's very
    hard to do, seeing as how fast those bullets are...)
    * For the first and second level, simply run around hitting all the mirrors
    until they're all flipped.  Avoid his gunshots, or you'll have to start over.
    * For the last level, he's perched in the center.  Hop around with your Ninja
    Spire move, and hop  behind a mirror.  Wait until he shoots at it, then hit it
    with your cane, then jump back and move onto the next one.  Make sure he
    doesn't shoot any of your flipped mirrors, or they'll flip back.  Once you beat
    him, you gain the Rail Slide technique.  Press X and then CIRCLE in the air to
    slide along narrow rails/paths.  On to Mz. Ruby!
    1. Electric Rolling Raccoon
    2. Computer Hacking Technique
    3. Blueprints to Mz. Ruby's Facility
    4. Perpetual Slow Motion Technique
    ^^The Dread Swamp Patch^^
    Level Intro: The beginning of the long road ahead to the 3rd member of the
    Fiendish Five, Mz. Ruby.
    Clue Bottles: 20
    * If you have the Water Safety technique from ^^Straight To the Top^^ (See
    above), then won't have to worry about falling into the swamp and losing a life
    or lucky charm.
    * This level introduces you to two new types of enemies: Air enemies, and tree
    monsters.  Air enemies aren't too difficult, but tree monsters?  Well, they're
    different, in that you have to attack them three times to destroy them.  The
    first time you attack, the body and head will split up.  Then, attack the fast
    head first, then the slow moving head to defeat this enemy.
    * Use your rail slide technique to ride the many branches and vines, and make
    sure to jump off on small platforms holding Clue Bottles.
    * When you come upon the large tree stump with the two tree monsters, defeat
    both the tree monsters, but do it one at a time or you'll be surrounded.  Once
    you're finished, find the 3 clue bottles on the ground, and the one clue bottle
    hidden on a tree.  Make sure you nab all 4 of them, as well as the Lucky Charm
    on the platform.
    * At the end, just avoid the rat's flashlights and either attack them and the
    candles, or just the candles.  You need to destroy 5 candles to unlock the
    Treasure Key.
    ^^The Swamp's Dark Center^^
    Level Intro: Get all 7 treasure keys to go battle Mz. Ruby!
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * Many of the mission entrances are guarding by flashlight rats.  There will
    always be a pole or a trampoline to get on top, go over them, then drop down
    and attack them before proceeding into the mission.
    * For the second part, with the rotating voodoo alarm system.  Just hop on the
    rails, and stay between two flashlights, then jump off at each of the cliffs to
    enter a mission.
    * For "Down Home Cooking", you must use a trampoline to get up to the portal. 
    Near there is an arched opening with a purple force field of voodoo magic. 
    Destroy the two candles to pass through and get back to the first area of ^^The
    Swamp's Dark Center^^.
    ^^A Grave Undertaking^^
    Level Intro: Ghosts, ghosts, and more ghosts!
    Clue Bottles: 40
    * In the beginning, a single ghost appears to attack you, so simply destroy. 
    For the rest of the level, those ghosts will be coming out of voodoo candle
    sticks, and they will keep coming until you destroy the voodoo candle stick. 
    In areas where there are 2 or 3 candle sticks, make a run for the candle
    sticks, and just keep mashing the SQUARE button to kill off any ghosts.
    * When you come to the rotating towers with the lasers coming down, make sure
    you get in between a large gap.  Hold the left analog stick very slightly to
    the left, the move along at the same pace as the laser system.  That, or just
    run, then stop, run, then stop, etc.
    * There is a single rail that you can use to go across the gator's head and get
    the three clue bottles on the other side.
    * Make sure you don't miss the single clue bottle behind the root of a tree, as
    well as the two safes behind the Vault.
    ^^Piranha Lake^^
    Level Intro: In this level, Sly must light up 25 tiki torches within 2 minutes!
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * For this level, you control the sweet Swamp Skiff.  Move with the left analog
    stick, and fire the flame thrower with the X button.
    * Try and get as many piranha at once as you can.  You can only hold 5 flames,
    but if there's a group of piranha, run them all down, then go light up the tiki
    torches.  Don't just nab one then light up a torch.
    * Make sure you know where all the torches are.  Get all the torches that are
    grouped together, then move onto the next section, and so on.
    ^^The Lair of the Beast^^
    Level Intro: Mz. Ruby's either trying to keep people out...or trying to keep
    something in.
    Clue Bottles: 30
    * This level isn't' too hard, but make sure you have plenty of Lucky Charms if
    you want to get all 30 of the Clue Bottles.  When the snake-like beast starts
    to chase you, you'll have to jump up off some of the rails and swipe the Clue
    Bottles.  Why do you need a Lucky Charm?  By the time  you're done jumping, the
    snake will have caught up, and he may attack you.  If you have a Lucky Charm,
    you won't lose a life, but instead you'll be catapulted ahead.  Try and get as
    many Clue Bottles as you can, but don't risk too much.  You can always come
    back and try again.
    ^^Descent Into Danger^^
    Level Intro: This stealthy level is filled with bones and guts.  Yuck.
    Clue Bottles: 40
    * In the beginning, you can't get the Clue Bottles yet, so don't waste your
    Lucky Charms trying to.  You'll have to wait until you get the the area with
    the collapsing platforms, then go come back to the area, drop down, attack the
    rat guard, and take the clue bottles.  Unfortunately, you can't jump from one
    section the other, so you have to go back up to the collapsing platforms, and
    drop down to the other section and get the remaining clue bottles.  It takes
    time, but hey, you want those Clue Bottles, right?
    * When you come to the Flame Dinos that throw flaming masks at you, dodge the
    masks and run up to them.  They'll cower in fear, so just put 'em out of their
    * Hop from the chandelier to reach the three clue bottles on the other side of
    the waterfall.
    ^^A Ghastly Voyage^^
    Level Intro: Sly takes to the swamps with a hovercraft to get the Treasure Key.
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * This level is fairly straightforward.  Pilot the craft with the left analog
    stick and fire with the right analog stick.
    * You must destroy all the towers with the green goo coming out to get the
    Treasure Key.  My advice?  Shoot everything and anything.  In other
    words...KILL KILL KILL!!
    ^^Down Home Cooking^^
    Level Intro: Sly must catch 50 chickens in 2 minutes to get the Treasure Key.
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * Attack the chickens running around by swinging your cane.  When a the
    roosters come out, run away from them, avoiding them until they explode. 
    Apparently they explode when they collide, but  I'm not 100% sure on this. 
    Verification from anybody would help.
    ^^A Deadly Dance^^
    Level Intro: The name says it all as Sly dances his way to Mz. Ruby's voodoo
    Clue Bottles: N/A
    * In the beginning, use your Ninja Spire jump to hop from tooth to tooth. 
    Don't move to hastily,  or you'll get hit by the closing jaws.
    * Mz. Ruby's battle is quite different.  It's a game of Simon Says, but with
    music and beats.  Follow the same rhythm as Mz. Ruby and press the same buttons
    to get past this.  When she speeds up, you speed up.  When she slows down, you
    slow down.
    * When she swings her tail, jump over the shockwave and attack her with your
    cane to move onto the next section of the Simon Says game.  Repeat this to
    finish her off.  You now have access to one of the coolest moves: Invisibility!
     Just hold down the CIRCLE button anywhere to become invisible to lasers,
    searchlights, and guards!
    ^^The Japanese Story^^
    If you let the credits roll, afterwards you'll get to see the introduction of
    the Japanese version, with special animations!  Woo!
    ^^The Hidden Ending^^
    Find every single Clue Bottle to view a special video of the restoration of the
    Thievius Raccoonus.
    +++++USER TIPS+++++
    ^^Thief Sprint^^
    "When trying for the Master Thief Sprints, I've got tips for one of the levels.
    In 'To the Top' in Sunset Snake-eyes, after you topple the radio tower-thingy,
    you'll climb up part of a Neon Arrow sign. Get to the top of the arrow, jump
    off towards the multi-storied object, double jump, then hit O and you should
    just catch the pipe on top of it. From here, just run as fast as you can to the
    end. You should just have enough time. I finished with .5 seconds left."
    ^^Vault Skills^^
    (submitted by MythicFox)
    "The vault items are always found in the same order, no matter which levels you
    go through.  So for example, in Raleigh's level, you find the Dive attack, the
    Roll, the Blueprints, and the Slow Motion Jump and such in that order.  It
    doesn't depend on the level."
    ^^Mz. Ruby and Panda King - More Strategies^^
    (submitted by Dr. Thinker)
    "To defeat the next two members on the Fienish Five (Ms. Rubz and The Panda
    King), here want you had to do:
    MS. RUBZ:
    * You had to quicky ninja jump from bottom teeth to get to Ms. Rubz.
    * To quote Ms. Rubz. "Pay attention.". If you do the press the buttons in the
    correct order, you "dogde it just fine."   When you
    get Ms. Rubz platform jump her shockwave and hit her. Do this three times and
    Ms. Rubz will be put in the cooler.
     * Dodge his fireballs
    * Run up the stairs.
    * Dodge his fire attacks. Jump when the King says "I Repeat", run when he saw
    "Fire Chop" and "Fire First". Keep hitting, until he
    belly you out the ring.
    * Keep this up and you had Panda King defeat in no time at all."
    This FAQ was written by Dark Shadow X.
    I would like to thank Sucker Punch and SCEA for making one helluva game.
    I would also like to thank Prima Games, for their info on the Master Thief
    Skills and secrets.
    I'd like to thank everyone who reads and uses this FAQ, as well as all the
    users who have sent me  e-mails regarding new tips and hints for this game.
    Last but not least, I'd like to thank CJayC for creating a fabulous website and
    letting all of us share our gaming knowledge.
    Got a question?  Comment?  Wanna submit some strategy or a tip?
    E-mail me: dsxsuperfly@hotmail.com
    AIM: Auron799
    This FAQ may only be posted on the following website(s):
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