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    Master Thief Sprint Hints by FrostyW98

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/04/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sly Cooper Master Thief Sprint Hints - Version 1.0
    Copyright 2002-2003 Christopher Saia and Michael Neylon
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
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    of copyright.
    - All Worlds
    - Tide of Terror (Raleigh's World)
    - Sunset Snake Eyes (Muggshot's World)
    - Vicious Voodoo (Mz. Ruby's World)
    - Fire in the Sky (The Panda King's World)
    The times listed after each level are the times Sucker Punch has set to
    complete the level.
    All Worlds
    While your first priority in a Master Thief Sprint is to run cleanly through a
    level, evading thugs whenever possible, the following are some hints to help
    you successfully finish them:
      * Use the Roll skill in levels with long walkways, because you can roll
    faster than you can run, and using it smashes some objects blocking your way.
      * Get a lucky horseshoe by racking up 100 coins.  Notice when you start a
    sprint that you lose any lucky horseshoes you have.  In some cases, being
    attacked and getting resurrected is faster than navigating a more roundabout
      * Don't set off any alarms, because the clock will tick more quickly until
    you smash the control.  It's probably okay to set one off if you're within a
    second's reach of the control.
      * Don't use the Fast skill to run through a level more quickly, because the
    clock will speed up with you!
    Tide of Terror (Raleigh's World) - 6 Sprints
    A Stealthy Approach - 1:17
    When you come out of the tunnel, turn right, jump onto the medium-height tree,
    and climb the rope up to the knoll, then come down the right side to easily
    avoid the thorns and the first alarm.
    Into the Machine - 2:15
    When you reach first set of hinged platforms, double-jump over Pyro O'Connor,
    and fall right down through the center of the first four platforms.  You'll
    want to do the same fall for the second set, where the alarm is, but you'll
    obviously want to time your jump more carefully.  You'll lose precious seconds
    if you trip the alarm on the way down!
    Near the end of the level, double-jump to the right past Pyro at the far end of
    the pipe, and jump up on the piston.
    High Class Heist - 1:00
    Use the Roll on every downramp.  Run through the moving lasers by going right
    around the first one, under the second one, right around the third one and
    finally under the fourth one.  Run up to your left, and double-jump over the
    laser fence.  Take the inner route across the lilypads, though you'll need to
    make a double-jump to the outside for the third pad.  When you approach the
    columns sporting the stationary searchlights, carefully double-jump to the
    right around them.
    A Cunning Disguise - 1:30
    The barrel offers an extra measure of protection.  Let the thugs fire at you
    and knock you out of the barrel when you're close to them, then immediately
    move in for the kill!
    Major shortcut: You'll need a lucky horseshoe to take this shortcut, so try to
    enter the level with a large number of coins, then smash a few stacks of books. 
    After defeating the first H.P. Squidcraft on the lower level, jump onto the
    bookcase behind him, using the stack of books next to it.  Run to and jump on
    the column at the wall.  From here, jump onto the hanging lanterns.  You'll
    need that lucky horseshoe to traverse the final carpet, but you'll have plenty
    of time to spare.
    The Fire Down Below - 1:35
    Major shortcut: At the first wheel, jump onto the steam vent, then double-jump
    straight ahead to the top of the device.  From here, jump to the bridge on the
    Gunboat Graveyard - 1:10
    Major shortcut: Drop down into the Crow's Nest and then jump over the flaming
    ribcage onto the flotsam on the left.
    Bonus comment: In "The Making of Sly Cooper" this scene is shown with a rope
    from the Crow's Nest towards this flotsam.  The designers took it out, but it's
    still a viable route!  =^_^=
    Sunset Snake Eyes (Muggshot's World) - 5 Sprints
    A Rocky Start - 1:30
    Use the Ninja Spire Jump to get across the lanterns.
    Back Alley Heist - 1:23
    Double-jump across the last air conditioner to get to the top level of the 
    apartment building.  When sneaking down the rails immediately before the exit, 
    simply jump from the top ledge and immediately execute a sneak move as you land 
    on the bar.  Do this once again to land on the first building.  Repeat these 
    actions to put this level to bed!
    As much as I'd like, there doesn't seem to be a way to cut off the loop in the
    level by going down into the alley where the fountain is.
    Straight to the Top - 1:17
    You should be able to jump between letters without having to climb too
    much, grabbing the next letter with your cane.  Make sure to get to the top
    of the 'O' as to drop onto the top of the 'T', which you can easily the
    jump onto the second level of the aerial tower.
    After climbing the tower, and it falls, you'll see an arrow.  Jump onto it,
    then jump onto the upper part of the arrow.  You should then be able to
    jump towards the scaffolding, and snatch the ladder to the upper level
    easily.  This is a necessary shortcut to beat the timer.  
    Two to Tango - 1:58
    Besides minimizing jumps in the first part, a big shortcut can be gotten
    after you pass into the interior of the building.  Climb up to the light
    fixtures, then at the last one, there's a ladder that you should be able
    to catch with your hook.  (You'd normally grab this ladder after you go
    across the casino tables, and then back towards it on more lights).  You
    may need to land on this last light just right to make it swing and give
    you a bit more lift to reach the ladder.  You need to take this as you
    can't take the long path without problems.
    Boneyard Casino - 2:15
    Kill Vinnie right after the second pressure bridge, then Inkspot Jackson after
    him and finally Vinnie on the craps table ahead of the alarmed roulette wheels.
    Major shortcut: Go through the second set of slot machines and jump over the
    railing to your left, as close to the left column as possible, timing your jump
    so that Vinnie doesn't see your landing.  This places you in front of the
    second pressure bridge.
    Vicious Voodoo (Mz. Ruby's World) - 4 Sprints
    The Dread Swamp Path - 1:35
    Kill the spider and the tree monster at the middle of the level, after you've
    gone past all the trampolines.  Dodge the two tree monsters at the top of the
    level.  Finally, kill the swamp rat at the fence.
    The key to this level is timing your rail slides so that there's next to no
    When you reach the fence, take a moment to jump up the right side of the fence;
    you'll save time.  Use the Fast Getaway Raccoon Roll to evade as many of the
    swamp rats patrolling the tents as possible.
    Descent into Danger - 2:08
    Make sure that you have your Stun attack manuever set, as you'll need it later.
    Don't hit the timer until the first sentry just turns and walks away from you,
    as when you get to the spot that you jump between the bone tracks, he should be
    well away from that gap.  Ignore the second sentry, as you can clear the gap
    without getting hit easily.
    After getting to the upper level, and getting past the area with the wood
    planks that fall below you, there's a rope that you need to jump to, a sentry
    light which you can easily avoid, but then another sentry that doesn't move.
    Land in between his light and the search light, hit your Stun, and then
    immediately swipe at that guy.  You may also need to dispatch the second sentry
    on the same platform.
    If your timing is good, you should be able to immediately sneak against the
    moving column in the wide spot between beams.
    A Grave Undertaking - 2:18
    Kill the first tree monster and take the subsequent ghost generator out of
    commission.  Inside the hut, destroy the candles at each of the ghost
    generators, then run for the trampoline.  Kill the tree monster upon exiting
    the hut.  Of course, kill off the ghosts from the four ghost generators
    blocking your path.
    You must go around the first alarmed column, but if you jumped up after
    knocking out the candles, you should have a large gap in which to sneak around. 
    Double-jump to the left upon approaching the second column, and grab the rope.
    Lair of the Beast - 2:02
    Ignore all the critters; you shouldn't need to be bothered by them (you can
    safely run through the batches of spiders that come down).  
    After you get over the gate, you end up on a leaf.  There's a rail that you
    could use to the right, but instead, jump off the leaf about 11 o'clock, and
    hit your Circle key on the way down.  If you land right, you'll be on the rail
    that starts the next path you need to follow.  If you are on the other side of
    the tree, you can jump around back towards the camera and onto this rail
    without problems.
    As you are being chased by the beast, there's a point where you climb up, jump
    to two branches, then rail grind down a spiral.  As soon as you start this
    grind, jump off towards the camera, press Circle, and you should end up at the
    end of the grind or the next rail without problems.
    Fire in the Sky (The Panda King's World) - 4 Sprints
    A Perilious Ascent - 2:09
    No shortcuts here, as you just have to run a clean sprint, though if you can
    get enough coins to get a charm, you'll find it helpful at the end.
    You should be able to make it through the icicles with some pauses, but jumping
    to the next platform as soon as it's clear.
    Use your roll maneuver after the icicles to get past the two rolling monkey
    cannons quickly.
    Make sure to dispatch the one guard in front of the building with the windows
    You do need to wait for the guards to move their beams away from you to get
    past the windows.  However, if you have a charm, you should be able to get past
    the first one with care, then race through the next two; you'll get hit, but
    you should end up on the ledge after the last window, leaving you a quick
    sprint to the end.
    The Unseen Foe - 2:25
    No shortcuts, but you get to use your invisible sneak move several times to
    make it through easily.  For example, in the one arcing hallway, you can race
    through, then sneak as the beams pass through.  Make sure that you keep moving
    (assuming you've completed the entire book at this time).  
    At the very end, you want to drop as fast as possible, but if you trigger the
    top level of the beams, you'll most likely be hitting the bottom while they are
    red.  Instead, try to make the first safe jump, then drop down to the bottom
    platform before the beams return red.
    Duel by the Dragon - 2:42
    You simply need to run this level without making mistakes; there are two
    fireworks that you have to hit in midair jumps, for example, that you can't
    miss.  At the point where you sneak while Carmelita shoots out the walls, let
    her do this for you as to clear the path; there's plenty of time for this to
    happen in order to clear the level.
    Flaming Temple of Flame - 2:15
    Again, no shortcuts, but should be an easy clean run if you know where you are
    You should be able to double jump and latch you cane on the second set of rungs
    in two of the 4 initial trap areas, saving a bit of time.  Also, in the one
    with diagonal beams cutting across the ledge, you should be able to jump over
    the first beam, press Circle to stay on it, jump and Circle over the next, and
    jump over the last.
    Just before entering the temple, there's two spotlights going over a ledge.
    You can safely trigger this as the alarm is just around the corner, and will
    save you a few seconds.
    The same with the alarms near the end of the level; get as close to the end as
    you can without triggering them, but you can miss at the end, dispatch the
    alarm, and make a dash to the exit without problems.

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