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"Street racing the way it was ment to be raced!"

Rockstar. Just the mention of the name and great titles such as GTA 3 and GTA:Vice City come to mind. Their newest and greatest creation is none other than Midnight Club II, the edge-of-your-seat, nitrous filled racer.

Instead of putting in a lot of loaded words to make you feel great about this game, I'm just going to get down to business. I never played the first Midnight Club, but after playing this one, you can bet I will. Three modes of play: Career, Arcade, and of course Online. Career is just like it sounds. You race other people and make a career out of it, all the while traveling to 3 cities across the globe. Each city is a little bit more difficult than the last. In Arcade mode you can either cruise around cities that you've unlocked and get to know the place, or race circuits against other cars. Personally, I don't like online games, but this game allows you to do just that and go online to race against 8 others in Capture the Flag and Detonate Modes.

GRAPHICS - 10/10
Smooth is the word I would use to describe the graphics in this game. The lighting effects are top notch. Everything from the buildings to the street lamps to the reflections of the cars look amazing. One of the shining moments is when your racing through fog and the only way to guide yourself is by the lights. While the cars aren't as detail specific when it comes to looking wrecked as, say, cars in other Rockstar games (GTA's) and the people on the streets look somewhat awkward, it's nothing that takes away from the overall look of the game. Plus, when everything's a blur you tend not to notice.

CONTROLS - 10/10
You know racing controls, they're pretty much the same for all racing games. X is gas, square is break, R1 know the drill.

SOUND - 5/10
What's up with that? The rest of this game rocks and then low and behold..crappy music. No offense to people who like techno, it's just not my cup of tea. In it's own defense though I guess that's the kind of music most people associate with underground street racing, but I found myself turning the music off at first, but even I like a little background sound. After a while you get caught up in the race so you don't really notice it. As for sound effects, that's the only reason sound got a 5. The effects are right on. Crashing, skidding, nitrous bursts, engine noise, and everything else are crisp and right on time, no drag here.

OVERALL - 9/10
As you can tell this is a great racer, but not without it's flaws. I would have been nicer if car damage had been shown better and the music selection had more variety to it. None of the previous mention are enough to take away from the overall thrill to the game though. It's extremely satisfying to win that heart pumping race that you've tried 20 times only to come away the loser. I would recommend that any fan of racing games or any of Rockstar's other games should buy this. It won't disappoint.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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