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"A Great Dose of Premium Grade NOS"

Back in the day there was a street racing game by the name of Midnight Club which just entertained its players with insane jumps, races, and speed. Without a doubt most of those players would never have thought that there would be a sequel to the game. Well the sequel has arrived and it is kicking ass and leaving skid marks!

Graphics: 8/10. The graphics have not improved that much from the previous title except that now it has alot better lighting and when you hit that NOS oh you better get ready for one hell of a ride! Also the explosions in this game look terrific. How can you explode you ask? Run into a gas station, it's awesome and it's a big boom.

Gameplay: 10/10. Gameplay is by far the greatest element in this game. The controls are beautifully done and easy to learn. The car handling is superb, Battle Modes are simply awesome, and just driving around the city trying to top your high speed and hitting jumps and pedestrians is fantastic. And if cars aren't your style then win yourself a crouch rocket and ride into the night. Plus now you have to earn NOS and burnouts and not just get it off the bat. Alot more challenges in MC2.

Characters: 10/10. In MC there weren't that many racers to race but in MC2 there are around 6 or 7 to race in one city. The first person you race is the large Moses who is just the nicest guy in the world let me tell you. Whenever you obtain a new technique like NOS or burnouts Moses will be the first guy to tell you how to use it and when it's the right time to use it. Plus his commentary and tips during races don't hurt either. While some characters like Gena just rip on you and your car...just the better reason to run her into a gas station! Oh and then there's Angel...countless of his name he's still a jackass who needs to be shot! Damn cheater!

Music: 9/10. The music in MC2 is pretty good, alot of dance/techno beats while you drive. You can select whatever song you want to listen to or just let it flow. It would be better if you could make your own soundtrack but that's what the Xbox version is for.

Replay Value: 10/10. This game has a fantastic replay value. Trying to get all the cars, beating you times, and just cruising around the city while the cops chase you is fun.

Overall Rating: 10/10. A great, fast paced game with plenty of things to do. If you have both a PS2 & a Xbox & don't know which to get it for, I would recommend playing both of them and see what suits you. PS2's is more likely to have better controls. While Xbox might have a Custom Soundtrack, better graphics, and maybe a new character or car. So it's up to you.

Great game just like the original and maybe they'll make a third where you get to race in Africa. I would like that. A nice open green field with plenty of monkeys to run over...oh yeah! Great job Rockstar in making another terrific game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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