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"It's Here!!!! But does it meet the standards?"

My review might be contradicting all the other reviews out there but this is a pure, honest review of this game (Midnight club II) from a gamers perspective.

GRAPHICS: Now the grafix in this game are okay (it's nothing to poop your pants about or anything) but it is in the higher than normal lower than fantastic area. There is hardly and slowedown, except when you caus multi-car pileups the game might ''chug'' a little. The cities are wonderfully done but that really doesn't matter to me, it's the gameplay (I'll explain in just a minute) The civilians aren't anything to get excited about.
Score: 7/10

GAMEPLAY: Now, here is where the falls. Sure, the first few hours you think that this will be the best game ever but wait whats this about the A.I. (Artificial Intelegence) Picking a different route everytime? Thats balogna!!! I was in a race in L.A. and i had a decent car but i decided to ''drift'' behind the other players and the same time they went through the same dang back alley jumped the guardrail and raced to the finish. Now this isn't fun, If i take the same route at them and flore it toward the finish is that fun??? No, this is street racing and the devolopers said and I quote: ''The A.I. is so advanced they will almost never pick the same route twice.'' Yeah! Well in my game they aren't!!!
Now i will go to another aspect of the game. The ''Timing'' trick. Now i will give you an example: I am cruising down in L.A. (I think) and im coming to an intersection and wham a stupid tanker semi just is hauling down the same intersection and spawns right in the middle of the intersection. Now there is a lot of this in this game and it gets annoying real quick and redundent because you know where all the tankers, cars are etc...

SOUND: Now this is a part of the game that makes me crazy. I know from my street racing experience that MOST and i mean MOST of street racers have sweet pricey sound systems. These street racers listen to TECHNO not some artist I've never heard of and sounds like a broken record. Trust me adding music any racing game is hard so gimme a break on this one, techno does not get boring (As quick) as rap and hip-hop, I think vice city demonstrates my fact

Now we've come to the Rent/Buy portion of the review. Now like i said this game becomes repetitive FAST so i would say RENT
But wait Street racing syndicate is coming out and it seem promising, it seem all the great game of today are ''Sleeper hitz'' so i know i would wait for that one. Please do not make the mistake i did and wasted my $82.00 candian on. This is the end of my review
Note: I have clearly listed why i don't think this game is good and i have given reasons.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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