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"Nothing like blasting down the Los Angeles streets with NOS"

From the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series bring you Midnight Club II. Shooting down the streets of three major cities you use every alley and tunnel to your advantage. Still that's not enough, you need drive like a pro and handle like there is no tomorrow. Who knows when some crazy French mom in a van is going to shot down the street in front of you, or a Japanese fruit van is going to drive right in front of you? Usually it happens after you catch some major speed, or when another racer just barely drives past you and slips through. If you can to this without even looking you have a small chance. This game is all about timing, being precise, good handling, and when to bust a 'Fast and the Furious' NOS right when hitting a ramp.

Gameplay- If you don't like Racing games you'll like this, if you like racing games you'll like this. From the start it's basic and doesn't require you to learn how to do every trick and stuff. Basically it starts you out with how to turn, how to accelerate, and that you shouldn't hit other cars when shooting down the street. From the characters thought right before loading to the insult they throw at you on the street, the voice acting is grand. It was beautifully done, especially with the ricer boy in Tokyo. The character designs where also amazing, nothing short of RockStar North ability. Even though Blog did look freakishly like Ross from Friends.

Story- One day you decide to make some trouble and decide to start Illegal street racing with a pretty crappy car to most racing game standards. However after some nice racing and beating a huge fat guy out of his car you get a better one and so forth. Racing all the people in a specific area until the grand champ. Now I need to point this out, there isn't a main character that was designed into the game. It's you, the gamer, that is the main character. Not the bald guy with the goatee on the cover. Well the story seems to drown right before the third area(Tokyo) at which point a fellow friend gets in trouble, anything might ruin a little story. Still although it's not super fascinating it sure is better than most racing games.

Audio/Video- From the beautiful frame rate to the sound of the middle-aged Japanese man screaming at you after you nearly collide with him. One thing is for sure, the cars look real, the people however don't, but who cars when you are shooting down the street with a NOS boost. The soundtrack is quite good and fresh, and very, well, different. You get Rap, and Pop, and Techno, and a little Rock. Which is fun and heck you turn the radio off if you don't want to listen to music. The game was masterly made, and in all ways better than the first Midnight Club

Replayability- Well this game has a lot of replay. Once you beat the game you've got a code to increase difficultly. A race editor, online play, and if you've got any friend they can plug in a control and you can go head-to-head. The game is very fun and has lots of replay. Although there aren't hundreds of cars to unlock there are some really good one. The circuit can also be fun if you want to see whose the best between you and all your friends.

To buy or to rent? Well, if you don't like Racing games, I'd rent it. Otherwise it's a definite buy. And heck if you don't like it you can trade it in.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 04/13/03

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