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Reviewed: 04/19/03 | Updated: 04/19/03

One of the better racers

I am going to make this review as short as possible because this game is way too much fun. One good thing about the game is that it is less linear than most racers that I have played. It allows you to choose the racer instead of having you race against people in a specific order. The cars in the game are nice, but the overall feel of the graphics are that they could be much nicer and more refined. I didn't feel the graphic's reflected the true power of the PS2.

Graphics 8/10

The controls in this game are very well mapped out, but they don't feel all that mapped out for some reason. I always feel hesitant when I press the brake button. For some reason, the game isn't that suited to the configuration that it was given. Also, the right analog stick can be used as a accelerator, but it feels that it has almost no use. But the controls do work just fine for this kind of game.

The racers AI is slightly slow at some points, but most of the time they are right on you. This makes the game difficult at some times. I sometimes had to do races over and over again because the cars that you have are not suited for the kind of race which is happening. It would have also been nice to have a tutorial in this game for new racers of this genre and veterans who need a refresher course for this game. It would have really helped me much.

Also, there are some scripted events that will just spawn in front of you. It annoys you because you can see the object spawning. And it also makes you follow a set path, which in this game is a no-no. The idea was to not follow a set way, but to make your own routes and the such.

The AI also follows a set path. You can just follow them and pull ahead at the last minute for the win if you are a good driver in the PS2 world. I had to do that on numerous occasions because I got lost.

Game Play 8/10

The sounds in this game are very nice, the screeching of the brakes, or crashing into other cars and objects are portrayed very nicely, but the music is another issue.

The music is very nice at first. The techno can really get the blood flowing at the normally fast paced races that happen many times in the game. But after awhile, it gets so repetitive that you want to throw the speakers out of your T. V. The repetitive bass line will annoy you to death. You find yourself listening to other music constantly. It will eventually make you want to stop playing this wonderful game.

Sound 8/10

Buy or rent?

I say rent. The game is a very good one, and if you really like racers, then buy. And if you like the rented game, then buy it. No one is going to stop you.

Overall 8/10
This is a good average for a game. It is really worth it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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