Review by ghoulhunter

Reviewed: 04/21/03 | Updated: 04/21/03

Good? nah... DECENT

Yeah, I said it once, I'll say it again: DECENT. I've been looking forward for this game. Just can't wait for the release. Now I have it, it's barely worth it. Damn. I hate those trailers.

Okay, all I can say is... DULL, yes D.U.L.L. dull! With only three modes to play(Career, Arcade, Online) the game is OUT. The game is too simple: You just find a route, get some checkpoints, continue getting some more and... there, you win! This game is extremely easy to play. And I'm not lying when I say that I've never lost a race before. The game is like, get number one, maintain pace, you're the winner, no doubt. The AI, stupid. Most of them just follow one route and pushing each other aside while you can get another route alone. Also, the career mode's been rigged. You can see an Truck blocking your way once. Try restarting, it will block your way. Again. But the thing I like most about this game is the Online mode, where you leave your friends in the dust. Yeah, I mean it. Everyone have their own route to win, own style of driving.

STORY 7/10
The career mode's story line. You probably doesn't want to hear about it, but you're playing as an illegal street racing guy. The storyline is good. But sometimes it's just plain boring. Also, some people cannot understand the storyline because it's indirect and you have to figure it out yourself.

Good. But nothing groundbreaking. The reflections ugh... sweet! The pedestrians. Funny. But I just cannot tolerate the too simple car textures. C'mon, I just rammed a tanker and not even a dent? What? What are these cars? What? No real life cars and no damage effects(except for smoke and fire).But I give an appraise for the excellent lighting effect and the city models itself.

I have played many racing games before but I've never felt controlling cars this good(well, maybe GT3). The wet tarmac can be felt when turning, braking and landing(when you're getting serious air). One word. SWEET.

SOUND 4/10
Ugh. You call those music? Get a life. Those so called music will be liked by one and only one group: the TECHNO fans. But the sound effects is g... nah, decent and sometimes frustrating.

Okay, enough talk. If you're a hardcore fan of the first title, it's worth it. Others, rent it. It's not GOOD but remember: It's DECENT.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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